George Brandis Was Caught On Camera Sledging His Own Political Party

"They're very, very mediocre."

If you thought Liberal party politicians said dumb things when they thought people were listening… it’s nothing compared to what they say when they think the microphones are off.

First we had Peter Dutton ‘joking’ about Pacific islands sinking underwater due to climate change, all caught on a boom mic.

Now audio has emerged of George Brandis slamming his state counterparts as “very, very mediocre”.

Brandis was attending the annual general meeting of the Victorian Liberal party over the weekend, and was having a great old chat with party powerbroker Michael Kroger about all things politics. Unfortunately for Brandis (but luckily for the rest of us) the entire conversation was caught on camera.

Sky News did the whole country a massive favour and broadcast the footage this afternoon.

“They’re not very good,” Brandis says, referring to the Queensland Liberal National Party, of which he is an elected senator. “I’d say that the state opposition is very, very mediocre, and the state government is very, very mediocre but the thing that is alarming everyone is, as you would expect, the sudden spike in One Nation which is now at about 16 percent.”

Brandis goes on to express concern that One Nation could win “quite a few” seats at the next state election and raises the idea of the Liberal and National parties de-merging in Queensland.

You have to admit, calling the party that put you in the number one position on their Senate ticket at the last election takes some chutzpah. As far as brutally owning yourself goes, it’s right up there.

Hot tip for the Liberal party: maybe just make sure your politicians are nowhere near microphones and cameras in the future?