We Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But All The World’s Biggest Artists Will Be In Australia In November


Hey, are you into Drake by any chance? Or maybe Lorde? Or 1D’s Harry Styles? Or Anvil? Or Sia? Or Stevie Nicks?

Oh, you’re into all of them? Well you better buckle up and start stockpiling Berocca, because this November every one of them will be touring the country within a single fortnight. It’s a perfect storm of arena tours, stadium shows and surprising theatre gigs — and they’re all landing at exactly the same time.

Metal legends Anvil will be the first cab off the rank in our Month Of Mayhem, with a national tour kicking off in Perth on November 8 and continuing right through to November 16. At the same time, Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks will be doing the rounds with The Pretenders, playing shows through the middle of the month and finishing up in Melbourne on…you guessed it, November 16.

While we’re dealing with that, Canadian rap superstar Drake will playing select arena shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, winding up on the 18th at Rod Laver Arena. November 18 is also the day that Lorde lands in Perth for the start of her Melodrama tour, which will continue throughout the month.

As we move towards the end of November, Sia will be bringing her Nostalgia For The Present tour to Sydney and Melbourne with ‘Boys’ hitmaker Charli XCX, Amy Shark, and MØ in tow, and Harry Styles will make his solo Australian debut in theatres along the east coast.

If that wasn’t enough, early December is bringing with it even more internationals. Guitar crooner Jack Johnson will kick off his national tour on the 1st, while music icon Paul McCartney will start his own run of shows a day later.

Oh yeah, and beloved indie bands The Shins and Future Islands also have headline shows at that time. This isn’t even counting the amount of stellar local live shows that are happening all around the country. If there’s another month in Australian history that has a better roll call of gigs, we’d like to hear it.

After all this ends of course, we’ll be thrown right into the hectic summer festival season. Sleep? Who fucking needs it.

Photo by Charles Morley for FasterLouder