Here’s A Quick Recap Of All The Times Australia Treated Muslims Like Complete Garbage This Week

It was way too easy to write this.

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Yesterday Fairfax were made to look like a right bunch of bellends after it turned out the “teenage terrorist” on the front page of several of their major newspapers was just some kid at a party. Twitter jumped all over it, naturally, because a newspaper getting something very important very wrong is often quite funny, especially when they even screw up the apology they make for the original screw-up by pairing it up with a picture of Jamie Durie for some reason.

The bollocking Fairfax is receiving is entirely justified — a young guy has been branded a terrorist on the front pages of some of the country’s largest newspapers because someone at the editorial desk can’t tell brown people apart — but it’s also completely unsurprising given that the last week or so has seen so much Muslim-bashing it’s almost like we’re back in 2001 again. Or 2005. Or 2006 — look, the point is, we’ve fallen back really, really hard into our nasty old habit of treating Muslims — or anyone we think is a Muslim — like the aliens in District 9.

Pictured: A Muslim, as is the Daily Telegraph‘s understanding.

The last week alone has seen almost too many instances of hatred and violence towards Muslims to count, and they’re not just coming from some fringe group. Senior Australian politicians, media outlets, police, the general public — everyone’s jumping on the “gotta vilify dem Muslims” bandwagon. Apologies for any that I’ve missed; I honestly don’t think I could find them all in time to get this published.


Let’s start with the politicians, because this is going to be an exercise in masochism anyway. Jacqui Lambie continued her run of being a stellar human being by sharing an image on Facebook of a woman in a burqa holding a gun that strongly implied the woman was a terrorist.

That woman, in fact, was Lieutenant-Colonel Malalai Kakar, Afghanistan’s first female policewoman who was killed by the Taliban outside her home in front of her young son; the image had been repurposed by the far-right UK party Britain First. Cool. What a classy-as-heck thing to do, use a picture of a dead lady who fought for her country and paint her like the people who shot her. Nice one.

The original photographer called Lambie out not only for disgracing Kakar’s memory, but for using the image to promote the “ban the burqa” campaign; a movement recently given some high-profile boosts from Lambie’s fellow Gronkimentarians (Adj.,  Aus. En., “Parliamentarians who are gronks”) George Christensen and Cory Bernardi, both of whom want to Free Them Brown Womens by legislating what they can and cannot wear because that is how Freedom works.

On Tuesday, Christensen admitted his opposition to the burqa was mostly because he feels it “instils fear” in people — because there ain’t nothing scarier than a woman choosing to wear an article of her faith, apparently. To be fair on him, Muslim women who wear the burqa in this country do have a history of unnerving activities, including “going to the shops”, “buying food” and “walking around”, which must be quite alarming if you are a conservative politician, a small, fragile bird, or a combination of the two.

Lambie also continued her Crusade against Sharia law, accusing those who practise it of being “bullies and thugs who impose their culture on us” despite not possessing the faintest, remotest, am-I-somewhere-in-the-ballpark idea of what Sharia law actually is, as she revealed so sweetly on the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday.

It’s easy to dismiss Lambie as “that Tasmanian who asked for some sweet dick on the radio once”, but she — along with Bernardi, Christensen and a whole whack of others — are the people who Australia has gifted with the power to make laws. Make. Laws. I wouldn’t trust Cory Bernardi to make a cheese sandwich without slipping some creepy macho-religious crap into it, let alone a bill in the friggin’ Senate, but it’s kind of difficult to dismiss his views as “fringe” given he was literally the Liberal Party’s first choice to represent their values in the great state of South Australia at the last election.

If I were Muslim, I’d take a whole heap of confidence from a senior figure in my country’s ruling party bringing up a piece of cloth worn by some adherents of my faith in a discussion about terrorism raids for literally no reason at all.

The Media

Alright, I cut corners here a bit. I could have gone through every news website and painstakingly found every article that drummed up fear about Teh Muslimzz over the last week, but I just went and made a fun collage instead. Spot the odd one out and you win a prize:


If you said “Hang on! One of those pictures isn’t a hateful, fearmongering front page at all! That fourth one is a cat!”, then you are correct!

Your prize is a one-way ticket to a country with a media that isn’t run by fat rich old white men who are scared of things they make no effort to understand. Please take me with you in your suitcase. Please. I’ll be very good.

Just Everyone. Seriously, Just Everyone Everywhere.

Hoo boy, this just keeps on going, doesn’t it. Let’s see:

There’s the three “men of Middle Eastern appearance” who were detained by police at a football match because someone thought the way they were checking their phones was “suspicious”.

There’s the Muslim guy who was detained by the cops for filming in the Melbourne CBD (read his account over the The Drum if you read nothing else; it’s mildly terrifying).

There’s that mosque in far north Queensland that was vandalised, that mosque in Brisbane that was vandalised, those Muslim ladies in Queensland being told to “fuck off back to your own country” and having coffee thrown on them, and that carload of white guys on the Gold Coast who threatened to behead a brown person in the street because they thought he was Muslim (seriously, Queensland, you are not covering yourself in glory on this one).

There’s the guy who walked into an Islamic school in Sydney armed with a knife, forcing children to be locked inside their classrooms and hide under their desks.

There’s the spat-upon mum, the kicked baby’s pram, the vandalised car and the pig’s head on a spike — the pig’s head on a spike — that have been reported in WA. There’s the rape and death threats being made against Muslim women, and the indifference it’s been met with.

At this point, who are we kidding when we tell ourselves Australia is an equal society? Based on the last week alone, it’s obvious Muslim Australians have a very different lived experience to Anglo Australians — one in which they are perpetually regarded with suspicion and fear that often escalates into outright hatred, abuse and violence, and in which they are continually expected to justify their own existence. Catholics don’t have to constantly reassure people that they aren’t child molesters; young white guys don’t get checked for firearms by police every time they’re around a school; but a Muslim? If a Muslim’s not screaming #NotInMyName and constantly apologising for the latest atrocity committed by a band of thugs half a world away, we assume they’re complicit, if not an active participant.

And all the stuff you just read about? That happened over one week. One week. Imagine living that. Imagine growing up with it. When a ten-year-old kid feels he doesn’t belong in the society he’s grown up in — to the point where he feels compelled to ring up a national radio station and talk about it — maybe “radical Islam” isn’t our biggest problem.

It’s about time we came out and said the blatantly, nauseatingly obvious: Muslims get treated like garbage in Australia. Absolute garbage. Instead of asking Muslims to “prove” their loyalty and give up their religion, maybe we should be focusing on why that is, and what we can do about it.

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Feature image via Jamie Kennedy on a Flickr Creative Commons licence.



  1. Michelle Surname-Pending says:

    Beautifully written

  2. gibbon says:

    one the author would not have seen was an asian forum whose members are mainly western was the same anti muslim dribble. page after page of unreasonable hate towards ALL muslims. some saying all of them should be shipped back to their own country and that if they want to come here they should australianise themselves. the oz government can take a large proprtion of blame for this because its exactly what they want so they can fight alongside the US in the middle east without interference.

  3. True story says:

    Jewish journalists allow it? It’s the only tolerated racism because the powers that be don’t give a single fuck about Muslims.

  4. disqus_FDX8LpnEvu says:

    Another absurdity. Anti-Muslim hate? What about all the hate the Muslim extremists have for others? For anyone who disagrees. For anyone who isn’t them. I feel such articles mislead. Where’s the context for this? It’s highly ideologically motivated, your understanding of the issue is. You think the headlines come from nowhere? This boy tried to kill two police officers. Get real. Murder doesn’t deserve your apologetic faux victim treatment. I came to this country for a better life. I too have come from a conflict ridden part of the world. Australia MUST protect itself at all costs. Australia deserves better. All of us deserve better.

  5. Shaun says:

    Omfg bunch of whining btches, Muslims aren’t the only ones miss treated. Australia miss treats it’s own people ABORIGINALS!!.

    I personally think the police force and AFP have done an awesome job and should be given more powers. Rather them be rough on a suspect and get it wrong then go easy on a suspect let him go and he ends up hurting hundreds.

  6. Kryojenix says:

    Excuse me?! You’d *PREFER* Aussie police to just be doing roadside executions?!?
    “done an awesome job”?! – allegedly the Vic policeman used lethal force under extreme danger, that’s reasonable if it checks out – but I don’t think this is their “job” … just think about all the Aboriginals *you* mentioned, who get gunned down or chased into fences because of police heavy-handedness.
    Being “rough on a SUSPECT” is the absolute OPPOSITE of Australian values of rule-of-law.

  7. Kryojenix says:

    Well Mr.fdx8l, your hypocrisy is right there plain to see.
    “Anti-Muslim hate? What about all the hate the Muslim extremists have”
    … so the haters should be hating _Muslim extremists_, not Muslims.
    The headlines come from sensationalist beat-up prejudice – how many times was Anders Behring Breivik called a “terrorist” – he killed over 70 people, but is usually referred to as a “mass murderer”. Headlines about Haider are being written before there has been any kind of criminal investigation or coronial inquest – the police have been very quick to leak suggestive phrases into the press, something they always do when it’s a police shooting.
    And you said it yourself “All of us deserve better.” That includes Muslim Australians.

  8. Ria B says:

    Those who are committing the extremist acts of terror are not acting within any faith- especially not the faith of Islam. It is abhorrent to persecute all Muslims for the actions of a certain group of evil people, which is currently what many members of Australian society are doing.
    Australia needs to protect itself from ignorant, close-minded people who are willing to categorise and stereotype just to achieve some false notion of ‘public safety’.

  9. charliemurphy says:

    You forgot the part where the ADF member claimed he was attacked by 2 muslims in western sydney whilst in uniform only to retract his statement…

  10. Kryojenix says:

    I hope the ADF investigates and gives us more info about this.
    It’s well-known that there is a core of hardened racists and sexists within the ADF (overlap ADF and ADL? =-P)

  11. blank says:

    What absolute garbage journalism. This article does just as much damage segregating the community by feeding off the growing divide as a result of the heightened terror threats/Endeavour hills incident etc. It’s all very easy to have a cheap shot at mainstream media for sensationalising the issue, but what do you expect. Yet this article, in all its hypocrisy, does exactly the same by pushing the non-Muslim community into a guilt trip based on the disgusting acts of a minority: “just everyone everywhere”? Geez it would be bad to stereotype an entire section of the community based on the behaviour of a small group of people, wouldn’t it? But this article is pretty happy to tar everyone who isn’t a Muslim with a fear mongering brush. Vandalizing a place of worship is an abhorrence, and those responsible should be punished to the full extent of the law. The comments from politicians like Jackie Lambie and Cory Bernardi are reckless and damaging and incredibly unhelpful in this situation, aside from being a borderline abuse of the position of representing the people of this country. But this article seems to be more than happy to exploit the growing division. Personally, I’ve seen many people openly supporting and calling for unity between ALL people of ALL religious beliefs or ethnicities in the face of a small number who want to tear that apart. And that is incredibly heartening and good to see common sense and calm prevailing. As opposed to what this writer is trying to do, fill in content with unhelpful and immature sensationalism

  12. DERB says:

    Just white guilt everywhere.

  13. Geoff Mason says:

    This is almost the exact same formula Andrew Bolt uses to create stories for his show and blog. Congratulations, you’re a master of fear hyperbole, bias reporting, and hindsight. This is not a great article. If you think it is a great article then you should really start watching the bolt report.

  14. LaZeRuS says:

    Thats because muslims are garbage…..and should be treated accordingly. They are infiltrating and changing everything without the masses being aware. They must be outlawed for the sake of humanity

  15. Christine says:

    So contradictory – Muslims have been arguing that they are not associated with ISIS yet when articles are posted about Jihad Joey (reported to be a follower of ISIS although admittedly I don’t know too much about it), they call that Muslim bashing. This Aussies-hating-muslims and muslims-hating-Aussies in retaliation thing is getting out of hand, how is it going to end if it’s just a never ending hate cycle? I think the Muslims need to understand that there isn’t this “hatred” of Muslims for NO REASON, time and time again terrible things are done IN THE NAME OF YOUR RELIGION (female stoning for adultery when men can have multiple wives, honour killings, jihad attacks, even freaking killing beloved pet dogs because dogs are “haram” in Islam along with a million other restrictions, people being slaughtered all over the world if they choose not to convert to Islam etc etc etc). UNDERSTAND that these things have happened and ov

  16. Mr Teufel Esquire says:

    But you’ll notice there is one difference: those exploiting and increasing the divisions *are in positions of power*: newspapers and elected representatives. They *need* to be outed and shamed.

  17. ben says:

    Could you provide your source? Idiot.

  18. Kryojenix says:

    You needn’t sign off as “Idiot”, since we can already see your username is “ben” (with a small ‘b’).

    But here you go, quicker than a happy-meal:

  19. ben says:

    Well done. Your article shows that the ADF has had some trouble. But can you honestly say that a company as large as the ADF would not have similar issues to the rest of society. In fact it would seem given your evidence that it would have rates of this behaviour lower than general society? Your opinion to generalise and stereotype a group of people makes you no better than the animal that wrote this article, which I must assume is fulfilling your lifelong dream for irony?

  20. Elias says:

    Can we just sit back and wait till Australia turns into another Britain?
    Then we can watch all these people complain about how the government didn’t do their jobs.

  21. Peter Mi says:

    I am sick of biting my tongue when half minds unaware of their own subconscious racism put on a nice civilized suite, then spout their ignorant toxin expecting us to swallow it. They are ignorant. They have no self awareness or developed conciousness and they are a threat to our. national security.

  22. Jadxia says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  23. Peter Mi says:

    Call a spade a spade. This mongrel is a rancid unaware toxic racist bastard. Simple as that. Cannon fodder for the CIA, and black intelligence godfathers.

  24. Peter Mi says:

    And we will out them. Arabs are our friends, and maybe only they are life experienced enough to help dumb Australians realize they must be vigilant in protecting fairness truth and freedom. Maybe it is time for Arabs to lead this debate. Anglo Australian have been fucked over. And they are too confused to anything about it. Paralyzed by subconscious racism. Lets suspend the alliance. Create space for our own Australian air to breath. Tell America to pull its head in, and we will consider the alliance gin in 5 years. If they are good, for a change.

  25. Joe Blow says:

    I find it shocking how Australians want to allow Muslims to freely practice Sharia Law, allow the Burqa to be worn and allow Muslims to essentially have their own institutions. I am not against Muslims, I just feel there is a double standard here. It seems Muslims are having more rights than Aboriginal Australians. Myself, growing up in a country ravaged by civil war where I witnessed first hand the barbaricness and Satanism of Muslim Jihadists in Europe, I feel Australians don’t understand the true power these extremists have.

  26. Peter Mi says:

    Christine, you are a self admitted ignorant. “i.e. ” I don’t know much about it. ” But you are the type of person willing to spout racist anti logic despite “not knowing much about it” You are a disgrace to intelligent Australia , and you should get the hell out of Australia. You are not welcome here. Learn to read you self acknowledged ignorant ! You are a threat to our national security. You are a threat to our future. You are a threat to civilization. But hell, I don’t know much about it.

  27. Peter Mi says:

    you don’t THINK anything Shaun. You react. You are cannon fodder for the racist fascists. Although you imagine you are superior. You are not. you are the new sub class, unaware of the facts, unable to employ balanced understanding, marching towards totalitarianism. . a fig leaf on criminal murder. A pawn of the military industrial franchise that is the Yankee arms trade. But gosh its just tooooo complicated to understand isn’t it.

  28. Kryojenix says:

    Ah, scurvy ben, me hearty! It seems I have hurted your feelings. :’-(
    Never mind – a jolly cheerup awaits, merely a scroll-up away! ;-)

    ..Where you will see that I typed “a *core* of hardened racists and sexists *within*”.
    Not the whole, not the majority, but a significant-sized cluster. (That cluster is pretty hardened, though.)
    And that is why I have *realistic* “hope the ADF investigates” and reports. =-D

  29. Peter Mi says:

    Oh my God, Hitler’s stinking corpse has arisen from the grave, and it speaks. Get a wooden stake before we we get our brains sucked out by the living dead. .

  30. Peter Mi says:

    let me send yo a postage stamp, and you can write your complete knowledge of sharia law on the back? correct? or incorrect? Have you studied sharia law. And while you are at it, you can list the names of people calling for the legislation of Sharia law. Or did you just make that up???

  31. LaZeRuS says:

    Not a troll, proud Australian that wishes to keep this country great, and getting rid of the muslims is the first step. All these greeny conservative types need to get off their so called moral high ground and have a look the big picture. Why should i have to pay a higher price for ritually slaughtered meat, why should my children miss out on a school christmas celebration because a single muslim family complained and had it cancelled,why do i have to remove my bike helmet to pay for my fuel but muslim women can go anywhere and do anything with full head dress on…and lots more. Sharia law and islam will destroy everything and people need to wake the fuck up to that fact

  32. Peter Mi says:

    This issue has turned into an intelligence test. Media & Communications theory 101, what you read in publications is not fact. Fact is first hand in the present. So to see the facts you must be there. What is published is another s observation of a fact, another interpretation of a fact. An-others thoughts about a fact. But it is not a fact. Moving to a true level of understanding about facts requires intelligence, which I must say is more than the ability to read agreeable distortion. i.e. Racists & Fascists and dumb. And dumb is the true threat to national security.

  33. Shaun says:

    What roadside executions? You gronk!

  34. Shaun says:

    How was what I said racist? Save your big words and learn how to read and comprehend.

  35. Shaun says:

    Just wait until there is a beheading or lady with a burqa blows up a football stadium and then we will see if you would like the police force to go easy.

    If you think

  36. Shaun says:

    We ain’t trying to be a good civilization were just trying to live our own lives. You cunts in the middle-east have a problem because you counts are jealous so you try to kill everyone in the western world. MATE IF YOU DONT LIKE THE WESTERN WORLD THAN F OFF TO YOUR MIDDLE EAST SHITHOLE

  37. Shaun says:

    A small cluster yes it is. But we cannot distinguish the minority from the majority. So fuck em. And the majority does not want to find and seek out the minority that does this shit. They rather be fuckwits and act as if they are being hard done by.


  38. Shaun says:

    You don’t even know yourself you dumb shit!

  39. joshua w says:

    This was a really good article. Muslims do have it really bad in this country. I think a lot of work has to be done on both sides here. Muslims people need to speak out and condemn these actions happening around the world and also relies that Australian law comes first over religious beliefs. If you disagree with that statement and you care that deeply around your beliefs you should move to a country that follows your laws and be happy.

  40. Shaun says:

    True threat to national security is it, a Muslim refugee from Afghanistan given asylum in Australia food water and life for his children ends up recruiting for ISIS? 18yo in Melbourne flying a Isis flag in a shopping mall making death threats to people doing their shopping, then stabbing 2 officers? A knife wielding Muslim out the front of a Lebanese Catholic Church threatening to behead everyone.

    So No Muslims aren’t being hard done by and you are a keyboard hero.

    I was there at that church and I have kids you fuckwitt! That shit should not be seen by young children. Like I said before IF YOU DONT LIKE THE WESTERN WORLD FUCK OFF TOO YOUR MIDDLE-EASTERN SHIT HOLE.

  41. Douglas Hendry says:

    Calling Australians racist on the basis of a few observations is also racist.
    Intelligence doesn’t equate to sense.
    Australians don’t need to be welcome in their homes.
    Read about the history of middle east back to Darius’ days.
    Any person of sense or sensibility, can see the doctrines of blind faith and obedience to islamic scripture, where calls to kill infidels are allowed, pedophilia, rape, disobedience to any law other than sharia, are to be feared, and even hated for their barbarism.
    You can’t legislate for ignorance.

  42. iratheist says:

    I am an ex Muslim. I find the Australian treatment of Muslims horrifying. Seriously Australia, WTF! It is ironic that I have experienced some forms of mild racism probably because I’m brown and have an accent. And I am openly critical of Islam and religions in general.

  43. Douglas Hendry says:

    Islamic council australia, re Halal
    The AFIC provides Halal accreditation.[3] There are concerns raised about this halal food certification.[4] The AFIC has sought taxpayer-funded expansion of halal food outlets.[5]

    In 2011 the AFIC advocated that Australian Muslims be able to marry, divorce and conduct financial transactions under the principles of sharia law,[10] claiming that Australian Muslims should enjoy “legal pluralism”.[11]

  44. Tony says:

    On the contrary. I recall police spokesmen from several states stating they would swiftly investigate and deter racially bias crimes. The Victorian premier and federal justice minister have all called for harmony and calm.

    I don’t think any of my friends, family or workmates have pigeonholed all muslims into one group. They are all acutely aware that it’s the few who do not represent the majority.

    Likewise, it’s the few uninformed and ignorant people who have been voicing their thoughts.

    Perhaps you are suffering from siege mentality?

  45. antwuan dickson says:

    What a dumb article. Is the writer a muslim with a victim complex or some mentally deficient social justice warrior? Stop cherry picking typical media fuckups to suit your agenda. One could just as easily write the same article about any minority du jour

  46. Lara D says:

    My background is Palestinian (a Catholic one) and I was called a terrorist after 9/11, been called a F**k*n wog and I have been told “go back to your own country” even though I was born in Australia, and I grew up here. I can’t go back to my own country because the UK gave my country to European Jews which made my family Palestinian Refugees. Half the migrants and refugees here from the middle-east probably wouldn’t even be here if the US, UK and Australia didn’t keep bombing them to shit and screwing their countries up. And we’re not jealous, we have more oil and gold and wealth than the western countries combined. It’s your countries that are jealous and create terrorists by arming and training them to overthrow our governments before coming in with bullshit excuses like weapons of mass destruction with the goal of controlling oil fields and protecting the petro-dollar. The middle-east is not the problem, it’s your governments that invade and bomb them, not the other way around.

  47. Christine says:

    My point exactly – just adding more hate to the situation :) The only thing I said I didn’t know too much about was the Jihad Joey situation as I’m sick of reading articles about muslims. Take a chill pill Peter – I’m more intelligent than you in that I don’t need to personally attack people on articles, I admit when I don’t know about particular issues instead of pretending to know, and also my comment was far from racist anti logic. It was an attempt to open everyone’s eyes to the fact that this never ending hate cycle isn’t going to do anyone any good. And all of the examples provided in my comment are true – are you telling me that the punishment for female adultery isn’t stoning to death? And that the quran doesn’t allow polgyamy? And that muslims in Malaysia don’t kill pet dogs because they’re considered haram? I have a friend that was distraught at the loss of their beloved pet because some halfwits thought it was the right thing to do – many have told me that muslims do this in Malaysia because muslims aren’t allowed to touch dogs. Why not just stay away from them instead of killing them???? My only point is that these things have happened so instead of muslims hating Aussies for hating muslims – prove us wrong. And LOL at the “threat to national security” comment hahahahaha, such an intelligent comeback :):):)

  48. Kryojenix says:

    And you’d just luuuuurveeeee that to happen wouldn’t you? Just so you could hold your head up in a self-superior way, look down your nose at the rest of us and say “I told you so, Ha”.

    Gang crimes, brutal murders, and violence already happens here and the police deal with it. It doesn’t make for a civilised democracy for police to be shooting people “just in case”. As in your own example – police mistreatment of Aboriginals hasn’t helped them or wider Australia.

    YOU’RE the one trying to change Australia if you think we need to become a police-brutalised state.
    …And don’t be thinking that somehow you wouldn’t also be on the receiving end of that heavy policing if that were to become allowed.

  49. Shaun says:


  50. Ovicula says:

    Yes disqus, the only way to win is to show that we can hate more than the extremists. You are leading the way, a great example. I will try to hate more. Thank you for your inspirational message. Anyone who disagrees with us is unAustralian. I hate them with a deep and burning hatred, a hatred worse than an attack of renal colic, even worse than an outbreak of genital herpes. Hate!

  51. Major Beauner says:

    What a bogan fuckwit you are.

  52. Janie says:

    Lambie and the burqa, the vandalised mosque, the Muslims questioned at football match, the guy at Islamic school and all the other incidents you wrote about…. You got all that information from hardworking journalists in the ” media “. Don’t forget that.

  53. Peter Mi says:

    What I see is YOUR BLIND FAITH mate! You are a racist. Like the White South Africans suppressing blacks , who never thought they were racist. History will show Australans to be ignorant racists. As indeed they are.

  54. Peter Mi says:

    You are in denial Miss. You really don’t care about human life. If you did you would want the facts about man shot dead by police. But it just doesn’t matter does it – he is a darkie. Did down deep inside Miss. Look deep into your soul. And what do you find. You are like a bull with a ring through its nose. And than ring is made of inequity.

  55. Taylor says:

    Shaun, you legit just got put in your place with facts and the best you can up with is “piss off back”, sad, sad little bogan.

  56. Peter Mi says:

    Shaun, I m sorry, but like every criminal in jail says they are innocent, so too do racists insist they are not, bombs away for freedom. But like the white south Africans lynching blacks while waving the flag for civilization, eventually they rep what they sow. Go and see a priest. Dont ask me for absolution. Think about why you re a racist tonight before you go to sleep.

  57. Peter Mi says:

    PROUD OF WHAT? A nation on ignorant bashers who take no responsibility for killing 600,000 innocent, unarmed, secular, Iraqis. Soooooooo proud, once the stench of rotting corpses passes of course.

  58. Peter Mi says:

    Oh my God. Proof positive of extremism in your mind no doubt. Better bomb isle 6 in Woolies.

  59. FedUpWithBoganism says:

    Ahhhh, there truly is nothing funnier than an hot headed fool who needs to type their irrelevant rubbish in caps while being abusive. Not to mention nonconstructive and doesn’t really address anything except your own intolerance and ignorance. Get a clue and maybe further invest in some time to educate yourself properly. This exact diatribe you are spewing on this page is exactly what people are talking about at the moment. People like you are an embarrassment to our country. You don’t speak on behalf of all of us.

  60. Bernie says:

    These, indeed are scary times to be living through. Losing our freedoms in the name of security, members of our community being threatened because of their skin colour and religious beliefs. We are now being ruled by Rednecks despots. Howard started this racist rubbish by marginalising people of Middle Eastern appearance following the Twin Towers ambush and consequent war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Now our current Prime Minister has seized IS as an opportunity to impose his will on our country and cunningly use his police and spy force, and media backers to rip away our freedoms and control this country in much the same way as Hitler controlled Germany prior to, and during World War 2. It is going to become extremely difficult to get rid of this Government. We may well become a second Zimbabwe with any protesters and opposition imprisoned and made disappear.

  61. Taylor says:

    September 11 was a reactionary event to decades of US interference in Afghani affairs. The trigger of which was the USA building military bases in Afghanistan on Muslim holy lands. Secondly you said “dogs are Haram”, Haram means forbidden, it is forbidden to eat pork in Islamic culture, therefore pork is Haram, please actually learn what these words mean, your anecdotal lies about “someone killed my friend in Malaysia’s dog cos muslims” is exactly that, a lie. Also by your logic all people must constantly prove they are not guilty by association, therefore: all Catholics must constantly prove that they are not involved with the IRA train bombings, all Atheists must prove they are in no way related to Joseph Stalin’s regime, all Occultists must prove they are not related to Hitler’s third reich. Well done Christine

  62. Peter Mi says:

    Bingo…we have a direct hit…. the full screaming monty spewing forth for all to see. Bring it on baby. Lets have an international atomic war. Would that satisfy your blood lust? I expect your spiritual leader would be in that.

  63. Taylor says:

    “Greeny conservative”, the fuck does that even mean?

  64. Lara D says:

    Sorry to break it to you kid, but you’re the one who has to learn to be tolerant and accept that you live in a multi-cultural colonialist country created by murdering aboriginals and if you don’t like it, you piss off back to where you came from.

  65. Guest says:

    maybe we should hate all the Germans because some of them were Nazis

  66. diabz says:


    Coward alert! Coward alert!

  67. Trish says:

    Christine, are you aware that in the Bible, stoning is recommended for Adultery, Blaspheming, for a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night, for disobeying parents and many other things. Please don’t claim you are intelligent and in the next breath call someone Jihad Joey. They have explicitly reported that there is no evidence he was going to commit an act of terror. Disgruntled and angry and violent towards people in authority does not equal terrorism. It happens with violent people of all shapes, sizes, religion and backgrounds on a daily basis.

    Every single time you share a anti-Islamic post of FB, post anti-Islamic thoughts and take literally what a religious book says, but do not lay the same scrutiny to other religious books and share that hatred with others, you are contributing to a narrative that leads to actual real violence in our society. It has been primarily women who have been targets. Your hatred and ignorance contributes to fuel this violence against these women who are easy targets of bigots and hate mongers. Your hatred and ignorance fuels violence like that was intended to be committed against innocent children at a school last week. Yes, Children. Little innocent kids. Please stop getting extremists confused with every day normal citizens; extremists who claim to follow the same religion as peaceful people. The biggest act of of terror we have had in Australia so far was committed by a blond haired, blue eyed Christian man named Martin Bryant. If all 400,000 Muslims who live in Australia acted in Australian society the way your imagination thinks they behave, there would be anarchy in the streets on a daily basis and we would have noticed well before now. I suggest you sit quietly and reflect on that.

  68. Trish says:

    I think it is a fairly accurate representation of the various quarters who are inciting hatred, fear and violence and the media they choose to communicate this with.

  69. Christine says:

    LOL muslims killing dogs would be a pretty random thing to make up, I have no reason to make things up and I did I’m pretty sure I would come up with something less random. I didn’t even know it was a thing that happened until my friend rang me upset about it and said it happened frequently in Malaysia so you can relax there, keyboard warrior.

  70. Christine says:

    All of your replies just support what I was saying in the first place – everyone wants to hate on everyone else instead of trying to understand why these perceptions exist in the first place and trying to rectify the situation. We’re talking about why muslims are being mistreated and others are jumping in quoting the bible and christians – not the topic and I don’t see how hating on other religions will end the vicious cycle of hate.

  71. Christine says:

    Totally! You are so right and you know everything in the world ;)

  72. Christine says:

    If all you want to do is hate and troll then that’s up to you. No more replies from me – energy is being wasted on too many close-minded people in here calling everyone who has an opinion “racist” when the topic at hand is muslims which is a RELIGION. At least in my original post I explained what I feel led to the negative perception of Muslims and made a call for understanding and rectification as I for one would love to see everyone getting over this hatred and remembering who the real enemy is at the moment – the ISIS members terrorising innocent people. Keep being an internet troll, I’m sure it will get you very far in life.

  73. Sam says:

    Are you thick mate? She was born here. What? is she going to piss off back to Australia? and what makes you think you have more of a right to be here than her? because you’re white? because your grand daddy lived here? Well I bet somewhere along your family tree, you have someone who wasn’t born in Australia. Get a fucking brain you piece of shit. If you’re going to tell someone who was born in Australia to piss off back because her parents are from another country? My grandmother was born in England, are you going to tell me to piss off back to England now? Cunts like you make me ashamed to be Australian.

  74. meds says:

    Did this actually happen? Do you have a link to a news story on it?

  75. Trish says:

    What?? She was born here. Are you even so ignorant you didn’t take the time to even read her post?

  76. Lara D says:

    Thank you :)

  77. Ken Lima says:

    What the Fxxx Shaun! Please change your name to Shame and go to the nearest toilet, or if you can’t find any, stand at any corner and jerk your Fxxxing brain off!! It’s useless anyway!! Fxxxing useless piece of junk! You didn’t even bother read what other people were saying. Should I be ashamed to be an Australian? I guess I am now, thanks to you Shaun..piece of advise, ask your mum or dad or ancestors whatever, where they came from, and you whole family move out of Australia??, back to where they belong? PLEASE…

  78. Pseudonym says:

    Australia helped start preemptive wars, premised on lies, in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”. Australia stole children from their parents and put them in institutions, many of which were abusive, in the name of “civilisation”. Don’t for a moment think that you and I hold the moral high ground here. I’ve lost count of all the evil allegedly committed in our name.

    I’m sure that you personally are not to blame for any of that. Nobody is going to blame you. This is a privilege that you enjoy, but not everyone is as lucky as you.

    Next time a white Christian (to pick one example) commits a violent crime, nobody is going to assume that it was because they were white and Christian, and nobody is going to assume that all white Christians pose the same risk to society. The same courtesy is not extended to Muslims.

  79. Pseudonym says:

    You are absolutely correct that Australia mistreats its own indigenous people. This is a completely valid point, and a serious issue which deserves more discussion.

    It is not, however, the topic of this discussion.

  80. Douglas Hendry says:

    I ‘ “mate” am more likely a bigot, get YOUR facts right,,

  81. Douglas Hendry says:

    YOU asked for examples, you don’t like the response and turn to sarcasm, THE lowest form of wit..

  82. Pseudonym says:

    “Can we just sit back and wait till Australia turns into another Britain?”

    We are absolutely not going to allow a BNP-equivalent to take hold here, so you can rest easy on that one.

  83. Ken Lima says:

    Ahemm..may I say something, the thing you mentioned about Malaysian Muslims, is not true, pet dogs without tags running on the street, Yes, will be killed, by council worker, and most of them Malay (100% Malays are Muslims) , and yes, it’s haram to them..But not those dogs were killed not because of the Haram. Thank you.

  84. Douglas Hendry says:

    Every religion has caused atrocities, have dark past history, probably barring Buddhism..
    What we do see is most of these religions have been in a constant change and development in accord with modern knowledge and growth.. what is difficult is it appears to the ‘west’, islam is still stuck in a medieval past, unwilling to change, and blames any criticism on cultural correctness..and obvious that the radicals are not being censured by islamic authority, indeed sometimes urged to break national laws as being sharia right..All Muslims are not at fault, all Muslims bear the responsibility to change if they desire acceptance in a modern world. If it is not required, then feel free to emigrate to a place that does accept this barbaric aspect of Islam..

  85. Lukas says:

    funny, I had a conversation with a Pakistan Muslim yesterday who told me that Australians aren’t all that racist at all. he then went on to tell me that he believed people from his own culture were actually more racist than Australians, when I broached the subject of Islam he was very insistent on making a point of the fact that his Quran preaches love and tolerance and he doesn’t consider those who kill in the name of Islam to be true Muslim.
    Granted this article does make some valid points as far as Mosques shouldn’t be getting vandalised, Muslim women shouldn’t be getting randomly abused and Muslim schools shouldn’t be forced into lock down because of a rogue man walking around with a knife. I don’t fully understand how you can say a kid with history of extremist support who stabbed 2 police officers making the papers could be seen as fear mongering? I’m pretty sure anyone of any race or denomination who stabs 2 police man would have ended up the same way (it has happened before), the lesson is pretty clear-DONT STAB PEOPLE.
    This whole situation really needs tolerance and understanding from both Muslim and non Muslim alike, its a dire situation and everyone needs to take ownership of their responsibilities because there are essentially at least two sides to this situation, which is kind of where this article falls down, its content is focused purely on What non Muslim Australians are doing wrong in this situation, and how the majority of peaceful Muslims are suffering at the hands of non Muslims because of the actions of a few extremists.
    One part I would like to refer to is how the Author is only the stuff that has happened this week? The rape threats, the threats of violence and the disrespect shown towards them. There are two sides two this, Muslim men have also been guilty of threating to rape non Muslim women, some have even been abducted and repeatedly gang raped, non Muslims have been assaulted and there has been a long history of this over a long period of time.
    Please note I am not referring to the low lives that committed these crimes as all Muslims and nor do the Majority deserve to tarred with the same brush, it is but the small majority that bring bad publicity to rest, and its Hypocritically easy to say that Australians are racist because they don’t know who to look for when the problem people are cowardly people who cause these problems then try to hide and blend into Muslim community which unfortunately brings unwarranted suffering to peaceful Muslims, who almost end up being the victims, you will also note that I use the word almost, the reason for this is that Peaceful Muslims also have a responsibility in this situation to help weed out the problem people and stop letting them hide behind you, its very hard to believe that no one see’s the extremist being recruited and if you do see it and you do genuinely love that Australia is a country that anyone is allowed to be who they please as long as they don’t harm others then you will do everything you can to remove this rotten fraction that use your name to do what you would never believe Allah would condone.

  86. Lukas says:

    my thoughts exactly, one sided and lazy journalism

  87. Elias says:

    I think you’ve completely misunderstood what I meant.
    But solid attempt there junior.

  88. zoukoutloud says:

    still dont realize islam isnt religion of peace

  89. Damon Schultz says:

    here ya go: Made sure I included the story in The Australian lest somebody cites Left Wing Bias

  90. mariam al sultan says:

    So you are saying that if i don’t like the fact that i was called a terrorist at the age of 10 because i was the only hijjab wearing girl in school then i should go back to Iraq to be killed or raped by extremist who dont know what real islam is about?

  91. Antony Stevens says:

    Yeah I agree News Ltd is definitely lazy one sided journalism

    Very well put Lukas

  92. Ali says:

    I should paint all white Christians with the same brush because Hitler was a nut case? Or should I paint all white Christians with the same brush because KKK are a bunch of white supremacist thugs?

  93. brendankiwi says:

    i hate lies against our neighbours, because it does not help to advance the truth about them. I also hate ignorance. The truth is most moslems (90% of them) desire peace and are searching for the truth. The truth is the koran is extremely manipulative book and desires to ruin them and the rest of humanity. Europe allow millions though every year— and their youth dominate most of our major cities. Wake up Australia, do not permit even 1 unless they are renege of mohammeds command

  94. FedUpWithBoganism says:

    If you think that’s trolling then I’d suggest you may want to steer clear from internet debates in the future.

  95. Noisy Andrew says:

    I’m an atheist. I’m 4th generation Australian. Like my grand father in the 1940s, I’m prepared to defend people who are under threat from authoritarian, racist regimes. At this point in time, in the country that’s my home, that is the Muslim community.
    I will argue against injustices done to you when ever I get the chance.

  96. spacemonk says:

    What ‘we’ can do about it?
    The ones who can do the most about it are the muslims themselves. The extremists need to be confronted by the non-extremists and told to stop shaming their own cause (and maybe we can help them somehow?…and no, Australia invading their countries doesn’t help pacify an extremist)
    – because we only get shown those extremists in our media, and our reaction is natural.

    Yes, ‘we’ could be more self-controlled, but so should Islam.

  97. Guest says:

    …and Australia invading their countries doesn’t help pacify an extremist.

  98. Ali says:

    So should the police start raiding and closing all the nightclubs, pubs and bottle shops because 1 drunk driver killed someone on the road? Or should we ban everyone from driving because of fatalities on the roads? Once a bogan always a bogan.

  99. Renegade says:

    Truth hurts, don’t it?

  100. No Use For A Name says:

    Hey Christine, You are correct. Nobody here has tried to understand your point of view. All they want to do is tell you that you are ignorant, unintelligent, a threat to national security and a liar. They are too caught up in defending their skewed point of view to listen to others. They have no desire to and this is how they perpetuate the problem.

  101. Lukas says:

    When did Australia kill 600,000 Iraqis?

  102. Lukas says:

    “to see the facts as facts you must be there”? think about the full gravity of this comment Peter Mi, it also means that you can not know the full facts unless you are personally there.
    It seems you believe you have a better understanding of the situations than the Australian Media and quite possibly the Australian Federal Police, which by your comment would mean you were actually there?
    So either you are an accessory to the incident or you are going to have to admit that you are with out any substantiated information and yourself talking out of your ass?
    would you care to distinguish exactly what is the situation?

  103. Lukas says:

    such a peculiar statement, Tony Abbot and John Howard comparable to Hitler?
    I don’t believe there was many Beheadings in the name of Judaism prior to WW2, in fact Judaism was a religion which was persecuted for centuries prior to the holocaust, and if you were to consider numbers alone Hitler actually killed less than Stalin, and I’m pretty sure any Australian prime minister with enough brains to get the job would understand Australia do not have the defence capabilities for world domination as Hitler and Germany did during WW2.
    As an Australian for over the past 30 years I have seen the change in Australian society, I have seen it grow from what was in the 80’s a place where racism was more common place to a society where a great deal of hard work has been done to eradicate racism and tolerance, where people can experience equal opportunity regardless of race, colour of skin or religion, and granted it is not 100% perfect, but any person who has travelled around any parts of the world would know that no country has got it that good yet.
    Go to Hong Kong and see the difference in class between the various different Asian Cultures and White people, South Africa/Africa still has along way to go, in fact many modern and otherwise countries and cultures are way behind Australia in terms of tolerance and multiculturalism, and we are sure as hell along way from Zimbabwe, but the suggestion that Australia is anything like a facist regime is one I believe to be made by some one either completely devoid of reason or completely devoid of what I have experienced over the past 30+ years as an Australian in regards to the maturing of society, which would mean you are either completely unreasonable or someone who is inexperienced in the reality of the world.

  104. Dhameer Abbas says:

    ISIS branding and framing is actually a quick solution to redeem the damage that had been done to the image of zionist in the gaza war and to justify the killing of muslims as if they deserve it.

  105. Christine says:

    Pointless comment when the topic at hand is that muslims feel they are being mistreated, not white Christians.

    Since a bunch of people here seem to be veeerryyy slow and closed-minded here, let me recap:
    – This is an article about MUSLIMS feeling mistreated and targeted (Islam being a religion, FYI to Peter Mi who keeps going on about racism)
    – I, being sick of all the hate going back and forth, explained why I feel that this negative perception has built up. If ISIS was the very first negative thing about Islam to be published do you think there would be this much backlash? Would you prefer that rather than give reasons that I just say “If you don’t like it here eff off back to your country?” Or would you rather here: “Yes I feel for you guys, I have NO CLUE why people would fear or think negatively of Muslims, absolutely NOOO clue, I wonder why on earth people feel this way, and I wish all Muslims would continue to hate on Australia for hating them because that is soo productive”? It seems like that’s the response that most people prefer.
    – In giving examples I only listed things that I know have led some to share anti-muslim sentiments. Yes other religions and races have done things wrong but the topic is muslims being targeted. In addition to the examples I gave above about what I have heard about Islam, I do volunteer work for refugees from time to time and my heart breaks for people fleeing their countries because of horrific hings that have been done in the name of Islam or because of MUSLIM extremists (not CHRISTIAN extremists) IN THIS DAY AND AGE. I am yet to see someone claiming asylum on the grounds of being mistreated by Christians or even Christian extremists

  106. Christine says:

    Totally agree – everyone keeps commenting about barbaric things Christians or Germans or white people have done in the PAST (when the mistreatment of the aforementioned groups is not even the topic at hand) as if that makes them on par with muslims committing monstrotities in this day and age.

  107. Dbagdylan says:

    And how do they prove that to you though?

    You’re asking for regular citizens to go out of their way to prove that they are not harmful. That’s fucking ridiculous and I really do understand what you’re trying to say, but the point is that they don’t have to prove themselves… There has been essentially zero Muslim related terror in Australia. There has been unsettling and tension, but that’s entirely different. If there has been no Muslim related terror in Australia, why do they have to prove anything to anybody?

    No one is asking you to try to learn or understand Islam, but just because mainstream media has a lot of terror related ‘stories’ on air, does not equate to the burden of proof falling on Muslims. The only way I would agree with you is it the majority were extremists, and that is so so far from reality. The examples people gave about Nazis etc. ARE relevant in this debate because no other minority has to prove themselves to you…. Only Muslims, and that’s a problem for me.

  108. Lukas says:

    Next time a white Christian commits a violent crime in the name of being a white Christian probably would have been a better point to make.
    Islam isn’t being blamed for every crime every Muslim has ever committed here, its only crimes committed in the name of Islam.

  109. Lukas says:

    Finally someone who admits that most Australians are extremely nice and tolerant, that its just the actions of a few. So many of the hypocritical comments on here seem hell bent on labelling all of Australia as racist because of the small percentage, seems ironic

  110. Greg says:

    You lost me at “the lived experience of Anglo Australians”. Seriously, what do these lazy, bullshit generalizations seek to achieve?

    Can a white person not be Islamic? Are all the “brown” people you see and write about Muslims? What do Asian Australians have to say about this? Or those that immigrated from Africa (like me).

    We are all Australian. Stop trying to create a false binary for such a diverse, multicultural society. The fact that you lambasted Fairfax for for lazy journalism would be ironic if it wasn’t so sad.

  111. Greg says:

    The color of his skin and the faith he adheres to are irrelevant. If you stab two police officers in an unprovoked attack, you should expect them to retaliate. The facts will come out, because we have a transparent, professional police service.

    Your aggressive, reactionary replies to Christine illustrate perfectly why we can’t have an intelligent, adult debate in this country anymore. You seek to shut down debate rather than meeting the challenges of accepting that not everyone agrees with you.

  112. Steve Brown says:

    Can’t we change this conversation to “Right wing abuse of Australians” Isolating and identifying one section of society for attack is an attack on us all and is therefore Australian

  113. Helen Balcony says:

    “The animal that wrote this article”, see, that’s the kind of mindset they’re talking about. One data point from me: I used to participate in a political web discussion forum, now defunct, which was frequented by quite a few ADF people from Brisbane. Some of their opinions and factual distortions were truly shocking. I think a lot of them are young men full of testosterone surrounded by too many young men like themselves, plus a few young women who are forced to play the cool girl and become like them, unlike many workplaces where people meet and get to understand more of a diversity of people and age groups.

  114. Helen Balcony says:

    I wonder if any number of dogs killed for religious reasons (statistics? evidence?) would in any way compare with the number of dogs killed in “dog loving” Australia, born to tortured mothers in puppy mills then abandoned in their hundreds and killed in shelters – the “excess product” in a system where “dog lovers” buy and sell them as products. Quite aside from the cute little foals overproduced in their thousands every year by the racing industry, to end up terrified and shot in the head, to end up in a dog food can for (again) our animal lovers…;-/ Don’t even start on the greyhounds..Also we blame the “evil mooslims” for torturing animals to death in developing countries’ abbatoirs but we condone putting them alive on ships because otherwise we would lose money and it would be bad for the bush, you see, but somehow it’s the abbatoirs fault and not ours… Oh yes we westerners are SO GOOD to our animals.

  115. Helen Balcony says:

    Yes, thank you Ken. Exactly my point too – we kill untold numbers of dogs in this way because Australians buy cute puppies and then abandon them because they can’t be bothered to take responsibility for them, or they get lost because people can’t be bothered to care for them properly. Christine’s anecdote may give her a warm feeling of cultural superiority, but it’s a mirage. We would rate pretty highly on the scale of killing companion animals, including horses.

  116. Helen Balcony says:

    Racism is a well documented and structural phenomenon in Australian history. Maybe you should read some Australian history sometime. A person with an offensive net avatar like the one to the left of your post does not speak for Australians.

  117. David Boccabella says:

    Oh Christine:- Google Christian Terrorists and then consider some of your comments.
    9/11 – Yes that was a blot, but the bigger blot was Bush & Co getting it totally wrong re WMD and basically destroying a country.
    I happen to work with some Muslims and they are decent caring people who are shocked by what is being done in their name,. Last years I was stuck in Syndey, at midnight because the trains had stopped, and in the pouring rains.. And I was offered shelter in a Muslim prayer room my a Muslim taxi driver – even though I am not of their faith.
    Also – read up on the Red Crescent – it might surprize you.

  118. Christine says:

    And the relevance of your comment to this article about muslims being mistreated is???? Pick apart my comment piece by piece if you wish but again I explained the thing about muslims killing dogs is just why I and others share these sentiments about Islam. Did I say because they kill dogs they are all evil? No. Did I list it as one of several reasons why I am inclined to view their religion negatively? Yes. Did I say they should all die or return to their countries? No. I pointed out that hating isn’t going to resolve anything and a bunch of commenters here just prove me right. The article is about muslims being targeted – would you prefer that I comment “Why the hell do people think that way of muslims, I can’t even think of one reason. Muslims should continue hating and feeling like victims”. Turning a blind eye to why their religion is viewed that way and then whinging about being mistreated won’t help anyone. Same goes for any other race or religion. I

  119. Andrew Dixon says:

    you do realise there is a new testament now, don’t you. Can you please name any Christian countries that stone people to death, wow and you want to talk intelligence.

  120. Christine says:

    Yet another person who wants to just attack rather than accept that not everyone has the same opinion. Warm feeling of cultural superiority? Did I not say originally that I think all of the hating between “Aussies” and muslims is pointless? You are going on and on and on and on about animals being killed when I just provided the instance of my friend telling me that his dog was killed in Malaysia because muslims there go around poisoning dogs as ONE of several reasons. You can keep talking about animals if you want but consider this: the article is about “Muslims being treated as garbage” – I as someone who is inclined to not think very highly of Islam shared my views on why people tend to think that way based on what we have heard over and over again and yet I pointed out that rather than continue with the perpetual hate cycle, understand why it exists and prove us wrong.

    You people can hate and criticize my comments all you want – maybe to please you all I should have just posted “Yes, all muslims are being victimised for no reason whatsoever – people view their religion negatively for no reason at all so they should continue to hate Australians. And then Australians should continue to hate on Muslims because that perpetual hate cycle and lack of understanding on both sides is going to help everyone in the long run”.

  121. Christine says:

    Thanks for your comment and that is a lovely thing to hear – let’s hear more of that. If anyone is going to reply further to my comments, instead of filling your replies with hate and personal attacks, post more good things about them and put an end to the hate cycle that way. You people think I hate all muslims when the very first comment I made was that I would love to see an end to all of this hatred – I have a few good muslim friends and many of the refugees I assist and feel compassion for are muslims too. Not once did I say “I hate all muslims they are all evil” – I explained why people might feel this way and called for all this hate to end, and for understanding on BOTH SIDES of the debate.

  122. Andrew Dixon says:

    wow, you are a dick, you attack police with a knife, the police are going to retaliate, pretty simple.

  123. Christine says:

    Not asking them to prove it to ME or to go out of their way to prove themselves, but if there are going to be complaints about mistreatment then at least understand why people might be inclined to hold these views. Note my reply to David Boccabella pointing out good things about muslims above:

    Thanks for your comment and that is a lovely thing to hear – let’s hear more of that. Instead of filling your replies with hate and personal attacks, post more good things about them and put an end to the hate cycle and increase understanding that way. You people think I hate all muslims when the very first comment I made was that I would love to see an end to all of this hatred – I have a few good muslim friends and many of the refugees I assist and feel compassion for are muslims too. Not once did I say “I hate all muslims they are all evil” – I explained why people might view their religion negatively and called for all this hate to end, and for understanding on BOTH SIDES of the debate.

  124. Andrew Dixon says:

    Actually your comments makes you a dam site more racist then he is, your just to stupid to realise it.

  125. Andrew Dixon says:

    what a load of crap, so everyone should just ignore genuine security concerns because its to sensitive and may hurt peoples feelings, idiots like you exploit and increase divisions as much as anyone by pretending that muslims are being picked on and there are no concerns.

  126. Christine says:

    Hatred and ignorance? I actually called for an end to hatred and an increase of understanding. I don’t see how that is going to happen if everyone wants to turn a blind eye to why the “hatred” arose in the first place and then perpetuate the situation by adding more hateful comments. Nice of you to bring up Christianity but I don’t see how that is relevant when we’re talking about why muslims are being mistreated. If everyone were to hate on Christians the way muslims are being hated on right now and an article was to be published about “how christians were treated like garbage this week” then fair enough, explain your reasons why everyone holds negative views of christianity if you want christians to understand why there are negative views of them in the first place, but that’s not the topic at hand. Also – I said “the Jihad Joey situation” as it was referred to the in article above so relax :)

  127. Andrew Dixon says:

    You really are an idiot arnt you, Im guessing most germans during those years did cop a fair bit of hate.

  128. David Boccabella says:

    My apologies then Christine, sadly reading of all the hate here it is too easy to glance over the gems of kindness and tolerance.

  129. Luke says:

    “I’m a Muslim.” Wrong. You’re 10. You’ve just been indoctrinated.

  130. Marion Wilson says:

    Does anyone remember Prince Harry dressing up as a Gestapo officer. He was only tut tutted. In Australia we shoot people like that.

  131. Andrew Dixon says:

    If it checks out, please explain under what scenario it may not check out. You don’t think its there job to protect society from dangerous criminals, with intent to kill other human beings!! Please, please tell us about all these aborigines gunned down, dheads like you are part of the problem, always making excuses for criminals

  132. Andrew Dixon says:

    Shaun may very well be a racist, but no more then you are. Just at opposite ends of the scale

  133. Andrew Dixon says:

    ssh, don’t let facts get in the way of his ignorant, racial rants.

  134. Andrew Dixon says:

    please peter, astound us with your knowledge of sharia law, you questioned his knowledge so put your knowledge were your big mouth is.

  135. Andrew Dixon says:

    This analogy is so fucking stupid its beyond belief

  136. Andrew Dixon says:

    Really, when was the last shooting? I must have missed that. By the way, it was probably bad taste, but the nazi party isn’t really much of a threat these days.

  137. Andrew Dixon says:

    I have no idea why muslims are treated suspiciously, its not like there are are atrocities carried out around the world in the name of islam, its not like Islamic countries don’t treat woman and gays as equal, its not like Islamic countries still carry out barbaric executions for minor crimes, or in some cases things that a civilised society wouldnt even consider a crime. Its not like many muslim countries are slaughtering Christians were they stand. Its not like a large number of Islamic countries have serious human right problems, its not like Australia has the largest percentage of muslims per population of any western country leaving our shores to fight for terrorist organisations (that being the case how many with the same beliefs are still here). Its not like any of the muslim leaders in Australia has ever preached hatred and genocide, but are still in positions of power. Its not like there has ever being protests here were muslims have called for people to be beheaded or murdered in some way if they don’t agree with islam. Everyone with half a brain knows not all muslims are extremists, but they are the ones with the voice and the moderates refuse to call out the extremists. The Author of this article and most of the people commenting here are the reason many muslims are treated bad, they continuously make excuses and project a victim mentality amongst muslims, instead of calling them out and telling them they should be weeding out the extremist’s. As for the BS about the govt being to blame, what are they suppose to do when they have evidence of attacks about o happen, you idiots would be he first to say they done nothing if something happen. 99% of you would be saying the opposite if the ALP was in power and doing the same thing, which they would be. Its a sad reflection when your take on national security depends on wether you hate the pm or not

  138. Douglas Hendry says:

    It is not meant to speak for Australians, it speaks of whatever it means to anyone, my opinion in this instance.
    MY point re racism is there is absolute raciscm in saying ‘Australians are racist’, by definition. To say we are racist on the basis of religion, or cultural fear is wrong, that is bigotry.

    The simple facts of life seem to indicate that you can wish on stars, piss in fires, legislate against anything, and see that none of them work very well. What is more at play here is one of the negative aspects of trying to force multiculturalism on people. It may work where the cultures have a lot of common ground, the further apart the cultures are the harder it will be to get harmony.

    You cannot force this on people no matter how hard you try. It helps when the newcomers make efforts to understand and respect the existing culture, and as in the past introductions to aussie culture, most immigrants seemed to integrate fairly well, because they tried. We responded with a more positive outcome than now.

    The differences I see now, are that I never saw ANY of the cultures/people who wanted to be here, draping flags from their homelands and screaming victim, protesting about things far far away, and expecting us to rally on their behalf. Neither did they start demanding/asserting we change our cultural ways because it “offended” their beliefs.

    From what is known of most other cultures around the world, the status-quo seems to be, ‘when in rome…’ In any discussion I have had with Aussie’s in OS muslim countries, we have NO, or very little choice but to respect the laws and customs, legal and otherwise.

    It is very clear to me, a lot of Aussies see islam as very very different from our norms..when the assertiveness becomes too much, we respond in the way it has happened.
    If there is a country in the world that isn’t racist, or truly accepts any culture no matter how different, that doesn’t have citizenship laws that have expectations of integration, then let it be known.

    You can wish, pray, stand on your head and it will not change the facts that ingrained fears and ignorance are more normal to most people than the PC nonsense of enforced multi cultural aspirations. These are ideals, not reality..

  139. adil adam says:

    Hi Christine. I’m a Muslim from Malaysia. You may want to check out this link about a Muslim couple rescuing and taking care of dogs. They have about 700 stray dogs being taken care at their shelter. Hopefully this will change your perception Muslims in Malaysia:

  140. Christine says:

    Hi Adil, thanks for that, that too is a lovely thing to hear and I’m happy then that what happened with my friend’s beloved dog isn’t a widespread thing in Malaysia. I know that there a good Muslims and bad ones just the same way that there are good Christians and bad ones, same goes with the different races too. I hope you understand that I don’t assume all muslims kill dogs and that I listed it as just one example of things that I had heard were done in the name of Islam. When a friend breaks down at the loss of their dog because of such a thing I hope you can see why I wouldn’t rush out to research and tell him that he is wrong. Note to others – see my increased understanding thanks to a muslim who chose to educate and make a positive comment about Islam rather than make a personal attack and incite hatred.

  141. clairef31 says:

    Plenty of Catholic priests have raped little boys. Should we make all Catholics prove they aren’t paedophiles? Just in case? I mean – they need to prove us wrong on that right?

  142. Douglas Hendry says:

    Peter doesn’t understand the the statement ‘australians are racist’, which is probably a more racist statement than vilifying muslims, which is bigotry..although I can’t see where disliking certain cultural idioms and traits is bigotry, the definition seems to require the term unreasonable.
    What is unreasonable is the many expectations we have come to expect from ICA for allowing dual laws to suit sharia, demands to food production to be halal, for trying to assuage Australians to be moderate, and yet speaking arabic or afghan.. is this arrogance or stupidity that you demonstrate no effort to communicate in the language of the country you live in?

  143. Douglas Hendry says:

    Peter dislikes Australia totally it seems, we are ALL racists, murderers now, although to my knowledge have started a war, just joined the effort to rid the world of insane would be world dictators. You don’t have to agree with what our pollies do and say, do something about it.. or feel free to emigrate to whatever place you feel at home in..fairly easy.

  144. Christine says:

    Is everyone hating on Catholics right now for being pedophiles? Are Catholics as a whole upset about being mistreated and bashed in the media? Do they do that in the name of their religion? Is that what this article and this debate is about? If so then go ahead and enlighten me to the faults of Catholics so that Catholics can understand why the negative perceptions about them exist.

  145. sami says:

    Theres a new testament
    So basically you had to change the orginally one
    Doesnt count brother

  146. Gary Queue says:

    Not all Muslims are terrorists
    100% of Muslim terrorists are Muslim
    When the Muslim population polices itself, I will rest easy

  147. Jared Fullyfisted says:

    Because comments like yours indicate that because these views are ‘minority’ ones (often expressed very loudly in our mainstream media) that somehow excuses them. If you do not object to gross examples of racism such as the ones in the article, if you do not believe anything should be done about it you are effectively endorsing it. And if you don’t think that’s serious I hope you’re not anti Islamic State.

    Complete half-wits like Scott Morrison will scratch their heads and say “We have no idea why Australians would want to join this group” How about they’ve been treated as second class citizens for over a decade? Many of them in a country they’ve been born to which has greeted them with indifference at best and commonly open resentment.

    I have no pride in my country. ‘Most’ Australians are extremely nice? Most Australians have shown they don’t care for international law, human rights, Magna Carta, wrongful imprisonment, who is actually Prime Minister… almost nothing other than their own Super and tax expenses. Most Australians are just too god damned ignorant to be ‘nice’ in any meaningful sense of the world.

    We never rode on the sheep’s back. We’ve always been the sheep. And this country’s on its way to the abattoir.

  148. Helen Balcony says:

    Did you say because Muslims (allegedly) kill dogs (as Australians do, constantly) they are all evil? Maybe it stops short of that, to be charitable, but you were certainly trying to push peoples buttons with the ZOMG DEAD PUPPEEZ. And you know it. Enough with the outraged innocence. And no, it’s probably not relevant to the discussion, so you shouldn’t have tried to make it so.

  149. Christine says:

    Please show me where in my initial comment I was “trying to push people’s buttons with the ZOMG DEAD PUPPEEZ”? You people are impossible. If I were to say that I don’t think highly of Islam and not provide my reasons you would criticise me (e.g. if I were to make comments like “If you all don’t like it here go back to your country, Muslims are all garbage” like others have done). If I were to make the same statement about being critical of Islam, without resorting to hate speech, and then provide examples of why I and other Aussies are inclined to think that way, you would criticise me. You can keep posting personal attacks in response to one part of my comment if that’s what helps you sleep at night and makes you feel like a good person, but I hardly tried to push people’s buttons when I actually want all this hating to end, on both sides.

    My comment was far from irrelevant when as I have explained, this article is about “Muslims being treated like garbage in Australia”, and I as an Australian expressed that I would like to see an end to the hate and mistreatment BUT that it requires effort and understanding from both sides. How will it help anyone if you encourage the “Why do they hate us when they have no reason to?” mentality? Sounds like you would prefer that Muslims just continue to complain about mistreated and adopt a victim mentality and do nothing about it because they have nothing to prove, and that no one on either sides makes an effort to end it? What is it that you actually want? Do you me to just all of a sudden say “Oh okay Helen Balcony said that Aussies kill dogs too therefore Muslims are not bad!!” – seems that way to me when you keep talking about dogs lol which is kinda weird :/ It was one of numerous examples and probably the weakest which might be why you’re so obsessed with it but again it was just an example, so calm down a little. Or if you prefer – keep hating, just keep on spreading that hate, hate on Aussies for hating Muslims, hate on Aussies when they at least try to explain why they have been led to feel a certain way, hate on me because I supposedly try to push your buttons with “ZOMG DEAD PUPPEEZ”, encourage Muslims to keep hating Aussies because they are all wrong, and keep encouraging this never ending cycle of hate. I’m sure your way is much better than mine and I’m sure that will lead everyone to a better and brighter future.

  150. Marky says:

    They no longer stone anyone to death but their violence is much more insidious and covert these days. They continue to incite hatred and violence towards gay people not to mention the pedophilia that is rife within its churches.

  151. What's in a name says:

    Pretty sure the fact is that guy was killed after he stabbed police officers

  152. snow says:

    Wow I wonder how many of you read that from top to bottom. I just did and all I could think was wow. For starters being Muslim is choosing a religion not what your race is so its hardly racism. Secondly when in the world has the “eye for an eye” tactic ever worked??
    Do people realise how stupid and childish it sounds to say “well they did it why cant I?”
    Yes Australia is a multicultural country and generally a pretty awesome place. It still has its own justice system that is to protect the majority. (Yes we all know of cases that it has let us down, so please save the diatribe on where and when that happened). My point is that accomodating a religious group (and if we are to believe that the extremists dont follow the Islamic law then they are a totally different religion) that is encouraging, well demanding the killing of people ( their own people as well if they do not conform) that are born, imigrated to or visiting our country then we have every right to be suspicious, cautious and yes even fearful of others whether they are brown skinned, white skinned, black skinned or even bloody purple skinned because lets face it people supporters of this “new religion” come in all shapes and sizes. Why are we not able to stand up to these “bullies” and tell them, no show them that this is not tolerated in our country where ever you may hail from? ? These extremists did not leave their country to find a better one, they left their country to convert or destroy others. End of story. Of course they are not as bold as the Nazi regime and wear the cause on their sleeve but they are just as dangerous, if not more so as it makes them harder to see. This thought alone makes people fearful and fear does scary things to people.

    The officer that shot and killed the man after he had stabbed 2 police officers obviously had In his mind to kill the son of a bitch anyway. You know after allowing him to get close enough to stab 2 of his fellow officers (for those that missed it that was sarcasm) really people………a threat is a threat regardless of where it comes from and at this moment in history the biggest national threat to our country comes from this new religion with very old and literal beliefs!!!!

    Ok my rant over and the picking apart of my opnion starts in 3,2,1

  153. shaworth says:

    How is reporting on the beheading of an aid worker by a Muslim in Iraq an example of ‘treating Muslims like complete garbage’? The reports may well treat the Muslim in question as complete garbage, yes. But he beheaded a guy and filmed it for everyone to see, so most people would say he deserves to be treated that way. Either you think the media should have suppressed his identity, or you think he’s actually a nice guy being given a harsh time. If you’re veering towards the latter I’ll redirect you to the above description of what he did.

  154. Rodrigo Andres Gibson says:

    What the Bible says about stoning
    Everybody must get stoned
    For touching Mount Sinai
    Whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death. Exodus 19:13
    For taking “accursed things”
    Achan … took of the accursed thing. … And all Israel stoned him with stones, and burned them with fire, after they had stoned them with stones. … So the LORD turned from the fierceness of his anger. Joshua 7:1-26
    For cursing or blaspheming
    And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him. Leviticus 24:16
    For adultery (including urban rape victims who fail to scream loud enough)
    If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city. Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    For animals (like an ox that gores a human)
    If an ox gore a man or a woman, that they die: then the ox shall be surely stoned. Exodus 21:28
    For a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night
    If any man take a wife, and go in unto her, and hate her … and say, I took this woman, and when I came to her, I found her not a maid: Then shall the father of the damsel, and her mother, take and bring forth the tokens of the damsel’s virginity unto the elders of the city in the gate: And the damsel’s father shall say … these are the tokens of my daughter’s virginity. And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. … But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die. Deuteronomy 22:13-21
    For worshipping other gods
    If there be found among you … that … hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them … Then shalt thou … tone them with stones, till they die. Deuteronomy 17:2-5
    If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers … thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die.Deuteronomy 13:5-10
    For disobeying parents
    If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother … Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city … And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die. Deuteronomy 21:18-21
    For witches and wizards
    A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:27
    For giving your children to Molech
    Whosoever … giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. Leviticus 20:2
    For breaking the Sabbath
    They found a man that gathered sticks upon the sabbath day. … And the LORD said unto Moses, The man shall be surely put to death: all the congregation shall stone him with stones…. And all the congregation brought him without the camp, and stoned him with stones, and he died; as the LORD commanded Moses. Numbers 15:32-56
    For cursing the king
    Thou didst blaspheme God and the king. And then carry him out, and stone him, that he may die.1 Kings 21:10

  155. Rodrigo Andres Gibson says:

    HI Christine, you are aware of all the crimes committed in the name of Christianity in the centuries that precede us, right? Know Martin Bryant? Know Anders Behring Breivik? Read about the catholic crusades? Know about the witch killings through the centuries by the catholic church? Know about the Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre (btw, Sikh people are not muslim)? Know about the Knoxville unitarian universalist church shooting? Know who Paul Jennings Hill is (a christian from the army of god wacko who blew up over 100 people – not all were killed, though – in Atlanta’s olympic park in 1996)?
    What about the IRA in Ireland?? That’s f*cked up sh1t too.
    I could go on and on… it’s all documented. Of course, the mainstream media, which I can infer by the language you use (no offence) is what you are fed with at prime time, does not report such events, or when it does it quickly sweeps it all under the rug. Did you know that the world’s western mainstream media is run by zionist-jews, who are known for millennia to bear a passive hatred for muslims? It shouldn’t come as a surprise.
    I don’t mean to offend you, I’m just giving you insight to the whole picture.
    At the end of the day, hatred brings stress and unhappiness to your life, if we all gave people regardless of race or creed the benefit of the doubt, we would all live a more fulfilling life.
    We are not born racist – look at all the children at the playground how they interact with kids of all colours without any judgement whatsoever.

  156. jim says:

    Christine you don’t know what you’re debating back flipper

  157. Mumbles says:

    Just putting it out there not all muslims are brown as you said.

  158. Christine says:

    No offence taken, thanks for your insight. I am aware that other horrible things have happened in the name of other religions and if this were to be an article about Christians whinging that they are being targeted and mistreated as a whole then by all means give them the reasons why you feel that the negative perceptions of them exist if you don’t want them to adopt a victim mentality yet do nothing about it. My comment was me saying yes I am leaning towards disliking Islam based on what I have heard but at least I expressed a willingness to steer away from hating and that I wish for them to prove everyone wrong. And when I say “prove wrong” I mean it in the way I would encourage a friend who is down about haters to “prove them wrong”, not in the “you must prove yourself to me” way that people are in hysterics about. People in comments below have told me nice things that Muslims have done and I have welcomed and thanked them for shedding that positive light because again I WANT to be steered away from hating, I don’t WANT to be someone that hates Muslims. Hope that gives you insight to where I’m coming from.

  159. Christine says:

    Great comment Jim. Very productive and insightful.

  160. jim says:

    Yes ma’am. … actually I agree with you 100% and so do most people on here judging by their comments. ..and I think it’s great you have changed your angle from your earlier comment

  161. Pseudonym says:

    That’s why I opened with the example of invading countries in the name of freedom and democracy. Everyone likes freedom and everyone likes democracy.

  162. Pseudonym says:

    At last count there are about 1.5 billion or so Muslims in the world. One might expect there to be a fair amount of variety in any group that large.

    You might want to ask some Muslims what they think about the segment of Islam which is, as you say, “stuck in a medieval past”. You could start with recent (say, last 10 years or so) immigrants and refugees from countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, the former Sudan, and so on.

    Has it ever occurred to you that the reasons why a lot of people left those places looking for a better life in Australia are precisely the reasons you state? They are, in fact, trying to change by moving out of countries run by cynical politicians who have a vested interest in imposing medieval forms of religion on their populace?

    When you talk to first-generation Muslim immigrants in Australia, this is a consistent theme. Most of the ones who weren’t being actively persecuted left wherever they came from because they gave up hope that things would change, and there was no institutional recourse for them to do so.

    While I’m on the topic, where does the “Arab Spring” fit into your argument? Is that or is that not people trying to change their repressive systems?

    And finally, the phrase “still stuck in a medieval past, unwilling to change, and blames any criticism on cultural correctness […]” sounds like it describes the US evangelical “religious right” almost perfectly, don’t you think?

  163. Pseudonym says:

    I was applying the principle of charity.

  164. BMAN says:

    Ooohh what goes around comes around. Merry Xmas and Happy Australia Day !!

  165. alexf0207 says:

    Jim ya bacon hater. You don’t think aussies are entitled to their opinions then get outta here, u people are so into oppression and hate and violence no wonder no one likes ya

  166. Adrian says:

    Superb article. Thank you for taking the time to speak the voice of reason. And thank you to everyone who made comments that were born of fear and ignorance. You make it so easy for the rest of us to affirm qualities of integrity, truth and humanity.

  167. alexf0207 says:

    Agree and just look at how they act on this forum just get rid of them all bunch of bacon hating half wits all they know is h8 and violence

  168. alexf0207 says:

    Shut up u silly old woman

  169. alexf0207 says:

    At least they don’t bash and stone everyone to death if they disagree with them!

  170. DC says:

    “Horrifying” Have Australians been running around decapitating little muslim kids,raping muslim women,wholesale religious genocide,this is happening to Christians daily in Iraq and Syria and you all worry about some Muslims in this country getting their feelings hurt.

  171. Magic Man says:

    You don’t get to pick and choose which bits of a religion to take note of and which to ignore. The statement “The Christian Holy Bible encourages stoning people” is entirely correct.
    Besides, the New Testament is still thousands of years old.

  172. Douglas Hendry says:

    Got to agree with US evangelical point. This discussion is however about Muslim/Islamic culture in Australia, the criticism re medieval will hold true as long as there are verses in the book that allow and or proscribe the barbaric medieval rituals, state sanctioned in some instances. An “arab spring” is more to do with political change, I can’t recall any uprisings that called for a ban on Islam.
    As much as it may be right re early immigrants escaping tyranny, they don’t seem to have wanted to escape Islam. The calls of offense from our cultural idioms are coming from senior islamic leaders, the requests for allowing sharia from the same, the demands re halal from the same, the elders, the ones who first arrived by assumption..
    It is this cultural aspect of Islam that brings antagonism, it is alien to our existing culture. When there is an ‘Islam Spring’ and serious attempts at assimilation and reconciliation I may view things differently, until then, MY cultural beliefs are that halal is barbaric, people who cover themselves totally are more than weird, misogyny is abhorrent, child brides, arranged marriages, ownership of women are all equally disgusting, pedophilia and rape of children is atrocious, and any culture or religion that allows these abominations is about as offensive as anything I have ever heard of. They are not all practiced here in OZ, but several are, openly flaunting our laws and culture and sensibilities.

  173. Lukas says:

    wasn’t talking about the war part mate, only the part where you talk about white Christians committing violent crimes and not being treated the same as Muslims who do it. whilst white Christians do commit crimes, not many do it in the name of being a white chritian in this day in age.

  174. Lukas says:

    cant really see too much evidence of being treated as second class citizens Jared, care to indulge me?
    I can’t really tell you what to believe in mate but if you have no pride in your country, you have issues no matter what your country is, if your country is Australia then maybe you need to see how much better everyone has it here than other countries, that’s why so many people want to live here.

  175. Pseudonym says:

    This discussion has just gotten interesting. Thanks for this, Douglas!

    One thing that I think is worth pointing out is that there is a tendency to confuse the specifically Saudi Wahhabist strain of Islam (which is responsible for almost all of the crap that you pointed out) with Islam in general, and you can see this by looking at the history of Muslim immigration to Australia.

    In the early-to-mid 1970s, the OAPEC oil embargo happened, which increased the economic power of Saudi Arabia. One of the persistent effects was that cashed-up Wahhabists started evangelising the Islamic world to their strain of fundamentalism. In most countries, these Saudi-trained clerics are actually seen as a cancer, and the concern about them “openly [flouting] our laws and culture and sensibilities” is shared by those brought up with the indigenous forms of Islam.

    Before then, it was all about Arab nationalism. (Does anyone remember the United Arab States these days?) After then, it became about Islamic revival.

    This is a very important thing to keep in mind: Your concerns are actually shared by a lot of the Islamic world.

    Another thing that happened in the early 1970s was the end of the White Australia Policy. The bilateral agreement of 1967 allowed immigration from Turkey. We also got a lot of refugees from Lebanon fleeing the civil war around the mid-1970s. Immigration from Indonesia also started ramping up in the mid-1980s.

    Now whatever you think of this, one thing is undeniable: There was pretty much no question of people wearing burqas, people wanting Sharia law to supplant Australian law, or any of that back in the day. It’s only today that it’s become a hot-button issue.

    There are a couple of reasons for this. There’s the obvious one that it’s partly a media beat-up. However, to the extent that it’s real, it’s only now has the Wahhabist evangelism reached enough people that we’re starting to get a critical mass of people who have been influenced by it, but even then we’re not actually talking about a lot of people compared with, say, Muslim Lebanese-Australians.

  176. Lukas says:

    haha, yep
    People in Australia shoot people for going to fancy dress parties.

  177. Peter Marx says:

    Isn’t it just a tiny bit hypocritical to condemn Fairfax for falsely using someone’s picture on a story about terrorism; but then using a GIF of Christopher Pyne on a story about Islamophobia, when in fact Pyne has not made any such comments which the article references?? This is definitely defamation and Junkee could be in hot water over it.

  178. Douglas Hendry says:

    I sincerely hope what you are saying is a majority belief within muslim community here in Oz, I think in part (the issue being hot) is also a product of Aussie nature, to see things as “she’ll be right mate..) it takes something out of the ordinary to jar this acceptance to possible over awareness, hyper vigilance..
    in this state it is possible to see boogie men under beds, it is also possible to begin seeing the trees within the forest, and in seeing them begin to fear the very different aspects that were once ignored.

    It is still a very real problem to me that halal certification is forced on the products I have enjoyed since birth, I will no longer support the companies that endorse this process. It has NO place in Australian culture whatsoever IMV. It is at it’s least offensive, a tax imposed on non muslims. There is some evidence the monies raised with this Islamic tax have been sent OS and used to fund radicalism. The latest Halal certification of plastic wrap is beyond a joke.
    I view halal butchery as an abomination, and against all animal welfare laws in Australia. Issues of non christian/christmas etc offense is also current and alien.
    These are not radical issues, but basic to conscientious islam I am led to believe. And again, have been initiated by the current islamic leaders here. Whilst being the norm to born muslims, they sure as hell aren’t compatible with existing ‘norms’ in Australia.

  179. Peter Marx says:

    There are over 58,000 personnel in the ADF. You provided a link showing that approximately 20 are in the ADL. In case your mathematical skills correspond with your logical conclusions, that’s approximately .03%.

    And you think that .03% is enough to question an “overlap”? Search Google for “Venn diagram”. You might learn something.

  180. Jared Fullyfisted says:

    Your original post was fourteen words uniformly without substance. I read them all in about five seconds and all I learnt was that you’re a completely spineless apologist. They lack the integrity to be twisted into even a single piece of macaroni.

  181. Shane says:

    Australia treating Muslims like complete garbabe eh? Why not send an anglo-saxon christian women over to an Islamic country and tell her to erect a roman catholic church in the middle of the capital, then you might get a better idea of what its like to be treated like ‘absolute garbage’.

  182. Tony Valachi says:

    What a rant! Yes, rant it is because it doesn’t mention the threats issued by Muslims and acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims. the same Muslims who often condemn democracy and free speech saying nothing but Sharia. The same Sharia law that Saudi Arabia practices under which they have beheaded a good number of maids. The same Sharia law which Taliban uses to cane and disfigure women. The same Sharia law which is being practiced in Britain where Sharia courts more often than not side with the abusive husbands.

    An Islamic preacher lives in Australia for 19 years raising his family on tax payer’s money all the while planning to commit a genocide of the same tax payers but no mention of that. Another leading Imam blames the way women dress for rapes but no mention of that. Yet another Imam, a self proclaimed torch bearer of peace, demonizes the west including Australia, shake hands with the leader a banned terror organization Hamas but no mention of that, why?

    Why there is no mention of the fatwa issued by ISIS exhorting Muslims in Australia to attack non Muslims? Why there is no mention of the foiled beheading plot by the Muslims of random Australian? Why there is no mention of the armed racist Muslim gangs in Australia? Is it because these facts don’t suit your rant or was it that at the time of writing this crap your belly was full of biryani made by halaal meat?

    By the way, the junk your produced from your junkish mind deserves only to be published on a site like this, the In the end, I am not an Australian and neither am I a white. Sill if you dare call me a racist I would say that if opposing a piece of cloth which has become a symbol of oppression and persecution of women and children then yes I am a racist, and a proud one at that!

  183. Tony Valachi says:

    How many women Christians have stoned to death? How many men have they beheaded?

  184. Christine says:

    Yawn. Was here for the entertaining comments but I’m bored of this conversation and now I know better than to ever try to understand them and try to see the positive or feel sympathy when seeing articles about them being treated like garbage. I think two muslims here responsed properly and understood that I previously wanted to be averted from thinking negatively of muslims and the rest just resorted to hate and personal attacks or tried to point the finger at other religions and races (note it was the minority that responded decently). How fitting that I also just saw an article about PETA members being bashed and viciously attacked by muslims in India for suggesting an animalty cruelty free Eid, how PEACEFUL. Wow I’m so convinced now. This is exactly why people view you that way. You people are like children who when confronted about a fault, answer back rudely and say “So what, someone else did it too and other people did it a hundred years ago”. Outta here, laters haters but thank you to those who upvoted and at least tried to understand what I was getting at and respectfully provided me with their opinions and insight but unfortunately it was the majority as always that showed me it’s futile to try and understand them.

  185. Lukas says:

    it was 45 words actually Jared, your either to lazy to read all of them or you clearly cant read or count, and its extremely obvious you don’t have what it takes to hold an intelligent conversation because all you’ve done here is try to attack me as a person, one you have absolutely no knowledge of what so ever.
    The last thing I am mate is a spineless apologist, I haven’t come here to offend anyone, and I sure as hell haven’t offended anyone who has the intelligence to read properly before reacting with unsubstantiated bullshit, and I sure as hell haven’t apologized for anything I have said.
    so once again you have done nothing but graced us with another piece of your so called “wisdom”, or what I would like to call half assed hate mongering.
    P.S. I’m still waiting for you to explain how Muslims have been treated as second class citizens in Australia for the past decade?

  186. Lukas says:

    Fijians have had a history of cannibalism. do you call Fijians cannibals?
    Do you call all Germans Nazi’s?
    Do you call all white south Africans Racist?
    Do you call all Russians Homophobic?
    Australia has had a history of Racism, but there’s been a lot of change in the past few decades, lets not forget that.

  187. Douglas Hendry says:

    You seem to be a mate of peter mi, equally verbose, equally without any understanding of the word racism..Islam/Muslim is not a race..Australians possibly also not a race in the true sense, but as ‘of a country’ we are a race..therefore calling Australians racist, is in fact racism, of the purest form. Your first warning to Lukas seems to be a little more than threatening..”abattoir” indeed, seems to indicate a very extremist message. A very disturbed mentality here…

  188. Douglas Hendry says:

    The idea of a bible salesman doing door to door in Afghanistan springs to mind.

  189. Louise Neervoort says:

    It’s not racism. Islam is not a race. You cannot seriously claim that the Hanbali School of Islamic Jurisprudence, the most strict and literal among the Sunni schools of jurisprudence as practised in Saudi Arabia and other gulf states is not a ‘threat to civilisation’? It has led to a system of apartheid against women that are themselves are fighting against in Saudi. How about we listen to them for once? It is after all them who are being affected. There are serious and accurate grounds for having concerns with ideological aspects of some branches of Islam.

  190. Louise Neervoort says:

    That was the old-testament which was completely defunct by the new.

  191. Louise Neervoort says:

    Wow so much hate Peter. Where did you find so much hate to direct at others? Very sad. I’m afraid with all your judgement and hating, YOU are part of the problem.

  192. Louise Neervoort says:

    For an interesting perspective from human rights groups in Saudi Arabia on the apartheid of women there (not just under Wahabbi Islam but because of Wahabi Islam)

  193. Trish says:

    Every single week there are posts on Facebook of often white men aged between approx 20 and 40 abusing and killing dogs and animals. Your original question was why does this hatred exist? It is because people pigeonhole Muslims in the negative, due to the acts of a few; yet the same does not apply to all white men between the ages of 20 – 40 as animal abusers. If you don’t like Muslims because they kill dogs, do you post on forums about how much you hate white men aged between 20 – 40 because some of them killed dogs too? It is called narrow-mindedness and hatred driven by fear. You say that there is hatred due to your posts.

    Every single time you post or comment or create a conversation about ill-informed points of view, that then places one group of people in a negative light; you are contributing to stigmatising that group of people and perpetuating hate against that group. People who trust your ill-informed opinion will also believe you and so the cycle goes. There are 400,000 Muslims in Australia, so by your logic, there must be a hell of a lot of dead dogs around the RSPCA must be completely run off their feet. I can’t even fathom why the newspapers haven’t picked this up yet.

    You also do realise that many people who practice Islam, practice a religion of peace and not the religious acts you are talking about. People are drawing comparisons to Christianity in other comments to try to show you how unfair your judgements are of these people, due to their religion. It is called Bigotry.

  194. Trish says:

    It should not be the burden of Muslim people to educate you one what their religion is about. The onus should be on you to stop having a bigotted ill-informed view of these people.

  195. Geeualz says:

    Yes I have read from top to bottom and still reading, reading cringe worthy views and veiws that make me proud, one thing I know is Australians still have a voice and use it whether you agree or disagree with the comments we still have a voice

  196. Geeualz says:

    Did you actually read what Christine said entirely from post to post or have you just cash in on snippets

  197. iratheist says:

    Both sides have some valid points. Again, I can’t stress this enough, I’m not defending Islam. I’m an ex-Muslim for god’s sake! I think we must critize Islam, but vilifying all the Muslims won’t really help. There are good prople in predominantly Muslim countries and there are bad people. Same as everywhere else. Now, some cultural relativists want us to stop at that, and don’t criticize cultures or religions. I don’t think that’s right. Islam has some nasty laws and traditions within it. That’s also true in case of Judaism or Christianity. They are written by ignorant people who didn’t know any better. Now, very few Christians take bible seriously, thanks god for that! The same thing’s going to happen, and to some extent is happening in Islamic countries. Education is the key here. I would love to see all religious people to be turned to open minded atheists, but since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, we need to coexist. The best course of action for western countries such as Australia is to support more moderate factions in Islamic countries and specially skeptical voices which need the support. The act that allowed women to vote was passed on 1902 here in Australia. So, we must be a bit more patient. Things will change and are changing fast.Meanwhile we should be more compationate and understanding, in order to help this process.

  198. Tony Valachi says:

    What a rant! Yes, rant it is because it doesn’t mention the threats issued by Muslims and acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims. the same Muslims who often condemn democracy and free speech saying nothing but Sharia. The same Sharia law that Saudi Arabia practices under which they have beheaded a good number of maids. The same Sharia law under which ISIS, which include hundreds of muslim immigrants from Australia, has executed a large number of innocent men, women and children. The same Sharia law which Taliban uses to cane and disfigure women. The same Sharia law which is being practiced in Britain where Sharia courts more often than not side with the abusive husbands.

    An Islamic preacher lives in Australia for 19 years raising his family on tax payer’s money all the while planning to commit a genocide of the same tax payers but no mention of that. Another leading Imam blames the way women dress for rapes but no mention of that. Yet another Imam, a self proclaimed torch bearer of peace, demonizes the west including Australia, shake hands with the leader of a banned terror organization Hamas but no mention of that, why?

    Why there is no mention of the fatwa issued by ISIS exhorting Muslims in Australia to attack non Muslims? Why there is no mention of the foiled beheading plot by Muslims of Australians? Why there is no mention of the armed racist Muslim gangs in Australia? Is it because these facts don’t suit your rhetoric or was it that at the time of writing this crap your belly was full of biryani made by halaal meat?

    By the way, the junk you produced from your junkish mind deserves only to be published on a site like this, the In the end, I am not an Australian and neither am I a white, I am brown. Sill if you dare call me a racist I would say that if opposing a piece of cloth which has become a symbol of oppression and persecution of women and children then yes I am a racist, and a proud one at that!

    In the end, when have Muslims treated their host country, its people and its culture respectfully? Name one country where they are not in conflict with the native population, one! They are stirring shit across Europe, the UK and now they have started it in the US and Canada. Why is it that it always have to be Muslims, I mean why people from other faiths are not imposing their cultural shit on the population of the host countries? When was the last time you saw Hindus demanding ban on beef? Eating beef is prohibited in their religion, so what if like Muslims who demand ban on pork they also start demanding ban on beef?

  199. Pseudonym says:

    “I sincerely hope what you are saying is a majority belief within muslim community here in Oz […]”

    For what it’s worth:

  200. Pseudonym says:

    “100% of Muslim terrorists are Muslim”

    In further news, 100% of Tasmanian burglars are Tasmanian.

  201. Reginald Clifford Harry says:

    christine,i am sorry ,,but u are flogging a dead horse,,your motives and morals are of the highest order,but when it comes to religion,you will have a thousand “different” opinions from a thousand different people,,all contradictary to each other.most wars have involved people pushing their own beliefs on others,,so u will allways get opposition to any peaceful suggestions,,the only possible solution i can see to this problem,is that the genuine muslims come forward and publicly announce their beliefs,and their commitment to australia, and to dob in any terrorists,,and maybe that will stop the excuse our :corrupt:government is using for the hitler like attitude toward all of us

  202. Joey says:

    Someone’s never lived in a Muslim area.

  203. Joey says:

    I agree Christianity=Islam, there’s so many Christian theocracies, terror groups, beheadings, female genital mutilation, forced conversions, suicide bombings.

  204. Joey says:

    That’s why we hate Islam, like Islam, Christianity was responsible for many atrocities. Today its nearly universally Islam. Islam has not changed, its stuck in the dark ages.

  205. Hana Idros says:

    I used to stay in Abbotsford, Melbourne couple of years back. I am a Muslim with a hijab as part of every day outfit. Growing up I was exposed that Australia is a beautiful multi-cultural country, for me as Malaysian; that sounds wonderful. One thing I quickly learned there most Australians that I met are the warmest people I have ever met compare to most countries I have visited. However I notice two things. First the Muslim-Australian should get involved more with their society, it seems they are holding back worrying they will lose their identity. Find the balance, nobody can take away one’s identity. Trust me, in Malaysia nobody is ‘pure’ descendent of a lineage. We adopt and make it works to our liking, yes there’s a quarrel and sulk happened here and there but it is just something that happened between siblings. Second thing is even though most Australians are very warm, someone did threaten to punch me in the face and gave me all those Muslims’ slurring. Do I brand all Australians racist? No. Most Australians that I met have never talk to any Muslims, when I asked out of curiosity, Muslims are visible everywhere and this shouldn’t happened. Most answers I would received the closest they got to a Muslim would be sitting next to them in a train or an ex-schoolmate. Hence, the “CNN Muslims” idea would emerged I would called. Most questions and discussions I had was all depicted by what are portrayed in the news. I was in Australia around the Sydney’s Muslims riot incident, there was a lovely restaurant in a convent. I have been in-and-out that restaurants countless of times, yet, everything changed that weekend when the demonstration that was supposed to be held in Melbourne. As I walked in the restaurant, the whole restaurant stopped and looked at me. There was an eerie silence. Luckily for a taller friend I was with, I hid behind him. I would suggest to those who have never talked to a Muslim, walk to one at the train station or at a grocery store, talk just talk. Most Australians I met feel I am different than other Muslim women, loud and very lenient. I am not alone, there are other people like me out there. Talk just talk. A group of crazy people who self-proclaimed that they are Muslims and bombing and killing everyone does not represent the whole group. They aren’t worthy to represent any civilisation at all, they are just a bunch of lunatics. I am a Muslim woman with a hijab on, I am a devout Muslim, I am not a terrorist, I am against ISIS and I love Australia.

  206. Lukas says:

    the IRA is Fucked up? mate I don’t think you know what your talking about

  207. Lukas says:

    whole message seems quite extreme and without reason I think

  208. Lukas says:

    way to much Tasmanian directed “Racism”

  209. Trish says:

    Yes! Exactly. To use a text from either religion to convince people that religion is based on terror is pure nonsense. That is the entire point of my post. Both texts have atrocious things in them. There are 400,000 Muslims in Australia, approx. If 400,000 people were going about every day acting on what their text tells them to do, it would be a very different country that we live in. Any religious text can be used to highlight atrocities, sexism, abuse and murder. Why is it just the text followed by Muslim’s highlighted by Australians to incite fear and hatred, when we equally do this with the bible. There is no evidence in Australia of masses of people following either religion going around reigning chaos on society.

  210. DERB says:

    Stuart here is a little upset, himself. Being a White Knight and riddled with white guilt creates quite the dichotomy.

  211. Alex Wilding says:

    And here’s a quick recap of all the atrocities that have been committed in the name of Islam this week:
    2014.09.30 (Kobane, Syria) – Three women are among four Kurds beheaded by the caliphate, which places the heads on display.
    2014.09.29 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – A Shahid suicide bomber takes out seven civilians.
    2014.09.28 (al-Baida, Yemen) – A Shiite family of six is exterminated by Ansar al-Sharia.
    2014.09.28 (Hangu, Pakistan) – Islamic militants blow up eight innocents near a refugee camp.
    2014.09.28 (Marib, Yemen) – An al-Qaeda suicide bomber slaughters fifteen Shiites outside a hospital.
    2014.09.26 (Kobani, Iraq) – At least fifty people are reported dead during a massive ISIS assault on a Kurdish town.

  212. alexf0207 says:

    He would get killed or beaten because that’s how they treat non-muslims or any1 who dares say anything against them, that’s how insecure they are with their religion

    A katy Perry music video came out with an islamic symbol and they all went crazy and protested, they started riots over a short film about their religion, in iran and other middle eastern countries people are allowed to convert TO islam but it is illegal and they lose their jobs and are shunned and targeted if they convert FROM islam to another or denounce their faith, talk about an insecure religion

  213. alexf0207 says:

    Any bet youre an extremist. So much hate for this country u ungrateful twat

  214. alexf0207 says:

    He was being sarcastic u silly old woman stop pretending to be white with ur fake name and profile picture ; no non muslim would defend islam as ferociously as u have

  215. Trish says:

    What a complete idiot you are.

  216. Louise says:

    Marky, pedophilia is rife in Christian churches too… so much so we’re having a Royal Commission into ti!

  217. Angie Hu says:

    Well, Ethiopia is a Christian country and there is still a hell of a lot of female genital mutilation there – not stoning, I know – but people seem to ignore that kind of fact…. and then brand all Muslim countries to be equally regressive as those few that are the worst. (i.e. Indonesia is not the same as Saudi Arabia.) (basically, stoning is not a part of all Islamic cultures either!!)

  218. Angie Hu says:

    Neither do most Muslim people… What’s your point?

  219. Angie Hu says:

    Christine, people bring up Christianity because some people may feel that it is a means of allowing people to reach a more objective understanding. This objective understanding is vital to achieving understanding and empathy. It’s much more difficult to understand if you keep a narrow-minded approach, and talk about it as merely an Islamic problem. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parallels to other historical events. It helps to learn form history and it seems entirely relevant to me.

  220. Angie Hu says:

    If I were a muslim living in a Muslim country like Indonesia, it’s pretty likely I’d still be able to enjoy a lot of the freedoms I enjoy now.

    If I were a muslim right now, it would not mean I would be caned for not covering my head, I have muslim friends who don’t and are not attacked by their communities.

    There is a spectrum. Don’t generalise. Muslim countries and some Christian countries alike have their own problems, It’s a problem with a country (and their interpretation of one strand of a religion), not a problem with the entire religion. Ethiopia is a Christian country and has serious serious problems too. Just like Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country with serious problems too.

    I think you need to read some of the images posted by HONY on his UN world tour from Middle Eastern countries to see that not all muslims living in those countries are as you paint them to be.

    You may not want to, but this is worth a watch too:

  221. erock68la says:

    I seem to remember a lot of muslims turning out to demonstrate against the police’s methods when they recently searched the community for terror suspects. What I didn’t see was a lot of muslims turning out to give information to help find the terror suspects.

  222. chris says:


  223. Pierre Savoie says:

    Last paragraph: Giving up religion is the right thing to do. This irresponsible, small-time news-blogger called the British Broadcasting Corporation says religion will disappear in 9 advanced countries within 50 years. So don’t dismiss it as an option for Muslims. Extinction of religion will be the norm, everywhere.

  224. Travis458 says:


  225. Mack says:

    How many have we beheaded just for supporting a different religion? How many women have we stoned to death for not covering up? What about the Muslim driving around Essendon proudly displaying their “91101” (9/11/01, and not on a 2001 Porsche 911)? How about the head of the WA Islamic Council being arrested with $8 MILLION in methamphetamine, $340K in cash AND several unregistered firearms? There’s much worse in the world than name calling and suspicion.

  226. Mack says:

    Have you even looked at what’s going on in Europe?

  227. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    and that is why the forum is now defunct…… hahahahaha

  228. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    the real world awaits you Christine, hope you get there soon

  229. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    and are you saying it should????? white Christians do no go around cutting people heads off!!!!!

  230. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    you call it a ”media beat- up”, well that is nowhere near true and you know it, the media would like nothing better than to keep everything quiet about the people trying to implement sharia laws, oh yes there are a lot of them, the media hasn”t said a thing about the Bendigo bank and its involvement with sharia finances!!!! nar I have had it… no point in this conversation, its like trying to get the history of the Palestinian people from a muslim…. they will never tell you that their history is very minute… you speak well but you have deviated from the path of truth

  231. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    and you compare martin Bryant with an idiot screaming alahu Akbar whilst chopping your head off….. now lets see….. one is an Islamic jihadist acting the exact way his leaders
    want and exactly the way that is written in his own ”holy” book, living in the footsteps of his exulted ”prophet” that married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage when she was 9, and then lied and raped and cheated his way into the hearts of all his followers….. the other is a fucking psychopath who shot a heap of people in the name of no religion…. great analogy there

  232. GRAHAM GIROLAMI says:

    and this is why most Christians do not visit these churches any more , I for 1 am Christian but do not believe in the institution of the church…. they pray where ever and when ever they please YOU DO NOT NEED A BUILDING TO PRAY….. thou shalt not pray to false idol(building)…(mosque) so tell me why is it so important that mosques have to be these huge monoliths that overlook regions and the call to prayer so loud that a whole suburb can hear it. it is there to make an impression , to stand over you , to threaten you (if you like) it is common knowledge that sick sick men disguise themselves in the priestly garb for the only reason to pray on defenceless children….. oh hang on……. that’s what Muslims do every day, in the name of the prophet!!!!!!…… see yu

  233. Pseudonym says:

    “the media would like nothing better than to keep everything quiet about the people trying to implement sharia laws”

    I strongly believe that Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones are part of the media. You may differ on this point.

  234. maimed says:

    bigots and racists are only a perception of the opposer

  235. Andrew Dixon says:

    Doesn’t count, WTF, so religions cant grow up and change there beliefs accordingly, your an idiot.

  236. Andrew Dixon says:

    So what has the Hebrew bible got to do with Christians.

  237. Andrew Dixon says:

    Incite hatred against gay people, what and muslims welcome them with open arms, oh sorry that’s right, there are no gay muslims. As for paedophilia its not part of the Christian faith, Christians don’t say its okay to have sex with kids, like some other religions. Any members of the church caught carrying out these acts should be locked up, and are not doing it in the name of there religion.

  238. Andrew Dixon says:

    but its not part of the religion is it, the people carrying out these atrocious acts arnt doing it in the name of Christianity or because the bible says it ok to marry 12 year old kids.

  239. Andrew Dixon says:

    well done you came up with one Christian country that is still living in the past, no one said that some atrocities arnt carried out in the name of Christianity or in Christian countries but they are few compare with what is carried out in the name of islam ot muslim countries. most Christian countries have actually grown up and left the medieval times behind them.

  240. Andrew Dixon says:

    all your quotes are from the old testament which Christians dont follow anymore, or from the Hebrew bible which has nothing to do with Christianity, so what is your point?, other then you have no idea what your on about.

  241. Andrew Dixon says:

    there completely different books you dhead, Christians follow the new testament which does not recommend stoning, what part of that don’t you understand. In this case they are not picking and choosing because they don’t even follow the old testament.