Thor Is Back In His Aussie Sharehouse In This New Clip From Marvel

Full series immediately please.

Late last year, Taika Waititi had some spare time while filming Thor: Ragnarok and decided to causally imagine a world where the Norse god wears board shorts and lives in an Australian sharehouse with a stressed “average, everyday guy” named Darryl.

Marvel released a three-minute clip of the idea and it quickly gained more hype than the new film itself. Brooding superhero fights slightly larger brooding superhero? Snooze. Give me more awkward odd couple comedy and Chris Hemsworth dressed as The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

Now we have our second glimpse. Marvel has just released a second clip of the mockumentary in which Thor tries to pay rent with a pumpkin, mocks his housemate who thinks work is “hitting the machine with the words that come out of it”, and rides his bike through the house while flexing.

Naturally, everyone is now begging Netflix for a full series.

The full mockumentary is available now as a DVD extra on Doctor Strange which yep, is a pretty smart way to make people buy DVDs again! Whether you manage to catch the full version or not, the whole thing bodes well for the humour of the upcoming film. After What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople Taika Waititi is clearly a comic legend, and post-Ghostbusters Hemsworth is doing better than ever.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.09.44 PM

More of this wonderful ridiculous man, please <333333