Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move, And There’s A Website To Prove It

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Remember that scene in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is on the run from the law, but is unable to avoid detection because everywhere he goes there are constant retina scans feeding his location back to a central database? That’s tomorrow. Today, Google is tracking wherever your smartphone goes, and putting a neat red dot on a map to mark the occasion.

You can find that map here. All you need to do is log in with the same account you use on your phone, and the record of everywhere you’ve been for the last day to month will erupt across your screen like chicken pox.


We all know that no matter what ‘privacy’ settings you may try and implement, our information is all being collected and stored somewhere. That knowledge sits in the back of our minds, and is easy to drown out by shoving in some headphones and watching Adventure Time on repeat until everything stops being 1984.  But it’s a sharp jolt back to reality when you see a two dimensional image marking your daily commute with occasional detours to the cinema or a friend’s house.

Looking at mine, I realised that a) I live my life in a very small radius, and b) there are places on my map that I don’t remember going. One of them I’ve apparently visited three times on different days. Once whilst “Biking” and twice while “Stationary”. All at times I wouldn’t usually be awake. I’m not sure what’s happening on Wood Street in North Melbourne, or why my phone apparently travels there without me, but I’m not going to rule out secret alien conspiracies.

This never happened. UNLESS IT DID.

This never happened. UNLESS IT DID.

Apparently this record only happens if you have ‘location services’ switched on in your phone; if you do and you’re finding you have no data, then it means that either you don’t exist or you’ve beaten the system. If it’s the latter, please teach me your ways; I know for a fact that I switched my phone’s location detection off, but apparently it somehow got switched back on.

Oh well. Perhaps this month I’ll take some inspiration from the runner who used Nike+ draw dicks — except this time when the dots are joined, they’ll just form a huge, unblinking eye. With occasional side trips to Wood Street.

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Get creeped out by logging in here. And turn  (h/t: Business Insider.)

Elizabeth is the editor of Voiceworks, and has been published in Film Ink, Metro, The Punch, and Lip Magazine. She tweets terrible puns @ElizabethFlux.

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  • NoniDoll

    I’ve checked this twice, and both times I get, “You have no location history from July 17, 2014 to August 15, 2014″. I use Google Maps all the time. Should I be more or less scared?

    • Mark Terrett

      yeah, except that if you don’t actually log in to google maps on your
      phone and just use the app without a login, it can’t track you. or can it?

    • Tom Swann

      I don’t use Google Now, but I use Google Maps on my phone all the time and am logged in. I get this message as well. So must be Google Now?

    • ant

      if you’re not doing anything wrong, what might you fear?

      • Mutant Swarm

        Look for a book called “Three Felonies A Day” to find out. There are so many laws now, everyone breaks a law every day.

      • Cricket

        Not to mention, there are far too many people assumed to be someone else, or the person who did something someone who vaguely resembled them did, or just out-right incompetence on the part of those looking for bad guys, that “not doing anything wrong” is pretty irrelevant.

  • AlyssaKT

    Mine has biking and stationary too! (And I haven’t done either!)

  • internetactivist

    yeah its called location history. tards.

    • Jeffrey Micheal Tom

      Ya tard ……the government can see it to …..that’s the problem….Mr Internet ..

      • Dave

        The government already knows where I work and live. You paranoid freaks really think that knowing where I shop is going to somehow allow the government to infringe on my rights? Bwahahahaha!! Tighten your aluminum foil hat and go hide in your bunker. We have WAY more serious things to worry about than whether Barack Obama knows where I went last week.

        It’s because of you guys distracting us from REAL problems that our country is in the shape it is today.

  • douglasac10

    It tends to be used from Google Now data if you have an Android phone.

  • William Criswell

    Sounds like an elaborate ploy to get your Google login information

    • Wogan

      Really? On a property? lol.

    • Alen Sunny

      Lol yes that’s exactly what it’s trying to do…..

  • TheTechieGuy

    No conspiracy here: you enabled the Google Location History options – here is how you can disable it:

    • David R Velasquez

      But it still remains cached somewhere. So there, TechieGuy.

      • TheTechieGuy

        of course it remains out there ! As they say: “if its free YOU are the product”. So there David.

        • David R Velasquez

          Agreed. But I do take issue with saying that there’s “no conspiracy” as it isn’t exactly true. A conspiracy means there’s an agreement between parties to deceive.a third party. And they do.
          Google has just gone too far. Personally I shouldn’t have to be strongarmed into using Google Plus just to comment on Youtube.

          • yesteray

            Yeah, because you are entitled to do anything you want without paying any price.

          • David R Velasquez

            What kind of lameass comment is that? Oh,…okay….you want to throw your money into social sites because you have so much of it…or that you love profiteers so damn much. Most sites have a model where they make their money from click throughs and advertising. They don’t need to sell our personal information. But if you think they should …then you go right ahead and sell your own. But don’t think for one moment I or anyone else have an obligation to give ours away. And btw, jerkweed, our using the site is what gives it its value. They make money on these sites through the stock market based on how many people are using it. For something like Youtube…it would be worth zilch if the public didn’t post content on it.

          • yesteray

            No, no one has an obligation to give their information away. By the same token Google has no obligation to provide you with YouTube videos or comments.

            Google obtains the revenue to provide YouTube videos by selling to advertisers and it gets more from them when it knows more about you. The videos aren’t “free,” you are paying by giving up your personal information. If you don’t care to pay that cost, you aren’t required to use YouTube and you especially are not required to leave comments.

            Netflix has lots of good videos for a low monthly fee and you can leave reviews of all of them without using Google Plus.

          • subtleinspiration

            Why do you have to comment on YouTube?

          • David R Velasquez

            Is that a rhetorical question?

  • meeli

    Google maps > settings > Location history > Do not store. It’s not even hidden. Pretty sure it’s set to ‘do no store’ as default.

    • Wogan

      Also a great big “Delete all history” option on that map linked above.

      • batfly

        Actually… Delete All History doesn’t actually delete all history… it just marks a flag that says this history is deleted. So that way when you query the map… it spits back nothing.

        Now… think real careful because that flag that says deleted… is a red flag for the government to pay extra careful attention to the phone conversations for those mapped areas which are deleted.

        • Wogan

          Really? Do you work at Google? Did you build this software? Did you set the policies? Do you really think a US court would allow Google to get away with misrepresenting the function here? Do you not think that if Google was illegally holding on to data against user consent, there’d be a successful class action lawsuit against them? Or are you just pulling these facts out of your ass?

          • Michael Laprise

            NSA you big dummy and its all stored on servers nothing gets deleted. It sounds like your talking out your ass Blowgan.

          • Leo

            …except Lois Lerner’s emails.

          • Joseph Price

            Damn, dude…I owe you a few beers for that one.

            Well played, Sir.

          • Wogan

            When something has to vanish for the sake of the plot, it vanishes! :P

          • scaryplacemat

            Should be somewhere I hope

          • Nelson Muntz

            Ha ha !

          • Wogan

            Do you even know how servers work? They’re not magical boxes of infinite holding – they have limits, and they cost ridiculous amounts of money. Google has the best-built server farm on the planet, and with all of their power can barely keep up indexing the light web, never mind the dark web.

          • Michael David Sugg

            Then what the hell is the cloud about….isn’t it a magical box that does just that….store (back up) everything.

          • Boater39

            Nope. It’s a collection of servers that you don’t own (you rent it; why pay once for something you can pay for, forever?), run by a bunch of technicians in India. ;)

          • Wogan

            These days I’m pretty sure it’s technicians in Bangladesh :(

          • Wogan

            “Cloud” is just a marketing term for “large collection of servers, networking and applications that’s too much detail to explain in this presentation”. What you consider Google’s cloud, Google themselves consider their on-premise network.

          • James Menasheh

            The NSA building in Utah will hold a Yodabyte of information….. All the information in digital to date.

          • Christopher Houser

            The force is strong with this one.
            P.S. it’s “yottabyte” and that is completely absurd. Orrr… you’re being funny.

          • Wogan

            In 2012, IBM worked out that the world had 2.7 Zetabytes of data (0.0027 Yottabytes). Even with exponential growth over two years, there’s no way it could even approach a “Yodabyte” of information as our friend here suggests.

            Which, ironically, would make it a logically consistent government project: Spending 100x the money to get 50x the capacity when you don’t need any of it at all (see: Lockheed F-35).

          • Goldmind

            An important adage, you are forgetting! Size does not matter. Only the force!

          • Wogan

            Yodabyte may well be my new favorite word, thanks!

          • OpportKnocks

            You are wrong, I work for a CRM company and data storage is cheap, and every database is backed up daily and kept. If someone insists record be deleted we do it under the law. Do we delete it from every backup on file, not a chance.

          • Wogan

            Bet you you don’t keep every backup forever. If you work at any remotely-successful CRM company, your data growth will outpace historical storage eventually, and you’ll have to drop old backups as a matter of course.. That’s how deleted records in your master eventually roll out of your backups – over time, as you run out of space to store older data.

          • Christopher Houser

            I love how people claim to work in the industry yet appear to have no idea how the costs and logistics of the situation work out. Thank you for being a voice of reason among imbeciles.

          • Wogan

            Thanks! Although the reality is probably worse than you think – these people DO work in these industries while having no idea how these things work out :(

          • Boater39

            Storage is cheap nowadays. (and yes, I work at the very large enterprise-level). If anything, the bottleneck for web crawling really is still bandwidth, but don’t underestimate the power of Google.

          • Aneesh Sankruth

            Well said! Although, I think Facebook has the best server farm.

          • Wogan

            Microsoft wins for sheer number of servers (over a million). Google wins for diverse geolocation. Of the three, Facebook has the least number of servers, mostly stored in one location. And they could probably get away with less servers if they had better data retention policies :P

          • CPGrungebob

            I guess you haven’t heard of the Intelligence Community Comprehenseive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center in Utah. I’ve seen it and the the future plans are huge.

          • Boater39

            You of course ASSUME it’s actually being recorded by the NSA. You really aren’t important enough for them to care about you. And if you are, the bigger concern is “why.”

          • ant

            you uh…..know what country this is?if you aren’t a paranoid american you’re a blind one….look around you….directly after you wake up and smell the disregard for the constitution grown ass man money like google has can buy….smh

          • Andrew Gulak

            But we’re the minority! I can’t believe how many people I encounter that are just completely oblivious to all of what’s happening. And I’m just some shlub. Some of these people are like geniuses… Who just don’t see any of this.

          • Wogan

            I’m a level-headed South African, thanks.

          • PoliticsGalore

            Yes. No. No. No. Yes. Define illegally, or no. No.

          • Nil Nil Nil

            Actually.. there are law suits. Go back to sleep smartass

          • Joseph Price

            NSA has access to all of this, you fucking moron. THEY are the ones storing the information.

          • Wogan

            Oh? Then why do they need XKeyscore? Where are they storing it, that big desert facility that hasn’t even been built yet? What do you think the NSA uses, some secret alien technology with infinite bandwidth and memory, where they can just store everything, including your thoughts?

          • ken

            Actually they have had a facility under Langley for the last 30 years or so. Very hush hush. The new one in utah will make the Langley one look like childs play. Yes they record eveything, yes the they do it illegally to protect america and her assets. Yes Wogan you know nothing about our country so go back and crawl under a rock.

          • Dawned Harsh

            You do realize you can track the power draw for those kind of buildings
            Look at the Sony for 4 one in Canada if you think I’m joking
            Large server equal large power

          • Jammer

            You just keep believing it’s all a lie, and that they don’t have the capability to store all that information. It’s not hard to bridge the gap of what you don’t know and what you do know. Did you know the US military/gov agencies get access to new technology YEARS before it hits the general market? So imagine the technology you are using today was actually in the hands of the gov 5+ years ago, and they are now using something that makes today’s technology obsolete.

          • Gypsy

            Most experts agree the government uses technology 20+ years in advance of general market usage …

          • Wogan

            Really? The US government gets access to new technology first. Like the IRS 50mb mailboxes, running on Exchange 2003? Or the VA, running on the same scheduling software as the 1970s? Where did you read that stat, a David Icke book?

          • Dustin Pageloff

            Um wogan you do know that a couple of Petabit hard drives is more then plenty to store this info. And Petabit drives are not that hard to make.

          • Wogan

            Since when do harddrives get measured in bits? I assume you mean petabytes. I also assume you know that 1PB == 1000 terabytes. And that the largest harddrive available by the end of this year will be 6TB.

            Explain why a petabit drive is not hard to make, when the largest storage company on the planet can only manage, at best, a 0.006pB drive?

          • Dawned Harsh

            True and false
            They flag words
            Use that word then they track you, same with other Gov agency
            Your not important till viewed as a threat

          • E Logan


          • Kyle

            It’s called common sense… Put your phone up to your computer speakers to hear it’s transmissions and listen closely as you start deleting things…

          • Wogan

            Yeah, that’s called GPRS. It’s what happens when your phone tries to send or receive any data – for instance, the instructions to delete things. What did you think that noise was, an NSA backdoor?

          • Bob Johnson

            Nothing you can say or do will convince some of these guys from flipping their wig and being a conspiracy nut about the smallest things. Then at the same time they will keep using googles service and living under their current govt. all while complaining, instead of going to live somewhere else and not use those services. Besides, what do they think might happen using a free service and signing their TOS.

          • Wogan

            Of course not – people need enemies to blame for the problems in their own life. Even if it makes absolutely no sense, like gluten, or demons. I’ve learned long ago that people’s opinions simply cannot be changed, and I’m not even trying. I’m just learning more about how these sorts of people justify their paranoia.

          • Danix Defcon 5

            They *don’t* have to delete *any* data they collected from you, as it’s part of the ToS. There’s no law making it illegal to not delete it. In fact, the opposite might be true thanks to the PATRIOT Act and other Gov’t “data grab laws”. And even without those laws, standard procedures are to keep data stored “just in case”. That you as a user can’t see it doesn’t mean they actually deleted it. Go ahead, ask any DBAs. They’ll tell you that data might live in nightly/weekly backups at the very least.

          • Wogan

            I am a DBA, and I’ve written retention policies, and those are just sensible precautions that will eventually result in the deletion of information you really want to delete. I love how people keep conflating big business and government, as if they’re the same people, when instead they’re directly at odds – see the Right to Forget law in Europe right now.

          • ish

            Lol who you trying to convince? You get paid to put people’s mind at ease so people can stay dumb for guys like yous advantage? Lol people have woken up to these kind of act. Nice try though.

          • Wogan

            The people wouldn’t be dumb if they took the time to educate themselves. The only reason propaganda works is because people would rather believe a story, than dig for the truth.

          • ish

            Oh read and have my own brain to use rather than listen and make my own conclusion to both side not on propaganda sorry! As a scientist I need hard proof with instigation ontop. Hence why I don’t practice due to government restricting scientists in helping people once cure has been found or leak out information for people to know there is cure, this is no different.

          • Wogan

            Hard proof with instigation? I can’t take you seriously when you can’t even spell the words you believe in.

          • ish

            You’re an idiot let’s hope this will make you take it serious. As I’m sure and very confident I ain’t a computer hence human makes mistakes when typing. But as your computerised you make no such spelling errors right hahahaha your idiot with no commonsense

          • Wogan

            Yeah, because calling people idiots really endears them to your point of view.

          • joeanybody

            Never argue with an idiot it bring u down to their level and it’s an argument u can never win.

          • Jf Aubut

            What is the truth ? ..Say it to me .
            Google delete when asked or not ?
            Go ahead …

          • Wogan

            If it is within their power, they will delete it. They’re very transparent about what data they have that belongs to you – you can see all of it on a dashboard:

            Of course, if a website you do not control has information you want to delete, that’s a different matter altogether.

          • Joshua 大砲 Butcher

            I am a database manager currently, have been a lead DBA and a lead data architect… you are talking out of your ass these days. I have worked at places that manage terabytes of live data, let alone what gets stored in cold storage. Google, Apple, Facebook, they do have what to us would equate to infinite amounts of storage to you.

            Talk to me again when you have worked in an environment where the databases do a total of 26GB/sec of network traffic.

          • Danix Defcon 5

            While Europe is passing these laws, other countries are going a bit overboard on data retention the other way. My own country (Mexico) passed a new law requiring all telecom providers to keep geolocation data to be queried by government agencies whenever they want. They don’t even need a court order for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar thing is in effect at least inside the US.

          • Boater39

            They need a warrant in the US to access the data. BUT, that doesn’t mean they need a warrant to access it if the data was collected by the NSA directly rather than the telecom provider….

          • G$$

            Yes the courts let them. You agree to it in the terms of use agreement.

          • Arnie

            This is a pretty common thing across product development.

          • Mike Robbins

            Yes, that is exactly what I think. Sure them! I wish you the best and hope that you actually succeed at doing something instead I think you will findyou’re a little fish in a big pond.

          • ax123man

            Do YOU work at Google? Uh huh. So I guess you can’t deny it either. Do you really think an organization like the NSA that tracks every email, facebook and twitter post of every American in the country, who has broken it’s OWN privacy rules 1000’s of times, that has taped into the backbone of internet providers, that built a data center in utah capable of storing everything the internet does for years, that routinely spies on it’s own government has no say at Google? Maybe you should listen to what those on the inside have said for years – Tice, Snowden, Binnery, Drake, Klein and Tamm.

            Can you say “clueless”? How about “ignorant”? Perhaps “naive” works for you?

          • Boater39

            They don’t need any say at Google. They can (and do) just as easily intercept the data before it hits Google’s data centers. (at least, the ones housed on US soil)

          • Angrydave

            Your the worst conspiracy theory nut I have even seen<(sarcasm)

          • Peter Handy


          • Brian Hinkel

            Blind and wooly eyed…

          • drdgonflyr

            Wogan, which world do you live in, the government does many things now without our approval or consent. Look at our president, he changes whatever law he wants with the stroke of his pen. This world is no longer the world I grew up in and I am 62 years old. The government knows exactly where you are at all times. Look at all the camera’s around town, It sees everything.

          • Skulleater

            Wogan let me share something with you, this is very interesting trust me, you’ll understand what batfly means

          • T.

            Almost 20 years working in computers, and security, and can say you don’t know what you are talking about.
            It never required any skills to read privacy policies.
            I know you certainly haven';t, going by your spew here.
            How is it you think the govt., can require facebook, and google, as well as your ISP store information as to your whereabouts, internet activities for later use, google even declared the right to do so long before we knew (they finally admitted it) they were storing every single web search we did, and they still do.
            You seem to be an expert in the field of ass pulling abilities here.
            Do some research , then make your public, ridiculous claims.

          • Wogan

            It takes no skills to read privacy policies, this is true. It does require some common sense to interpret their meaning though, which is why people shit themselves when they read things like “worldwide non-exclusive right to store and reproduce”, and think it means “THEY OWN YOUR DATA EVERYWHERE FOREVER” when it really means “we just need this right so we can actually do the stuff with your data you’re asking us to do”.

            Also, between us, I’m the one using my real, full name (in public) here, and I have no problem standing by my claims. Might wanna check your rhetoric for consistency there.

          • arafail


          • arafail

            Are so naive as to believe that you have any privacy?

        • Darkaegis

          You do know that the government has to go through an incredibly lengthy process to get *anything* from Google, right? They literally have special workers to look over warrant requests and reject those that they deem as frivolous. It’s not like some government agent is constantly drooling over all of your super secret private data.

          • batfly

            Yes all true. The “lengthy process” is the “legitimate” front door where everyone is subject to the letter of the Law. Meanwhile… Somewhere in Dark Internet Backdoor Land all the goods are being exchanged to the highest bidder.

            Just blame it on Russian Hackers or something. :-

        • Aneesh Sankruth

          Seriously, as someone said, you should move to a cave.

          • batfly

            Seriously your advice is worthless.

        • Aneesh Sankruth

          And btw, it is extremely expensive to store a lot of data. And I honestly don’t thing Google gives a rat’s ass about where you’ve been so much to spend all that money on you just to save it.

          • batfly

            Let’s explore your logic… “Google doesn’t give a rat’s ass where you’ve been”

            Google has all that information stored and continues to store it as we speak for everyone who has this functionality set up on their phones.

            What doesn’t make sense, is for Google to go through all the trouble of storing your GPS information and then allow one to log in and remove it. That would be a waste of Google resources if the delete function actually removed that information from their servers. A more logical move would be to allow users to mark the records with a delete flag… which would make it appear that the information had been removed.

          • Aneesh Sankruth

            Let me rephrase. Google probably doesn’t give a shit about where you’ve been, if you don’t care about it yourself. And as a business where each byte counts, they wouldn’t want to waste them on relatively useless data.

      • James J. O’Connor

        If you think it’s really “deleted”, as in, gone, no access to anyone, might want to reconsider. Just like having an option NOT to store the data. It may not be stored where YOU can access it, but I promise you, it’s being stored.

        • Aaron Chapman

          Let’s play “Spot the Guy Who Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About!”

          • Wogan

            Actually he does know what he’s talking about. Problem is that he knows just enough to be scared, but not enough to be informed.

          • Zulixia

            Wogan your avatar is cute and I like it.

          • Dustin Pageloff

            Scared of what? People knowing he went to the grocery store? Oh no. god please no don’t let the government know he shops at Wal-Mart..LOL

          • Stug47

            Hey if I was wanting to rob your house right after you tweeted you had a brand new laptop etc that information would be fantastic.
            (Just an example there are far easier ways to find that out barr your google account. But you get the just of it your personal information is worth a lot of money and can be misused.)

          • Aneesh Sankruth

            Glad to see people have stopped being stupid thinking that the government is following them.

          • MrBillinTX

            I just bought a brand new rifle and a ton of ammo for it. Maybe someone wants to break into my house? I could use the target practice! LOL

          • tootthefirst

            Reconsider. You’ll just end up shooting yourself in the face.

          • MrBillinTX


          • Kevin Morrison

            Love it!

          • james

            What does your new gun have to do with Google tracking you and Just because you have a gun in your house doesn’t make you safe

            If your not breaking the law what difference does it make who tracking you. If the government wants to watch me get naked with some woman I am down.

          • Tomi Glover

            Fuck you James and everyone of you that dont understand what our constitutional rights are, your an idiot if you think losing any of them are ok, because of people like you our government is taking us for stupid and complying

          • The Ragin Pagan

            Name calling is never a way to win an argument, Tomi.

          • Tomi Glover


          • james

            The constitution was written in ANOTHER TIME… a time where if someone told you to fuck off you could go to there house and shoot them in their face piss in their mouths while 7 crackheads ran a train on there wife and daughter or because BEARS AND NINJAS would rape/eat you ( i didn’t want to offend the sheep you sleep with so i said bears). SO YES AT THAT TIME YOU NEEDED A GUN TO WALK DOWN THE STREET

            I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves and IF you pass the STATE/PROVINCIAL sanctioned laws you should be able to own firearms….BUT…..THAT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO BE REVISED..


            I AM CANADIAN




            WHO THE F%$# SPELLS TOMMY…TOMI…WTF !!!!!!!,

            i am going to guess what your gonna write now,,,,
            fuck off Canadian you guys suck and eat snow…fucking dickhead….OR some bullshit like that.

          • James Mccall

            You’re an idiot. I say the First amendment needs to be revised so idiots like you can shut up. You Canucks think your country is so “it”! If it wasn’t for Big Brother the US protecting your sorry asses you wouldn’t exist.

          • james

            What does your comment have to do anything….. and that is point this whole discussion was about Google tracking people and like Tomi the other idiot your comment has nothing to do with the topic.

            Maybe thats why we get free health care because big brother the US is protecting our asses… Your should run for office and make changes since your so smart and intellectually superior.

            By the way what happened in 1812 again….

          • James Mccall

            You didn’t burn the White House. Tell you what. Come burn it again. Pussy. Probably don’t even do your own fornicating.

          • james

            ???? I’ll define fornication for you conseual sex with an unmarried person….James your an idiot. Your a mouth peice. I know your type your a really tuff guy when your friends are around but otherwise your a scared insecure closet homosexual who wakes up everyday hating yourself.

            So your mad at the world and if mommy loved you more and you knew who you dad was things would have been better….guess what he left because of you….you ruined there lives. ….you should kill yourself.

          • James Mccall

            Spent 25 years in the army pussy. I wouldn’t need my friends around to stomp your ass in the ground. Now go suck off your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your dog.

          • james

            Your such a LIAR. You say you spent 25 years in the Army and you didnt know Canada had a navy….were you cook.

            Actually I wish I was American cause I would give you the ass kicking you need. YOUR AN INTERNET TOUGH GUY and You wouldnt do shit. Not to mention all this heavly pent up sexual frustration. I said your a closet homosexual. How was that being in the military while being gay .

            Anyway your life will be better when you come out of the closet. I am done replying to your unusual comments.

            Take care COCK SMOKER


          • James Mccall

            Twenty ships don’t make a Navy. You only had 5000 soldiers in Baden Germany while the us supplied ten divisions. Fuvk you faggot. I jumped into Petawawa Ontario with the 82 Airborne three times and six times with the 75th to train with the Canadian Para’s when they had them. That’s before they disbanded them for slapping a Somali. How much time you spentvin the military. Zero.

          • james


          • James Mccall

            Nothing else to say? Just liar? You think you talking to some 20 year old? I’m 63 retired from the Army and own my own small trucking company. Probably don’t even know where petawawa is

          • james

            Dont tell me I haven’t served my country YOU LYING INGRNORANT FUCK

            If you were a solide YOUR A FUCKING DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM. You say you served for 25 yrs….and your still alive while I have lost brothers REAL soilders not SHIT TALKING LOOSERS LIKE YOU.

            I dont care how old you are one day your going to wake up and notice something is wrong in your home then your going to remember this message.

          • James Mccall

            So you never served but use the deaths of real soldiers to bolster your ego. If and I mean if you really knew a soldier that died I salute him. You I wouldn’t shit on your grave

          • james

            Send your address

          • Gene Wolff

            well naturally the US would have more ships than anyone, its capitalism on the water too lol

          • MrBillinTX

            I reckon your spell check doesn’t work. Or you’re unfamiliar with the English language.

          • James Mccall

            You have free health care because Canada has been mooching off the US for their protection. You don’t even have a Navy. Europe is now beginning to feel budget problems concerning health care because they have to spendore on defense since we took out most of our troops there. You got such great health care why is our hospitals flooded with Canucks?

          • james

            Are we still doing this….ok Canada doesnt have a Navy…..your right…..IDIOT
            I didnt say Great health care i said ” free “. We go to US because there are longer wait times here. Some people who dont want to wait cross the border and pay.

            WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT….Europe….So you took out NATO….JameS STOP your making yourself sound like and idiot. Your whats wrong with the world. There are people dying on the other side of the world and your concern is….well I am not sure what your point is…but my point is your an idiot.

            By anychance are you from Kentucky.

          • James Mccall

            Phuck you canuck

          • james

            Phuck you canuck…..hahahha good one.


          • Gene Wolff

            we riot over hockey games.. we have nothing better to do than drink beer and complain our canucks lost again in the Stanley cup finals.. fucking bullshit.

          • MrBillinTX

            Phree Healthcare? Ya get what ya pay for!

          • Ceci Pipe

            Not feeling the need to play “let’s isolate China” is a great way to not make enemies and not need a gigantic army. Not subsidising billionaires and multinationals at the expense of the public is also a great way to lower your defense budget.

          • MrBillinTX

            1812 was when the “Colonists” whipped the Brits for the 2nd time!

          • C.Angell


          • Youser Awaiting

            You’re Canadian, you don’t have to understand..

            Americans have guns in their constitution to protect them against government.

            Somehow, the only law they know is Murphy’s and the right to shoot bottles.

            This country is lost..

          • MrBillinTX

            Good! Stay in Canada!

          • Gene Wolff

            sadly we are not allowed guns. we have to call the police for there its ok, we still have hockey sticks and beer bottles from all the alcohol slammed during hockey games lol

          • james

            wait a minute you didnt even say it…….YOUR SUCH AN IDIOT…..then again so am I for even responding to you….TOMI…BAHAHAHAHAHAHA….fruitcake..bahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahhaahhahaahhahaahhahahahaahahh

          • C.Angell

            Pot calling kettle black?

          • C.Angell

            YUUP YUUP

          • Edwin Alexander
          • Ceci Pipe

            Ah, but how do you know you’re not breaking the law?

            We have a multitude of courts and a sizeable amount of lawyers specialising in different areas precisely because we accept that individuals probably don’t know the law, and we have a supreme court to interpret the law when it’s unclear, contradictory, and otherwise nuts.

            If you aren’t a lawyer, then you are unlikely to know even a single area of the law well enough to know you aren’t breaking any law, if you are a lawyer then you know enough to know that you’re probably breaking a multitude of laws. Old laws from centuries ago which no-one bothered to rewrite.

            For instance, in… NSW, Aus? There’s a law stating that if you splash a pedestrian after driving through a puddle then you’ve committed a crime and must pay restitution. It’s from the old days of horse, cart, and dirt roads.

            You’ve never splashed a pedestrian, right?

            What about lobsters? Have you eaten lobsters? In Australia, as well as a lot of other countries, there’s minimum legal sizes for lobsters. If you buy a lobster that’s under the legal size, you’ve now committed a crime.

            Do you measure your lobster before purchasing it? What about at a restaurant?

            You probably break the law every single day, but till now it hasn’t mattered since it’s petty crimes and the effort/reward payoff for governments to enforce those laws hasn’t mattered. Now they can have perfect information and automated fines/sentencing.

            Have fun.

            EDIT: In case you’re not an Aussie, there’s similar laws in the USA, especially concerning lobsters, ditto Canada and Europe.

          • Ceci Pipe

            Eh, I’ll wait till your Facebook/Twitter/Google account shows you as having left the house.

            Much easier that way

          • Scott Wilson

            But he’s the most important person in his mind so of course that’s valuable intel.

          • thiamia

            Who ARE you?

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Turns out there was an armed robbery that night, and your phone places you in the area at that approximate time. That’s probable cause and a warrant can now issue, for a nighttime raid tearing apart your home.

            Even if that never happens (and it does) you should be aware that one of the biggest red flags of an authoritarian dictatorship is the loss of privacy, where the government watches everyone all the time. Not scared yet? You will be.

          • moiraeve1

            I’m much more nervous about marketers and the so-called “free market” than the big bad government. They have much more information on me than the Feds.

          • J M

            The Feds have guns the marketers do not. Nothing funnier than a dumb commie babe :)

          • moiraeve1

            Nothing funnier than a scared little man convinced everybody’s out to get him.

          • J M

            Google saw that… no presents for you this Christmas :)

          • C.Angell

            Correction:Nothing funny ABOUT a dumb commie babe :)

          • C.Angell

            Why,they just want a little more money.

          • C.Angell

            Besides,who do you think is big business’s cohort?

          • Maximus Max

            Gen X doesn’t know how to think in terms of what might happen, only in terms of the preview of next week’s episode.

          • moiraeve1

            Lots of things COULD happen. A crater could fall on your house from outer space. So feel free to act from your emotions and plan for all these contingencies.

          • Maximus Max

            You should probably Google “crater” now…

          • Leo Hernandez

            It’s not just the “grocery store” you go to it’s EVERYWHERE YOU GO that is your privacy period shouldn’t that worry you a least a bit?

          • Dustin Pageloff

            The problem is you actually think we HAVE privacy. Really think about. Every store you go to have video cameras, every phone has a camera and a GPS. Everytime you use your credit card or debit card or go to the bank. I’m not saying anyone of following you but its not hard if someone wanted to know where you have been. Plus all they have to do is look in a phone book if you have a land line or look you up online. So no I am not worried in the lease bit. I have nothing to hide anyway.

          • Thomas Martini

            but that a tad bit creapy

          • Ceci Pipe

            You know how Facebook has “Posted from”? Twitter does too. And your Google account.

            Say I wanted to break into your house. I could sit nearby in a car being really obvious about it, or I could be several blocks away enjoying a nice picnic and watching your online accounts. You’re reported as being out, I steal your stuff, no-one’s the wiser till you get home later on.

            And when it comes to Google, it has records of your daily routine, which makes it even easier. I can plan and execute a robbery and you won’t find out till you get home, and if that’s several hours I could already have fenced a few products.

            The whole circumstantial evidence is annoying too, because if Google has your data then ASIO/NSA/MI6/etc all have your data too. That’s the downside of Five Eyes combined with corporations that 1) collect your data and 2) happily give away your data.

            Why does it matter? Because you probably break the law every day. There’s so many stupid laws, petty laws, archaic laws that no-one’s bothered to get rid of, that you can quite easily break the law without ever knowing it. Combine that with enough “metadata” laws and enough tracking and logging, and you’ve got yourself a way to fine every single person in the country for tens of thousands of dollars.

            And that’s just the start. Were you in an area where there was an assault? Guess who just made the shortlist. What if you weren’t but your phone/online account showed you as being there anyway? The onus of guilt has just been polarised, you now need to prove innocence rather than the government proving guilt.

            And so on and so on and so on ad infinitum.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            That’s a broad assumption, don’t you think?

          • David G. Horsman

            “Problem is that he knows just enough to be scared, but not enough to be informed.”
            “That’s a broad assumption, don’t you think?”

            Perhaps but his comment is specific to this article unless we make more broad assumptions.

            There is another general assumption that is if you’re going to write an article you will do some reasonably extensive research before doing this. Using nothing more than for example.

            Hi statement:
            “Today, Google is tracking wherever your smartphone goes, and putting a neat red dot on a map to mark the occasion.”
            in the context of the article is vague.

            When he adds clarification:
            “Apparently this record only happens if you have ‘location services’ switched on in your phone; if you do and you’re finding you have no data, then it means that either you don’t exist or you’ve beaten the system.”
            it is with a statement that would tend to confuse a lot of novice users. That extra joking sentence could have been replaced with something actually useful.

            So the article seems to little more than provide a few links and engage in some general scare mongering.

          • ax123man

            I can’t remember the last time I wrote code that actually deleted important data, despite the button on the web site saying “Delete”.

            I think you just “spotted” yourself.

          • Chris Bud Knopp

            once something goes Through the internet there is always a place for it to be stored

          • David Pierce

            This is true!

          • Aequitarum Custos

            You must have never worked in an industry where privacy laws apply. Actual deletion is a mandatory feature.

          • ax123man

            30 years and a couple dozen industries and it rarely came up. You’re naive and apparently think politicians are protecting you. Also irrelevant since the NSA doesn’t follow the law. All the scared sheeple after 9/11 begged the sociopaths to protect them and they were happy to oblige. Never mind you’re more likely to die in a bathtub then from brown-skinned, middle-eastern fanatics (who we got along with just fine until the British and U.S. foreign policy mucked it up thru out the 20th century)

          • Aequitarum Custos

            Naive? Hardly. HIPPA liability potential makes health records a high priority candidate for actual deletion after the legal data retention requirement time period passes (7 years was commonly requested by clients) and though I can’t recall if PCI compliance requires it I know it’s also a liability issue to store credit card information for anyone who has canceled recurring billing or deleted payment information from their account.

            You then have PII data beaches which are huge liability issues if you have no reason to keep the records.

            I’ve worked in 5 industries. Health care, merchant services / payment processing, data broker, marketing / promotions, and currency exchange.

            I guess this is a case of quality over quantity ;)

          • jeez

            oh I wish you were 100% right about HIPPA it has nothing to do with the destruction of medical records. And you were only partly right… 7 years for people over age 18. Pediatrics is 7 years past their 18 birthday. All pediactric info is kept all those years until 7 years after they turn 18

          • golden poppies

            Big brother is always watching. Delete button or not.

          • CPGrungebob

            And you haven’t worked in the one that I worry about, Governement/NSA/Homeland Security.

          • Sabrina Troyer Finley

            Sorry to be a turd, but it’s HIPAA, not HIPPA (just for anyone wanting to look it up). But, I agree with you.

          • Gawa Klyp Vinny

            HIPPA is a bad example. I personally know of far too many HIPPA “infractions” that have had absolutely no consequences. While Insurance companies sign away any HIPPA protection when you sign their “contract” agreement where you allow them to advertise your data in a public exchange. I can’t speak to the other organizations but I feel that I have been adequately vindicated in this assumption: You are the only one looking out for your privacy, period… unless you aren’t looking out for it. Then, no one is. Identity theft it is rampant today and as long as this ridiculous attitude towards the internet being in any way safe to flaunt your personal information in any capacity continues to perpetuate it will continue. Facebook… stupid.

          • J.W. Bowers Jr.

            Someone doesn’t know his history on relations between Murica and those brown-skinned, middle-eastern fanatics……………. Research the Barbary Wars.

            You’re welcome.

          • ax123man

            Piracy was common and still is. I’m not claiming they are angels. Show me 100 humans and at least one of them is likely a sociopath. Most current example of piracy are the Somalis. Are you claiming that gives us the right to occupy Somalia and take steps to control who heads that country over the next 100 years? Maybe we could help some ethnic group we owe a debt to take over a region there and supply them with arms also.

          • Kevin M Kaburu

            Just a smart way to put this, soft delete? LOL

          • Pamela Schuett

            Let’s “Spot the guy who can’t spell!”

          • hereatpsu

            Your being sirius?

          • doubledeej

            For legal reasons, most companies never actually delete anything. The “delete” option really just hides it from view.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Telecommunications Act of 1996 made it mandatory that all new cellphones by 2001 contain the circuitry to switch on your phone’s transmitter from a remote location, making it possible for someone to listen to your conversations 24/7. Even when your phone is off.

            So your pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away.

          • david

            who fucking cares lol google doesnt care about what you do, get over yourselves

          • Sigint

            The only way to guarantee you won’t be tracked is to take out the battery. Ask John Gotti how the feds hacked hismcellmphone to be a wireless microphone, transmittingntomTHEM alone whilemit was turned off and gave no kndication of neing on. He’s in federal prison till hell freezes over. You can love your fancy phine but always remember you are paying to be monitored 24/7. Thats why NSA needs a city sized computer complex to store and analyze all of it..

        • daveinmaine22

          You really should smash any and all electronic devices you own and move to a cave

          • Boo Rhodes

            Is that what you are going to do?

          • daveinmaine22

            I am sorry I was unclear, the implication that I intended was that I am willing to accept that trade off. I guess if I was doing anything sensitive I would shred the Android

          • C.Angell

            And waste YOUR equipment?!?!?
            Wow,must pay well.

          • Marian Sdraila

            A grave would be even better!

        • Poul Wrist

          Promise us, do you? Well, it’s just your word against someone else’s word and you stand to gain from saying it’s you who are right.

        • Super yoshi


          James J. O’Connor: you are right. If you send data to googles centrals, I bet there’s nothing to stop them from keeping the data for “research purposes”. I also bet googles privacy policy that you all read eh? Completely gives google right to do what ever they like with your data. If you go conspirancy nothing stops third party to snatch that data from on the way or already broken in to googles central.

          Aaron Chapman: You only shot yourself in the foot.

          Aequitarum Custos: You don’t have to if user agrees that data in your service is yours, not customers. That’s the case here.

          Its nothing to be scared of. If you know it, it’s enough. If you don’t want to be tracked just don’t take your phone with you etc.

          Oh and im a software engineer, if that matters.

        • Anj Ella

          But what do they do with all the data? What’s the point in keeping it all.. I don’t understand!

        • aikiwolfie

          Highly unlikely given the trouble Google got into for “accidentally” scooping up a whole tone of wifi data in both the USA and Europe.

          • Scott Wilson

            Yup. While driving by at 35 miles per hour. Because that’s how you’d do it if you really wanted good data *cough*

        • Karsus

          There are two kinds of data. Data linked to you, and general analytics “We got a beep of someone using the app to search for an address from somewhere in Austin, TX”. They can delete the first kind… and it’ll fully be gone from their servers’ backups after some period (maybe up to a month) – but accessing data in backups is a pain that nobody would bother with short of say the US gov being very demanding, or something having gone wrong and forcing them to go back to the previous backup (doesn’t happen that often to the likes of Google).

        • Scott Wilson

          I know right. The illuminati reptiloid alien gray masons are reading our future thoughts by contaminating the soil with haarp echo gluten.

        • BraveNewWhirled

          Absoflippinglutely, James.

        • larrybud

          James, the Android OS is open source. If you have the skills as a developer (which there are plenty to look at) one can look at the code to know what it’s doing exactly.

        • sobrietysux

          If you can prove that it is super super super super super super illegal I suggest you raise it with a lawyer instead of blowing hot air.

        • Onya Love

          James, so I have a huge question for you regarding your statement here…. (the history, is never rant truly gone/deleted) I know this is true, but I’ve spent the last 2 weeks, searching for help on something….
          My cell phone had the history and any and all tracking I could slam in it for safety…..
          In Jan it was stolen from my home. …. It at the had the sprint data turned off, N only used my home WiFi. … A Person took it, and didn’t know it was tracking…..
          March, I remembered about the tracking.
          When I cut services from sprint and went to verizon I made a whole new Gmail account. And the only one that was signed into that the sprint Google account was the stolen one, on the run!
          I mapped it. Screen shots a few thought I down loaded copy, but zip file can’t get open.
          Person how tools phone deleted maps from Oct 1st 2014 til natch 8th 2015…
          Google is such a hard Company to contact in T the phone, let alone a email Person answering emails too..

          How do I get that deleted history back pps the dressing history too.

          Than you

        • Onya Love

          How do I get my nails back by contacting who? I had my account used on a stolen phone

      • Kyle

        Nothing you ‘delete’ is ever deleted at Google… G-mail, GPS waypoints, etc. “Delete” simply means hide it from you and make a backup copy on Google’s servers…

        • Wogan

          Is that based on your actual knowledge of their infrastructure? Or are you just assuming that, because it sounds both reasonable, and something you would do if you were an evil corporation?

          Google uses a distributed storage architecture designed for redundancy – every piece of data is copied three or four times across their server network. When you delete something, the only reason it doesn’t vanish immediately is that the change has to replicate throughout the network, and eventually roll out of the database backups. Every distributed database functions the same way.

      • PETE


        • Scott Wilson


          [dih-leet] Spell Syllables

          Synonyms Examples Word Origin

          verb (used with object), deleted, deleting.


          to strike out or remove (something written or printed); cancel; erase; expunge.

          • PETE


          • Scott Wilson

            You aren’t typing on a terminal bub. This is a web page. You can use normal letters. Your lack of technical knowledge is painful. Read a book man. May I suggest Essential System Administration by Aeleen Frisch.

          • PETE


          • Scott Wilson

            I can change the subject whenever I like. You are still so clueless you can’t type right. I’m making that the subject. That’s what we are talking about now. I give you permission to reply. Do it now.

          • PETE


          • Scott Wilson

            Ok, you aren’t allowed to talk anymore. You’ve committed the sin of being boring. Until you have something interesting to say, just be quiet. Thanks.

          • PETE


    • thoiter

      Do you really believe that a “do not store” button, means that it won’t be stored? These people lie like drawing breath.

      • Oswald_Chesterfield_Cobblepot

        Can you substantiate your claim that they lie?

        • Another Guest

          Can you substantiate a claim that they don’t?

          • Sam

            thats not how that works.
            look up “The burden of proof”

          • kabulykos

            It’s okay. I’m sure his windmill keeps him cool and calm at night.

          • Matt Brunning

            my favorite retort :)

          • Bob Johnson

            I don’t see this being a court room. The claim can go either way. If one side can prove to the other then it would help them retain their case (if they cannot prove Google doesn’t retain the information then they will lose the case). You don’t like it because its too hard to claim that they dont lie about deleting that information? Or because its safer and easier to stay in a conspiracy?

          • Sam

            if i were to claim there was a teapot orbiting the earth, and you didnt believe me, and i were to say “prove there isnt one” you would not simply realize “oh, i neither have the means nor the willpower to do that, therefore i should believe him.”
            making a claim has no pertinence on whether or not the claim is true. only evidence can provide truth.

        • scaryplacemat

          Can you substantiate this is all true?

      • topherd

        Considering they were slapped with a massive lawsuit for detecting open wireless networks, I would say Google tries to stay within their ToS. Most companies avoid govt and class action lawsuits.

    • DigDug2k

      They do prompt you (profusely) to enable it, and don’t give a “No” option. i.e. every time you open maps theres a huge “Enable my location history!” button designed to make users just click “OK” so that it will go away.

    • ansh

      time to use windows phone

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Do you REALLY think your history is not stored? I promise you, no matter what you tell your phone and no matter what the “authorities” say, you’re tracked. Everywhere all the time, even if you have a dumb phone. If your phone was made after December 31st, 2000, you’re tracked.

    • Hal Hawkins

      Mine shows multiple trips to Yankee Stadium– something I would never do and I do not approve of my phone doing so.

    • Joe

      Yep. No history for me.

    • Bruce Lee Roy #911

      its funny because you delete that thinking you aren’t being tracked when you are,stupid ass. All you are doing is manipulating your brain into believing something isn’t true. fucking pathetic.

    • Bruce Lee Roy #911

      why lie to yourself?

    • Aaron Griffith

      It’s not “Do not store” by default. Maybe it is depending on the phone, but on Samsung phones, nope!

    • Mark Twain

      This will (presumably) protect you from Google (and at least Google is telling you they are collecting such data) but just think how many other fingers are in your smartphone pie collecting identical data, all without your knowledge or consent.

  • Unavengedavo

    How do you think Google gets it’s traffic data from? O_o This isn’t a secret and you can opt out by disabling it as @meeli:disqus stated below

  • boo radley

    how to avoid this? have a crappy phone.

    • Rashid Abdullah

      nope, I have a droid and no history.

      maybe because I don’t have a 3G subscription. I dont use internet outdoor.

      • Jennifer Parker


        “You have no location history for August 16, 2014″

        I have an iPhone 5S, use 4G on a regular basis, and utilize Google maps as well.

        • Rashid Abdullah

          …oh… How do I get google to track me then?!

        • Baluta Cristian

          the same, but google can’t do what they want in ios like they are doing with the shitty android.

          • mikeTheDev

            I’ve used android phones for 4 years now. I can’t find any tracking data. I use google maps at least once a week. I do not remember opting out of any tracking history. Don’t put your iOS on such a high pedestal. Having several of my own apps on the iTunes store, I have no doubt that google would be allowed to get the same tracking data with your permission…. Just as it is on Android!

          • Baluta Cristian

            The difference is that people with android look pretty confused about how their device works, as you can see in this comments.

    • Michael David Sugg

      Yea, like my Samsung Galaxy….no not the five…..noooo not the three either…….just the original Galaxy model with NO data stream. No one knows sh*t about what I’m up to.

    • boo radley

      i have a blackberry 8520. poor me.

  • Belinda Blackmore

    Why does it want me to log into my google account? I have never had one. I certainly didn’t need one to download google maps nor to use it, so I don’t see why I should have to login to my non-existent google account to see my map!!!

    I’m so sad and disappointed :( I just want to see my stalker map!!!

    • Tim Thomas

      No such thing.

    • Joe

      I don’t think you understand how it works…

  • itgirlnyc

    not sure how this works. my location is switched on but i have no data.

  • Ibrahim Amer

    you can do it simply by cutting the internet connection off

  • Big-Rig Stig

    my iPhone5 has the Location Services switched on.. yet my map is blank. :(
    So it must be something else.

  • Jeffrey Micheal Tom


    • kellymbray

      It’s the private companies you have top worry about.

  • Melisa Naumann-Catanzarite

    I never use my location options…except when I need google maps to get me some place. I looked up my location history for the last month and it only showed two trips I took. This is more hysteria…smh

  • Bev Wallace

    Ha ha, thank you my beloved old nokia, I do not appear on the map at all :)

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    DO NOT log in because this sounds like the Facebook hack thats been going around. If you log in they will have your email and log in information.

    • subtleinspiration

      That’s correct. If you log into Facebook, they get your info! :-S

  • darwinte

    I went and was already logged in somehow. It had no data from me, because I never use Location Services.

  • Nick

    Well I have an android, and I use google maps all the time. But I never synced google to my phone, but yet I have 4 different emails linked to my email link(if that makes sense), and none of them showed up with data. So, problem solved? Just don’t sync google to your phone? Also I just looked and there is an update for my google maps, I don’t know how long it has been needing an update, but I never update it, so that could also be another reason.

  • xxdesmus

    That’s been around for around/available for easily 2 years now. Since Google Latitude.

    Delete the data if you’d like to, tell Google to stop recording/saving it — but don’t go all tinfoil hat just because you only just now found this.

    • Kougeru

      I was gonna say, other websites (more popular than this…honestly never seen this site until someone posted a link on FB just now) posted about this over a year ago.

  • Mallory G Morrison

    I use google maps almost daily so my location and gps are pretty much always on. Logged in with the account I use on my galaxy. Clicked last 30 days… nothing. So…

  • Ashley

    all you have to do is turn off your gps, not hard

  • Aaron Siegel

    “You have no location history from July 17, 2014 to August 15, 2014″. Shocking, I must be some kind of technowizard superhacker.

  • Jammie

    I think that small print should be outlawed.

  • redjelly39

    I have apparently beat the system as it does not show any movements nor even show me although the map did show I was logged in looking at this on my iMac. I also dont have a google or facebook app on my phone.

  • Brandon Holmes

    OMG! These Google services are doing exactly what they were designed to do with your permission! We should all be outraged! F the system!!!!!!

    • kzat82

      I know, right? We opted in to the services and our data is used to make products better for everyone!

      Damn the man!

      • Kyle

        HA! Products better for everyone? You’d sell your life like that, allow Google to watch you like a raving stalking lunatic so that they can make “products better for everyone” and not get a dime in return for letting them have all of that personal information?

        And you believe that’s all it’s used for? Even if it were used to “make better products” I’d love to hear one good example that’s worthy of allowing someone you’ve never met to know your every move…

        • Guest

          How about the traffic volume overlay on Google Maps itself. The one that allows you to re-route around accidents and save a whole bunch of time. It’s not produced from data that’s just pulled from the ether you know.

        • kzat82

          Tell me, do people normally laugh at you when you go out in public with a foil hat?

          Or do you just not go out in public?

      • scaryplacemat

        Damn the man. Save the Empire

    • Nelson Muntz

      Ha ha !!

  • WonderlandAlli

    I clicked it and have no history on any of the gmail accounts linked to my phone. And I have a lot of privacy set up but not so much that I don’t use GPS or location services, because I require Google Maps to get around new places and I’ve definately been using it since moving.

  • annie hoogan

    The entire tracking game/enhanced smartphone experience creeps me out. I”m not sure exactly what I did right except that I opt out of every invitation to get involved with it. Turns out I have no history.

  • Val

    I have no location history, haha.

  • Todd McMillin

    Actually, I had a virus uploaded from my laptop on to my cellphone. In turn it pretty much blocked all my cellphone tracking even when I was using Google Maps.

  • JohnH

    No history. I rock a Samsung Note II on Verizon.

  • Paul D

    ya my droid shows no history

  • strangley fan

    If your phone and gmail sinking are turned on- it works.
    I disconnected my gmail from my phone. You can get help with this in the store of your provider.

  • Henderson On Park

    learn to use your device. Its your own stupid fault if they track you. Dn’t play innocent consumer.

  • Zemira A. Bianchi

    It seems I do not exist.

  • Ben Hudson

    Its not difficult. According to google I have zero location data stored… Because I turned it off. I suspect the author either failed to turn theirs off, or did a full system update and forget to reset… Either way, paranoid.

  • Paul Sanders

    So if i have never signed into google. and my phone is set to 911 only. I should be fine, right?

  • Lindao

    Eh. It just shows me going back and forth to school and the museum. Somewhere Big Brother is sitting there pointing and laughing at me for my lack of a social life.

  • Lewis Lewd Winder

    i have location on it has only ever put a red dot at my house

  • REL

    I changed the password to my “primary email address” according to google from my computer and then I never changed it on my phone. I don’t use it as my primary email, and now I can’t check it on my phone. Now, none of my trips or locations are saved when I use google maps, and google can no longer track my location. There was no location data on me on this website for the past month. After doing this, however, I have trouble viewing many websites from my phone. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  • MANOJ91

    You have no location history from July 18, 2014 to August 16, 2014

  • Tim Thomas

    This is BS. If your location locator is set to off, the app is NOT funtioning om your phone so they have no idea where you are.

  • Christina

    I checked that website. I have no history. Because I turn off location services when I’m not using it. Not that hard, guys.

  • Nicole Piazza

    I did it, and it says I have no location history. I tried it on both my gmail accounts. Not sure why, but yay me!

  • mandikaye

    There’s no data for me, and my phone is always on. And location is turned on. But there’s a setting to turn off reporting, which is off for me.

  • Amanda

    This is why I don’t have a smart phone.

  • oAntixo

    This data is kept if you have the feature enabled. I have no data showing. I use G+. Google. Maps and Facebook on my iPhone 5. There is no location data for me. These settings may be on for some devices. But as far as I can tell the location services are not enabled for me.

  • Jen

    I’m apparently not that interesting or never go anywhere. I have no maps. Location service is on.

  • sephethus

    Simple fix, all you have to do is have an iPhone.

    • azlibrabbit

      My Iphone doesn’t do this? Great.
      So do you know how to turn off those way past annoying “weather alerts?” I was shopping the other day, and my phone started blaring out an alert. Then, everywhere I turned, someone’s phone was doing the same. Sounded like an air raid in progress. Yet, my friend who was along and has the same Iphone (4s) never got one. She said I must have turned it on somehow, but I certainly don’t remember anything like that.

  • James Banker

    First off, it can be disabled in the settings. Secondly, how do you expect a GPS mapping system to work without knowing where you are all the time? The app does what you allowed it to do. It’s stored to your account so google can see common places you look up and have them quickly available to you. I mean if this sets off the tinfoil hat alarm for some people, keep in mind that google maps also allows you to save and name locations on your account for easy access. I’m gonna take a guess and say “Home” might be a common one for most people.

  • Melissa Sin Ledger

    My “reporting” is off for my device. It’s listed in my settings – location settings. I have no map.

  • Ron H

    Thankfully, no location history for me. I don’t have location activated on my Galaxy. Nobody’s business where I go to eat or to which grocery. It’s a privacy issue and Big Brother should be outlawed.

  • crush

    i dont see a website listed on this article.

  • Nick

    This is straight up hysteria porn. Google doesn’t hide this info, and prompts you like 5000000 times. Just cuz you don’t read, doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy.

  • Jon Newman

    This is an opt-in service and you are given a option to enable it when you update google maps. I happen to like the service because I go for lots of hikes and I like see where I have been. I would hate for it to go away because some idiots click yes and don’t read what it does and panic.

  • AndrewN

    This is not some big conspiracy, it is a feature. I’ve been using it for more than 3 years and I love it. If you don’t like it, turn it off.

  • macpro

    I only use Google maps when I am on my computer. I don’t have a smart phone. When I logged in I was blank. Yeah!

  • Geoff Burkman

    Just one of the reasons I no longer own a mobile device. Guess they’ll just have to settle for knowing when I’m on my PC…

  • Guest

    Neither me or my husband has any location history to view……

  • Deneteus

    Whoever wrote this lives in a cave. Google sent emails to all their users when this went live and there are notifications every so many months reminding you that it is on. Click-bait saves the day!

  • Margaret Sheehy

    Neither I or my husband has any location history to view. I do have the location disabled and I do not have my cell phone number “added” to my gmail profile…

  • Blank Reg

    I don’t have a location history either. Something’s effed up about my iOS Location monitor settings. It’s been frozen in the off setting for over a year. Couldn’t turn it on if I wanted to. A glitch is actually a blessing! Shame I’m not a real criminal… ;-)

  • Cavan Mckee

    I have a cheap Chinese “smart phone” bought for £60. It genuinely turns the data off when you ask it to.

  • Mike Gregerson

    This is a stupid fucking article. This is one of the headlining features of Google Now.

  • StaTic

    “You have no location history from July 18, 2014 to August 16, 2014″. Super creepy!

  • David Schwartz

    Two things of note here: one is that it apparently only stores end-points of trips, not routes. The other is you probably need your GPS turned on regularly in order for it to record this. My map shows exactly one trip in the past 30 days. I don’t usually keep my GPS on because it drains the battery, and I don’t need it most of the time. But even when it’s on, it doesn’t seem to record anything for whatever reason. I do turn it on periodically to see where I am on Google Maps, but I don’t leave it on all the time. The thing is, cell phones are constantly pinging cell towers with your position, and have been for a while since the FCC required it for emergency service location tracking. So rest assured knowing that your whereabouts and travel history ARE being tracked by multiple organizations, and any of it is accessible to just about anybody with a court order or a large enough check.

  • JoeMyGod

    Apparently I traveled to the middle of the East River last week. Must have been sleep-swimming.

  • Annie

    just keep your location off that’s all

  • Tom Rand

    oh no google store the history of the location registrations for your whereabouts.
    yes perhaps this is a breach of privacy & yes perhaps the NSA/GCHQ have this data but erm 1 I signed up for this & agreed to allow them to do it (ergo I think most of you all did too!) 2 I really do not care what they know about my boring walks around the area’s I live & 3 I hope someone get’s paid a fat cheque to sift through all this garbage data I create because hey someone has too & if I needed the cash I would do it too.

    • Tom Rand

      also as many who looked at their map of this history will see it erm ain’t very accurate so in fact it is not “Tracking your every move” which is blatant click bait but thanks for the link to check my history

  • scott hunt

    do not use google or login to in on my phone ever so im ok as i’ve never used it on my phone before plus use vpn all the time on my phone and computer

  • TheTechieGuy

    While Google (and others) can still keep track, as I said previously – “if its free YOU are the product”. But here is how to disable this tracking in 6 easy steps:

  • IrishBubbs

    I checked every last one of my accounts and somehow on every last one of them there was no activity at all. I’ve had location services switched on before and checked those days, but still nothing. This is awesome.

  • Carl Barron

    I checked and no tracking shows :)

  • sQualie

    Location services and tracking where added when Google dropped Latitude and launched the new version google maps, which is now tracking your every move with he option of sharing your location data on Google+. A simple work around would be to uninstall Maps from your phone, which will revert down to factory version that came with the OS, disabling that version of maps all together and installing an older version that is pre location services, like 6.14.4. Another added bonus, IT’S THE OLD GOOGLE MAPS WITH ALL IT`S GREAT FEATURES!! :)

  • Jonas Planck

    Snooping girlfriends and suspicious wives of the world rejoice! Now you can discover if he’s REALLY cheating on you or if he just has a crippling gambling addiction!
    Keep ’em tagged! …oh, man, I’m seeing so many ways to monetize this right now…

  • raydream

    I don’t find anything. Maybe my phone is rooted and the location service is off.

  • Ricky Winters

    I just tried it and it said I have no location history for the last 30 days. Interesting in that during that time, I have been across the country three times (I am a truck driver), and that I have used google maps to locate routes from where I was to certain business locations on numerous occasions. If the article was true, I should have a virtual spider web of red lines clear across the United States!

  • Nikita Madora

    I never log in, so that could be why my routes don’t sync. *shrug*

  • amabokcuf

    Ditto…never log in and they got nothing. I checked, they have no history on me.

  • Mark Eyestone

    Nothing on my map…and I recently took a 7 hour (one way) trip using my GPS with Google location enabled.


    i welcomes that feature it makes memories where i’ve been i sortof like it

  • freddy

    Its ok. Thats how Google Now works… Its not Magic you know

  • Jack D. Wilson

    No phone, no tracking.

  • Tony Arechiga

    yep I have zero locations recorded :)

  • Chris

    And by the way: Google’s Chrome browser now saves ALL your passwords more or less unprotected (and visible in plain text for google) in Google’s datacentres. BY DEFAULT.

  • Paranoimia

    Just turn off your GPS. I was out and about on Wednesday, had my phone with me, and it shows nothing of where I was. Saves your battery, too. The only location it has for me on that day is at home, where I was logged in on my PC.

  • James L Wilson

    No one cares where you’re going.

  • Nelson Muntz

    So…. I checked The Account for 3 of The phones in my household. ( Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia 1520)

    None of theese Accounts has a map with tracking?

    Does it require The GPS to be turned one?

    But who,s going around with The GPS turned on?
    You turn it on when u need it, then turn it off again.

  • babaganoosh52

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the NSA was funding Google, or at least paying them handsomely for the info they turn over. Lets face it, Google tries to keep track of you every-time your online be it your phone, laptop or PC.

    Google Search – tracks what your searching, Google Chrome – tracks every web-page you visit and for how long.. GMail (Google mail ) – Google or maybe they’re actually NSA employees, READ your emails.

    • kabulykos

      You’re an idiot if you think the federal gov’t has enough money to bribe any private company that rich.

      • babaganoosh52

        your an idiot if you think they don’t…. anyone who keeps in touch with what’s going on in the internet world knows that Gmail is read and anything suspicious is passed onto NSA…. I’m sure it’s the same with google Search and anything else to do with Google.

        • kabulykos

          Just like those people in Liberia are “sure” that the Western doctors are the ones making Ebola happen. Do you also think vaccines cause autism?

          Rampant paranoia isn’t evidence. Furthermore, why would NSA ask for help when think they can steal and snoop as well as the Chinese?

  • Arthur

    This is great.

  • NanoyMaster

    nothing on mine… probably because I use a different ROM (ViperS ROM if anyone is interested)

  • Samuel A. Richard

    On the iPhone, it won’t track your location as long as background app refresh is turned off for Google apps. I turned it off on mine because Google apps (any of them: Google+, Google search, etc.) were constantly using location services and draining the battery.

  • Jeff

    Just turn off your gps and your location wont show on the map.

  • Cristie Maez

    I have no information for two years!!!! I beat those stalkers!

  • BA

    iPhone – Settings > Privacy > Location Service > System Services > Frequent Locations > Turn Off.

  • Jae Bradburd

    I use Google (gmail, webmaster tools, analytics, and more) and have location services turned on… and I find zero on the map. Not sure how I beat the system… but I did.

  • T M

    My history doesn’t even show up. Some people are so quick to scream conspiracy.

  • Shaswa

    Cool feature. I just turned it on.

  • Andrew Gulak

    Here’s the funniest part: My location history is showing places I have not been. As in, EVER. A LOT of places. Good to know that Googles plan to enslave humanity is going to be running late. They have the local places I go down pretty good, but my neighbors could come by that info just as easily. I go out of town a lot, but not to the places their history is showing.I heard years ago that Google was somehow linked the federal government. Which very clearly explains why there are so many glaring errors.

  • christinanpr

    I have no history.

  • Kyle

    Perhaps those few phantom locations were due to a mobile router that you passed by that had earlier been logged by google in the other area. Sometimes the location service uses WiFi SSID and MAC ids

  • Heidi

    I have no location history

  • andrea

    You all sound like paranoid tweakers.

  • Danix Defcon 5

    Actually, I have no location history in there. And I’ve actually used Google Maps. The trick? I have a BlackBerry and never switched to Android because of privacy issues. And guess what? You just proved my concerns were real.

    • Kyle

      Read your service agreement with your cellular provider regarding “location” data… They have it buried in there that they will collect AND STORE your location data from triangulation (which occurs every 5 or so minutes when your phone is logged on to the network to receive calls) oand GPS when available. The result? A map just like or more detailed than this article illustrates!

      You can turn GPS off and it may still activate to get your precise location on some networks (Verizon being a good example)

      • Danix Defcon 5

        Oh, I don’t need to read my service agreement. Geolocation data retention is now *mandated by law*, courtesy of our stupid Mexican Congress. Yes, somewhere inside my carrier’s datacenter a map just like this is being stored! By the way, the Mexican IRS (SAT) is the first one taking advantage of this new law, they’re geolocating tax evasion suspects. I don’t think it’ll be long before that data gets abused… :(

  • Takumi Fujiwara

    You want a simply solution? Buy a G2 with the newest kit kat 4.4.2 because you have to on your location on your notification tab. And then you’ll be able to show your location. I was kind of annoyed that it works that way bcus i have to on my location in order for location service to work for certain apps. But seeing google tracking. I’ll prefer it this way.

  • cassiesuzannebaker

    Well, I went to the location map link for me, and it said I have no location history to show. I have my location service turned off, but I thought the article said it still showed a red-lined map even with the location off?

  • my cock

    Track this (!)

  • Grant Pearson

    Actually this is just really cool :D

  • Lauren

    I have no location history at all, even though I have location services on, and I use Nike+ pretty much everyday. Is this just some kind of scare tactic/exaggeration?

  • Tara1

    They want to charge you mileage per mile..

  • Edska

    Location reporting: Not available in China, hehehe, turns out i don’t have to worry about it, China “takes care” of my privacy

  • Brendan Weibrecht

    My map looks a lot less crazy than that. Do you have your account signed in on a partner’s device? It tracks multiple at once.

  • tim

    yeah…just turn your location services off. I have had mine off, and nothing showed when I clicked on the link.

  • Jenny Webb

    There is no info for me because I am smart and turn off my location services in the settings on my phone. Stop being so freaked out that “they” are watching you. Everyone has the power and capabilities to be undetected if they want to.

  • Kiki Fogg

    No smartphone, no problems. :p

  • Samer Helmy

    This is a feature for people to willingly share their location with their family and friends. You can turn it off from your phone settings>Location>Google Location Reporting.

    You can keep the current location on and the history off, or turn both off.

  • Zurrec Raziel

    Ignorant, naive even, you guys below are to think the Gov’t would NOT do this. There’s no privacy for an American, especially with the smart phones and laptops and all these sites that require you to make a profile and put in personal information.. It’s likely all bugged somehow. if it isn’t, then it’s likely that they have direct access to EVERYTHING. Honestly you idiots, how can you be so blind to think otherwise? [No, I am not going to respond to any replies to this comment. Feel free to waste your energy though.]

  • Chris

    Why the only store the last 30 days? I would love to have the history of all my life!

  • Andie Cheyenne Schweizer

    And they’ll see how boring my life really is. I honestly don’t even care.

  • Stéphanie Michel

    It’s the reason why :

  • Stéphanie Michel

    Not delete my post thanks !!!!!!

    It’s the reason why Gargamel used it :

  • Ricardo

    Wondering how many google services are there that I have no idea they exist.

  • Bob Pegram

    What about a “dumb” phone? Probably not.

  • Stéphanie Michel

    Why did you delete my post?!

    It’s the reason why gargamel used that :

  • AnGeLZzZ

    You can also stay not logged in at Google Maps.

  • Emile Rijs

    you need to enable it before it tracks you really

  • Native Born American

    My account history is disabled so it tracks and keeps nothing. I don’t like being on the grid. Just checked and ZERO history was available. Sweet.

    • moodforaday

      Same for me, but all it proves is that Google is not showing us our
      location history, since the system knows we have switched it off. It
      does not prove that Google does not collect this data about you and me.

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    1 word: “Landline”.

    • Curtis Ruuska

      second word, “chord” too short lol

      • Mike Rebel Carman

        3rd word – “Cordless”.

  • ME-B

    This isn’t working for me.

  • Ian C

    Not working for me, as I do not have a smart phone, however, if you have a google account it logs every ip address you on in from

  • ankit555551

    Go to and Pause.
    Google will not track your location anymore.

  • Felix100

    I don’t have a phone so not a problem for me. I can highly recommend it.

    • Curtis Ruuska

      oh man, I so wish I could go without one, but the stupid job requires one

  • Sylvia Grimes

    Apparently you can delete this history, yourself.

  • Heather

    Even on your own pc if you ” delete history” it is never truly completly deleted. How do you think Pedophiles get caught. The police seize the computers and every thing you have ever done can be found. You just need to know how to do it. I have worked in IT for many years. When a girl went missing the police seized the computers at the public library because they knew she had used it in the last week. Library computers are set to ” delete” everything when a user logs off. Why? Because they know the search histroy is never truly gone. You also have to remember your phone has a larger capacity computer then the first server rooms were. My first computer I had to write an essay in 2 parts because the hard drive couldn’t hold the entire thing. Now My phone has 100+ times the data on it. These are personal pc’s and phones. I can just imagine what the Government has. It is not being paranoid it is being realistic. It is thinking for yourself and not beleiving everything the government and media tell you. You take any study and skew the results into the point you are trying to prove. Never stop asking questions.

  • Floris van Onna

    You can simply turn location services off on your phone. I hardly ever use location services (to save battery life) and my map is therefore completely blank except for some occasions where I was looking for a restaurant.

  • Bose321

    Glad I have a Win dows Phone. No tracking data available. :)

  • Sarah Foss

    Apparently I’ve beaten the system. And yes, I have location service turned on.

  • Darrell Perdue

    First your pathetic life isn’t something that google cares about. Most of you people are a nobody in this world so to think google cares about you is amusing. It tracks you so it can provide location services for things like google maps, navigation, hangouts and many other apps. Don’t like it? Then disable location and don’t click that I agree button when you first setup your phone.

    • armadilloattack

      Not only will this not hinder the vast majority of people in their daily
      lives but I can imagine it would actually be pretty useful in a case of
      a missing person or missing phone situation assuming that person has
      the phone on them and tracking is enabled. In some cases it may even
      prove grounds for an alibi when someone is accused of being somewhere
      they weren’t. If you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be that’ll grab
      everyone’s attention then you really don’t have much to worry about.

  • kim

    I see the the delete location history, but I ask, as if on my laptop and the trash bin, do I have to delete the info twice to truly discard it and keep it from being stored on an inner level? I have my location history disabled so I see nothing on the history map presently.

  • Jeb Hoge

    If you think this is invasive, why even have a smartphone? This is how Google Now is able to do all of the personal assistant/travel support stuff that it does. You have to authorize it when you log in for the first time. Google also sends a monthly digest with estimates on how much time/distance you walked or cycled.

  • Julia Murphy

    Evidently someone needs to take a look at how to disable that function, because I do not have any history. Mine was not recorded for, I guess, forever. I do not allow location on my Google & other apps.

  • Mighty Ash

    not that big a deal, i reckon its pretty cool, i mean whats so bad? no one wants to know where you’ve been and its too hard to find out where you are, im not fussed either way

  • Ryan Hutchison

    I don’t even have a phone. Fuck you!

  • Steve LaFontaine

    even if your phone locator is ON you must ENABLE the google software, on that webpage, for it to work. i had ZERO….

  • Curtis Ruuska

    time for someone to go to court, in my country that is called stalking, an arrestable offence

  • Live06

    Ah the government has mass graves and has forced people to have rfid chips for the past 6 years.

    • James Grill

      well that explains everything..

  • ben

    This is why I still don’t own a smartphone (well, one of the reasons)

  • Dana Melissa Bennett Carvin

    I did this to see how accurate it was and it didn’t have any of my Jacksonville trip for July 3rd-6th, and then on August the 3rd it has me in some town in SE GA at 11am and I know for a fact I was on Hwy 75 almost back in Perry, GA. So I don’t put a lot of stock into these programs or other ones, only the ones that I give permission to and ask to keep a record of.

  • Lisa Horstkamp

    I say no each time it asks me if I want to share my data. I even have a Google phone, the Moto X. No data

  • Chris Lovett

    I have no location history whatsoever. Just sayin’.

  • Michael

    I have none for the past 30 days. If remained signed out of google plus and only turn on location services when I actually need the GPS.

  • Lostlegion

    Well, today I learnt I made a sudden trip to Alaminos City in the Philippines, as well as Templar St in Wynnum West, neither of which I’ve actually ever visited.

    Starting to sound like a thinly veiled Illuminate conspiracy, Google. That, or someone’s got ahold of my Google account, which sucks for them.

  • TruthHurts

    So you’re telling me that information you willingly put out on the internet by using apps like Google Maps might actually be viewable by other people? I’m shocked. Next you’re going to tell me that incessantly “checking in” every place I go and flooding Instagram with an endless torrent of bad photos of the food I’m eating, activity I’m participating in or people I’m with might actually allow someone to find me in the “real” world…scary.

  • HappyJohn9

    This is one of the reasons I switched away from Android phones. I’m sure other service providers and companies are doing the same thing. There’s something about Google that simply screams “Cyberdyne”

  • American Hero


  • Amanda LeFurgey

    According to mine I never left my house. Sweet. Lol

  • Doğucan Gelbal

    This is one of the times that I say “Yay, I’m poor!”. I don’t even have a smartphone!

  • sleat

    Yay! All the places I went except the one I WANTED tracked, are absent! For all of 2014!

  • Naomi Feuerstein

    Or don’t sign onto google for your maps. It’s annoying that it has absolutely no memory of places you’ve gone before but my map is empty.

  • Brian Hainsworth

    Read the article and discussion thread. You’re only as free as you choose to think you are. Social media, google and smart phones ALL work with HSA/NSA and all those other secretive agencies with acronyms. If you’re of interest, they’ll track you. If you’re not, you’re human spam.

  • Klayton Emmert

    My favorite part of this is where you have to log in to your account…. Meaning YOU VOLUNTARILY signed up for an account with Google and agreed to their terms of use. If you don’t like this don’t use Google…

  • achuff23

    Silly Junkee. If it was some secret plan for future control, they wouldn’t be showing you that they have your location history. A more rational and less paranoia based article would just say to be careful what apps you give permission to know your location. Even google maps asks if they can access your location on your phone. So no, this information doesn’t shock me, because there’s no conspiracy to track everywhere we’ve been. In other words, minority report was just a movie, and giving your location to Google by choice is not remotely close to being forced by the government to divulge everywhere you go.

    That being said, if you’ve been doing illegal things (bigger than misdemeanors), and you’ve let Google put that information up on the internet, then you’re asking to get caught. If you’re not a criminal then relax, we don’t live under a dictatorship or oligarchy.

    Google at most uses the info to advertise to you on Google plus or Youtube. If you don’t like that, then disable location services on your phone (like I do) when you’re not using maps.

  • charla ferguson

    Fine with me. If Google is interested in my lame travel time life then have at it. Live it up! Hope it does more for them than it does for me.

  • Drewcifus Maximus

    Mine shows nothing. Not sure what my settings are on for my S III, but I also clear my history and clean my phone on a daily basis. Including app cache.

    • M.


  • Bilious Oesophagus

    Quite simple,cheap old phone with no gimmicks on pay as as you squawk,no problem.

    • M.

      OR…… just turn off location history, its a pretty simple setting

  • Nemanja

    Nothing here…

  • Robert

    Funny… It doesn’t show mine….

  • joeanybody

    I looked up my map. Whoopty doo. U can see everything I did. Now I’m bored. As is anybody else who would read it. I really don’t care if the NSA or CIA or any of these crackpot “propaganda” hatin’ paranoid idiots see it. Only those that have something to hide worry about things like this. Ciao.

    • Joe Corrao

      wrong answer

  • Acrid

    lol you went to wood street to get your drugs you liar

  • Josh Teague

    You clearly have no idea how your gps works. for one its not 100% accurate for two often times when your phone checks your location it doesn’t need to use gps it just uses the cell towers in which case it pinpoints you in the middle or near the middle of your town. That would explain the locations you have never been to. Rather then being paranoid and creating retarded theories why don’t you educate yourself on how these things work.

  • Amber Petchey

    This article is terribly dramatic. Simple answer – turn off your GPS when you’re not using it, and switch off “share location” when you upload posts. The “location history” site returned absolutely no data for me.

  • Brandt Mackay

    Or you know, tell Google to f**k off and die?

    • M.

      OR simply turn off tracking.. it saves your location data, if you tell it to, its not a big deal

  • Carl Mayo

    i’m not dumb enough to own a cell phone. problem solved.

  • AWeinacht

    It tracks whatever account you have linked to your main smart phone account. For example, with iPhones, it would be linked to your gmail account that you use with iCloud. I actually deleted that gmail account a month ago or so, and even though my phone is still linked to it, Google maps obviously cannot make the connection now since that gmail account no longer exists with Google. I checked my five other gmail accounts and not a trace. Big Brother can suck it. I don’t use iCloud and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

  • German2207

    I was running it on Windows Phone. Not even a single note about it…

  • tbroadway

    This is why i rarely have my Data or Wifi on when not check emails.

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    Sensationalist as fuck, if they have been tracking you it is because you allowed it…
    There is a settings screen for that

  • miamifella

    I went back for a month and it had no location for me listed for any day. But then, I do not sign in with google on my phone.

  • Mark Hensley

    I too have no tacking data to display. As i turned off location history.
    Petty simple.

  • Mike Jones

    Not sure where to go to find this. I thought it would be interesting. But, the link came up with a blank map.

  • noname63

    This makes me glad I never take my cell phone (I don’t own a smart phone or I-phone) with me when I go out. I use it for emergencies only, but it stays on my dining room table. Why so many people think they must take a tracking device with them everywhere they go, I’ll never understand.

  • John Waite

    The author is clearly inept and should neither own a smart phone or be allowed to disseminate such blatant bullpoo where intelligent people can see it.

  • Dawn

    I have no location history!! That’s because I DO NOT have my data turned on constantly, of course you can be tracked through your data signal, when you have it on it “maps” everywhere you go!! Don’t want to be “mapped”?!!? Unplug, turn off, get back to the basics of life BEFORE cell phones!! DUH!!

  • Darkaegis

    This is some sad reporting. This stuff isn’t even hidden. Google Maps lets you know when you first start up that it’s tracking your location and saving it in your own personal history. They only use this data for cool stuff like letting you know how far you’ve biked, to automatically detect road trips and attach your photos to those trips, and to share your location with friends who you’ve allowed location sharing with.

    It’s super easy to turn off as well – especially if you read the notification the first time it pops up and refuse location history.

    Nice try on the scare story though.

  • James Theobald

    And this doesnt work for people who dont turn on location on their phone.

  • tom

    I logged in and it didn’t map anything out for me…mine was blank…sadly I was interested to see it track me…

  • Șerban Păun

    You have just discovered that Earth is round.

  • Panda-s1

    god, this would have been useful to know when I lost my last phone on the bus…

  • hangerman

    So sad, the state of america, people with nothing better to do than track people they don’t even know… Very sad…

  • ali

    Wtf just looked at mine i live in alabama and was in school all day Saturday but it says at 340 i was in Oklahoma guess i was taken by aliens in a class room full of people wtf lol

  • Rishona Campbell

    I can’t afford a smartphone. Therefore I beat the system. No one cares about poor people! :-)

  • Cornelius

    Yet another benefit of not having a smartphone.

  • dlm1ok

    For all the travel I did it shows nothing.

  • Darius Groza

    I can’t find my location history! Always dreamed I could. And everything was activated!

  • Chloe

    Please learn how the technology works before making any sort of commentary.

    The location data is stored specifically so that the system can fuzz
    it. It pulls random pieces of location data from specific points in
    time, or specific locations, to figure out the GPS failure threshold at
    specific points. Why does it do this? So that it can provide better GPS
    services later in time. It’s not some
    big brother scheme to figure out everything about your day to day life.
    It’s so the device can make your lives easier.

    This is why I no longer write services like this. Because the instant
    some script kiddy gets his hands on the data I’m storing, without
    knowing why I’m storing it, he throws it towards the media with a ton of
    buzzwords. They swallow it up and put it online, and suddenly I
    look like the bad guy for trying to make people’s lives easier.

  • Peter Deacon

    So what, you agree to the terms and conditions. I use the location data to prove I’m not late to work, I can forge data held by Google. Got me out of many situation…. If you don’t like it, don’t use it!

  • topgun966

    Uh and to top it off Google sends reminders every single month reminding you that location saving is on and shows how to opt out. Click bait.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite park was the way that it didn’t work. Sure if you leave your GPS on and just click ok to everything that pops up without reading it something is bound to track you. However, if you, like me, don’t burn through your battery life and choose to read everything that says, “Google wants your location”, then odds are you are only going to see this pop up on that 4 hr trip you took a month ago and had no idea where the fuck you were going.

  • Chris915

    Hah! Good thing I don’t have a phone, not that I go anywhere often. I think the last place I went was the ATM machine Thursday evening.

  • litetaker

    I have NO location history for ever. I verified on that Google Website. And you know why? Because, unlike the paranoid you, I know where to turn the knob to switch off location tracking and storing on Android. And if you, rightfully, come back by saying that Google may still store that info regardless then (a) screw them for breaking a written agreement of my non-consent, (b) Google can enjoy the class-action lawsuit for that shit and (c) I don’t give a damn anyway. I have long understood that I need to barter my privacy in this digital age.

  • Dawned Harsh

    Turn your GPS off
    I have no map history
    I generally have my gps off, all it does is drain power
    And thanks to easy settings, when needed it’s simple to turn on

  • drew

    Sooo Google now knows that I went to Home Depot, Boston Pizza then the liquor store and back to my house after that!! who gives a F

  • Nick Harger

    I do not exist because I have never manually turned on this feature. It doesn’t matter everyone is being tracked and if you’re worried about it then you shouldn’t be doing illegal things and you need to give up your phone.

  • eric

    do not give your phone # to google and they wont track you

  • Dev

    Why is this a big deal? It’s not like anyone is being singled out by creepy stalker people in Google

  • ReaderRyn

    I’m a little disappointed that there was not map tracking me when I visited.

  • loveitorloseit

    Easy fix. Sign out of location history

  • Stevie Clarke

    I honestly wanted to see where it had tracked me at but I fall into the “latter” category and there are NO traces of me, anywhere. Yes, I DO move around!

  • Phillip Molly Malone

    Right so:
    1) Not entering the “is it really deleted” debate as its a silly one!
    2) As has been pointed out, there is away to turn it off!
    3a) Yes, if your on the internet at all or carry a phone, in theory you could be tracked
    3b) But the reality is, no one gives a rats toss bag about you so why would they go to all the trouble of tracking you if you told them not too! Pleanty of people see this stuff as useful and of no harm to them (in fact provides great service) and so hand it over with a smile!
    4) The whole premise is slightly wrong! The feature doesn’t record every where you go! This is a wrong assumption (slightly, but importantly)!!!! It records everywhere your phone says you are when its time for it to report back! So if your phones GPS/location services says your on Wood Street, then it will report that your on Wood St! Nothing mysterious! No one trying to get you in trouble or convicted of murder, just GPS in mobile devices isn’t fool proof! Far from it!

    PS. If your still worried about this location sharing and them not deleting data and using it for their benefit or for your demise, please let me know as I have a side business selling tinfoil hats that you will probably want to buy one! ;-)

  • Paul Justin

    So what if Google or the government knows when I poop.. It’s not like my poop is hiding Jimmy Hoffa. If I was worried about people knowing what I did at all times.. I wouldn’t have devices that u could use to track my phone if I ever lose it. There’s give and take. Don’t want to give, then take a hike

    • Droppo

      That’s not the point. The point is, they shouldn’t be tracking anyone in the first place whether they are doing anything they need to hide or not.

      • Paul Justin

        If you think Google is the only Company tracking your information.. You’re sadly mistaken. Have a home phone? Your calls get monitored.. Use a bank or atm or credit card? Your purchases get monitored. Everything you do is monitored.. Because advertisers pay for that information to develop new products and put them in the right demographics. Now, if you ask, do they look at your info on an individual level? The answer would be no. There isn’t an agency on the planet that has enough time or resources to do that. You my friend.. Are a statistic.

  • ja

    I just play games with Google I leave my phone in my buddies taxi and let them track me in circle

  • ja

    And for that matter they track you with your bank card your grocery store bonus cards , onstar, everything tracks you EVERYTHING lol ..

  • ja

    Paul the point is it is invasion of our rights but nothing we can do about it.. so do like me give them something to watch .. oh lmao they might be looking at you right through your phone camera yep they do that to .. blah hahaha . Fuck them

  • Chic Magnet Bailey

    “GUILTY by GOOGLE” (My term) I checked out my history and it shows that I traveled to Indianapolis this weekend. I havent been there, so if this information is used as some form of evidence am I or others GUILTY by GOOGLE? Out the door with innocent until PROVEN guilty ! and who says this info can’t be fixed to entrap someone?

  • Alabastard

    I don’t have any existing map data here… for all the good it’ll do me.

  • animetric

    I tried your link it said I have “no location history” and it’s probably because my location services are always off…

  • Bill Kurtson

    “you have no location history for *insert random date here *”
    Maybe it’s different in Sweden?

  • Dustin Pageloff

    The only one who should be worried about this is Batman..LOL For anyone else all people have to do is look up you home address..LOL

  • Richard Gross

    just shut off your gps tracking and google maps in your app manager..but I use the GPS a lot for work and don’t care if google knows where I am

  • kyzzz

    Mine loaded absolutely nothing. Apparently I went nowhere haha or its set to dont store history by default like someone else mentioned. But that makes no sense cuz I know the government and Google really care about where I go * sarcasm *

  • OpportKnocks

    I have a Blackberry Z-10 and nothing is tracked. Do people forget the the research behind Google Search was done with an NSA grant? And the Google has bought many companies that handle CIA and NSA contracts?

    Bottom line, if you value privacy not use Google products.

  • coachanthony

    I kinda like the idea of “not existing”, this way I can deny everything :-)

  • dollskin

    Its taking you to wood street because it is picking up a WiFi connection over there from when you are closest to it.. Unless it is nowhere near you in which that case I am wrong. I have known about this location history page for almost two years now. Its nothing new. And I know sometimes mine or my husbands will say we have traveled to Houston (from san Antonio) when we definitely haven’t. And sometimes it says we have flown to New York. Various other places. You might have a hacked gmail account, we have before. This is a conclusion I have come up with. Because there may be a time when your email had been hacked and spoofed in the past and you don’t know it. Our solution, getting an entirely new email address that we ONLY use to sign in to to our phone and use a SECURE email server (my husband is in IT so we have our own server at home, its very simple to set up) for anything else. And don’t click ads and suspicious material!! Educate yourselves, the government is everywhere.

    • dollskin

      Regardless, googles been watching us and recording this data for a while as long as you’ve had your gmail address. Its accessible if you go to Settings> Location>Location History then go to Help and you can look through the page and it shows a Location History Website link.

  • Marc Derrick Chua Yap

    Hmmm… Checking…
    I have no google maps location history since i bought my firat android device!
    Probably because i mess around with the settings and turn the damn thing off ever since.

  • Jash

    Oh no, it has records of me going to a hookah bar to play music and to the Shell gas station.
    I’ll really need to cover up my trails.

  • Davidski

    I looked back 2 years, and nothing?

  • Eric Gordon

    “No history in the past 30 days”, well, I guess this takes the wind out of some sails over at Google. It probably helps that my GPS is always turned off, I don’t get much coverage where I live, I pretty much only exist within a 10 mile radius and my phone keeps powering down for unknown reasons throughout the day. Oh and the fact that it’s rooted and to conserve on power I pretty much disabled all GPS communications… Too bad, I was looking forward to an extremely bold line of my going back and forth to and from work.

  • Jeremy Hannon

    Don’t like Google tracking you? Use a Windows Phone. Problem solved (and you get a more secure mobile device in the process)

  • DavidTUSAF

    I looked back a whole year and no data available. I know I have used my GPS several times in the past year and that doesn’t even show up. Maybe it’s the older Android phones that aren’t tracked.

  • Bandit Press

    “Only happens whens when ‘location’ is turned on”

    The author is a class A idiot! Ma’am, did you actually think google spy would NOT use the information you volunteered? Or did you think they would use the info to enhance your online experience?

  • El Carlos

    So I am basicaly constantly conected with my cellphone on internet, I use a google maps a lot (to find some shops, hairdresser…) and after I logged i cant see no history at all, even not from this wekend when I was biking and used a lot of maps and tracking software…

  • bike wheels

    This is one reason why I got rid of my phone.

    • Erick Hilmansyah

      right, let’s blame the phone when you can easily turn that in the settings. genius, i wanna be you.

      • Gavin Smith

        Why are they tracking us, genius?

      • The surreal McCoy

        While you wanna be him, I certainly wouldn’t wanna be you: by now it should be painfully clear to anyone in the US that what’s being displayed to you and what’s being recorded are not necessarily the same thing.

      • bike wheels

        no man 4g gives cancer also

  • dzo

    just turn off location services, wifi and mobile data, and you cannot be tracked.

    • The surreal McCoy

      As long as the radio on your phone is on, your approximate location is recorded via the cell your phone is registering to.

  • DeadWringHer

    Protip: turn phone off when visiting hookers or buying heroin.

  • Arnold Lőrincz

    No history :)) I’m using WP :P

  • sancoLgates

    hahaha interesting let’s see what the world will be in the future !

  • Joseph Chapman

    Amazingly, I have no data. Go me.

  • Kim Simlenes

    Turn of GPS tracking you n00bs!

  • iloveslowloris

    You know the easiest way of stopping this happening? Don’t sign into google maps on your phone… I have never signed it in until just now (I want to see if I’ve been abducted by aliens at any point in the last month) and there is nothing to see, no data, no tracking. Easy as that

  • Christopher Houser

    This isn’t some sort of secret or conspiracy. Your phone literally tells you it is doing this when you boot it up for the first time and you have the option, right from the beginning, to turn it off. It’s a convenient feature and is incredibly helpful with Google Now. It’s something that works during high accuracy mode and if you don’t like it then use your GPS only (“low” accuracy mode).

  • luke speers

    Have you ever wondered how google maps navigation times are so accurate? Its because of this location statistics they store. Its not harmful yet but its really damn useful. It gets me an hour through traffic and predicts to the minute when I’ll get to my destination all from my starting location.
    The ‘oh my god they’re tracking me’ is really just a lack of understanding.

  • Simon Ham

    Just a thought… If you’re doing something sensitive you’d rather there was no record of [by which I mean ‘awkward’, like buying hardcore DVD’s from the shop with no windows for instance, rather than illegal] and it bothers you that much, why not just leave your smartphone at home? We’re not surgically attached to them you know..! No need to smash our phones or live in a cave surrounded by tin foil… We don’t have to go ‘off-grid’ to be off the grid, it’s still possible to exist like we did 3 years ago without instant social death meaning actual death…!

  • Alex Watts

    That’s ok. Because the locations it has me at are very very wrong.

    • Gavin Smith

      At least when they come to take you to the gulag, they won’t be able to find you.

      • Alex Watts

        At this rate, they won’t be able to find the Gulag, either!

  • Gavin Smith

    Why is Google tracking us and storing the information?

  • David Blacker

    i checked and there’s no location history for my phone. and yes i have location services switched on.

  • Junior Santiago

    stop using smartphones if you don`t like to traced. my god you wanna use all of todays technology but how you think this is working. How should google tell you where you are if you don`?t want to be traced?

  • tomkincaid

    Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Off

  • Brian Charles Connaghan

    My Go ogle account location history is not enabled, so nothing shows up. But that doesn’t mean Go ogle doesn’t have it. Just that I can’t see it.

  • comradbill

    My location history was blank. My wife’s wasn’t. Made sure to delete and turn it off.

  • Herbert Smith

    Nothing for my account. Yet I run a GPS program 24×7 that records my location constantly. I have the GPX tracking files on my phone. So my phone knows where I am at. But nothing on this web site. Galaxy IV phone with both settings under Goggle Location Reporting turned off. Would seem that it fairly easy to defeat this web site, but still preserve a record of where you have been for your own use.

  • MEEfO

    Loving my Apple Maps now..

  • Jessica Prokop

    The problem is that most people are completely unaware, and don’t even know where to start when it comes to playing a role in their privacy or that of their kids.

  • Luhter

    Well, let’s be clear, every time you tap into internet you leave a mark, that’s the MAC address. Based on that and the IP they can get the location and if they have access to the ISP they can record any data you sent to internet. If any agency that is powerful enough wants to track you they can based on the marks you leave behind, they don’t need google. This is the last thing you need to worry about because you can sue google, but you can’t sue NSA or other god forsaken agency. So stop the panic, if you cheated you can delete you history so your partner can’t see it and be grateful for that (you bastard!).

  • BKBroiler

    People that freak out about this stuff need to calm down. If Google were really using this information to track you down and steal your children (or whatever you conspiracy goobers are constantly worried about), do you really think they would make it so readily available and accessible to you?

  • Tom Griffin

    OMG its all a scam. . . . They are following your every movement. Who gives a fuck. I don’t. They want some they will get some. Follow me I have some friends with me at all times ;)

  • Victoria Smith

    why even give them access to any info? yeesh. first line of defense, divulge no info

  • Chris Bourassa

    How about people stop being self centered and turn OFF location identification. I don’t have a smart phone, don’t want one. If I am forced to get one, it will be off.

  • Stug47

    Looks like I don’t have any GPS information saved… I wonder why that is.
    Always take control of your personal information, only you value your own privacy.

  • Ihab Mokayed

    I do believe that it’s you who can control that from the settings.

    Having said that, pretty sure someone somewhere can still access it. But I’ll be looking forward to that day where I’m so important that they’ll have to check my history!

  • Steve Kysor

    Sounds like a terrible idea. Just another way for the government to track us.

  • Patrik Nilsson

    Oh plz, this has been a feature that google has ever since Google Latitude got launched. I have been using it for years. I even think it is an opt-in feature, you need to enable “Location history” in your phone for it to even start working. Just enabling “Location services” won’t enable this.

    Stop writing shit like this that scares less educated people…

  • Ariel Benfield

    Guess using an iPhone has it’s advantages since I have no history here since I’ve dropped using Android gadgets years ago.

    • DexterRexter

      IPhones tracked EVERY user without permission for years until they got caught. Info was available to anyone with access to your computer. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • floatingbones

        Hate to burst YOUR bubble, Rexter, but the consolidated.db file hasn’t been around for years. Did you notice that you referenced a 2011 article? What educated uses should know: AAPL is a hardware and software seller, while Google (and FB) primarily sell advertisements. If you want privacy, you’ll almost always be better off with Apple’s solutions.

        Let’s avoid the low-information claims in the discussion, OK? Thanks.

        • DexterRexter

          I’ll stand by my comment. Apple amitted to it at the time and changed it. Thanks

          • floatingbones

            Apple corrected the error. OTOH, Google doesn’t view the invasion of privacy as a problem, and they CONTINUE to gather the data. One company is a hw/sw manufacturer; the other is a bundler of consumer behavior to big corporations. With Google/FB, you’re not a customer. You are the product.

            If someone wants to maximize privacy the steps are simple. Use iOS and MacOS; avoid the Android and Chrome platforms. Use Apple Maps and the Safari browser; avoid Google Maps and the Chrome browser. Maximize use of private/stealth mode in browsers, and always use a VPN service.

            You’re welcome to stand wherever you want. Unfortunately, you’re located in such a dark place that even Google’s supercomputers can’t figure out where you are. *That* is dark. :)

          • DexterRexter

            Not sure where the bitterness is coming from. This is not a competition between platforms. Google is offering this as an optional service to people people who want to track their kids, excercise, business travel mileage etc.It is not required (read the other comments) Apple still offers the same service. It’s not meant as an argument. Ask any honest law enforcement officer and you will find out that all phones are trackable,

          • floatingbones

            “Not sure where the bitterness is coming from.”
            Because you’re fundamentally ignorant on the issue and you seem to be learning nothing in the discussion.
            Apple’s business model is fundamentally different from Google. Apple gets the lion’s share of their revenue from selling hw/sw. Google gets essentially zero from hardware/software sales. They get their money by delivering advertisements to big businesses, and they get far more money by delivering targeted advertising. Google is NOT on your side. Exactly what part of “You’re not the customer; you are the product” do you fail to understand?

            “Apple still offers the same service.”

            Really? That’s a low-information claim. If it were true, you would have PROVIDED REFERENCES. Please do so now.

            “Ask any honest law enforcement officer and you will find out that all phones are trackable,”

            Phones can be tracked with a warrant. If you think that phones can’t be tracked without a warrant, you should PROVIDE A REFERENCE.

            If you’re going to be making factual claims in discussions, you need to back them up. AFAICT, you really have no idea what you’re talking about in this discussion. If you think I’m incorrect, the way to fix that is to PROVIDE REFERENCES to your claims. If you can’t back up a claim, it’s rather pointless to make it in the first place.

            Why don’t you start with a simple question: do you understand that AAPL’s and GOOG’s business models are fundamentally different? Do you get it?

  • Nathan S.

    What I want to know is why mine shows that I traveled outside of country when I did not? hmmmm.

    • coytle

      Your phone is secretly leaving the country while you sleep

  • Mally

    Nothing came up for me. Guess I’m off the grid?

  • Sarah

    Open your Google map app on your phone. Click on the top right hand corner (the little person icon). From the next screen, click on the gear in the top right hand corner. Go to “Location History.” From the next screen, click on “Location History” again. Select “Do Not Store.” Go back to the previous screen. Select “Location Reporting.” Select “Do Not Report.”

  • brii

    Umm.. mine doesn’t show any locations? I also cannot find how you set this. so sweet….

  • Scott W

    Google Maps->Settings->Location History->Location Reporting->Do not report

  • Steve Lee

    I have no history :(

    I feel left out…

  • jprime

    I recall where I went yesterday, yet this “tracking” has quite missed the mark.

  • s0nginmyheart

    so… can they use this technology to find the missing Malaysian flight finally? #eyeroll #butseriously

  • Zay Castellanos

    Huh… looks like I’ve never been tracked lol

  • shay

    haven’t been tracked. all tracking data is on, i use maps frequently. have an HTC. i really don’t think anyone cares where you’ve been. even if your info has been stored i don’t know why you would worry, you’re probably not that important.

  • esotericmortificationandibs

    don’t use a smart phone

  • Kevin Dondrea

    As one of my friends stated. What if you need an alibi, this could save your life. It’s like that guy in California that was convicted of murder. He claimed he was at the Dodgers game but had no proof. One month after the start of his prison sentence his lawyer was watching Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. The show had Larry at the Dodgers game. As Larry David is walking down the stairs he passes the guys client. Needless to say the lawyer won the appeal and now they’re both fans of Larry David.

  • Mr. Invisible

    apparently i beat the system. i’ve had an iphone for 6 years and a gmail account for 8, so maybe they haven’t caught up with me.

  • Tatiana M Laborde

    No history for me! it could also be that I dont use google maps since the app sucks and I have switched to Waze!

  • Blake

    this is stupid. one if you’re using Google now you should know that. and two I don’t think that it is the default.all my history is from times when i was using my GPS so makes sense to me.

  • Dan Kurleone

    Encrypt iPhone backup and store locally. I just plugged mine in and I have location services on and no location data was found. There was another site that had this about 6 years ago which was basically saying the same things.

  • Daniel Dogeanu

    Ha! I use Windows Phone, no trace there… at least not on Google Maps. I used to have an Android phone though and I set the date back in time to see if there’s anything and nothing shows up. I don’t know why, because I know in some days I clearly used Google Maps with location turned on, on my phone.

  • MPH

    GPS locations can suffer occasional variances as a result of atmospheric disturbances, loss of signal from one satellite due to an overhead obstruction which will result in the use of a different satellite used to determine your position that results in a greater inaccuracy, etc. Typical accuracy for GPS is just under 10 meters (a value chosen because that’s the accuracy of US military field artillery systems, so further position resolution isn’t of use to the military, and GPS is a military funded system), but it’s 100 meters when they activate selective availability (something they are not supposed to do without notifying the FAA, as airliners use GPS). It isn’t unusual for your GPS location to jump around, and that might explain the “I never went there” issues raised. This is one reason why military GPS systems mounted in vehicles also use an inertial navigation system as a backstop. If the INS shows no movement, but the GPS system does, or vice versa, then software on board can decide which to believe based on which is considered to be less subject to problems of false motion. FYI: I’ve spent over 9 years this century writing software for the M1A2 Abrams tank, including software that interacts with the 3 different GPS receivers that have been used in the tank.

    Perhaps phones don’t do this yet. Phones would need something like an accelerometer in order to determine that the phone isn’t actually moving when the GPS position says it is and then the software would have to “believe” the accelerometer in preference to the GPS position. I know some GPS equipped smart phones do have accelerometers, but don’t know if all do.

  • Matt Norris

    Turning it off on your phone doesn’t turn it off on their end. There’s a reason emergency responders can still find you when dialing 911

  • zaiger

    Mine is blank, because I am smart and turn all the geolocation stuff off the second I get a new phone.

  • jp328

    Here’s mine:

    I think it was literally the first option when I first bought an Android phone in 2010. I disabled it and am glad to see that the setting has never changed since.

  • xinomorph

    i wander if alien abductees have got tracking dots all over google space

  • kofybean

    What’s the point of turning on your location services if you don’t want your phone to know where you are?

  • Jason Catterall

    Well it seems I’ve beaten the system. Not only have I been nowhere, but that seems to indicate that I don’t exist. Deeply depressed.

  • ahatfl

    funny that actually not having a trackable phone seems furthest from peoples minds. buy a bag phone and throw it away every other month..

  • Michael J. Catlos

    I’m pretty lax with my personal details. I’m not very interesting and also very very poor/in debt to Sallie Mae. I have no history for any days/weeks/months I looked at on the map. I live in NE Ohio, and have been to Chicago and various other places in the past month. I don’t know what I did, but I beat the system?

  • JD101

    Note to self. When committing a murder, leave phone at home.

  • Singe

    Looks like I cover my tracks pretty well. I have no location history.

  • Susy

    i have my yahoo account on my phone, guess i’m good right? lol

  • owheelj

    Those mystery spots are just GPS drift. You can tell by the way the lines randomly jump to them. You didn’t go there. The phone just can’t always get an accurate signal. People who play Ingress know what I’m talking about.

  • Patricia Hodges

    I had to check this out to see if it was true. Accordingly, I have no location history at all for the past month… I also don’t have a “smart” phone.

  • GregK

    I use a Windows Phone… no history stored.

  • NewKDramaAddict

    Yeah! No history!!

  • Zeroangel

    Seems to me as if you’re reaching many of your locations through flight or teleportation.

  • Maple Dynan

    doesn’t show any history for me. my settings on google maps are “do not store”.. although i have no doubt some data is stored somewhere- it does guess my common addresses when I’m typing.. But I’m not very interesting, so track away?

  • Karsus

    “There’s a website that proves it!”? Its the fucking Google site. They are completely upfront about it and only you have access to it.

    If you turn it off, Google doesn’t have the little information with which it tries to help you out (granted it might not always be doing an amazing job – but its just computer programs – its not like anyone in the world actually cares enough to personally be watching where you go… Seriously people. smh)

  • KenPrescott

    In other news, Google (GOOG) announced that it has acquired Cyberdyne Systems of Los Angeles, California…

  • Beth Raynor

    Eureka, I think I know what to do… Try turning “Location Services” on your phone off.

  • Nick Champaigne

    no data for me ever…nokia lumia 8.1. im a noob with phones so no clue why. and i do have my google account linked, as well as my fb, hotmail, twitter, microsoft and nokia

  • tracylr

    Nice to see yet another advantage to me not having a smartphone!

  • dogg

    They the phone company’s are following you …by pings on your phone not the government. ..

  • Dorian Muthig

    Wait, you didn’t know that? That’s what happens if you use online GPS navigation. The online service gets told where you are and provides you with directions. This is not like in the old days where you got to download the entire map, got regular map updates and traffic data was broadcast via RDS on FM radio, and then had your GPS device calculate directions for you locally with no information about where you are or where you’re going leaving your device. I much prefer the latter, by the way, but the former is faster, easier to implement, and less expensive for end users. So, because we’re all cheap bastards, they get to track our every move, and then the government comes along and asks for that data for surveillance purposes. And we all die a little inside, but nobody does a thing to change it.

  • dogg

    Your location is not hidden…your phone .your computer is not hidden..

  • Scott Wilson

    OMG! AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!! AHHH!!!! oh, I have complete control over it, nobody can see it but me, and I can delete the entire history. So it’s a handy tool. Got it. Gosh, you scared me with the clickbait headline. Please stick to the high journalistic standards of the cock in a sock story from now on.

  • Ray

    This is why you don’t get a data plan or just turn off your data and gps off

  • Miles Bader

    I knew that it does this, and would even think it’s rather neat, except that it’s soooooooooo insanely inaccurate (both position- and time-wise; it’s not uncommonly off by 5km or more, and updates pretty much randomly) that it’s pretty much useless for anything other than a vague sense of activity…

  • Gyba

    Stop trying to avoid such things. These are part of our life and there is nothing we can do about it. Every move we make is seen by someone, every thing we say is heard, but if you have a honest and decent life nobody will care what you do. If you have something to hide… just then, you have a problem :)

    • KnightTime

      …unless you live in a region where location data in the wrong hands presents a security risk.

  • Rich Munnich

    I even have Google Voice and they aren’t storing that data on me. I don’t have cell service on this tablet. I like my privacy and set this thing to not record my location.

  • N21LV

    Have no data for 30 days. Almost never have GPS turned on (except I’m cycling with Endmonondo tracker running), almost never use navigation. Never check-in anywhere.
    Ahh. And I don’t have Google Play services which are required to run Location settings (and seems, tracking as well) — my stupid old Galaxy Ace doesn’t have enough internal memory so I deleted those.

  • Kim Ono

    I think this is fantastic!

  • Dragos

    You have no location history from July 21, 2014 to August 19, 2014
    This tells me that I have beaten the system :D

  • MellorSJ


    Another wanker amazed, AMAZED!, that someone might collect data and try to make some money.


  • The Space Pirate

    Hee hee, no iPhone, haw haw haw!

  • Joshua Patrick Winters

    I must have beaten the system… or I don’t exist… cause not also have I never touched rose settings? I use Google maps as my gps

  • Ross R Blankert

    I don’t have a smartphone. If google is tracking me, they know that I live in the mountains of Panama and make an occasional trip to Panama City by bus.

  • Frances

    The app on the phone will track anywhere you used google MAPS even on your computer. This cannot be turned off. But the locations you have been and other stuff can be turned off,

  • Mark Pompeo

    This can be avoided by turning off your phone’s GPS capability…

  • Amethyst Mahoney

    They’re also tracking your buying habits in conjunction with your movements and selling that info to third-party companies so they can target their advertising to you. That story came out a while back.

    • Nathan Johnson

      They don’t sell our information to third parties. You just misunderstand how targeted advertising works.

      1. Companies submit ads to Google. They can target the ads to specific cities, states, keywords, genders, etc.
      2. Google’s system automatically scans the text for keywords and displays ads relevant to the user.

      The information isn’t given to the advertiser. They don’t give emails or search queries to companies for them to target ads.

      I’ve advertised websites on Google before, and you get to target the ads to certain keywords and other demographics. At no time did I have access to user information.

  • Amanda Bennett

    Mine tells me I have no location history.

  • ja

    I think it’s just google maps and you have to have your google account connected to google maps. Not sure.

  • yappy00

    a) Congrats, you read reddit.

    b) Learn a little about your devices and apps before you start using them. This is an option in the Google Maps that’s disabled by default, so obviously you fucked something up (i.e. didn’t read a popup, or just agreed “Yes” to everything without reading) to get it to record the data. It’s not Big Brother-ish when you opted in.

  • Vikki White

    Our location services is “on” on the phone..but when we logged into the google account, it was off on there..and we had no locations. So maybe that is the trick?

  • Packer-Madness

    They say they use your location to help you find “restaurants” or “clothing stores” in the area you are in. GPS is a spy also, in case you “get lost”. There’s a “Do Not Track” or “Location” setting on most phones and mobile devices. Turn that shit off people.

  • Marilyn Kaye Muma-Reid

    Mine says nothing is available and I have location services on all the time.

  • Rosalyn Lim 林惠美

    My history is empty though, probably because I didn’t use google maps or mobile gps enough?

  • hereatpsu

    No, it is because you are STUPID. I am tired of this BuS article written by people with no clue how to use simple websites. Just sensationalist nonsense

    • Sandi

      It’s not rocket science is it! lol


    Disable Google location history. Problem solved. We hope.

  • CPBuff22

    I use google maps often on my cell phone and the page has no history for me. And I don’t remember ever toggling an off switch for tracking or location.

  • Sandi

    You have no location history from July 21, 2014 to August 19, 2014

  • Kevin Morrison

    The only reason to get creeped out is because we never read the fine print and are to stupid to know how to disable tracking, but when you consider the useful things that Google can do for us with that data there is little reason to get creeped out unless of course you are a creep…;)

  • Michelle

    Well it’s wrong for where I’ve been cause I haven’t been to Phoenix

  • Pat

    Mine would be boring. Sofa to the bathroom, sofa to the bathroom, sofa to the kitchen, kitchen to the bath room back to the sofa etc.

  • alpoochini

    Oh gosh, they might find out i shop at target and pay-less.. oh the horror! Scary google! Folks, just disable ‘location history’ if you’re having a paranoid fit. Might also want to take a chill pill if you have one around..

  • Mrs Libnish

    That’s going to be pretty tough for them to locate me using this as I HATE Google and won’t use it. Except for a throwaway email to use in certain instances.

  • Ghengis Don

    It didn’t have any record for me. I’m glad but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    this is one of the reasons I refuse to have a cell phone at all.

  • cody

    pretty simple. when google asks if you would like to improve the maps, answer no. you can disable it in the location settings on the site and on the phone. whoa… mystery solved.

  • bytheway4

    they are bored by watching me, I’m home most of the time, liberals created this and have ruined the Americal that I remembered many, many years ago.Hate them all.

  • Stuart Donna

    it doesn’t work. I don’t have a google account

  • BejeweledOne

    I don’t have anything on the map and I have location services turned on.

  • agnes

    “You have no location history from July 22, 2014 to August 20, 2014″
    Says that to me..

  • Nah!

    I don’t get anything on that map. I think iPhones don’t get that data tracked on Google Maps.

    • Nathan Johnson

      I have an iPhone and can see all my location history because I have the Google app which has Google Now features. I don’t have Google Maps though.

  • Brandon Campbell

    I don’t see that option in my copy of Google Maps, maybe my phone is too old? (LG Optimus V, running Froyo)

  • Kirk Goodman

    This would only creep out people who believe they have something to hide, or are in general living in fear.

    • jrmagtago

      or it is scary that this surveillance can also be used for blackmail from a corrupt government person.

  • Dave

    Do you have Blackberry? I tried it with mine but it had no activity. Hope that means that blackberry’s secure networks keeps me private!

  • multiaxian

    Seriously, this is old news. Google even sends me an email at the end of every month with this kind of information.

  • Sharon Peters

    lol nothing on me.. hahaha i haven’t had a smart phone with my gmail signed into it for a looong time. so hahaha yeah

  • Brittany

    Guess I’ve beat the system or else it doesn’t track windows phones.

  • Dennis Niehoff

    I’m sure glad I am smart enough to not have one of these pieces of shit, always nothing but trouble.

  • Tracy Carroll

    Well, somehow I have beaten the system. I am logged into google and half the time my location comes on and I have to turn that dumb thing off. I went all the way back to when I got my phone and nothing shows for location. For every month it says I have no location history. Go me and my Moto X.

  • arafail

    Oh no, people are starting to find out they are being tracked

  • Kim Môlsem Gosselin-Robert

    I have nothing in my history. And I’m not necessarily shy about where I go… but ya.

  • Vanessa Sarges

    I wonder how many missing women and children would have had a much less tragic outcome to their lives if they were carrying a phone on them with a location tracking device on it?
    Yes, that is another way that this service is used – by emergency personnel.

  • Ronda Sliter

    ok so i dont exist or I have beat the system or you are full of it! no red dots or lines on my map and yes location services are on, on my phone so……

  • Bryan Fletcher

    Another good idea, turn off location unless you need GPS. Also do what that guy suggested and turn off tracking. Done and done.

  • Meg Sloss

    Where is Waldo?

  • Corey Warren

    Mine is totally not accurate. It just shows me at home.

  • Faiz

    This article is such a mess.. You are trying to make it look like Google was spying on you all time :(

  • Jean Smith

    How could they be so wrong? Biking ten miles from where I was walking the dogs?

  • Raphial Hebert

    Mine is turned off the moment I get the phone.

  • Marie

    hm, You have no location history for August 18, 2014

  • derpityderp

    so is this for google phones/androids only? i have an iphone and i went to the link and i have no location history at all

  • Olivian Stoica

    Yeah..well…this article was done in a hurry and it is misleading. Due to my privacy settings nothing was stored. So nice job for the author assuming this is true for all cases instead of testing.

  • Mur John-Paul

    Awesome, wish I could go farther back.

  • Wendy Ojeda

    Mine says no location history available

  • Brent Hannam

    What about companies who’s work phones are connected through Google Business, could the company track the workers using this without them knowing?

  • Frankie Daniels

    Its not especially accurate anyway…. my history for today says I went somewhere about 20 miles away from the two places I’ve actually been. This is funny because I play ingress, and that collects location data specifically for google.

  • Steve Roberts

    I beat the system REAL easy….I don’t have a smart phone! I have a dumb phone and save $$$ for not having to pay for data and be tracked.

  • Kellic

    *Sighs* Really getting sick of stupid people overreacting to this crap. You can turn this off in 3 clicks on the phone. You can delete the data in your profile as well. However. I leave it turned on because of Google Now. I WANT them to know where I go. There is a reason why its called predictive events and activities. And you can bet your ass within 5 years Microsoft and Apple will be doing the same, as they debut their own smart watches which have almost no interface. People want to have digital assistants like JARVIS in Iron Man. Any type of digital assistant will be based on……wait for it…… That data comes in all kinds of forms. E-mails, searches, web browsing, purchases, and yes. LOCATION based on dates and times.
    So when I come home Google knows the route I take everyday, and on my phone it shows me how long, with traffic, it will take to get home and suggests a faster router if the time to arrival is longer then normal. All without me touching my phone. Now add a smartwatch that tell me this info on my wrist without doing anything.
    Same deal with e-mail. If I get an e-mail from Amazon with a tracking number, Google reads that, then in Google Now notifies me when the package arrives, no intervention.
    And again with movies. If I go to a location that has a movie theatre often it sets that place as my “home” location for movies. Then in Google Now it shows me show times automatically. No action or searching needed.
    Just because a company is capturing your data doesn’t mean they are doing anything nefarious with it.
    Why I’m so aggressive and borderline grouchy about this bullshit is because this is intentional MS and Apple FUD being spread around to try and discredit Google. When you can bet your sweet ass both companies are going to be doing the same in the future to keep up with Google Now’s cool uses.
    This has always been Apple MO. Publicly say we don’t need that feature. Then 3 years later, look at what they introduce.

  • Ronald Olson

    It’s not really that bad. I can show my wife that I wasn’t at the nudie bar. If you get kidnapped, murdered or something bad it can help to find where you are. Robbed of your cell phone? It could lead you to the scumbag who stole it.

  • Sam Grove

    It’s not very accurate without GPS, I went to two stores today, and one route does not show up.

  • Nakata Hope

    yeah i dont see mine.

  • amber

    I don’t have one either. Maybe because I don’t use google maps! lol

  • Ken

    What type of phone were you using? I use an iPhone and I see no history. Is your phone an Android???

    • Nathan Johnson

      I have an iPhone and I can see my location history. It only works if you have the Google app installed and location services enabled for the Google app.

  • Bobloblaw67

    i cant see mine

  • ToryBrecht

    My location services is on and mine says I have no location history either.

    • ToryBrecht

      Oh, and I used Google Maps to find a golf course yesterday. Weird.

  • Kellymacbride

    There should be more disclose about this.What they are doing is unethical if not illegal.

    • Nathan Johnson

      Everybody using the Google Now service (or allowing the Google iOS app to use location services) has agreed and consented to it when they said that they agree to the terms and conditions. But the data is used to improve Google Maps and Google Now. And the data is private; it’s not like just anybody can access it.

      • Kellymacbride

        Perhaps I`ve grown cynical in my old age,but I`m pretty sure that`s what they told Jen Lawrence.

  • My Name 2

    Really people? Let’s forward you to a site that looks like “Google” from a site called “junkee” and ask for your gmail username and password and see how many people will give it to us…………………….

  • Pravda01

    Google who? We moved everything to the free World. Means – World minus US minus UK minus France etc..

    You don’t want to be spied on? Don’t use the so called smartphones or US/UK based services.

  • Angela

    I don’t have a smartphone. I have a cheap flip phone and right now I am thankful for that!

  • MasterOfReality

    Yes I just love the Government knowing where I am at all time. And pissing all over my rights! The Constitution is from a different time like 14 years ago before 9/11 ancient History dude! Its the future now. Let’s just revise our rights to SLAVE.

    • Nathan Johnson

      Google is not the government, it’s a company.

      • MasterOfReality

        That gives your information to the government. Trust me buddy I used to work for a Data company and we work with the FEds all the time.

        • Nathan Johnson

          Which data company did you work for? If it wasn’t Google then it doesn’t support your belief that Google gives everybody’s location data to the government.

          Google turns down government requests if the agency requesting the information doesn’t have a warrant to obtain that information.

  • Terence Smith

    we’re doing this willingly…plus this data make Google Maps give better routes when navigating

  • CP Tse

    Trap what data? Are u president or Ceo of an MNC? Did u pay? Did u read the T&C before u use it? U contribute what value to the map development but blame the tech? Shut it down, delete it if u don’t like any app or if u use it as a free rider like everybody does, then suck it up. Simple.

  • CP Tse

    Who delete my comments? It shall be free of speech! Again if u don’t read T& C then install anything u bear your own issue. U should delete wny app u don’t like instead blame the developer. Nontheless, did u paid? What value u contributes to the development?

  • CP Tse

    If not, suck it up.

  • bofdem

    bullshit hoax. Get over yourself. Latitude was retired over a year ago, douchebag.

  • Marlaine Santana Triplett

    I’ve driven everywhere in the past month, even the past week, and it says No location history. Really? What a joke…

  • John MacEnulty

    There is no data on me. I call BS

  • lamen terms

    funny…………….i have no location history from this map. but then again i dont bring electronic devices with me around every wheres that shares my gps coordinates either. this sounds like a problem more for the youth and the ocd than a old timer like me who doesn’t necessarily trust the government. we’ve been warning you for years……………you just aint listening.

  • Skye Hoffman

    And I was totally wondering how Facebook knew what products I was buying and how to put those ads on my page 15 minutes later…

  • Graeme Siawm Scott

    GOOD GOD!!!
    My wife would be interested in this….but, thankfully she’s already my ex-wife.
    Who gives a damn who knows what.
    Oh, criminals I suppose!!!

  • Dugan Morgridge

    I have no data. I assure you that I do exist. Unless, as it seems, not owning a smartphone is tantamount to not existing. Or maybe this means I’ve beaten the system. Sweet. I didn’t even have to DO anything.

  • Brenda S.

    i tried it — map showed no activity — maybe it only works if you keep Google turned on on your phone.

  • Thomas Groot Zwaaftink

    thats why i use apple maps, even if they were tracking me it would just show them the wrong location

  • Paul Johnson

    Maybe you should forward your article to the daily mail. “Foregoer’s Spying on Your Every Move!” Thanks for the article all the same I didn’t realise there was I site I could download my location data from like that. Useful for tagging my photos if I forget to run MyTracks :)

  • Seeker4Truth87
  • Yavor Stoychev

    Or just use a linux / firefox OS phone. Yeah, you’ll have to pass on the big screen and the quad core processor, but it’s worth it. There are a few options out there…

  • Louie Kiskowski

    Can they get this data for that poor girl in Charlottesville?!

  • julunation

    Simple solution. GET RID OF YOUR CELL PHONE! It doesn’t matter what you do you will be tracked if you have a cell phone!

  • Sauternes

    Non hai cronologia della posizione dal 07 settembre 2014 al 06 ottobre 2014
    (it’s italian, anyway for some reason Google didn’t track me!)

  • Ivan Jacobs

    when an application is free the product that is beeing sold is YOU

  • Bob Sit

    Last month went on a three week trip from Panama City Florida to my home town of Niagara Falls NY. Week going up and week returning, information was accurate while travelling. Only went into Canada two days while there and it was duly noted. But the days that I did not go into Canada, the graph indicates that I did numerous times. Was sick for a day so stayed in bed but the graph indicates that I was all over that part of the city.

  • friv2468

    It may have opened strong but I think we’re going to see those numbers take a real hit in the coming weeks. you sharing thank

  • Shane Williams Sr.

    I have no locations. Why? Cuz Im smart enough NOT to have a so called smart phone. LOL. People laughed when I got rid of the cell phone and went to home phone. And guess who’s laughing now?

  • Nate Manzotti

    Who cares

  • Jingyansu Choudhury

    I hadn’t used Google (not even as my web browser) for quite some time & when I tried to log on I forgot my password. They then wanted me to answer a multitude of personal questions so!!! guess what? I deleted this site. There are plenty of ‘user friendly’ sites out there. Anyway, here is the way to stop google from tracking you.

  • Guest

    Mine had nothing! So fuck you google :)

  • iko

    How else you think the Illuminati NWO is gonna proceed?
    Of course they have to lay down ALL the necessary ground works first, thus if and when anyone defies them, they know how and where to get them ….this is why EVERYTHING in the this carnal dimension is tracked.
    That is why, despite getting quite some flak, I’ve always believe Amish people are some of the wisest group of people, though not perfect, not secular-definition of intelligent…but somehow WISE in wisdom.
    My 2 cents worth : The more primitive the better, but it takes a higher insight to see this.

  • Damian Starr

    Windows phones have bing so what happens there? I checked and no data from the last 30 days… but seriously I couldn’t give two shits about this, they would only be able to work out the two places I spend most of my time… work and home plus my 5 min commute

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  • kenney_m

    Nothing shows for me even though the last month and I have been all over the city in the last month

  • Raven Sensaru

    oh that is easy. leave your phone at home.

  • Shuvamoy Roy

    simple solution….just use vpn..and always keep it switched on… it will hide ur actual location and provide them a fake one. :)

  • Perry Way

    This is not a feature nor a problem for Blackberry users!

  • Agent Mark

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  • Friv1000game

    You can do here to show :
    Google maps> Settings> Location history, choose Do not store

  • dobst0sp

    look despite what some of you think you might know, this is for real, the us government watches and listens to everything we all do. Think for just a second why is there such a thing as gps on smartphones, smartphones that the ordinary person is so drawn to having to get one of those, and also why is it that our tablets share our location? Believe it or choose not to believe it our government that some of you thinks loves us and protects us IS watching all of us. it really started after the twin towers were rammed by our own airplanes being driven by terrorists our government lets in our homeland. They are mostly keeping a watch on any activities that threaten them, our gov. Even while their main objective WAS to watch for suspected terrorist activity, they now do it to watch all of us in case they see or hear something we are doing that they don’t like. While most people are not a threat to anyone other than theirself they are noteworthy persons who are questionable, and trust they will do what they have to have those asses watched by someone in their physical area, in live time. Like I said, the us gov knows how an american born citizen can and has formed ties with our terrorist enemies, so by that they have no choice but to WATCH what we all do. You can look at it as finding the bad before it gets badder. And another thing while we can view google earth, so can our gov only they get continous live ”while its happening” views. So if you’re not involved in any illegal activities they won’t care to ever look into you any further.

  • hombre!

    no data , system defeated! or maybe …user non-existent.

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  • Rose Maria

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  • jim

    Just switch off location on your device. No more tracking. I just checked my location track using google and it says i have no tracking history.

    • pto

      Your geolocation still gets recorded with your phone provider though, and you can’t turn that off.

  • nancy

    What does “biking” mean ? My phone location sometimes says this

    • pto

      It means you’ve travelled between two points at a speed that seems too fast for walking but too slow for driving. Google just makes a guess here. It could just as easily have been that you were stuck in slow moving traffic or that you were jogging, etc.

  • jericarswell

    It’s ok, it’s really ok, all is good, no worries

  • Marian Sdraila

    So google knows where everyone is spending their time! So what? This kind of things should only bother the ones doing illegal stuff and cheating on their wife or whatever! Anyway, it only works if your phone is connected to the internet.

    • pto

      You’re really missing the point here. You can do perfectly legal things that you don’t want other people to know, or worse, have them interpret it wrong. As long as you’re the only person who has access to that data then there’s no problem. But history tells us that this never stays the case.

      I don’t want my boss to know that I went for a job interview with the competition, I don’t want my stalking ex know where I am at the moment, etc. I know that recording your geolocation at google can be turned off, but that is just one of many areas where your daily life is being recorded. Most people wouldn’t even be aware that this is being recorded at all.

  • Brian

    I beat it by not having a phone with location services, aka: not a “smart”phone.

  • Holly Jenks

    Mine said i went to a few places that I actually never did. Dont think its very accurate .

  • Sharhonda Jordan Jackson

    I have no history on there at all

  • Tevin

    When you turn on location Services Google asks you if you would like to send anonymous data, I have always said no, three years and no location information, and I often use the gps in my phone