Paris’ New Giant Inflatable Butt Plug Is Our Generation’s Eiffel Tower

It's meant to be a Christmas tree. It is not a Christmas tree.

So this thing is sitting in Paris’ Place Vendôme at the moment.

Apparently it’s meant to be a Christmas tree — it’s technically an art installation called ‘Tree’ by American artist Paul McCarthy — but people on Instagram are pointing out that it’s definitely a giant butt plug.

It’s attracting a lot of criticism from Printemps Francais (French Spring), a far-right political group that is super against gay marriage. I don’t read French, but “Paris humilie” sounds pretty negative.

Seems odd that a butt plug would find itself opposed by a bunch of assholes but hey, the world’s a funny place.

Personally, I think this could be Paris’ next big thing. Everyone hated the Eiffel Tower when it was unveiled, so Parisians are obviously not the people you want to be listening to about whether this colossal butt plug should be taken down — especially Parisians who think gay marriage is evil, and who are therefore idiots anyway. Maybe put a smiley place on it? Call it Jacques? Jacques the Christmas Butt Plug? Make some merchandise? Maybe a Christmas variety special where Jacques teaches homophobes the true meaning of acceptance? All these ideas are patent pending, by the way, if you nick them I’ll sue you.

God bless us, every butt.

H/t Adam Brereton.