Everything We Learnt From Liam Gallagher’s Bonkers Reddit AMA

His last meal would be "an egg".

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if there’s a single subject on earth that Liam Gallagher doesn’t have an opinion on, we have yet to find it.

In the long and colourful promo campaign for his debut record As You Were, the former Oasis frontman has bemoaned his hatred of the sea, his brother, rap music, organised fun, having to make his own tea, dance music, automobile standards, his brother some more, and concept albums.

So it was only ever going to be a matter of time until Gallagher was tapped for a Reddit AMA — and he definitely didn’t disappoint.

Here’s everything we learnt from the master of shit-talking.

1. He Owns A Fucktonne Of Tambourines

Q: How many tambourines do you have stockpiled at home, and what’s your preferred tambourine shape?

A: “I have a collection of around 1500 – 2000. Round ones and triangular.”

2. He Might’ve Had A Bit Of A Drink Before That Foo Fighters Collaboration

Q: Did you have a bit of a drink before playing with the Foo Fighters the other night?

A: “What do you reckon?” 

3. He…Uh…Doesn’t Really Dig The Sax

Q: What needs to happen before you place a saxophone track on your next album?

A: “I’ll need to have shit in my ears for that to happen.”

4. He Actually Does Like Some Rappers

Q: Who is your favourite rapper?

A: “Will Smith.”

5. He Enjoys A Bit Of A Sing In The Shower

Q: Hey LG I just really want to know what song do you usually sing in the shower?

A: “The birdie song.”

6. He Doesn’t Want Much For Christmas

Q: What do you want for Christmas?

A: “A splash of Tourettes you f*cking cunt.”

7. He’s Not The Biggest Robbie Williams Fan

Q: Liam, if Robbie Williams was a type of beer, what would that beer be?

A: “Bud Light.”

8. He Finally Told Us What His Favourite Jacket Is

Q: What’s your favourite jacket?

A: “Jacket potato.”

9. He Doled Out Some Truly Wise Advice

Q: What should I name my first born child?

A: “Sue.” 

10. He Let Us In On His Tea Secrets

Q: What is your favourite type of biscuit? And what is your favourite brand of tea?

A: “Rich Tea — stone cold classic and Yorkshire tea.”

11. He’ll Soon Be Reliving His Tea Glory Days Of The ’90s

Q: Hi Liam, love the new album. My question is, after the immediate success of As You Were, will you still be making your own tea?

A: “God no.” 

12. He’s Got Way Better Things To Do Than Read Books

Q: Do you like reading in your free time? If so, what’s your favourite type of book or material to read?

A: “I don’t read books, I only read minds.” 

13. He’s Partial To Elbows

Q: Are you a breasts, leg, or arse man?

A: “Partial to the odd elbow.” 

14. His Wouldn’t Muck Around With His Last Meal On Earth

Q: What would be your last meal?

A: “An egg.” 

15. Surprisingly, Tea Isn’t His Favourite Drink

Q: What’s your favourite drink?

A: “Alcohol.” 

Q: What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

A: “Tequila.” 

16. He Can Never Resist Throwing Brother Noel Some Shade

Q: Noel has seriously lost the plot hasn’t he?

A: “Yes.” 

17. He Has No Time For Haters

Q: What’s it like being a twat?

A: “You tell me.” 

18. He’s An Excellent Cook

Q: Best meal you can cook?

A: “Cereal.” 

Q: What do you pour into the bowl first: the cereal or the milk?

A: “CEREAL every time.” 

19. But He Doesn’t Actually Like Cereal That Much

Q: Toast or cereal?

A: “Toast.” 

20. He…Actually Has A Lot Of Opinions About Food

Q: What is your favourite sandwich?

A: “Ham salad sandwich.” 

Q: Do you prefer jam or marmalade?

A: “Marmalade.” 

21. Seriously, What Is With All The Questions About Food?

Q: If you’re going for a meal deal what’s your choice?

A: “Quarter Piunder [sic] and Cheese Meal. Large. BBQ sauce.” 

Q: How do you like your potatoes?

A: “I like them roasted.”

22. Okay This Is Getting Ridiculous

Q: Red sauce or brown sauce on a bacon sandwich?

A: “Both red and brown.”

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: “A good old Sunday Roast.” 

23. Going Solo Is Nothing Compared To Being In A Band

Q: Are you enjoying the creative freedom of being on your own as opposed to being in a band?

A: “Not particularly. I loved being in a band.” 

24. This Won’t Be His Last Reddit AMA

Q: Will you do this again when you’re drunk please?

A: “Of course.” 

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