Just A Quick Reminder That ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency 15 Years Ago

The timeline is terrifyingly plausible.

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The Simpsons has been on TV longer than I have been alive, so they’ve understandably covered most aspects of politics and pop culture pretty well. And, over the course of more than 500 episodes, their plotlines were bound to have a few big coincidences or overlaps with reality. But the writers of The Simpsons, particularly with their episodes set in the future, have quite a reputation for getting shit right.

It’s Official: Donald Trump Has Won The US Presidential Election

In 1994, a small joke about Apple actually had an impact on creation of the iPhone and Siri technology. In 1995, they predicted the smartwatch and The Rolling Stones comeback tour. In 2002, a cameo by The Rolling Stones referenced Guitar Hero before it even existed. And, in 2008, they foreshadowed the malfunctioning Presidential voting booths of the 2012 election. For more, BuzzFeed have you covered.

Now, as someone pointed out on Reddit overnight, an episode from 2000 predicted the Donald Trump presidency. Set in 2030, ‘Bart To The Future’ shows Lisa struggling as “the first straight female President” after inheriting a whole load of debt from President Trump. The timeline is terrifyingly plausible.

Coincidentally, Twitter has also been imagining a future where Trump is President over the past few days through #WhenTrumpIsElected.

It doesn’t look great.

h/t The Washington Post.

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