Louis CK Pissed Off A Lot Of People With His Brilliant SNL Monologue

Mainly church-y people.

Over the weekend, Louis CK hosted Saturday Night Live, his second stint leading the skit show.

He used the episode’s opening monologue to launch into a nine-minute, Carlin-esque stand-up set that pondered the big questions (“I think maybe there’s a God, but there’s no heaven…”), touched on his new feminist awakening (“I don’t think that women are better than men, but I do think men are worse than women…”), and culminated in a PRETTY controversial bit about God being a wife murderer.

Needless to say, people got angry, the angriest they’ve been since that time Sinead O’Connor tore up a photo of the pope on the same unholy stage.

Of course, not everyone was offended.

In related news, FX revealed the first promo for the upcoming season of Louie. It’s seventeen seconds of absolutely nothing, and it’s still the best thing you’ll see today.

It’s like 9am, and Louis CK has already won the whole day. Well done, Louis CK.