Here’s How Not To Crash Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

For the past three weeks, you’ve been following along as Liv and Zoe teach us all what not to do in our 20s, generously dredging up moments from their own questionable experiences.

It’s been a real ride. We’ve been taught all there is to know about the art of becoming an influencer, making it big in Bondi and falling in love.

Yep, we’re talking about Life Lessons: the hilariously cringe-y creation from real-life besties, Christina Ross and Vanessa Buckley. And if for some reason you’re not caught up, you can head here.

So now that one of Australia’s most exclusive events is upon us, how are the girls going to make their trademark splash?

Watch Liv and Zoe’s latest video as they descend on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, that annual gathering of the rich, famous and extremely important? You know, all the things Liv and Zoe are severely lacking. As you can imagine, the results are… interesting.