Some Muppet Wrote “No” In The Sky And Everyone’s Taking The Piss

Bubble font was a bold choice...

In a huge blow for the Yes campaign’s hopes of winning the crucial People-Who-Take-Advice-From-The-Sky demographic in the marriage equality postal survey, someone has written a big fat “No” in the sky over Melbourne. But in a whimsical twist, they’ve done it in bubble font!

It’s an interesting move from the No campaign. Remember when they were upset about a bunch of text messages because they were too invasive?

And also, at this point in the campaign, who is going to be convinced by skywriting? (it’s almost like they don’t care about swinging votes and they just want to hurt LGBTIQ+ people).

The big block letters appeared over the Melbourne CBD at lunch today, and were met with reactions that ranged from “meh” to just plain old mockery (not for the first time).

People were quick to notice that the block letters made it look kinda like the skywriter had done their work in Comic Sans, the worst font.

Strangely, the writing only said the word “no”, rather than “vote no”, which kind of left things open to interpretation. Depending on where you’re viewing it from, it may have looked like a big, fat “on”.

Perhaps it was a message from Tony Abbott? Is it on?

And some people chose to complete the message.

Some people gave No the finger.

And some people, well, they just vowed revenge.