The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Hidden Messages In The New Lorde Video

Do you like eggs?

This morning Lorde unveiled the video for ‘Perfect Places,’ the second single from her new album Melodrama. In it, she dances around beautiful beaches and waterfalls, wearing expensive-looking clothes and generally being very regal. I would like to go on holiday wherever this was filmed.

But according to Lorde, there’s more to the ‘Perfect Places’ clip than you might immediately realise:


That tweet has caused 5.41 million Lorde followers (and this reporter) to waste the better part of this morning trying to decipher exactly what Ella Yelich-O’Connor considers an “easter egg”.

Is the scene where she floats face-up in a lake, looking like a famous John Everett Millais painting from 1852, an easter egg?


Is this bit a nod to Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ clip, which looks like it could have been filmed on the exact same balcony?


Is Lorde a big fan of Betty Draper shooting pigeons in Mad Men? (I mean, who isn’t.)


…is the bright orange hard drive she’s left in a rowboat an easter egg? (Apparently yes, Lorde’s confirmed that she “thought it was funny to bring the Melodrama files out on the boat.”)


Or does Lorde mean literal fucking edible easter eggs?


Like this devilled egg?


Or this not-edible but kinda-egg shaped necklace?


Here’s one Ella has confirmed: she’s wearing a Paul Simon Graceland tee at the end. Simon is sampled at the start of Lorde’s track ‘Loveless’, and she’s cited Graceland as one of her influences on Melodrama.


I don’t know about you, but I could really go an egg right now.