MTV’s Newest Reality Show Is About Living In The Depressing Hellpit Of The ’90s

Prepare to feel old.

Ah the ’90s…that sweet, sweet decade of grunge music, dial-up modems, and casual racism.

It may shock you, dear reader, that there are some people alive out there now that have never known the tender embrace of stonewash jeans, or the Eiffel 65 smash hit ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’.

So it’s only right that MTV has taken it upon itself to introduce these lost souls to the best decade ever through its new, Big Brother-style reality show, 90’s House.  According to the sinister narrator in the trailer, 12 strangers are thrown into a house where they need to “talk, dance, eat, and live ’90s’ style.”

I can only assume that means contestants will be forced to do ‘The Nutbush’, as we all did at weddings in the 90s, until one of them suffers a nervous breakdown.

The players will be put through a number of challenges throughout the series — making a music video, having rap battles etc — with ’90s icons such as Mario Lopez on hand to advise them (presumably on how best to wear rave pants). The grand prize for all of this torture? A cool $90,000.

It’s being hosted by NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Christina Milian — which is appropriate because neither of them have moved on from 1999. Which, you know, same.

90’s House is screening on MTV right bloody now. Check out the official trailer below.