People Are Flooding This Nuthouse Religious Conference With Fake RSVPs

"Yes hello I would like to talk about the Jesus please"

At the end of August some of the nation’s finest gronks will come together for ‘Life, Family and Freedom’, a day-long forum that will tackle exciting issues likeĀ “the Importance of Fathers”, “Euthanasia – Killing People, Killing Families” and “the link between Abortion and Breast Cancer”.


The forum’s being organised by the World Congress of Families, a US-based organisation that stands against “the problems of divorce, devaluation of parenting, declining family time, morally relativistic public education, confusions over sexual identity, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortion”, and has already lined up some extremely heavy hitters. Federal Social Services Minister and heavyweight Richard Nixon Lookalike Contest Champion Kevin Andrews will open and close proceedings, Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark will give a ‘Welcome to Victoria’, and the Reverend Fred Nile, best known for praying for rain every Mardi Gras, will give a no-doubt riveting talk on “God’s creative purpose for planet Earth” before retreating back into his carapace to rehydrate.

Sadly for organisers, though, the pre-conference registration process is being hijacked by some ne’er-do-wells, who are snapping up limited spots despite not conforming to the WCF’s values, or even intending to turn up at all.

Pantsdown has a stellar track record when it comes to trolling nutbags; earlier this year she let it be known that she snuck a quick soundbite of gay sex into a John Laws commercial. This time round her efforts have proven so successful that the WCF’s resident secretary/tea lady, Babette, has started to cotton on to the suspicious spike in registrations, and is now asking for references to weed out the insidious menace of “pro-aborts”.



Such rigorous security measures will probably bear fruit, and most of the would-be ‘attendees’ will probably end up being rooted out. If you’re keen to go, though, Father Rod Bower of the Gosford Anglican Church is a priest. Maybe he’d be keen to give a reference (note: do not ask him for a reference, he is probably quite busy making his excellent signs).

Feature image via Sydney Morning Herald.



  1. sam says:

    1. what’s inherently wrong with “the importance of fathers”? Not saying the rest of the lineup looks like a riveting experience, but the fact you’re saying this particular part is unsavoury or up for ridicule without knowing anything about it, is just the same as a church minister or right-winger making a snap decision based on past moral or sociological biases without any other context

    2. Kevin Andrews looks nothing like Nixon, who looks like this:,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_530679.jpg – and as you say, Andrews looks like this:

    3. imagine if a right-wing publication referred to the secretary of a left-wing organisation as “the tea lady” – I’m sure you would lambast it in a thorough, snark-filled Junkee post, headlined “this religious nuthouse just referred to a secretary as a tea lady”

  2. sam says:

    Junkee does some amazing stuff, don’t denigrate it with posts like this one

  3. Tallulah Alice Mae says:

    I know what you mean, and technically the importance of fathers (like the importance many different people in a child’s life) should be discussed, but it’s a moot point because you know this is going to be filled with sexist, reductionist religious propaganda bullshit.

  4. Moon Unit says:

    This is best left between the conference organisers and the sane people in society. Don’t add your two cents.

  5. Jenny Noyes says:

    You’re singling out the fact that this post mentions “the importance of fathers” to suggest its criticism of the event on the whole is invalid? When you look at the panel alongside its peers which include “marching for the babies” and linking abortion to breast cancer it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the discussion is probably going to be filled with MRA style antifeminist nuclear family propaganda.

  6. sam says:

    and even if it is full of that shit, why does it matter? just as people have the freedom to march in the streets screaming obscenities at Tony Abbott, so do people have the right to go to some nutjob religious Old Testament medieval family values love-in. these people believe in God, who cares? there’s no need to make fun of them just because they don’t subscribe to the trendy psuedo-intellectualism the inner-city enlightenment brigade spout on street corners in Newtown

  7. Jenny Noyes says:

    Well, just as they have the right to go to some nutjob religious Old Testament medieval family values love-in, everyone else has the right to criticise them for it. Especially because they are a bunch of politically powerful bigots.

  8. Pauline Pantsdown says:

    Hey sam – the 4.45pm session is to talk in favour of the Russian anti-gay measures that have resulted in the serious injury of many gay people in Russia and the occasional death. Worrying about people being killed is hardly “trendy psuedo-intellectualism the inner-city enlightenment brigade spout on street corners in Newtown. Before you do many more posts here : how about you read the flyer and google the organisations that are being represented? It’s always great to be informed.

  9. Norrie says:

    nah, crazy is best fought with crazy ;)

  10. Ranger Ginger says:

    Firstly, my objection to his conference is that two federal Ministers plus numerous other Senators and MPs are attending this event and speaking at it! I as a voter in Australia resent that my money (via taxes etc) is being used for them to attend this event! Secondly, that my parliament is being used to host a “dinner”! Some of these organisations are not about acceptance and love, but about hatred and spreading unsubstaniatied opinions! I hope that the MPs etc are taking a “days leave” for this either from their recreation leave entitlement or unpaid leave because they should not be attending as representatives of government! Remember that the “nones” are the second (and growing) largest group regarding religion in this Country!

  11. Bill says:

    Will they accept those of us who have rigorously studied for almost 3 minutes in order to be ordained by the Universal Life Church online? Technically it’s real.

  12. DrPhil says:

    I tried to have an evidence based discussion on the ABC debate with Babette via email and she just can’t see the forest for the trees. When I kept to my guns she disarmed me with an Irish joke :-)

  13. DrPhil says:

    sam my man, science and reason are going to overcome religious delusion by the end of this century. These people use less than honest propaganda methods to hoodwink simple people

  14. rabbitwithfangs says:

    I don’t think the idea is to make fun of them. The idea is to protest against them, because they want to deny a huge portion of the population basic human rights. Healthcare, civil rights for all, equal marriage are hardly psuedo-intellectualist ideas. I have a feeling that word doesn’t mean what you think it means.