‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation’ Is Coming Back To TV, This Time Without Baby Boomers

“For once in their miserable lives they won’t be dominating."

Hey, your favourite surreal quiz show centred on gently bullying Josh Thomas is back! It’ll have much less Josh Thomas, but probably the same amount of surreal bullying as Shaun Micallef has signed back on as host. After five years off the air, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation is coming back.

The show’s revival was informally announced last month, but the full details were revealed at Channel Nine’s Upfronts presentation this week. The quiz will be returning in its original format in 2018, but the competing teams have changed up significantly. This time around we’ll have Gen X (led by Aussie screen legend Robyn Butler), Gen Y (led by comedian Andy Lee), and Gen Z! The latter will be captained by 20-year-old actor Laurence Boxhall.

This means the Baby Boomers have officially been bumped. Speaking to about the change, Shaun Micallef said, “they’ve had their time”. “For once in their miserable lives they won’t be dominating.”

“I’m a baby boomer — maybe I’m the representation actually,” he said. “There’ll be a new game — it’s called ‘Beat the Baby Boomer’ … they’re wheeled on, literally, and go against the other teams.”

Man, how good is Shaun Micallef?

Though the show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, we know it’ll premiere some time in 2018 with a run of eight episodes. Until then I guess you can re-watch episodes from the original run (2009-2012)!

It was a simpler time. Amanda Keller didn’t have her own show, Charlie Pickering had only just started delivering hot takes to camera on something called The 7pm Project, and Josh Thomas was a 22-year-old making jokes about making out with girls instead of an award-winning TV writer beloved for blasting conservative politicians over LGBTIQ+ rights.

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