Lisa Wilkinson Is Trolling ‘The Daily Mail’ And It’s Excellent

The Daily Mail was very upset Wilkinson wore the same top twice... in four months.

Back in 2014, Today host Karl Stefanovic was sick off the criticism his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, copped for her on-air clothing choices. He decided to run a little experiment. Every single day for a whole year he wore the same cheap blue suit. And not a single person noticed.

The point of the experiment was to demonstrate the wildly different (and incredibly dumb) standards applied to male and female media figures. But nearly three years on, it looks like at least one media outlet totally missed the morale of the story.

Yesterday The Daily Mail ran a story accusing Wilkinson of being “thrifty” because she had the audacity to wear the same top four months apart. Four months. If Wilkinson kept that rate up she would wear each item of clothing just three times a year.

I wear the same jeans every day for WEEKS.

The article is deeply weird and includes sentences like “her striking facial features were enhanced with a flawless complexion, defined brows, lashings of mascara and a glossy nude lip”. It goes on to catalogue numerous other occasions Wilkinson has shamefully re-worn outfits, jewellery and even accessories.

Just appalling stuff, Lisa. Get it together.

But the presenter had the perfect response to the “controversy”:

Yep, she wore the same top again.

Hopefully she wears it everyday for a year just to watch The Daily Mail lose their mind.