The Guy Behind The Disastrous Fyre Festival Has Been Arrested And Charged With Fraud

Not Ja Rule. The other guy.

One of the men behind the unmitigated clusterfuck that was the “luxurious” Fyre Festival has been arrested and charged with fraud. Not Ja Rule. The other guy.

According to The New York Times, 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland was arrested by the FBI in Manhattan on Friday and charged with one count of wire fraud. Prosecutors allege that McFarland defrauded investors in his company, Fyre Media, to the tune of more than one million dollars.

In case you don’t remember (although honestly, how could you forget?), Fyre Festival was sold as an ultra-exclusive “cultural moment” in the Bahamas that was promoted by celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid. Cashed-up punters paid thousands of dollars for tickets, for which they were promised “first-class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere” along with sets from the likes of Blink-182, Migos and Major Lazer.

Boy, were they in for a surprise.

Naturally, the thought of a bunch of wealthy millennials trapped on an island without electricity, shelter or food made a lot of people on the internet very, very happy.

In a statement on Friday, Joon H. Kim, acting US attorney for the Southern District of New York, said that “McFarland allegedly presented fake documents to induce investors to put over a million dollars into his company and the fiasco called the Fyre Festival.”

If convicted, McFarland could face up to 20 years in prison, although the paper points out he would likely receive a lesser sentence.

Ja Rule has not been charged. His lawyer told the paper that “[he] is not under arrest and we don’t perceive him to be a subject of this investigation.” However, both Rule and McFarland are facing more than a dozen lawsuits citing (among other things) fraud, breach of contract, negligence and violation of consumer protection law.

Feature image via Alice Mizrahi‏/Twitter