Lana Del Rey And The Weeknd Just Dropped The Collaboration Of Your Dreams

The 'Lust For Life' title track has arrived.

We haven’t yet got a release date for Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming LP Lust For Life yet, but so far it’s sounding good. The singer has just released the title track from the album, featuring pop maverick and her frequent collaborator The Weeknd.

It’s the third time the pair have popped up in each other’s music: Del Rey featured on the track ‘Prisoner’ from The Weeknd’s 2015 album Beauty Behind The Madness, and then again on his 2016 album Starboy on ‘Stargirl Interlude’.

An accompanying video for the track has also been released, featuring Del Rey and The Weeknd serenading each other while sitting on the Hollywood sign – which is pretty much peak Lana Del Rey.

‘Lust For Life’ is the second track off the new album to be released, with first single ‘Love’ arriving in February. Lana’s revealed a couple more details about the record this month: we know there’s a track on there called ‘Yosemite’, and a Sean Lennon collaboration called ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, and we know that the cover looks like this:

lust for life