Rapper Loyle Carner Kicked A Punter Out Of His Show For Making Sexist Comments

Good work, Loyle.

Let it be known that Loyle Carner has absolutely no time for dickheads at his shows.

While on stage in the UK last night, the rapper dressed down and kicked out a member of the audience who had been shouting sexist comments at his support act, soul singer-songwriter Elisa Imperilee.

According to NME, the audience member had been shouting “you have big tits” at Imperilee while she was on stage.

“I’m sorry man, you gotta learn a lesson my young man,” Carner told the offender, before describing his outfit to security so they could haul him out. “You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go.”

After the show finished up, Loyle confirmed on Twitter that the guy had been banned from the venue for life:

Elisa Imperilee applauded Carner on Instagram. “The burden to call out and challenge discriminatory behaviour is nearly always placed on the person facing it,” she wrote.

“That’s why what @loylecarner did last night was so important. It sends a strong message that not only is sexist behaviour totally unacceptable but that all of us, including men and particularly those in a position of influence, have an important role to play in challenging and addressing sexism, prejudice and discrimination wherever we see it.”

Carner isn’t the first artist to take a stand against sexual harassment at gigs. Earlier this year, Melbourne band Camp Cope introduced a safe-space hotline on their headline tour around the country — where members of the audience could phone for assistance if they felt unsafe or uncomfortable in the crowd.

Enjoy this footage of Carner gloriously calling the dude out on his sexist bullshit below: