Ryan Gosling Not Eating Cereal Must Be Seen By Everybody

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Since it was launched by Twitter in January, it’s taken a while for Vine to find its feet — but anyone who’s closely watching will have noticed its growth. Slowly but surely, the medium has evolved, popping up more and more in different spheres and in increasingly creative ways.

It’s been adopted by the music industry, traditionally quick to pounce on any new content delivery system. It’s also proven a useful tool in the fashion world, and comedians are having a crack at it too. Thanks to Vine, we were able to watch Kanye crowd test his new material this week, and we very much enjoyed Roseanne Barr being Roseanne Barr – and at the end of last month, Tribeca Film Festival announced the winners of their inaugural ’6 Second Film’ competition, with 40 finalists whose work was startling, entertaining, and occasionally quite beautiful.

When people push boundaries to test out new technologies, it inspires others to do the same and enriches our creative culture in the process. Which is one of the reasons we felt it was important that Junkee — like most of the other blogs today — would share the work of RyanWMcHenry, who has produced perhaps the best content series that Vine has ever seen.

Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal.

A series by Ryan W McHenry

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  • Chay MacTavish

    Of all the things I’ve seen, this is the best.

    • Steph Harmon

      A++ comment, would read again.

  • AdrienneC2

    He Only Likes Lucky Charms. . . I Thought I Made That Clear To You People ?!?!?!

    • Lawrence Russell Illingworth I

      You people!?!?

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  • orenji

    LOL! I cannot stop laughing every time I see these!! xD

  • Scott Stewart


  • Lawrence Russell Illingworth I

    We all know he is a granola man, Whole Foods brand Granola with soy milk

  • MJ

    This should NOT make me laugh. It is infantile… but DAMN it’s funny! Love it.