The Liberal Party Have A Snapchat Filter To Prove That Nothing Matters And Resistance Is Futile

If this doesn't win them the youth vote, what will?

Instead of putting time into listening to what young people want and reflecting on the criticisms of the current government, the Liberal Party seem to have decided that their time would be better spent buying the world’s first political Snapchat filter ad to win the hearts of minds of young Australians.

Surprisingly, this intriguing albeit incredibly vacuous attempt to sway Millennials has not been received warmly this morning. Who would’ve thought that the kids wouldn’t be interested in an animation of a hand, wearing what I can only assume is a satin glove, casting a ‘VOTE LIBERAL’ ballot into a tissue box with the Australian flag on it? If that doesn’t impress them, what will?  

Some people are embarrassed by the idea that the Liberals think they can attract the youth vote through such superficial engagement, as if all it takes is a few lights and moving images to win over voters (to be fair, lights and moving images informed all my basic desires from the years 1994 to 1999). Others think that it is an affront because it’s clogging up a democratic medium that should be used purely for that puppy filter that seems to make everyone 40 percent more attractive, and for sending nudes.

There’s no word yet on how much the Liberal Party paid for this sponsored filter, but the real magic is imagining a room full of white-haired, fifty-plus men brainstorming the ways in which they could reach these goddamn young people:

Liberal #1: What do kids love?

Liberal #2: Kids love computers. Kids love computers, the internet and things that make noise.

Liberal #3: Kids also love skateboards.

Liberal #4: Don’t kids also love the idea that same-sex couples are afforded the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts? Don’t they also love the concept of being able to enter into the housing market?

Liberal #2: No.

Liberal #3: No, don’t be ridiculous, kids love white satin gloves and the sound of applause and nothing else.

Liberal #1 : They do like satin gloves.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!