FuzzBeed Is The Randomly-Generated Version Of Buzzfeed, And It Will Screw With Your Mind Like Nothing Else

Must-read: "The 11 Sweetest Ways To Eat A Burrito Only Grandparents Will Understand".

FuzzBeed exists, and it is here to make you ask: Is this a real thing, or did I just slip into a cheese-induced fever dream for ten minutes?


Like a black hole swallowing another black hole, the website randomly generates content from pre-existing BuzzFeed articles, pairing random grabs of text with .GIFs and combining them into articles that sometimes seem like a BuzzFeed article, and sometimes seem like a nightmare from which there is no escape.

sidewalksThe article names themselves are worth a look, ranging from the frighteningly plausible ‘17 Times Sterling Archer from ‘Archer’ Summed Up You And Your BFF’ and ‘13 Things Gym Instructors Know To Be True’, to patently insane ones, like ‘25 Bathroom Scales That Scream World Domination‘ and ‘The 11 Sweetest Ways To Eat A Burrito Only Grandparents Will Understand‘.


The site also includes real quizzes and fake user profiles for each article.

The quizzes are particularly hilarious:


Fuzzbeed updates about once every half hour, so there’s no chance of it running out of nonsensical weirdness given the production rate of its source material.

That’s right: unlimited randomly generated content, infinitely, forever.

Check out FuzzBeed here.