Here’s What Your Fav ‘Riverdale’ Characters Would Study At Uni

An important investigation.

With Riverdale coming back for season two, we all know our number one priority won’t be our upcoming exams.

In the spirit of the show returning, we thought we’d figure out what each character would study at uni. That counts as productive, right?

Archie Andrews – Bachelor of Business

Archie Andrews isn’t too sure what he wants out of life. He loves football, playing music and… is strangely good at construction work for a teenage boy?

Archie jumps back and forth between plans throughout the first series and gets steered in different directions by his loved ones. What degree do students do when they have no clue what they want in life? Business!

Needless to say, he wouldn’t select his major until the very last minute.

Veronica Lodge – Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)  

Veronica Lodge comes to Riverdale wanting to reinvent herself, and she succeeds. Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way but no PR stunt is complete without a few improvised changes. She knows how to sell her and her friends the right way to get what she wants.

After Chuck Clayton gossiped about their date, Betty and Veronica develop guerilla style tactics to get him back and seek justice for the playbook. While Betty goes too far, Veronica knows exactly how to position things to get her way. She’s a PR maven in the making.

Betty Cooper – Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Journalism 

With newspaper giants for parents and a skill for writing, Betty Cooper would unsurprisingly head towards a journalism degree. However, her study-loving nature and desire for justice means she would soon want more.

Only the most committed (and most insane) students do a double degree. But sanity hasn’t held Betty back before.

Jughead Jones – Bachelor of Film and Television  

Jughead Jones would take a year off to write his novel and work odd jobs with the Southside Serpents.

Convinced to enrol by Betty, he would start his university days in the same place all the other artsy misfits go, in film school. His passion for classic cinema, sardonic humour and dark outlook would meld well in this artistic space.

Cheryl Blossom – Bachelor of Criminal Justice

“You’ve done a bad thing, Daddy.” Cheryl Blossom often can’t quite tell the difference between right and wrong when it comes to her actions, but she knows how to bring revenge to anybody who has wronged her.

Cheryl’s character really grows past the initial “mean girl” trope and after her incident under the ice, it wouldn’t be out of the question to think she would want to redeem herself.

Josie McCoy – Bachelor of Music


Jessamy Tredinnick is a QUT Bachelor of Journalism (advertising major) student. She is partial to cats, artsy-fartsy films, travelling, bubble baths, autobiographies and mulled wine.

(Lead image: Riverdale/CW)