Three Guys Just Tried To Get Into Parliament House In A Niqab And A KKK Hood Because Islam Or Something

Today, in Tales of Stupidity:

Parliament House isn’t exactly a temple of enlightenment at the best of times, but this morning a few dickheads managed to make everyone else in the building look like Nobel Prize nominees by dressing up in a niqab, a motorcycle helmet and a KKK robe-and-hood ensemble and trying to walk into Parliament House.

The guys, who are apparently from an activist group called Faceless, were protesting the recent decision to reverse the short-lived ban on burqas, niqabs and full-face coverings in the Parliament public gallery, because some people have no real problems in their lives, apparently.

Watch some white dudes talk about how letting people wear religious garments means they’re oppressed! Prepare to lose a good few thousand brain cells just by association.

Fairfax political reporter Latika Bourke recorded the whole thing on Instagram:


Well this is going to be interesting. #burqaban

A photo posted by Latika M Bourke (@latikambourke) on

In this video, KKK Hood Man takes off the hood and — big reveal — he’s wearing a niqab-like garment underneath. He was apparently making a “point” about how one’s allowed past the Parliamentary security screening and one isn’t, because a KKK hood is just like a niqab if you have a fundamental misunderstanding of…everything? Or most things. Most of the things.

So he’s wearing a niqab underneath. #burqaban   A video posted by Latika M Bourke (@latikambourke) on

“Oh, now I’m allowed into Parliament House! All I did was take off the uniform of a violent race-hate group and replace it with a religious garment worn by women! What’s the difference? Also, Islam is bad or something! I drank some red cordial this morning! I don’t know where I am!”

When security asked them to take off their facial coverings in order to be allowed inside, one of the dudes literally cried sexism, presumably before then mansplaining how this stunt is really about ethics in video games journalism.

But they complied, and were revealed to be three chubby white dudes, one of whom sported both a goatee and a ponytail because of course he does. Thanks for the lesson on what woman are and aren’t allowed to wear, white guys! It’s been up in the air for a while, thanks for clearing that up.

They then went to their regularly scheduled work in Cory Bernardi’s office (LOL jks but not really that guy is horrifying).

Feature image via Tory Shepherd/Twitter.