Someone Invented Magic And It Is Freaking Us Out

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“I am so sick of my T-shirt getting wet whenever I pour a lot of liquid on it!”

“I wish my iPhone 4 or 5 would not get so damaged every time I carefully place it at the bottom of a jug filled with water!”

“My new white shoes have been stained by the chocolate sauce and mustard I squeezed on them earlier! What gives?!”

“This cardboard box I chose to hold all of the water is just not doing a great job of it! :(”

These are all things you’re used to saying, but you will be saying them no longer! After a two year wait, Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet — an invention of Ross Nanotechnology (great business name, Ross) — has just hit shelves in the States.

It is “a family of super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils,” and you can buy it online here for $20 a can.

Couple questions left unanswered:

A) What does it taste like?

B) What does it feel like?

C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?

D) What happens if you get it on your hands and then you want to wash it off your hands? Will you be NeverWet forever?

5) If you spray the inside walls of a glass tumbler with NeverWet but not the inside base of that tumbler, and then you fill up the tumbler with water or with another liquid of your choice, like mustard, will it form a mustard tower inside the tumbler? Can you take a photo of the mustard tower and send it to us very soon?

For more stories about ridiculous things, follow us on Facebook.

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  • Chirpy

    C = classic.

  • Davon Kellum

    That is AWESOME!!

  • Chris Wilke

    Does it work on car paint?

    • Stephen Jackson

      You COULD, but the finish is pretty much matte…. not sure you’d like it…

  • Jackson

    now spray it on your skin and jump in a pool and tell us what it feels like

    • ihateusernames24

      imagine you end up gliding on the water lol

      • Mike Gallion

        That or you sink to the bottom cause your no longer “in” the water.

        • Kyle Weedstar Lindgren

          lol and fuckn drown when they find your body there gonna be like… hes not even wet…. lol Supeerman !!!!!

  • Davon Kellum

    How does it stand up to mud?

    • Jesse Gravel

      I saw some other videos about this stuff earlier in the year and they were testing it out on other materials wood, concrete, leather work boots and it did great against mud also. It just slid off of washed in seconds with a little bit of water. Awesome product that i fully intend to order and try out on certain things…namely my work boots to start! Lol.

  • Lesli DeVeau

    Is it flammable if you sprayed it on you’re clothes? Safety is always an issue. I can see using it on all out door furniture and equipment…. Many applications….. Cool How about coating my nikon d7100? Could it go under water too?

    • AwkwardB1R

      If I can coat my camera in this stuff.. I’m never leaving the water..

    • Cheese

      If you’re clothes, you’ve got other problems…

  • Nguyen Manh Hai

    I am wondering how to wash my clothes when they are waterproof?

    • korhal

      You’ll never have to wash them again!

      • Sean Coyle

        But smell and residue from are two different things, right?

        • ChadHorn

          Not really. When you smell something… you’re actually nasally ingesting microscopic partials of whatever that is. Remember that the next time you smell a stranger’s fart or roadkill. ;)

          • Daryn St. Pierre

            I hate you.

          • ChadHorn


          • Vickie Gentry

            You are only smelling the volatile compounds of whatever it is you are smelling. Quite a different situation, it is not like you are going to get an STD from smelling someone’s fart.

          • Voyce

            But you are going to get pink eye.

          • Alkalinea Xifax

            Only if it’s bare assed and on your pillow or directly on your face. Trust me.

          • Dana

            The volatile compounds are part of whatever you’re smelling. No one said you’d catch an STD from a fart. They’re gross all by themselves.

          • Echo Binary

            STD…. Silent; though Deadly?

          • Lady Lestat

            Sexually Transmitted Disease

          • Lindsay O’Brian

            Lady Lestat, ::facepalm::

          • bigmurr

            SBD=Silent but DEADLY!

          • Jeff Talbott

            It’s why I keep my toothbrush in the cupboard in the bathroom.

      • DERP

        right, because they are ass proof?

        • Philosophicsity

          what if, what if,

          you spray neverwet on your underwears?

          do you think it’ll be fart and shit proof?

          • Azkyroth

            It might be a problem for your sex life…

          • Philosophicsity

            what if you spray neverwet in her pussy, and cum inside ?!

            not only is she always going to be dripping, she’ll never get pregnant!


          • Robert Johnson

            Possible problem: NeverWet feels like sandpaper

          • baboi

            What if you spray it in your brain! Cause i think you already did.

          • Dan Jones

            When you get diarrhea, it gets sucked back up your butt, since it’s got nowhere else to go.

          • Jeff Talbott

            That made me cry a little….hahahahahha

    • Jessica Lapidos

      Freeze them! it kills the bacteria.

      • Robert Saggers

        Freezing does not kill bacteria.

        • Daryn St. Pierre

          It just temporarily inconveniences them.

        • cnotv
          • disqus_vwGd6hhxdg

            That does not kill the bacteria…just prevents them from growing. This fact is supported by that same Wikipedia article…

          • cnotv


          • Dana

            The USDA tells us that if you freeze meat for a certain amount of time, whatever pathogens it carried will be dead. You can’t just freeze it for a day and expect the germs to be gone.

            Some germs form spores and so they can survive. But I just looked up the major bacterial species that cause food poisoning in humans and none of those are spore-forming. If they freeze for long enough, they have no protection against it.

            FYI, we have some spore-forming bacteria in our normal gut flora, including some lactic acid bacteria, but they don’t hurt us.

          • ajd

            your body makes lactic acid.

          • foryourhealth

            USDA also tells us that we need dairy in our daily diets.. so lets trust them wholeheartedly without implementing the american system of checks and balances -__-

          • Tom

            FYI, please don’t be snotty with other people if you have no idea about the subject yourself.
            fact: both Clostridium and Bacillus spp. are spore forming major food borne pathogens

          • disqus_wOy9cQXxTY

            You just linked a wikipedia article. Credibility is gone.

          • Dana

            If something is incorrect in the Wikipedia article, and you have a source to prove it, go edit the article.

            Sheesh. The dumbasses.

          • 2013asdasdsad

            Welcome to 2013. Not linking to Wikipedia was about 5 years ago.

          • Me


          • Jason Stern

            Ya use wiki, cause that’s trust worthy. and somethings are better wet then dry!!

          • cnotv

            If you don’t like wiki:

        • Dana

          Yes, it does. Not instantly, but give it a few weeks. Spore-forming bacteria may (note I said “may”) survive but not all bacteria form spores.

      • Guest

        Hmm, maybe test it out? Leave some chicken out for a day then freeze it. You should be fine eating it after that, right?

        • CD

          No it’s not the bacteria that kills you it is the toxins they produce and those toxins will still be there after the bacteria is dead.

        • Dana

          You’re not supposed to leave meat out in room temperature for a day and then freeze it. Then, as CD pointed out, you have the bacterial toxins to contend with.

          Of course, our stomach acid should be sufficient to kill most bacteria that enter our bodies via our food. But with all the junk we eat now, a lot of us have bacterial overgrowth from the small intestine into the stomach, and we’re not supposed to have a lot of germs in the stomach. (A small amount of Heliobacter pylori is OK, as long as it’s not causing an ulcer, which it doesn’t in everybody who has it.) And when you get bacterial overgrowth like that, you make much less acid. Probably why so many people are getting sick from their food now.

      • PSiKoTiC

        Light it on fire.. that kills ‘most’ bacteria..

    • Phil Erskine

      Just spray the outside and wash it inside out.

    • John Bravo

      I purchased this product and I was not very happy. The videos look great but it’s not happening folks. Here is why – firs to fall it cannot take any wear whatsoever and I’m talking normal touching. You can simply rub it away with your finger with ease. Secondly, it says specifically in the instructions to NOT use it on electronics. It is also not resistant to soaps (of any kind) or paint primers. The paint primer I experimented with was water based as well and it did not repel it.

      Save your money and wait until they put more on the market. Price right now is ridiculously expensive and so far the only use I’ve found for it is on my white sneakers. IT’s just not worth the money.

      • Braden

        it’s $20 a can….and they advise you not to use it on electronics so they won’t be liable if you do it wrong…? sorry but this didn’t seem like a fair review.

        • debraparker63

          Yet they show a demo on a phone????? hmmm

          • Braden

            right, because im sure it works… yet there would be no way to prove it if someone used their product incorrectly and ended up breaking their phone…so they advice you not to do it for their legal safety. get it?

          • Evan_Beezy

            You know Samsu g just made a smartphone that is water repellant with this same technology. Im sure its just a liability thing.

          • richard lee

            Sony did as well, and I have it… totally works. Even with a full beer spilled on it.

      • James

        u can find the same product, probably by a different company in taiwan. It only costs US$2 for a bottle.

    • mbaNJ

      eventually it does wear off which is why I posted that key warning to us all….those nanoparticles do not disappear but will accumulate like fiberglass insulation accumulates in your lungs or other spots…..imagine those items getting into your brain or vascular system….they are so tiny they will pass through your skin, for sure…..and in food and in water…and in that toilet brush where you have an opening next to that cleaned surface….so very very sad as anyone using this will have complications for sure….our government should not allow this tiny toxic contaminant into our culture…..

  • William Spinolo

    can i use this on cookware
    will it survive the washing machine
    does it scratch off surfaces?

  • Fletcher

    Can I spray my dog when its raining so she doesnt get wet… like a duck. Or should I just buy a duck?

  • Alan Burford

    How long does an application last on a phone, shirt, etc..

    • Sam Jacob

      yeah, want to ask the same Question,
      How long it last …?!!

    • Kurt Lysek

      I believe it lasts until the end of Never but I haven’t confirmed that on Wikipedia yet.

      • Alan Burford


      • Jeddbob

        I think you meant until the end of November. For me, I find it always lasts until the end of November.

        • Kurt Lysek

          “until the end of November”? What an odd thing to say. There is no end to November…it’s a sphere.

          • Easy_to_Refute_Wingnuts

            November is a Moebius month.

        • Devon Dieffenbach

          Remember Remember the Fifth of November

      • Babz Covington

        heehee wikipedia. try snopes too lol

      • Shan Abbasi

        Nothing lasts forever. Even cold November rain.

    • Kristen

      From the reviews on the Home Depot page, one reviewer says that it flakes off in the sun:

      • Alan Burford

        Thanks Kristen!

      • Alan Burford

        Thanks Kristen!

  • Jampy Joe

    I want to see what happens when you spray it on water.

    • Stormtrooper


      • Mike McKallicuffy


    • Buddygirrl

      It’ll probably just bead off of it like the Leidenfrost effect, I dunno

      • Mike McKallicuffy

        no imagination whatsoever.

      • Squad08

        Actually, it wouldn’t be Leidenfrost effect. It is hydrophobicity.

        • JaySBee

          I don’t know that word. Stop making up words. Bad people make up words.

    • Gabriel Pacheco

      Wait, isn’t that what Moses did?

      • Mike McKallicuffy

        if you believe in fairy tales. sure.

        • Gabriel Pacheco

          Haha I don’t man, but you can still quote a book can’t you?

          • Mike McKallicuffy

            fair enough.

        • ThorRanger

          haha, the ass hole who instead of laughing at the joke has to put his “opinion” about religion into his answer. Thank you for this.

    • Patry

      It will bounce back and hit you in the eye.

    • Kase Van Den Elst
    • Dan Jones

      divide by zero

    • texaschris


      • conrad

        What if you spray yourself and jump in this waterhole?

    • Elizabeth Sogard

      where is the like button!

  • VanbietNguyen

    Take my money!

  • GoldLionCub

    It’s just like the 1951 film ‘The Man in the White Suit’! Never-dirty suit, magically white, ends up falling to pieces…

  • Ernie P.

    What are the environmental effects? Does the coating break down in nature? How long does that take? What effects does it have on animals who consume it? What effect does it have on soil where it is spilled or dumped? And what effect on the plants living in that soil? And what effect on the people who eat the fruit of those plants?

    • Candy Sebring

      sounds like you need to do some research there Ernie.

      • Ernie P.

        Don’t have the time. You do it!

        • Michael Allen

          Typical. You have the questions but don’t care enough to learn.

          • Ernie P.

            Haha, don’t I care enough to learn? Where’d that come from? I asked a question hoping someone had the answer. Guess what, they did! Gavin there posted a link to an info sheet (thanks Gavin). And on that sheet it says:

            ‘This product has been reviewed according to the EPA ‘Hazard Categories’ promulgated under Sections 311 and 312 of the
            Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA Title III) and is considered, under applicable definitions, to meet the following categories: Fire Hazard, Pressure Hazard, Acute Health Hazard, Chronic Health Hazard.’

            Actually, most of what says on the sheet seems to pertain to the products’ properties when it is still in liquid form, or when it is being sprayed. I’m more interested in what happens after that. But still, it says somewhere on that sheet that it should not be spilled into soil and it should be disposed of according to some regulations.

            The reason for me asking because this product seems to be such a marvelous thing that it will no doubt become very popular and be used by the truckloads every day in the very close future.

          • Michael Allen

            Think of all the research you could have just done.

          • Ernie P.

            What do you mean?

          • anne ang
          • Ernie P.

            I have now. What about it?

          • anne ang

            when water is in contact with your eyes, flush with more water. Upon skin contact rinse with water. Oh and of course try not to inhale water.

          • Ernie P.

            So all material safety data sheets are weird and not to be trusted, because the one on water is weird and funny? Were going off track pretty fast here.

          • anne ang

            Aye. Chill… all I’m saying is that someone had to fill according to protocol and take things with a dash of common sense. Like deodorant could be a ‘fire hazard’ and a ‘pressure hazard’ simply because it is in an aerosol can. Simple as that.

          • The_L1985

            People still use spray deodorants? I don’t think I’ve even seen that kind, myself.

          • Ian Nelson

            LOLz. ” Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately if symptoms occur.”

          • Kat

            That isn’t just for water it’s for deionized water, which sometimes can still have traces of what they used to deionize it with, which could be harmful if it comes in contact with you. Deionized water isn’tnecessarily completely pure water.

      • Bart

        I went to their website and they don’t mention any of this stuff. After what happened with asbestos, lead, PVC and other chemicals being introduced into people’s homes, you would think a company introducing something new like this would have the foresight to make that a topic of conversation. They don’t even talk about this thing being used on eating utensils and you know someone will try it.

        • Gavin T. Booth

          If you go to the Home Depot page where it is sold they have the MSDS page you can read

          • Kristen

            Thanks for that info. One of the main hazardous ingredients it lists is Methyl Isobutyl Ketone. I looked it up on the Environmental Working Groups page here –

            Some of the other things that jumped out at me from the report – if ingested, do not induce vomiting as it could get into your lungs and cause great damage. Can you imagine your lungs not being able to get wet? You would suffocate from the inside.

            This looks like a cool product, but I agree, the proper warnings need to be used. For instance, use a gas mask.

          • Justin St. Germain

            but what if i want my lungs to never get wet?

          • mbaNJ

            this is a death trap and will cause strokes also….read my danger warning as this is a serious contaminant into our environment that goes through our skins because they are small enough to do that….and then our system of nerves and brain cells will be blocked in a bad bad way…..not worth the risk for this “miracle” additive….

          • mbaNJ

            never trust an msds which the company selling the product creates….

        • Daniel Carrier

          Do you have any idea how many chemicals people have made that are completely harmless? Technically, two of the ones you listed are naturally occurring, but those are almost all harmless too.

          • Kristen

            Sure, but not really relevant to this topic. Read the MSDS report.

    • Bart

      I was about to post the same thing. Also wondering if there’s any off-gas like with PVC that could make it dangerous to breath? And what happens when something is sitting out in the sun with this stuff sprayed on it and getting heated up.

    • Joris Van Der Wegen

      My thoughts exactly… stuff like this is amazing.. but the world is poluted enough as it is… with perhaps no chance to ever become clean again .. any Nano technology is a potential threat to a biological system !

      • Josh Mortimore

        yet you probably drive a car everyday, and then ridicule something you know nothing about… how funny

      • Ernie P.

        I wasn’t commenting to cast doubt on all Nano-technology. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    • Jolly

      It appears to be a two part solution, so perhaps spills are not water resistant unless both chemicals mix in the spill, and since they are stored in separate bottles, base and top coat, that would dramatically reduce the probability of such spills. In that case it would function a lot like an epoxy. As far as environmental affectation, I’m sure that there is a label on the bottle that covers that. Billy Mays never mentioned the environmental impact of Oxyclean or Orange-glo in his infomercials.

    • JiggyWithIt

      who cares – you’ll be dead by the time it matters

    • ThomasVeil

      It’s nanoparticles, so might be harmful for nervous systems amongst other things. I’ll stay away from that stuff for the next 20 years.

  • Jenny

    What happens if you inhale it?

    • I totally science

      Since the human body is mostly water, it will force your insides apart, essentially making you explode from your respiratory system outward, though it will probably look a little bit more like melting or dissolution.

      • Xela Torres

        I’m scared :(

  • Lenora Porzillo

    What are the ingredients? Probably petroleum based?

  • samlang8

    This is what they [the aliens] make Happy Fun Ball out of.

    • Michael Allen

      Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

  • Richard Thomas

    iPhone warranty voided.

  • Voicedude

    “….and once again, Last Place in our wet T-shirt contest is: Ross Nanotechnology!”

    • Pete Quigley

      LOL, I’m just reading this and THAT’S the first thing that caught my eye. Somebody gotta take the fun out of EVERYTHING!!! :(

  • Jon OfThe Shred


    • Mark

      I agree that was awesome!

      • Mike Williams

        It’s supposed to be:

  • 3h4life .

    spray it on your eyes and you are doomed……

  • Britt

    This has the potential to be really great… or really harmful. :

  • laurens

    i have some questions. if you put this coat on a t shirt will is still have the same water regulerend? or will you get sweetie like if you are running whit a raincoat? or will it you get a X% part of the water regulered?

    • Stephen Jackson

      syntax error line 2
      syntax error line 3
      cannot parse
      program terminated

  • tipsystatistic

    When he put the iphone in the water, it shorted out the Home button. Also, why is he so strong?

  • Cheese

    This will make throwing drinks on people in bars way less fun.

    • Michael Allen

      Less fun, or more awesome?

  • Herring

    I want this for my roof. And front walk and driveway.

    If I put this on the bottom of my boat, will it go faster?

  • Melissa Hunt

    D) Your skin sheds all the time, so you’d quickly lose the cells that the NeverWet is attached to.

  • Raxinox

    I applied NeverWet to the bottom of my shoes and now I can walk on water like Jesus! :O

  • Raxinox

    Apply NeverWet to the inside of your shirt and never be embarrassed by armpit stains again!

    • christelpistol

      that’s actually kinda genius. I like the way you think!

    • yo

      And have sweat running down the side of your body all day. Good thinking.

  • Jeff

    I have this runny nose problem, if i inhale this stuff through my nose, will it keep my nose dry?

  • daviddas

    The odd thing is, the demo vid shows it being used on an iPhone and on the CEO’s clothes, but the instructions clearly say do NOT use it on electronics or clothing. Someone will have fun with this in court when things go wrong!

  • Amanda

    Please don’t tell people to take their iphones apart….. It voids the warranty and while it may be helpful for water, it’s not helpful for manufacturer defects or when you shatter the screen…..

  • Xela Torres

    This is how gangsters keep their shoes so clean.

  • Michael

    I prefer to know the answer to the question how much cancer are those chemicals known to cause in the ingredients?

  • Amanda Greco

    so can i use it on a horse blanket? my horse gets a waterproof blanket for the winter but they only last about 2 years if i spray the blanket with this would it still keep him dry so i don’t have to waste another $300 on a blanket?

  • Autocorrect

    I’m going to spray the inside of my lungs and go live underwater.

  • Fumblebutter

    What happens if you spray it at rain? Mirror shield? How can this be used in the Water Temple?

    • Zach

      You totally just made my day.

    • Gabrielle Savoy

      same. day=made.

  • Chris

    If I spray the inside of my girlfriend downstairs with this, can I stop worrying about getting her pregnant? Or what if I spray the inside of a cup and try to pour water in it, will it bounce out or freak out and spin around looking for an uncoated area like a Dr. Pepper monsoon? If I thoroughly spray my paintball jersey and gear will paint glide off me making me invincible? Lastly, If I spray the inside of my bathtub and try filling up my tub, what will happen??? haha

  • whowantstoknow

    looks like a great product, but when you plug in your charger a few times, it will scratch off the product and leave it susceptible to water sneaking in.

  • Thomas Barber

    Here’s the true test. Spray your Sidewalk and Driveway on it to see what effect it will have on snow, sleet, freezing rain etc.

  • Mike Mars

    Watch it turn out to be highly toxic.

  • Cory Mollenhour
  • Angela Brandist

    shut up and take my money!

  • Dhonky

    If it sprays on in liquid form, will it ruin the tech? Or is there a NeverWet Repellent so the NeverWet just rolls right off? Then would you need a NeverWet Repellent Repellent? Where does it end? I think I’ll just wrap my things in a plastic bag. Then at least it’s recyclable unlike spraying chemicals into the atmosphere and on my person.

  • bhbourbon


    • steveb9124

      Sounds like fun. The target item may be dry, however, you may possibly find yourself with a fire that can’t be put out.

      Well, you can’t win them all, I suppose.

      • Fumblebutter

        “with a fire that can’t be put out.”

        Please write a song.

  • NW

    If you spray it on your girlfriend where the sun don’t shine, will it prevent pregnancy and STDs?

  • Sean Coyle

    What would happen if i put it on the bottom of my boat. I wonder if it would go faster

  • Brittany

    We need some one to test all this shit! Like actually test it and post the results, scientifically, and videos/pictures of the results.Not some stupid crap they pulled off the internet either. I would, but I don’t have the degree or the money to do any of that. though, I could potentially test what happens if you leave it on something and it sits in the sun for a while, but on the molecular I can’t really help. TEACHERS! here would be an amazing science project, do multiple experiments with it, let it sit in the sun, ect. and then take pieces of the test subjects, (t-shirt, cameras…) and control, and look at them under a microscope..If any teachers read this, I think that would be something cool to do with your class, especially a Chemistry class.

  • Frank Bango

    All I want to know is if I can apply this to my cars paintjob?!

  • Matt

    Two questions: How long does it last and can I spray it on my baby’s face?

  • Jacob Velander

    I’m gonna spray this on my fire pokemon

  • Sam

    This is already available at home depot, for 19.95 to anyone looking.

  • Neno

    Check out the material safety data sheet on this sucker…

    Side effects include “central nervous system disorder (e.g., narcosis involving a loss of coordination, weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, and blurred vision) and/or damage. Reports have associated repeated and prolonged occupational overexposure to solvents with permanent brain and nervous system damage.”


    • Stefan van Geel

      But the same goes for gasoline.

      • poop

        you don’t rub gasoline onto your clothes/body/electronics/loved ones

        • exasperated


        • Stefan van Geel

          Yet you breathe it in every day…

  • doug


  • Doug Maidens

    Man can you imagine peoples reaction at a beach, if you sprayed this on your clothes and body? You walk out of the water completely dry!! Haha I want to do this now.

  • Neill Drake

    I bought two boxes of this stuff and must say, it’s garbage. There is little, to no durability. I sprayed my kayak paddle pants and within two hours it was all worn off. I sprayed the inside of my cooler and as soon as I put ice in, it was all scraped away. It says directly on the box “DO NOT SPRAY ELECTRONICS” also, everything you spray turns blueish/white hazeyness. I sprayed my pato furniture and now it looks terrible. Thankfully, the stuff rubs off really really easy. It’s more of a protective film then a permanent paint. There is no doubt the repelling qualities are phenomenal. It made an index card impermeable to water, but the practicality of the stuff is still left to be seen.

  • potatoh

    If i put in on my pee pee, can i go to the glory hole ?

  • Christopher Payne

    If I spray this on my cat, and then throw said cat overboard while boating on a lake…will I have just created the world’s first ever Hover Cat?

  • Christopher Payne

    If I spray this in the air on a really humid day, can I make it rain?

  • JustTryIt

    Put….put your d!ck in it.

    • Francisco D. Ortiz

      U just cured the AIDS epidemic. RAW Dog we gooooooo.

  • Smooth Groove

    When used to “water” my plants, will they grow?

  • JK

    Buying this for the wife’s birthday. Shoes will never get wet in the rain. Talk about a aphrodisiac…

  • Alnando Espaillat

    What if someone applied it to the bottom of a speed boat ? Mind blown !!!

  • BigBadWilly

    This isn’t new. I have seen other companies do this in the past, did lots of research on them before. I don’t like how these people are getting the credit.

  • Aria Blarg

    No more broken phones when you drop it in the toilet! Rise in cell phone games when you’re pooping!

  • Jen P

    Was anyone else masturbating furiously when the gravy was being poured on the guys chest? No? Just me?

  • Teri Whittlinger

    This would work awesome on tents, especially in Oregon where the whether can go from 80 and sunny to 68 and rainy in seconds.

  • Cole Trueblood

    When they come out with a clear coat instead of a matte no one will ever need windshield wipers again.

    • Christ Pettitt

      Right, or you could… you know… just apply glass wax occasionally.

    • Vickie Gentry

      Rain X,dude. It’s been out for decades. They even sell it in convenient wipes, as a window treatment, an additive to your windshield washer fluid or buy the orange windshield washer fluid that already has it in there. Problem solved.

  • José Luis Castañeda Paulino

    No more condoms!

  • Dakota Calhoon

    what happens when it gets into the environment? when people discard their half-used bottles.. is it biodegradable? i dont think we need any more stuff in this day and age… we’ve already ruined the planet. we’ve survived quite well without this product in the past. people really need to start questioning the products they buy and what impact they have on the environment in terms of the materials being used, the company you are supporting and what their principles are, the after waste.. i.e you think once you throw something into the garbage that’s the end of it? Think again. And dont buy plastic… unless you dont mind contributing to the toxic aftermath of polluted oceans and sick and dying animals and marine life from the consumption of plastic particles which goes back into our food chain to be consumed by us. complete madness.

    • bintalshamsa

      I’d love for someone to show us all how we’re supposed to avoid buying any plastic? Even if I could go and do all of my grocery shopping at the farmer’s market, I’d still wind up having to buy plastics. My medication containers are all plastic. My keyboard is plastic. My monitor is plastic. My shoes contain plastic. Instead of silly arguments that those who buy plastic don’t care about life and the planet, why not give information about how to start buying fewer plastic items?

      • Dakota Calhoon

        there are a LOT of things we buy that we dont really need. it’s about thinking twice when you buy things in plastic containers. You should always remember what you buy will end up back in the environment. All those fiddly little plastic things like lids and caps, etc.. will probably end up in the stomach of some poor seabird. We have been SOLD by corporations that we must use their products. We’ve been ‘programmed’. In fact you don’t even need half the stuff they are selling. You need to make conscious lifestyle changes… and that will mean re-adjusting your ‘unsustainable’ comfort zone. For starters. get yourself a nice wicker basket to take to the market. Stop buying plastic water bottles and recycle a few wine bottles. The screwcaps work best. i’m sure there is a water company selling purified water close to you. Get a couple of 6 gallon glass bottles to store it in. You’ll never need to buy that disgusting plastic water again… and remember don’t ever buy anything from Nestle Corporation, as the CEO of that company is a complete sociopath – thinks he has the right to own the world’s water supply… Hope that helps a little!

  • br4d137

    I’ve done some research on this. So basically this stuff makes like a hydrophobic film (milky white film I might add) to whatever u spray it on, as long as its water nothing can touch it. Im not sure where the author quoted “a family of super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils,” but any oils will strip this shit right off. I’ve seen someone try this with ranch… yeah that didnt work, the fat melted the film away. Excessive touching with your greasy fingers? yeah doesn’t work either, rubs right off. Even if you run it under some hot higher pressure water, strips the film completely. So pretty much this stuff has the life expectancy of a very hydrophobic nail polish. Oh and dont put this on your skin either, it’ll give u cancer.

  • dan

    what happens if you spray this stuff on the tip of your penis? #let’sfindoutforscience

  • VOn SAbido

    If I sprayed it 0n water can I possibly walk on water

  • Charles HeavyFed Gilliam

    Can I spray it all over the inside and the outside of my shirt so it NEVER SWEATS? Will I die of cancer later from this product?

  • Noilleb

    This isn’t really new…hydrophobic coating have been around for quite a while now

  • sebastiandunbar

    We humans are becoming sterile, and allergic to everything. Another product to speed up that process.

  • Kellie Reichert

    is it flammable?

  • le me

    If i sprey my wiener, it might prevent me from aids?

  • magnox

    Pokemon’s new element type, NeverWet – it beats water type pokemon.

  • PineappleKush

    When I saw this back in august 2011 all I could think was: Spray your womans most beautiful dress (or any womans wedding dress) with this beforehand, without her knowledge. Later in the evening, spill some massive chunk of red wine on it and shock her into a heartattack :D

  • Dennis

    Soon the ocean will be rejected by the ocean floor!!!! Gardens will reject all attempts at watering!!!! We’re screwed!!!!

  • Julie Rae

    I see a lot of potential applications. Some things I’m thinking of…

    Spraying my backpack

    Getting the car detailed and coating the entire interior

    Replacing the couch and spraying that.

    When I move, spraying the carpeting of the new apartment to protect the deposit.

    Spraying my keyboard

    Bath mat

    Spraying a matteress to protect it from… stuff.

    Spraying the car speakers and door mounted to controls to protect from rain if the door gets left open.

    Spraying my favorite coat to make it a rain coat

    I wont take my phone apart and coat the pins with this stuff, but I’ll spray the case I keep it in to at least protect from spills when it’s sitting on the table.

    If I can find any info on how safe it is near food, and it’s flamability when dry, I’d love to spray my stove top (around, but not ON the burners) and the counter tops! Not to mention the inside of the fridge!

    The bathroom sink! No more dried tooth paste or make up!

    hmmm…. how well does it work under water, if applied while the item is dry. Maybe get the water out of the toilet, spray the bowl. One day of dealing with gross, and no more sticking!

    How safe is it with pets? I’d love to spray the litter box!

    If I spray a photograph, will it damage it, or protect it from flood damage?

    Spraying antennas to keep water off and thus prevent icing up!


    Spraying the inside of my makeup case

    Spraying the front door mat to prevent icing. I saw it work on a brick, maybe it can keep ice off the front steps!

  • JaffaN

    The CEO section of that video is rawwther sexual.

  • Kellen Lawler

    Another over hyped product that is basically worthless.

  • Ariel Sandoval

    Can you spray your teeth with it so as to prevent tooth decay?..If the sugar and the plaque can’t stick to it…you’re good…Right?

  • Alfredo Isas

    Thi will help people who need to dress in white, white clothes are a pain in the ass to clean, in my case, while im cooking, and working with chocolate ;)

  • David Ogtcyprus need magic go there lol insane trampoline tricks and trampoline sales

  • David Ogtcyprus
  • Ronan O Ciosoig

    I wonder would it be safe to spray on to baby clothes as these usually get soiled faster than anything else in the world.

  • Amanda Arnold-Bigner

    We bought two cans of this when it came put. While it MaY be practical for some, dor things like electronics, phones etc its pointless bc it has a ‘frosted glass’ look. I, not trying to have a cloudy phone. We also tested it on a stuffed animal and it failed. Sucks bc we wanted it to work so bad! We returned it.

  • Costas Apacket

    I need this for my Tsunami

  • Dr Diesel

    warning: spraying your girlfriend or wife with this product is NOT RECOMMENDED. For…obvious reasons.


    What if you sprayed this on the bottom of a boat, would it sink instantly to the bottom since it repels water? Or would it hover or self create propulsion

    • Matthias Weiss

      Nonsense. A duck’s feathers are water repellant already…this is not a new product.

  • Brandon Chaffins

    Two cans of this, one in each hand, walk to the ocean. We could be Moses

  • Patry

    Why would you not want to get wet? I love getting wet.

  • Al Rubin

    This product will revolutionize bukkake porn.

  • Brien

    ice trays.

  • designspeed

    I guess moses found his way across the red sea..

  • Billy Cooper

    A. refer to C for everything. B. when did every conceivable internet thread become 4chan? C. before you comment, take yer D and cram it in yer A.

  • Aaron Cherbonnier

    I’d wanna put it on surfaces that are slippery when wet. Given the circumstance, with someones shoes tracking water, it would essentially repel them too and have them on their ass anyways?

  • TJ

    I wonder what would happen if i covered myself in this and went swimming….

    And i wonder what happens to a body of natural water that gets this stuff in it….

  • deilbhin

    Here is the real question: do clothes sprayed with it breathe? Sure,
    that guy’s shirt and pants now are immune to spilled drinks and bbq
    items. How badly is he sweating now? Is it like he’s wearing plastic,
    which is also waterproof? Since his clothes are now hydrophobic, they
    don’t absorb his sweat which is now running down his body in rivers,
    down his legs, over his shoes (or possibly into), and onto the ground.

    Nice puddle there, bud …

  • Kristen

    How toxic is this?

    • disqus_owOP020tXs


    • Logan Butler

      Don’t eat it, ya dingus.

  • jason

    So if a penis were sprayed with this would it render the user invincible therefore becoming the ruler of zodon and all other galaxies in the gama quadrant…….or even just prevent herpes cause thatd be dope too…..

  • Todd S. Jenkins

    If you spray NeverWet on a baby and inside its diaper, will pee just orbit in an endless cycle between the two? Hey, maybe this is a new source of perpetual energy!

  • Chad Allen

    dude! we could catch fish, spray them and throw them back. Since technically the water doesn’t touch them they would sink straight to the bottom

  • Chad Allen

    I think?

  • randall

    Bought some, tried it. It can be rubbed off with your bare hands, and goes away if in the sun for a few hours. It destroyed leather, and changed the color of metal forever. It smells really bad too.It makes everything feel like cardboard, clothes or shoes are really uncomfortable.

  • Joel Lindow

    I can’t wait to see what kind of environmental impact this stuff will have after it has been put on products that will be in landfills, or dumped in water sources. Just seems like it could have a very negative environmental impact. But it is very cool!

  • debraparker63

    There’s an Italian fabric used for Islamic Swimsuits that works like this. When you rise out of the water it’s instantly dry. Sand falls off as well.

    This is a great idea. The only thing that concerns me is it’s biodegradability. Things coated with this such as cardboard might not go back into the Earth as well, what effect does this product have on the Earth?

    • GOD

      it´s called Nano particles and they are very harmful for the invironment.
      but who cares?? as long as we have fun with it? we don´t need nature

      • bintalshamsa

        GOD, can’t you just make us some more nature? If not, then what’s the point in worshiping you?

  • mm

    Cure cancer guys, don’t create it!

  • Amanda

    how to get away with murder

  • Dave Western

    This is awesome, especially the food and drink wastage for testing…

  • Whammy Bar Queen

    hmmmn… So it’s electrically conductive too? It shows that the Iphone still works after being dunked, but it doesn’t show if you can still charge it after it’s been treated.

    • Erin Lancaster

      I was wondering the same thing.

  • Margaret L Barckhoff

    What happens if you coat a paint brush?

  • danny_livewire

    How is this magic? Sounds a lot like plastic wrap. Just liquid form… this is not novel at all.

  • Dismantle

    I wonder if it will repel hot wax.

  • Pedro

    Science+Technology=Magic for ignorant, periodic table for others…

    • superawesome42

      thanks bro for this great comment, now bend over so i can remove the idiotic stick from your ass

      • Pedro

        Well, that’s the type comments people like us always expect from people like you, no more and no less…

  • ryan

    what happens when u wanna wash your t shirt

    • evolutionxbox

      I assume it only washes the side without the coating, or the coating becomes progressively weaker.

  • CircleReader

    Wasn’t there a movie about that?

  • nickel

    um. i bet this is really toxic. why is it a spray… you probably don’t want to breathe in something water repellent… oh the havok… geez…

  • MeMyselfandI

    How do you wash your clothes or anything…after you coat it?

  • Shady Tools

    DO NOT USE THIS STUFF on your swimming shorts. I tried to dive in & skimmed all the way across & into the other side. Am stuck in Cork, can someone please tell me where the nearest embassy is so I can apply for a replacement passport?

  • Bob Mulder

    Please try it on the bottom of a boat it it reduces drag would be fantastic and surfers would spray the underside of their boards i can think of many applications for this such as the waterproofing of tarpaulins ect

  • GOD

    another stupid chemical in the environment for absolutely NO reason.
    it will stay in nature for thousands of years and harming all kinds of insects etc (like plastic)

    • Jason Kornelis

      I didn’t know plastic was a kind of insect.

      • GOD

        no chemicals nature thousands plastic in another the etc years absolutely it NO harming of stay
        (like Jason Kornelis)

  • Tim Bucuk

    I was wondering how this would work for car windshields vs. rain or cars in general vs everyday dirt.

  • johnanthonyca

    I read on that NeverWet can be applied to electronic parts to make them completely waterproof. But I also read from John Bravo’s comment below that it’s not supposed to be used on electronics. Now I’m confused.

  • closedcirkit
  • Carly Erin O’Neil

    Is Never Wet like Never Nude?

  • Benjamin Van Doren

    Guys… Moses invented this product and that was thousands of years ago. This product is by no means revolutionary.

  • John Poillucci III

    with only 7 carcinogens!!

  • Jacob Nicosia

    It would not form a mustard tower, due to the laws of science. The mustard wouild simply fill the container, then be easily removed by turning the container upside down. Of course, you’d have to wash the untreated portion.

  • kcmoblue

    I vote that this be used like fluoride and pump it out to the public. Just start coating children in it – new immunization.

  • Alicia Eschwege Guillette

    What about levels of toxicity? Or decomposition when someone sends coated corrugated to the landfill or recycle center?

  • Andy Antonio

    I have a question. If I spray my phone as mentioned in the video. Will the coating disrupt the metal contacts when I go to charge it? or perhaps the headphone jack?

  • khunley73
  • Ross

    There’s not a thing wrong with the name Ross. Everyone likes a good Ross.

  • Chris Parks

    Cancer anyone!? It comes in “spray” form, that you can wear… (not just to clean your toilet and tub…)

  • ArgleBargle

    Do I really need a toilet brush I can’t rinse off? What happens if I coat my tongue with it? What about the inside of a drinking glass? If I sprayed it on a fish, would it sink to the bottom of the lake? If I then dumped a ton of it in the lake, would the water flow out and flood the surrounding area? If I sprayed it on a water slide, would the people using it afterwards be skinned alive? This seems like a fun product to play around with.




    i dont know if Id run out and spray my private parts with it but its pretty advanced as close to alien technology that I’ve seen lately, we are finally getting a dose of that Blade Runner technology we were shown so long ago…

  • coza

    Can i spray my balls with it and teabag people without getting any scuff marks?

  • Herpaderp

    Did they create this using my ex-girlfriends vagina?

  • Omar Hauksson

    This would probably be the best thing for toilets.

  • David Williams

    Can you spray it on your car windshield?

  • Fran

    Never EVER buy anything that can’t be returned to an ACTUAL STORE.

  • Homer

    I am going to spray the entire inside of my loft and invite everyone over for a pool party!!

    • Homer

      … of course… after cutting my front door into a half door.

  • Siri-ously Sema

    can i lay a coating of it down on the ocean and create a well to collect all the oil from the spills?

  • Brent Lewis

    how to you wash your shirts, do you never wash them because they never get dirty?

  • Lori Niemtschk

    can you spray an ice cube?

  • cmntr

    Yeah, but what kinds of dangerous chemicals are in it??

  • alyssa

    couldn’t I already buy this before at LIDS for my hats and sneakers? It wasn’t called never wet. It was like weather resistant spray or something.

  • Gale Miller

    Is it toxic

  • Terra Gazelle

    I bet it would be good water proofing for tents.

  • Jordan Rhys

    I’m gunna spray all the towels in the house with it XD

  • Christopher

    This is why I think…the human species is a F***ing disaster.

    • Dele Taiwo

      well yeah we are still evolving and gain mass knowledge something u can see int he bible scriptures. well i wouldn’t like to say END Time but yeah it says in that time knowledge and travel shall increase people dashing to and fro.

      if the bloodly elites went suppressing alot of our findings our current knowledge and technical ability would be immense. compare to what it is now

      we have had giant or unknown species should i say in the world before us building thing and monument far big that our wildest dreams. and yet we class there technology as primitive but it clear that there tech is just as advance as us just in a different way. if we set our mind to the impossible then the impossible becomes the possible

  • Guest

    If this covers the ground, I could create a very serious problem. No chemical should be allowed on the market unless there is a neutralizer for it.

  • Ellen Bryant

    If this covers the ground, It could create a very serious problem. No chemical should be allowed on the market unless there is a neutralizer for it.

  • Eric Paris

    I’m buying this for 3 reasons:
    1) I own a white suit.
    2) Because REASONS!
    3) Fuck you. That’s why.

  • That Guy

    This is so cool cause its soooo unnatural. Can you imagine the environmental impact when this stuff is produced on a large scale and starts leaking out as pollution.

  • Andrew Press

    Yeah, even if I had such an inferior product like the iphone would I be willing to void it’s warrenty by opening it up?

  • Emrul

    Hang on they coat an iPhone in this stuff but their website says it’s not intended for electronics

  • ahhaha

    “it comes right out” like the water was gunna steal the phone.

  • leslie green

    This can’t be good for us or the environment… I won’t use it.

  • Ratizi

    I’m gonna spray my sex toys with it to make clean up easy. Well… then the lube wouldnt stay on… does Never Wet work as a lube? No… it probably doesnt… I guess I’ll just have to lube up myself…

  • Cock

    Will this prevent ass sweat?

  • CRossetti

    That video was both disturbing and entertaining all at once. These comments are hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh!

  • muttyman2000

    Great invention does this mean we no longer need umbrellas and rain coats

  • Lucinda

    pretty wild… and I can easily thing of a myriad of applications for
    this myself!!! But am wondering what the coating does to the texture of
    fabrics… does it make it stiffer, or give it a plastic coating feel?
    Does it change the color of what it’s sprayed on??? Very curious!

  • emraguso

    Is cardboard sprayed with NeverWet still recyclable?

  • Jeff

    Now tell us how biodegradable this product is!

  • Rachel Freeman

    “Open up the iphone, it’s fairly easy” … what

  • Jack Morris

    Mustard is not a liquid! It’s an emulsion, I think.

  • MrSix

    I walk past this stuff everyday at work and never gave it a second thought…gonna have to now.

  • disqus_pgo4yedL4m

    These comments are some of the best.ever.

  • Guest

    Checked out Home Depot listing.

    Description: Liquid repellant
    Physical State: Liquid

    Is it constantly repelling itself inside the can? I don’t… know how to handle this.

  • Amazed & Disgusted

    I need that for everything I wear!

  • NoMoreVisitsPlease

    It’s a little confusing that the Rustoleum website specifically says not to use it on electronics or fabric.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    how does one wash a tshirt that’s sprayed with this ?

  • MadeInMachines

    “C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?” Hahaha

  • Chris Sargeant

    What happens after your wash your clothes after they have been sprayed?… A better question is HOW do you wash your clothes after they have been coated with this stuff?

  • Mark Kurek

    get them to upload a video of them playing Angry Birds underwater

  • Aaron Jones

    Eyes Closed Beer!!

  • Mammoth

    Can I bathe in it? If you drink some, will you die of thirst? If you spray a boat hull, would the boat just hover over the water?

  • Kritykon

    Yeah, but… what if I want my stuff to be damp and soggy?

  • Unclebob Hicks

    wow I cant believe I watched this…another chemical and more ozone depleting spray cans

  • DoctorGraph

    I was wondering…
    1) If it is 100% waterproof; do the fabrics still breath? Like… if it doesn’t you’ll get a lot of side-effects like, stinking shoes/feet, perhaps even infections due to this?

    2) Also… From the moment I start skating/walking with the neverwet, the protectionlayer will come of quite quickly won’t it? I would love to see a durability test! :)

    Looking ffwd testing the product out (European market!)

  • cblanquera

    spray this on a positive charged magnet, what happens when you put the magnet and negative charged liquid metal close together?

  • Lorenzo Mangubat

    I want to see an uncoated iPhone dipped in water as a control test. mwahahahaha

  • Ben de Rivaz

    Ah Steph, that’s what’s known as an ICP fallacy: just because you don’t know how something works doesn’t make it magic

  • Darius Puzz

    Never get wet? Oh my goodness, never spray it on your girlfriend’s pussy.

  • Francis FitzGerald


  • charlie

    These chemists should live in a landfill for as long as it takes their coated trash to breakdown.

  • charlie

    These chemists should live in a landfill for as long as it takes for their coated trash to breakdown.

  • Red23

    i tried to test an answered question (how does it taste) but it just fell out my mouth. :(

  • blackfargo

    If i spray a surfboard, will it hover?


    This company could partner with a wide range of consumer goods producers to create waterproof products, especially clothing and consumer electronics and housewares.

  • Μιχάλης Ιωαννίδης

    How much time does the spray effect lasts?

  • Fred Curry

    Is it non-toxic? I notice it being used on food prep objects. How sure are they that it is safe?

  • Μιχάλης Ιωαννίδης

    Can it be foundi n the market?

  • Evrette a soft ass bitch nigga

    If you sprayed your clothes with this…how could you ever wash it?…is the inside of the cloth still stainable? INB4 “you’d never have to!”…Clothes loosen after being worn for a time, could you never get the original “tighter” cloth after being sprayed and warn-in?

  • TeflonHeretic

    For years I’ve been wondering when someone’s going to invent a paint that will not allow “tagger”-scum to spray paint their garbage onto fences, signs, overpasses, vehicles, buildings and the like. ‘Looks like it’s here. Bye-bye to your graffiti, “gang” scum.

  • jesse

    can I spray neverwet inside my next girlfriend so she don’t get pregnant?

  • Billy O’Regan

    can you wash it off your clothes? Will it damage clothes?

  • Michael D. Lancaster

    Okay I tried the stuff and it doesn’t always work – and I bet it won’t work on DUCK shit!

  • Dawija

    What if you spray the tip of your penis and then try to pee?

  • Always dry

    one thing i found strange!!! Why the hell did he have to dry off the iPhone????

    And just to be very lame! Will this product stop women from menstruating? :-p

    • Jesus

      Because the screen was not treated, probably because it would make it
      hazy, and there is no reason to spray it. He dried it off so he water
      didn’t interfere with touching it.

      Posted again.

  • joe

    This is not that new…

  • Mick

    Can’t believe they didn’t call it “Nev-R-Wet”…. What a missed opportunity…!

  • Hailey

    Used it on my Nike’s and it didn’t work at all. Followed all instructions.
    I’m just thankful it was Store Use at my store and I didn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

  • Gianna

    is this product or any of it’s ingredients tested on animals?

  • Dan Göransson

    What if I accidently swallow some of it? Will food then never stick to the inside of my stomach?

  • mattwhitby

    If you spray it on your shoes do they still breathe?

  • Magen Or

    how long before it gets inside the body and stops communication between cells leading to cell and organism death? is this a UN Agenda 21 “special?”

  • Darrin

    why did he need to wipe the phone dry??

    • Jesus

      Because the screen was not treated, probably because it would make it hazy, and there is no reason to spray it. He dried it off so he water didn’t interfere with touching it.

  • Kristian Clancy

    What about washing clothes? How long does it last on the product for?

  • Carol Liu

    The question here is how tough can that thin layer to be? All examples were shown with them spraying the surface without touching it? What if somebody touched it before the liquid was poured? somebody scratched it? Somebody stretched that shirt? Somebody bent that shoes?

  • James

    u can find the same product, probably by a different company, in taiwan. It only costs US$2 for a bottle.

  • jonquimbly

    The hyperventilation in the title is all about clicks – this tech is nothing new.

  • cmon now

    its fucking scotch guard not magic people

  • Amit Arnon

    What happens if I spray the inside of my shirt and then sweat?

    • Avery

      What happens if you wear a garbage bag and sweat?

  • Kevin Costain

    I have to say, this stuff is not exactly what you think. I picked up some if it and tried it on a LAPTOP, GLOVES, and a CLOCK RADIO (among other things).

    Here’s how that turned out:

  • Jayson Shen

    great now i can pee with my pants on

  • Carol Cannon

    Oh My Gosh……….. I have got to get me some NeverWet….. I have problems holding on to things because of neuropathy in my hands. I always have splatters and splops down the front of me…. This would be a real life saver for me.

  • Jarrod Roflmao Bradley

    The whole time Ger Lor was talking about water-proofing that phone I was just staring at his mad biceps…

  • René

    if i coat my clothes in never wet can I wash them?

  • Eddie Barstad

    damn, wet t-shirt competishions are ruined..

    • teroothe

      this would be funny if you didn’t so effectively destroy it with “competishion”

      • Eddie Barstad

        And how many languages you know?

  • Will Lightfoot

    if i spray myself entirely can i skim across a lake like a water strider?

    • Joemama


  • CeceLeBeaux

    So let’s say my treated shirt gets dirty with something that is not technically a liquid or a heavy oil, how do I wash it? o.O

  • Sam Tabbert

    If you put it on car windshields would it make windshield wipers obsolete?

  • Thomas Langvann

    This Product is pure Garbage… read the reviews before you buy it…
    its a cool Product video, but its not REALITY…

  • Glen Benson

    ok so how do you wash the t-shirt ??? lol

  • Lucas Lowman

    If i get it on my skin will my pores close?

  • Tyler Hutchinson

    A) B) C) D) 5)lol

  • Ary Yogeswary

    This is the funnest and funniest forum/comment section I’ve read in months! Thanks NeverWet!! :D

  • Melody Herman

    Youre wasting PEPSI!!! LOL

  • Ammy Mata


  • Lucia Ruocchio

    could I put it on my carpeting and other than vacuuming, never have to clean it again?

  • Kamui Katsu

    How do you wash the clothes after using that stuuf?

  • Rebekah Palmer|dc_mtid_8903alh25183_pcrid_36667207897_pkw_neverwet_pmt_e&gclid=CNeFi_GZ1boCFa1aMgodgjcAAw#.UnfgvXATxfA?cm_mmc=SEM|THD|D24

    Not intended to be applied to electronic devices or clothing

  • Laura Wolff Evans

    How do you wash fabric sprayed with it?

    • Odd Little Thing

      Well, technically speaking, there’s probably little reason to wash fabric coated with it…

      • teroothe

        so dirt won’t accumulate on fabric coated with neverwet?

        • Odd Little Thing

          I suppose so. I guess I just had a stupid moment.

  • cydonian man

    I want that for my patio deck.

  • Mike Arienti

    Nobody spray my wife with this stuff!

  • Re Fe

    I want a people version for water fights and wet t-shirt contests!!

  • K Rowell

    Okay, that’s pretty cool for shoes, boxes, furniture, etc. but clothes? Although they wouldn’t get stained you wouldn’t be able to ever wash out the stink or does it no longer get body smell either?

    • NiceJoeGreen

      The CEO’s t-shirt looked like it was made of oil cloth–it had a glare on it that made the “plastic” coating look pretty obvious, and the shirt appeared to be pretty stiff.
      Definitely a good idea for the beer, though.
      I wonder if my sailboat would sail faster if I coat the hull with this stuff? I imagine so.

  • Lucas Hipólito

    i dont know what is ridiculous in this.
    it is a very genious idea

  • Juliet Jeske

    I get spraying your shoes with it, but it makes no sense to spray your clothing with it, because you couldn’t WASH your clothes and you are still going to have to wash your clothes, unless you sprayed both sides with NeverWet, and if you did that, then what happens to natural body oils and sweat…I don’t want to know. So shoes, I get, a shirt I don’t.

  • MadVirus

    I am also quite concerned about this stuff getting into the air, and into the soil. What effect does it have on the ecosystem? What happens when you breathe this in?

    • dhartm2

      If it enters your lungs it actually allows you to breathe under water.

  • Carolyn A

    I’d like to spray the outside of my basement walls

  • miller1324

    anybody else the question are ordered A, B, C, D, 5?

    • No

      Considering the content of the questions, that was probably deliberate.

  • Shelby Goelz Excelsior

    What does it do to the fabrics that it is sprayed on? Can I use it on a $200 suede purse or pair of Uggs (or other boot/shoe) and not ruin them? Most ‘Suede Treatment/Protectants’ alter the feeling of the fabric.

    • NotCrazy

      If you’re looking for something to spray on a pair of UGGs might I suggest gasoline and a match.

      • Joemama


      • Shelby Goelz Excelsior

        Laugh all you want, but I still havent found anything that keeps my feet as warm as these suckers in Chicago winters. However, street salting quickly ruins suede.

        • NotCrazy

          If you truly are wearing these in a cold Chicago winter I’ll give you a pass.

          Just so long as you aren’t rocking the dirty, busted up UGGs with sweatpants as regular shoes on a day to day basis.

          For image, see “USA college girl with sweatpants, writing on the bum and UGGs.” Completely unacceptable.

  • WatchfulMom

    Not be used on electronics or clothing and ingredients cause cancer so likely shouldn’t use on cooking items either, which is most of what they show. Like the product but don’t like a video that shows it being used on all kinds of things it should be used on.

  • fauxfire76

    Except it sucks if you want to use it on something like glass or leather. It frosts the surface and looks like crap.

  • gennarator

    2:59 felt strangely erotic….

  • MoriyaMug

    This stuff’s been available for a few months now. The package also does contain the warning that it contains “material known to the state of California to cause cancer.”

    • dhartm2

      As an East Coast Liberal I think we can all agree, Californians are pussies.

  • Jason Moffatt

    I’m totally gonna make Big Titty Tammy lose the next Wet T-Shirt Contest at the bar!

    • CitizenBrain

      WHY would you do that? You want that wet T-shirt on them Biguns!!!

      • Jason Moffatt

        Trying to help out Medium Titty Tina. :)

  • Graham Allen

    I wonder if this would work on a car windshield. Rain-X times 10!

  • Etienne de Lalancette

    What happen if I spray it under my snowboard….

  • Renae Cummings

    Goddammit Ross..

  • john bowley

    how about this… they get a contract with iPhone, and your phone already comes pre ‘neverwetted’ straight from the factory! that would be incredible! save everybody a WHOLE lot of hassle/pain/heartache, and i’m sure adding that process to the building procedure at the factory would probably be a very simple add-on!

    • nanahayhay

      Nah, Apple would never do that – they like to say “oh, you must have gotten it wet” when ysend your iPhone or iPod in for repairs. They want the item to get ruined if it gets wet so they can sell more.

  • Tyler James Bush

    Read the Amazon Reviews, it better be White what you are sparying because it causes a White Haze

  • UMTigerFan

    What would happen if you sprayed the bottom of a boat with this stuff? Would the boat levitate?

  • D Frank Robinson

    Can you used it in a 3D printer?



  • saldebus

    it is most likely not breathable and toxic. Plus, they have just liquidized the waterproof coating you find on cheap….

  • Dspot7070

    If I cover my lungs with it can I breath underwater?

  • jp

    “This just in……24 year old woman accidentally gets never wet in her vagina. Film at 11.”

  • Leif Erik Knutsen

    Will it work on boat bottoms? How long does the application last? How about barnacles?

  • Murray Crowley

    what happens if u spray an ice cube does it stay square forever but with liquid inside?

  • Anisa A. Rossi

    Too bad it can’t be used on skin… Would be a great way to avoid that messy clean up after sex!

  • Rebecca EleanorRigby Cooper

    I’ve heard bad things, actually. People who have had the opportunity to actually use this product in other countries find it pretty useless. I’d like to see a list of ingredients to see how it compares to the rubberized automotive undercoating used in products like Flex Seal.

  • Gary W. Ek

    I want a job coating stuff that doesn’t get wet, maybe we could coat the streets of Key West so the urine doesn’t stick.

  • Richard Rehsler

    Isn’t it called WD-40?

  • Winterbourne

    Looks cool, but chemicals this powerful have got to have some sort of toxic effect. I hope you did your bio-testing

  • Sebastian

    What happens when we accidentally breath this stuff in? Will we die immediately or will it be a very slow and painful death?
    But seriously, when we use such thing in our every day life and we don’t wear a mask, we will get this ‘never wet thing’ into our lungs! This can’t be good!

    • Terry Wrist

      Alternatively, it’d make it harder to drown..

  • spookym

    Can it prevent tsunami damage?

  • sean

    what happens if you make a suit of it and go swimming?

  • Dave

    What would it do to the bottom of a surfboard?
    just curious..

  • Nasher

    One more question. What is the result of this stuff coming into contact with human skin? It can’t be healthy.

  • Ark

    Doesn’t work. Video above is 100% bullshit. Their site says not to use on electronics or clothing.

  • Charazard

    Hate to break it to you folks, but it appears to be a nother shoody marketing scheme.

  • Charles Firebreather Woodburn

    i was super excited about neverwet when i first heard about it months ago, until i read reviews…

  • Patrick Attio

    Can this replace condoms? Lol In all seriousness, this is pretty darn awesome.

    • Agentx

      Sure, if you want to give up peeing for the rest of your life…

  • Patric

    But, if i sweat my t-shirt, how can i wash it ?

  • klkglasdf

    does it conduct electricity?

  • Herosandwich

    these guys don’t understand the properties of air gaps in coolers. coolers aren’t there because they don’t get soggy, they’re there because they keep cold in and stop your ice from fucking melting all at fucking once.

  • bob hanel

    If I spray it in my shower .will my water bill stop coming in da mail?

  • Abster Bruddleberry

    What if I spray some on a condom? Jesus,what happens if I spray some inside my old lady just before coitus?

  • MacontheRock

    Rain X on Steriods!!

  • steveorevo

    “C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?”
    We’d love to know. Nano-particle technology is cool and DNA-piercing freaky.

  • John McAndrew

    Does this biodegrade? Can materials sprayed with this be recycled? It’s obviously very effective – imagine being in a rainstorm and not getting cold and wet – and I can imagine it being widely used. But what are the environmental effects

  • joose

    What happened to the duck? Out for a fu%k?

  • Michael Oosterom

    Finally- my spastic picnics won’t be so tragic!

  • @JoeWatchesTV

    “How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?”

    I thought this first. Indicative of my getting older, I think.

  • mbaNJ

    DANGER DANGER DANGER…..I actually was toying with this technology as it would stop rust, sure. BUT HEAR ME WELL….this stuff has to be reapplied which means the protectant tiny material disappears somewhere… is soooo small we cannot see where it goes…but imagine that it accumulates in our food, in our body, in our brains, in our vascular system….GUYS THIS IS CERTAIN DEATH OR DESTRUCTION OF OUR BODIES FOR SURE…..SAY NO TO THIS NONVISIBLE CONTAMINANT THAT WILL MESS US ALL UP…..THE FACT IT MOVES AWAY IS PROOF THAT THIS IS BAD….

  • SlimJim


  • That Halloween Guy

    they don’t mention it leaves a haze and isn’t very durable(it chips off). I wouldn’t coat my phone with it.

  • Aimee Larsen

    What would happen if you ingested or inhaled the fumes? What does that do to our lungs and body?

  • Arne Mulder

    I know this spray, it’s not magic but based on nature. It’s already years and years old and it was first available for window protection on skyscrapers. Apparently it went into the consumer market. It was by that time called lotus spray based on how the lotus plant has this tiny textured wax layer on which fluids cannot attach similar as stepping on a hot plate, you want to get of from it.

  • Arne Mulder
  • Conspiracy Einstein

    How do you wash it off your hands?

  • ricardo

    How flammable?

  • bleepinSmarty

    how do u get stop the effects of this product and if u put it on your clothes how will you wash them? they wont smell nice forever..

  • Judith D. Wilcox

    I wonder if this stuff would work to insulate a floor from having water come up through a cement foundation?

  • Brian Harrison Rawlins

    everything that stops functioning when it gets wet… should come pre-sprayed with this stuff

  • Kenric L. Ashe

    “I hates when I get pussy juice all over my penis!”

  • Josh Bare


  • Jess Tuiomanufili

    How much do I need to walk on water?

  • PD

    How about the moss always sticks to the wall of a house?. If it works. Maybe it becomes million invention. Anyway! Good job and good luck for your invention!

  • scripting ends

    I can’t swim. If I cover myself with this, including a layer in my lungs, and jump in a pool, will I avoid drowning?

  • StealthCountryCitizen

    If accidentally inhaled, does it kill?

  • Me

    So, If I spay on my body I’m not take a bath anymore

  • atticus redbird

    more importantly, what are the chemicals used in this?
    what are the long term effects on exposure to it?

  • LC

    How is it on leather shoes or boots?? And does it make fabrics non-breathable?

  • Nick

    Why does he have to dry the iPhone after he pulls it out of the water? I thought water doesn’t stick to it

    • Aaron

      Because he doesn’t spray the screen. Just the holes.

  • Crash Dadio

    cool as things like this seem to be, I REALLY worry about all of the
    long term damage done, for such an unusual, apparently nearly absolute
    My first thoughts:
    How long will it last? It looks
    good, but will this interfere with normal cellular function in living
    tissues? How about after it becomes pervasive in the environment –
    What harms will it cause? This works against many living things,
    absolute need to properly interact, with their/it’s immediate
    surrounding environment, for the most basic needs. It would seem to
    effect permeability of LOTS things, and that’s bad juju, right? Maybe
    I’m wrong? I’m ok with hearing it, if you got something to say here…
    This seems like a potential clusterphuk of problems down the road. I’m
    not on-board yet – even though I want to be. It just looks to perform a
    feat, that living tissues would be unable to interact with their
    surroundings meaningfully, in the presence of it. We can’t just pump
    this into our environment, without knowing- can we?.. Can we add
    something to negate it simply, if it’s later found to be a problem..?
    Will it remain persistent? How long will this property last? Will it
    degrade in natural sunlight or anything simple?
    Anyone have fresh thoughts on this?

  • Greg Hayes

    thats not new, my exes body has been producing that since ive known her!

  • Harry Street

    How long does it last? How often does it need to be reapplied?

  • Tiger Ty

    oh snaps

  • John Locke

    Why did you have to dry off the iphone if no liquid is supposed to stick to this stuff?

    • Sarah

      He didn’t spray the outside, only the inside electronic parts.

  • hell yeah
  • DisqusTed206

    hope that lovely young lady didn’t get any of that Never Wet on her trousers

  • Scam

    watch the non company vids of this product….gasoline strips it right away. Also, just rubbing the coating strips it. you would need to spray your shoes at LEAST once a day for example, and even then the normal wear and tear on the shoes would strip the coating pretty quick. in the words of one person this product works just long enough to make a convincing youtube video, then will wear away.

  • anthony_myers

    I’m curious to know that after coating the charging port of the iPhone, I don’t see how it can charge.

  • Стефан Соколоски

    What if you coat yourself with that and then you try and drown yourself in a lake? would you just suffocate?

  • Jacob Norman

    How long till you get cancer.

  • Gavin Shepherd

    Im guessing this stuff doesnt last forever and wears off as some say if get it on ya hands how can you get it off, and what about if its on your shirt how are yuo ever expected to clean it. its a temp solution that prob last a few hours, in that respect a waste of money

  • ~WingsDippedInSilver

    “I wish my iPhone 4 or 5 would not get so damaged every time I carefully place it at the bottom of a jug filled with water!” WTF?!

    • Emma Bain

      I know i remember what happened a few months ago… *waits for people attempting this then moaning their phone drowned*, if their mother told them to stick their finger in a fire would they do it? lol.

  • Sasha Martovskaya

    And how can I do the washing if my clothes was sprayed with that stuff?))

  • Vivienne Crowley

    It’s a shame the reviews for this are so poor. It apparently doesn’t perform like the video shows at all.

  • Bohemiac

    3 questions: 1) How many years does this impede the biodegradability of whatever it’s sprayed on? 2) If you accidentally inhale the mist, what’s it do to your nasal passage, esophagus & lungs? 3) How totally carcinogenic is this stuff?

  • Chahalala

    Is it possible to coat your lungs with this, further allowing you to breathe under water?

    • Emma Bain

      lol breathing this in would also repel oxygen since it’s a type of moisture :P so no wouldn’t work, in fact id not be so careless with this and not try to spray it all over you like deodorant and spray it outside but only on stuff like shoes, your socks, your pants but why do people have to be so OCD?, it’s a great idea but us humans are not that clean… we need to be slobs too at some point in the day.

  • Gett Charged


  • Emma Bain

    Are you all seriously going to drown your phones again after that time 2 months ago when someone told you that the latest iphones were waterproof? lol that guy was a dumb ass even attempting that, electrics = not to be put in water, so don’t try to attempt it unless you accidentally miss areas while spraying it on.

    • wecandobetter758

      I think the idea here is that your phone won’t be toast if you accidentally dunk it (briefly) in the toilet while texting from the throne. I don’t think they’re advocating swimming with it in your pocket.

  • Mark Wallington

    How do you clean it?

  • Melissa

    what I want to know is how long does it last before you have to put a coat back on… like your phone for instance… and further more how do you wash your clothes if they cant get wet anymore? lol are you saying the clothes never gets smelly either??

  • isthereanybodyoutthere

    omg. a litter box was my first thought!

  • Tyrone

    The guy sprayed his shirt…how is he suppose to clean his shirt now?

  • kooky pirate

    I like how you created your own website with a hidden amazon referral link for the ‘buy here’ part of the article.. sneaky. Good way to get some extra money from all the suckers here who don’t know better and click on the link.

  • Jalee Ridd-How

    If you spray the inside of the box, I imagine that would prevent it from being recycled, would it not? Would this not make things take even longer to biodegrade???

  • Darren Raczek

    i have 2 questions. can this product be put on the paintwork of a vehicle, and can it be put on the windscreen , so bugs dont stick to it ?

    • Meltdown07

      I want to hear this too. Could be an awesome product for automotive

    • MXC

      The review posted above says it apparently leaves a hazy coating over the surface it’s sprayed on, so you probably want to avoid putting this on your paint job or your windshield. I’m guessing the demo in the video where they have a square of untreated glass shows how hazy the treated surface gets.

  • btezra

    if I spray it on a fish, for example, will they be unable to stay below the water and swim with all the other fish?

  • Mama Toad

    After clothes have been treated with NeverWet, do they wash well (ie – wash out body odor)? Does NeverWet eventually wash out of clothes and require another application?

  • Guest

    I bought a can of this stuff to test out. A) chicken. I inhaled a little bit and was able to chug water at an incredible rate for awhile afterwards. B) like really fine sandpaper once it dries C) no tumors yet D) I had to use acetone and gasoline because I didn’t listen to their “wear gloves” warnings

    Put the stuff on my boots, they say it repels oils, well it doesn’t repel motor oil. At least my boots really are waterproof now with all the motor oil soaked in them.

  • Jadxia
    • MXC

      That’s a shame. There are already a bunch of vids on youtube showing how well it works for the first few seconds before the effect wears off. They obviously didn’t design this thing for durability.

  • David Michael LePine

    just remember that iphone part when you void your warranty and we won’t ever replace it..EVER

  • Cathy Weston

    If you spray your clothes can you wash them after? O.O

  • Steven K

    So chemistry is now called magic, huh? Does that make me a magician?

  • Chris Calo

    That’s pretty insane. I’m just curious about the health effects related to such a product!

  • Mike Redshaw
  • Jacqueline Giordano

    What if it’s raining and you spray allot of it outside, will it make the rain go around it and make it look like there’s something invisible in the middle of nothingness

  • כעכע

    check it now here the biggest celeb site

  • Joseph Joseph

    Flourocarbons are not new technology. They are toxic, and incredibly persistent in the environment.

  • VWAnderson

    Does this work on windshields, and if so, does it combat frost?

  • Nosy Nosy Nosy

    This sounds deadly to me. Human beings, animals, and plants are mostly water. I’d think you wouldn’t want this stuff accumulating in your system from spraying things or using treated products. I’m not a doctor or biologist, but I’m VERY curious about the safety studies.

  • gc


  • Jason Drain

    Spray your mouth, nose, throat and then inhale some. Then you can never drown :D

  • PaigeINKaty

    C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?… thoughts exactly.

  • cwestsf

    I heard about this a while back, but I think it’s a different version:

  • Karen Betty

    Can spray my dress and my hair, go into the lake then go out of it and be dry ?

  • Karen Betty

    Can i spray my dress and my hair, swim in the lake, then go out of it and be dry ?

  • Darkwing Dragon

    wonder if that would work against froze on car windows :D

  • Karen

    If you spray this on your porch or sidewalk, will it repel FROZEN WATER (sleet, snow, ice) as well?

  • Philippe J

    What if you spray a vagina?

    • Chef

      What if I spray my balls?

  • Kristian Mark

    If i spray it in my mouth will i die when i cant drink anymore?

  • James Brooks

    this CAN’T be good for the environment

  • Saltwater Cowboy

    I bet it would be great for eye glasses.

  • Joe

    Can i spray the wicked witch so she’ll never get wet?

  • Alessandro Peixoto Nascimento

    money shut and keep my money

  • jeanleonino



  • doovinator

    what happens if I drink it?

  • jonquimbly

    Clap-clap-clap to the PR firm running this product. This is the best hype campaign for an *existing* product category I’ve ever seen.

    It’s surprising that Junkee isn’t using affiliate links to earn money from spreading the hype.

  • myrna

    Thats cool how the shoes stayed clean

  • TexazEric

    I bought this stuff for my boots. It turned them white then I wore them in dew soaked grass for a few hours in the night. My feet were completely soaked within a few hours. This is not able to sustain its ability more than just a few minutes before it starts breaking down. I was very disappointed.

  • Christian

    WHOA Carolyn Labutta at :51 is HOTTTTT.

  • Fred Masih

    wasnt there something called ‘plastique’.. made from moth balls or something.. no wait.. dont try that.. shit..

  • Anthony Chiusano
  • Jason Lay

    So someone made a hydrophobic material that they can market cheaply? Okay.. Big whoop this shit has been around for YEARS people..

  • Meathole

    I’m curious what would happen, if you actually did spray your shirt with NeverWet, when you attempt to wash it? Will clothes/shoes just not come clean because it was treated?
    Also, what happens to your sweat when it hits the shirt? Does it just roll down you and settle in a puddle around your feet?

  • DJ Hogan

    Is anyone going to mention that the cans are actually $65? Not $20 as stated. I’m still buying though.

  • Wolfie Ashbringer


  • Diana M. Joice

    If I treat my IPhone will the current still get to upload it?

  • Adrian Brown

    This is old news. Hydrophobics were used decades ago. The BBCs program ‘Tomorrow’s World’ ran an electric drill in an aquarium about twenty years ago.

  • Guest

    Is the iPhone NeverWet proof? As in will it destroy my phone if I spray it on there?

  • Andres

    If I apply it on my penis, am I going to be immune to STD?

  • Simon Pete

    Can I spray in on my face so that I can swim under water like a fish without tanks?

  • Linda

    where do you buy this product? For the phone it would be awesome!

  • Nessa Bun

    And how are you supposed to wash hydrophobic clothes?

    • Mario Not-so Super

      You probably never need to. Most of the bodily liquids and oils (including but not limited to blood, sweat and urine) won’t stick to the fabric. The question here is if the material is safe to come in touch with the skin at all times.

  • heyheythere

    Coolers are insulated the ice will melt and everything will get warm faster in a cardboard box

  • Becos Mushenkye

    could this be used as a condom?

    • jay

      classic LOOL

  • Nicole

    what happens if you are to wipe it? as in, not just spill or splash it… what if it gets smudged… basically relating to the ‘D’ question above “What happens if you get it on your hands and then you want to wash it off your hands? Will you be NeverWet forever?”…

  • miserableoldfart

    Does it work on cars?

  • Earl Casey

    Be great for a windshield coating!

  • Michael Southworth

    You just sprayed the cell phones data, power, and audio ports with this material. If it’s non conductive, what happens when you plug a device into those ports? Does it block the signal? If it’s conductive, how does it not short these ports out?

  • matt @ UBERHUB

    imagine they made a tooth paste like this that both cleans teeth and shields them afterwards : O OMG …..HINT HINT …..Do dat shiz.

  • Adam Nerland

    Can I use this as antiperspirant?

  • jayho

    why doesn’t water flow off the iphone? hmmmmmmmmm.

    • Mack

      Well if you actually watch the video and engage your brain you’ll see exactly why.

      He doesn’t treat the whole phone, simply the inside of the back panel and the ports, to ensure that water doesn’t get in through any gaps and onto the internals of the phone. After all, water on the outside of the phone doesn’t harm it, so why do you need to prevent that? You simply need to stop that water getting inside the phone, which is achieved by treating the inside of the phone itself.

  • nathana865

    Bet its good for cheating at paintball or disposing of corpses

  • Adelle Parker

    How long does a coating last ?? Once you’ve done a garment lets say, will it come out in the wash, or don’t you ever have to wash it again ?? Oh, and is it flammable??

  • andy bouley

    NeverWet? I think my wife has been using that for years :(

  • Max Rivest

    This writer is a fucking genius. How can I hire him?

  • bhalla

    No more wet t shirt contests :(

  • Frances Evans

    well let me tell you my grown son was so happy to see this prduct he spent 20.00 to buy one can he used it on his wrk boots sprayed our lawn mower and a few other items it worked fine for a week or so but it does wear off and does not last so it is good for a one time or two time shot not worth 20.00 for a short cover use, need to improve the lasting time

  • Jeff Daschel

    If applied to shoes can one walk on water?

  • Stas Veklenko

    Looks great. However, it does not seem like a business idea, rather like a fun toy liquid to play with. Probably good for families with small kids, where kids are sloppy; and somewhere in toilets. But that’s it. Honestly, how often will YOU use it?

  • Joosep Seppi

    Is it toxic to? What if it gets into the human skin? How to remove this substance? Can my cat die if he should eat it in some way?

  • Shashank Agarwal

    The best comment thread ever !!!

  • Taylor

    How do you launder clothes that have been sprayed with it?

  • codrin

    can you still charge your phone after you spray it?
    a good video should be: ” how a t-shirt would look like after I spray it and wash it”

  • Noah

    “C) How much cancer will it give me, and how quickly?”

    I died XD

  • Vaughan

    This will destroy wet t-shirt contests, scientists may well also find other uses for it.

  • Shnnnn

    what would happen if you sprayed this inside a condom or something…?

  • Liberal_Lover

    This is called Biomimicry, its a new wave of science that`s allowed us to replicate molecules.

  • Madame Anena

    What are the environmental impacts of these incredible substances? How do they bio-degrade? Are they toxic to organic organisms or cancer causing? I love the idea, but we honestly don’t need more chemicals in our water and soil that have a half-life or shelf-life of over 100 years and toxify the Earth both during and after their usage.

  • Theo Morton

    So what’s the environmental impact? Biodegradable? What if it enters the food system?

  • Paul Clevett

    Can I use this on the hull of my boat? it’s 70 ft long?

  • Ashley Nicole

    Well that escalated quickly

  • mony1
  • oodellalie

    Fucking clickbait, its hydrophobic not magic, shits science

  • annoianoid
  • Lawrence Hu

    does neverwet actually work?

  • Stevee Beatz

    Should partner up with Superdry clothing

  • ted

    This stuff is garbage – read Amazon reviews of it!

  • nihilisto

    Just so you know, the link you provide for neverwet is fake and/or spammy (literally has a fake facebook layout that was impossible to block).

    I think this is the real site:

  • Maman Seo

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  • Tony Ryan

    bought some a few months ago, its crap, everything turns opaque white and it wears off in no time. works really well for a day or so on some things, but no good for glass or anything shiny, or anything that actually gets used. don’t bother.

  • Kherbalkeputihan

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