Taylor Swift Beat Up Andy Samberg In An Ad For Her Streaming Service, Which I Guess Is A Thing

I'm so confused.

Turns out Taylor Swift has her own streaming service. Which I mean, okay, I guess that’s fine.

Taylor Swift Now, which has apparently been up and running since late last year, is an online channel dedicated to all things Swift. It features concert footage, behind-the-scenes videos and other ~exclusive content~, although only if you live in the United States (soz guys).

The service was created in partnership with American telecommunications giant AT&T, who recently launched an elaborate new promo that depicts a day in the life of one of the world’s most divisive pop-stars.

Anyway, it turns out Taylor is just like us! She pets cats and likes YouTube videos and steals other people’s food out of the fridge. So relatable!

She also gets into an elaborately choreographed martial arts showdown with Andy Samberg. So yeah, pretty typical stuff really.

Swift’s new album, Reputation, is out in November.