It’s Like Santa. For Your Vagina.

A US company that specialises in home delivering tampons and pads for embarrassed young ladies has put together the best viral ad since Old Spice.

When I was at summer camp, most guys just took turns flashing their doodles at me and calling me a homo. This was confusing enough for a young gay boy, so I’ve certainly never bothered imagining what goes down on the female side of things. But thankfully the internet has bestowed upon us this glorious video which, I can only assume, accurately depicts the tale. 

The clip is part of the marketing campaign for HelloFlo, a new American company aimed at young girls, which home delivers a care package — tampons, pads and candy —  in time for their period each month.

Once a big random loser at Summer Camp, everything changes for our hero when she receives her first “red badge of courage”, which arrives to the sound of an angelic choir. Having spent my life professionally avoiding girl germs myself, I’m not sure how young ladies usually react to their first period — but judging by her toothy grin (let’s call her Flo, because LOL), it must be pretty awesome.

Flo instructs the other girls on how to apply their tampons, acting as the Joan of Arc of the menstruation world — but soon she is driven mad with power, to be brought down only by the mysterious care packages arriving perfectly timed to the other girls’ cycles.

The lead performance is up their with the guy from the Old Spice ad. In that spirit, here are some phrases you’ll be seeing in your Facebook Feed for the next month and a half.

red badge