This Anti-Marriage Equality MP Got Trolled With A Fake Postal Survey

"Is Ian Goodenough a weird virgin?"

A few weeks ago, you would have gotten a piece of paper in the mail asking you to vote on whether people in same-sex relationships should be allowed to get married. If you lived in the federal electorate of Moore in Perth, however, you may have also recently received a second piece of paper — one that asked a very specific question about your federal member, vocal opponent of marriage equality Ian Goodenough.

On Tuesday, a Western Australian Reddit user shared a photo of a form that they say was left in all the letterboxes in their parents’ street in Goodenough’s electorate. The form, which was apparently sent out by the “Australian Bureau of Awful MP’s [sic]”, is formatted in the same style as a marriage equality postal survey ballot, and likewise asks recipients to answer a single yes or no question.

Now obviously it’s not really anyone’s business whether or not Goodenough is actually a weird virgin. Still, I think it’s important that everyone gets to have a say. We should probably also spend millions of dollars funding TV ads and billboards arguing both sides of the case.

That is, after all, how democracy is meant to work.

The form also describes Goodenough as “a spiteful zealot” and the “human embodiment of wet toast”. The original Reddit post is currently on the front page of r/australia, and has attracted more than 250 comments.

Speaking to local paper the Joondalup Times, Goodenough said the fake survey was an example of how “personal, abusive, and nasty” the marriage equality debate has gotten. To which I’m sure his LGBTIQ+ constituents would reply “cry me a fucking river.”

Feature image via Reddit