John Oliver’s Latest Brexit Video Sums Everything Up Perfectly (Again)

You can't say he didn't warn us.

Well you can’t say he didn’t warn us. Last week John Oliver spent nearly 16 minutes explaining in no uncertain terms it would be “absolutely crazy” for the UK to leave the EU. He even arranged for a choir boy to dress in a Union Jack vest and drop F bombs to the tune of ‘Ode to Joy’ (which is usually an airtight debating tactic).


In hindsight that episode of Last Week Tonight seems quaint and even a little naive because this week there were no more song and dance numbers, no more hypotheticals and, to quote John himself, “no fucking do-overs”.

We can’t say it any better than John but we will type out this quote because it feels good to tap the words out on a keyboard: “Before you have any sympathy for David Cameron, you should know that this whole vote was his idea in the first place. Yes, Cameron proposed the ‘in’ or ‘out’ choice himself, which he normally only does when he’s deciding to fuck a pig’s mouth.”