This New Video Confirms That All The Pixar Movies Are Connected

To infinity and beyond.

The animators at Pixar are famous for including Easter eggs linking each of their movies to the next. Whether it’s a kid reading an Incredibles comic book in Finding Nemo, or the villainous bear from Toy Story 3 cameoing in Up, these subtle nods have led some fans to theorise that the films all take place in a single world, with some going so far as to suggest that movies like Cars and Monsters Inc are set on a post-apocalyptic Earth long after humanity has been wiped out.

Okay, so that last one is probably a bit of a stretch. OR IS IT?!

Aaaanyway, Pixar recently released a video revealing a whole heap of additional Easter eggs, and my nerdy brain simply cannot cope. A marathon viewing session is definitely in order. Well, except for the Cars movies. They suck.