Mark Ruffalo Just Accidentally Livestreamed A Section Of The New ‘Thor’ Movie

This is why you should turn your phone off before the movie begins.

In an age in which fans are desperate to get ahold of any morsel of information about upcoming Marvel movies, it’s little wonder that the producers go to considerable lengths to keep spoilers from getting out to the public. Films are given code names, scripts are heavily watermarked, and actors are made to sign insane non-disclosure agreements under penalty of, I dunno, disembowelment probably.

Unfortunately, all of this hard work can be undone by one tiny little slip-up. Like when Mark Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed the first 10 minutes of the new Thor movie because he forgot to turn his phone off.

Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, was at the Thor: Ragnarok world premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and as a fun little treat for fans decided to livestream his arrival via Instagram.

Thing is, he forgot to stop streaming once he took his seat. As a result, all his followers were treated to audio from the opening few scenes of the film – albeit somewhat muffled by the actor’s butt.

The great irony is that most people in the audience were made to cloak their phones to stop exactly this from happening. But I guess Marvel never considered the possibility of an inside job.

Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas in Australia on October 26, unless Mark Ruffalo decides to leak the whole thing early.