A Scalper Tried To Flog A $71 Ticket For $350 And Was Gloriously Taken Down

"Scalping: Don't do and don't support it."

Post Malone will only play two sideshows when he comes to Australia for next year’s FOMO Festival, so it’s no surprise that both events are proving very popular.

Since going on sale last week, venues for both shows have been upgraded, while under-18s tickets to the rapper’s Brisbane show have already sold out. Which, of course, means that tickets to the gig are now being scalped at outrageously inflated rates.

How outrageous? One scalper, known only as “Reilly”, tried to resell a Post Malone ticket — bought for a measly $71 — for a whopping $350, almost five times the original purchase price.

But his plan hit a snag when FOMO promoters BBE found the listing on Gumtree and quickly made an example out of him.

“Quick word of advice,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “If you’re like Reilly and think you can rip people off selling one ticket for $350 but put up a photo up which includes your order number, then you’ve made our job easy and your ticket is going to being cancelled.”

“Scalping: Don’t do and don’t support it.”

FOMO’s stand comes as the NSW Government announce a suite of reforms designed to stop ticket scalpers at major sporting and music events, including a proposal that would make it illegal for resellers to sell tickets to events for more than the original sale price.

“These reforms are about making tickets more accessible to the real fans,” said minister Matt Kean in a statement. “The reforms also aim make it clear that tickets resold within the new laws should not be cancelled by event organisers or venues simply because the ticket has been acquired in the secondary market,” he said.

As for Reilly’s Gumtree ad? It’s been removed. :’)