‘The Sarah Silverman Program’ Has Made A Beautiful, Dick-Filled Tribute To Harris Wittels

Oddly enough, he would have wanted it that way.

You probably didn’t know Harris Wittels’ name, but you definitely knew his work. He was one of the main writers and producers of Parks and Recreation — and also guest-starred as one of the sketchy animal control guys — he invented the term “humblebrag”, and was regularly featured as a guest on Comedy Bang Bang. But before all this, he got his start as a writer on The Sarah Silverman Program.

Today, a month after he relapsed and died of a drug overdose, his friends from the since discontinued show paid their respects. This video tribute remembers some his best work before a slideshow of personal photographs backed with Sarah Silverman singing Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day Of My Life’.

Also, dicks. Lots of dicks.

If you aren’t already sufficiently wrecked from that, you should also check out Aziz Ansari’s written tribute to Wittels. The dude was loved.