How To Start Your Very Own Podcast

If podcasting is something that interests you, but you’re lost on how to make it happen, keep reading.

We all have podcasts that we love to listen to, but what if the tables were turned? What if we became the creators? These were questions I asked myself earlier this year when I decided to create my own podcast.

After months of careful planning and production, I successfully launched a podcast called Stretchmarks on the iTunes podcast app. If podcasting is something that interests you, but you’re lost on how to make it happen, keep reading.

What Do You Want To Say?

Anyone can make a podcast, so what makes yours different? Think about what category your podcast might fit under, what themes you want to discuss within each episode and whether or not you would like to be accompanied by a co-host.

Do Your Research

The best way to make an interesting podcast is to do your research on what other people are doing, consider how you can take the elements that work well and put your own unique spin on them. It’s also important to consider what gear you will need to get the show running.

You can record on your iPhone using the recording app that comes with the phone or a basic microphone with your computer. I use an AKG microphone and Logic Pro to record and edit the ‘Stretchmarks’ podcast.

Gaining Traction 

Media and social media attention are both quintessential to creating a successful podcast. Mainstream media such as television interviews (try independent stations) and interviews for online publications are a great way to build an audience.

If this sounds too difficult, try promoting your podcast using social media. Not only is it accessible, but it’s also free. When my co-host and I first began creating podcasts we hosted our content on YouTube. Since learning more about social media, we submitted a podcast application to iTunes and they decided to publish it.


Consider your target audience as this will determine how you promote your podcast. If you want to reach young people using social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, your online presence is imperative to your success.

The more viewers you gain, the more likely you are to gain sponsorships and even derive a profit. If you gain a very large audience you might even want to consider merchandise, meaning your brand is more important than ever.

Timing Is Everything 

It’s important to be consistent with the time/day you choose to upload your podcast, as well as the duration (anywhere from 20 minutes – 1 hour works well).

You may also want to try tackling media trends, but if you’re doing so make sure you post the podcast while the topic is still fresh in everyone’s head.

Be Creative, Not Repetitive

No matter how good your content is, nobody will want to hear the same discussion multiple times. With podcasting, your differences are what makes you unique and interesting so capitalise on that.

Make detailed plans of all the episodes you want to create. You could even make a script if you wanted to really prepare. Something else that could liven up your show is getting guest speakers or separating your podcast episodes into different segments.

Have Fun

Like anything that is centred around media and attention, some people will attempt to make a podcast because it could make them ‘famous’ or ‘wealthy’. It is so important that you create content you enjoy making so just have fun and everything will fall together.

Those are all my tips for starting a podcast! Check out Stretchmarks on iTunes for reference, good luck.

(Lead image: 2 Dope Queens/Facebook)