The Cast List For ‘Sharknado 2’ Was Just Announced, And It Will Probably Make You Laugh A Lot

HAHAHAHAHAHA. We can't wait to see that.

Syfy’s monumental television event Sharknado ended with happy tears galore, as our hero Steve Sanders (or, you know, ‘Ian Ziering’ as weird people call him) chainsawed himself out of a flying shark’s gut. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait much longer to get that special feeling again.

Sharknado 2: The Second One (yes, that’s what it’s officially called, irony is dead) was commissioned not long after the original broke the internet, and now we have some new details on the upcoming sequel, in the form of a freshly-announced cast list. Maybe don’t drink any coffee or water for the next minute or so, unless you actually wanna spit-take all over your computer screen.

1. Steve Sanders and Tara Reid will reprise their roles as romantic sharknado experts, Fin and April.


2. My teenage girlfriend and Booty Call/Kill Bill alumni Vivica A. Fox will play Fin’s old high-school friend, ‘Skye’.


3. Rock royalty Kelly Osbourne will play ‘Flight Attendant’.


4. Andy Dick, former Newsradio star, weirdo MTV personality, and lover of illicit substances, will play ‘Police Officer’.


5. 30 Rock‘s resident hat-wearing goofball Judah Friedlander will play ‘Brian’.



6. And Mark McGrath, former frontman of Sugar Ray and recent host of things like Miss Teen USA, will play Fin’s brother-in-law. (Yes, you must now listen to all of ‘Every Morning’ – “Shut the door, baby, don’t say a word.”).

Wow, that almost sounds like a roll call for the next season of Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. Following the goofy internet hype that met the original, we were prepared to completely ignore this one, but c’mon: Steve Sanders, Kelly Osbourne, Mark McGrath and Andy Dick together at last? Heaven will hit your TV screens in July.