Five Things The Government Could Cut Instead Of The ABC

Rather than firing nearly 10% of the ABC's workforce, surely there's other governmental fat that can be cut first...

This morning, Mark Scott made his much anticipated announcement to staff, detailing exactly how the ABC would make the $254 million worth of cuts called for by the Abbott Government. Somewhat bizarrely, it wasn’t a case of everyone collectively being $254 million more efficient: a Malcolm Turnbull wet dream where ABC staff don’t take lunch breaks but are instead fed liquified interns intravenously while suspended in a fluid-filled pod that keeps them awake 24 hours a day.

Instead, 400 will lose their jobs, Stateline will be axed, and Lateline will reformatted and shifted to ABC News 24. Radio suffered casualties as well, with a number of stations being scaled back, while Radio National’s Bush Telegraph will be axed completely.

The whole thing seems rather ludicrous: Mark Scott might as well have been standing in front of a herd of obese cattle being forced to trim the fat off a vole skeleton. Rather than firing nearly 10% of its workforce, there must be some other governmental fat that can be cut first, right?

For instance:

#1. Fighter Jets!

Remember those 58 fighter jets we bought for $12 billion? The ones that need a further $12 billion to keep them operational until 2024?

“Sorry, how much is that, Mr. Plane Salesman?”

“Half a deficit please.”

“Cool. Will you accept five ABC regional centres as payment?”

As fantastic as spending money on 58 identical ways for pilots to die might sound for a government claiming a desperate budget deficit, would Australia be any less macho-missile-Top-Gun awesome if it were, say, fifty-seven fighter jets?

That way we still get to bomb some exotic geography in the least successful flight sim ever, but we also get to have a network on TV that has the audacity to publish un-Australian facts.

#2. The News Corp Tax Rebate!

Ok, so you really love fighter jets. No problem, you can keep them. Instead, why not plug the new hole in the ABC’s funding with a fraction of News Corp’s tax rebate?

A sweet near-$900 million went back to News Corp this year, meaning you could make up the ABC’s budget cuts TWICE over and still leave Rupert Murdoch $400 million to bathe in — or whatever it is he does with all that money (hire a flat-earther to colonically irrigate his fusty innards with crude oil? Probably).

#3. Direct Action!

Fine fine: you love seeing $12 billion fly around in the sky for a bit before it crashes in a storm it can’t cope with; you adore watching a wrinkled Palpatine stunt-double husk kicking your money around like a kid in dry autumn leaves. But surely you wouldn’t mind if we got rid of Direct Action, the policy fart in the elevator of environmental politics?

Direct Action literally amounts to your money rewarding huge companies that have figured out how to shit on the earth a fraction less than they used to. “Who’s a good, absolutely massive corporation? That’s right, you, you little shnooky wookums. Have tonnes of our cash for doing what you should have been doing in the first fucking place.”

Why not give money to every world leader that didn’t commit a war crime yesterday as well?

#4. School Chaplaincy Program!

Right right. Broken planes, megalomaniacal walking scrotum with eyes, desolate earth. You love all of them. Got it.

But how about school chaplains? In Joe Hockey’s budget, school chaplains were allocated $243 million — almost exactly as much as the ABC’s cuts — yet they remain less appealing than being locked in the back of a meat truck with anyone from the Gamergate hashtag.

Seriously, take the Government’s school chaplaincy program out of context, put it anywhere else, and ask if you’d still like to splash out $243 million. What about a University Warlocks Program? Postgraduate Palm-Readers, anyone?

#5: Offshore Processing!

No? Okay. That’s fine. Winged suicide caskets. Withered, just-drank-the-wrong-grail media ballsack. Global burning. Stoneage belief counsellors. Your money is very well spent on all of those above things, and you still demand the ABC be cut. I understand.

How about asylum seekers, then? As much fun as it sounds to spend more than a billion dollars imprisoning 2,200 asylum seekers in offshore nightmare facilities in Papua New Guinea and Nauru — facilities that, in humanitarian terms, lie somewhere between Shutter Island and the Bates Motel — we could save a hefty chunk of that money even if we went completely crazy and had all “boat people” on Centrelink benefits for the entire time it took to decide their refugee status–a move that would only cost $500 million, which would go directly back into local economies.

You want to keep that as well? Really?

Well then, the next time you publicly tweet your outrage that your money is going to the ABC, perhaps you should change your profile picture to the new Coalition logo: a taxpayer-funded homeopath flying a knackered stealth fighter into a solar panel held up by a refugee.

Jazz is a stand-up comedian who has written for A Rational Fear (Radio National), The Roast (ABC2), and The Guardian Australia. Find him on Twitter at @jazztwemlow

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  1. manwithnoname says:

    yet they remain less appealing than being locked in the back of a meat truck with anyone from the Gamergate hashtag.
    Are you kidding?

  2. IainS says:

    Or what about the PM’s A330-200 KC-30A Airliner which has been ordered. Has a list price of US$221M which converts to A$254M Scroll down to Australia in this article

  3. lolwut says:

    its about ethics in abc journalism

  4. Ahmed1985 says:

    Hi- there are some errors in this article, please rectify immediately.

    1) News Corp’s tax rebate was implemented under the ALP, because they overtaxed them. How could it be fair to not to rebate a company which was overcharged?

    2) Climate action is needed NOW. Direct Action must stay because our planet is dying. Get your head out of the sand! 97% of climate scientists agree we need immediate action!

    3) The school chaplaincy program was cancelled.

    4) Offshore processing is cheaper than the alternative, and the costs are falling as the boats are stopping.

  5. Dylan Boekelman says:

    The logic here is astounding. Direct Action is a poor choice of words, the very proposal of the project is to pay other people to not take actions that would increase their emission levels. It is by definition Indirect Action.

    Direct Action is also not immediate action. In fact, the Direct Action plan is not even in effect yet, since the legislation is still in parliament (and not going anywhere fast either).

    Meanwhile, the carbon price has been repealed – at the moment, there is absolutely NO Action on climate change.

    How exactly is that ‘immediate action’?

  6. Dylan Boekelman says:

    The school chaplaincy program was not cancelled, it was replaced by a modified program which does not allow secular chaplains to receive funding. Only religious chaplains are allowed to receive funding under the new program.

    Offshore processing is NOT cheaper than some alternative either. The amount spent per head on offshore processing is more than the average wage of an educated Australian white collar worker. There are cheaper ways to process displaced refugees, just look at what happened after the Vietnam war.

  7. Harry Wynter says:

    There is so much dead weight at the ABC they could cut many more and nothing would change. Maybe fire everyone over 70 and cut the Chaser which has been irrelevant for about a decade.

  8. Mr D says:

    Culture is not objective. YOUR culture is not absolute just because it is yours.


  9. Sean Crosse says:

    I have no doubt that a government run organisation, that has no real commercial goals compared to the other networks (eg maximise ratings, increase advertising revenue etc.) would have absolutely no room for trimming. “Lifers” are a very real and common problem in almost any large organisation, particularly government ones. Perhaps give this article a read:

  10. floody says:

    Ergo by extension Murdoch-via-Louise-Evans would rather everyone were more like factory-farm chickens, locked in cages, beaks cut off, wallowing in their excrement while producing more, more, MORE!!!!!! eggs to be sold for LESS, Less, less, then minced alive when their production drops off.

  11. Caitlin Welsh says:

    Arf, arf.

  12. Nathan McKenzie says:

    1, The primary function of the State is the protection of the State and its citizens, thus, since the priority is defence, the entire ABC budget should be spent on defence for some time to come in order to undo the damage done to its budget under the previous bunch of morons.

    2, Giving Rupert his money back would actually require the sacking of the High Court of Australia, the very authority under which the money was given to him after the previous bunch of morons lost their minds and failed to lodge appeal in said court after an adverse tax ruling against the government.

    3, Australia produces 1% of the 3% of CO2 emissions that are human related (97% of all atmospheric CO2 is entirely natural), thus making any attempt by Australia to reduce those emissions a pointless and very costly exercise in doing absolutely nothing for the global climate.

    4, School Chaplaincy programs were alive and kicking under the Howard Government, and then saved by the Gillard Government after it was successfully challenged in court. Again, stop blaming this government for once more funding what the previous government legislated.

    5, No boats, no offshore detention, pretty simple concept, almost every single person currently in detention or awaiting processing (some 30,000 people) arrived under the previous bunch of morons as part of their voter importation program. It was not only ruinously expensive, on Kevin Rudd’s accepted use of international averages of death’s of asylum seekers at see, some 4 in 12, the Australian Labor Party Voter Importation Program only managed to kill some 4,000 people, making it like the Pink Batts fiasco, only, deadlier and more of a fiasco…

  13. John Farmer says:

    I think you need to stop trolling pages, only one valid point in this and it is to support a non-Australian criminal… If Liberal’s were against waste, why allow a rebate to an American paid for by Australian taxpayers…
    Those 97% of scientists all have said the best, most effective and cheapest way to effect climate action is with an ETS and a price on carbon and have decisively agreed that direct action is nothing more than a joke with less than 2% of the worlds scientists agreeing with direct action…
    And how have the boats been stopped, if those boats are in Australian waters and the Australian Coast Guard and/or Navy are being misused costing Australia millions of dollars each and every day, they have not been stopped, they are still in our borders and region, to say they have been stopped because they don’t make land… that is a joke…
    So we have found out that you support a crooked, maniacal criminal who has no right to say or do anything in Australia and should be banned from owning any business operations in Australia as he discarded and threw away his citizenship like trash, being given money he doesn’t need… You support that climate action is needed now, and that the best course of action is to pay polluters for polluting, and not make polluters pay for the unrepairable damage that they cause… And you think that the boats have stopped, when in reality they have not…
    Next thing we know, you’ll deny that Australia thanks to the LNP has the fastest deteriorating economy and that investors don’t want to invest in Australia because of a lack of strong environmental policies and no price on carbon, which puts extra costs on Australian companies seeking to export… You are a genius… No really, you can repeat the same useless, meaningless, uneducated dribble that the LNP are told to repeat by their paymasters… as they are unable to think and act for themselves, just like the last week has shown, as LNP MP’s are complaining and claiming to fight to retain ABC services in their regions and electorates, but allowed the cuts to pass and leave the party room… contradictions and lies, what the LNP stand for, they didn’t even win a fair election, with proof of missing votes, tampered votes and people voting more than once, but hey, corruption is what the LNP thrives on… So let’s all jump on board the crazy train and get behind the communist dictatorship that is the LNP

  14. tim says:

    I have to disagree with cutting the school chaplaincy program as being a smart idea. In the vast majority of instances these people are a great benefit to the school community, worth far more to the health & well being of the students than the small cost.
    Please check the facts before believing the headlines.

  15. HunterGT says:

    #1 there was no budget emergency, Joe Hockey even admitted that so your statement about spending money on defense because the other “mob” didn’t is a little silly, & TA has even cut the wages of Australian soldiers

    #2 you mentioned your love for the Howard government? i know what your gonna say Surplus – blah, lot’s of cash – blah, labor spent it blah blah, Howard left us cash rich yes but income poor – VERY poor to the tune of a 60 BILLION dollar deficit in the GDP, Labor brought that back to an even GDP through a GFC & now this f*cktard is in & we are back to a 60 billion dollar deficit in GDP again

    #3 your missing the point of lowering carbon emissions, it’s the next “must trade” it’s the next money maker because the whole world is moving to invest in green renewable energy’s, massive money can be made in clean energy & what has TA done? he bet the farm on the wrong horse & then made a fool out of himself at the G20

    #4 offshore detention was actually a Howard government initiative in the dying years of his “leadership” over growing pressure from local & international media outrage over treatment of asylum seekers, you do remember children overboard don’t you?

  16. Charlie Apps says:

    What aspect of a childs health & well being can only be cured by a chaplain and not another adult or counselor? Theres no need for the funding of religious figures in schools.

  17. Helen Creed says:

    The don’t increase and decrease with anything the Australian government does, but what the torturers in their own country do. It is not a lifestyle choice to come to Australia, but a necessity to go somewhere else or die.

  18. 21st Century Cynic says:

    The Howard / Costello Upstairs School of Budgeting…

  19. Nathan McKenzie says:

    The Remunerations Process for the ADF is not run by the government, and the current pay offer is nearly exactly same as offered to the ADF under Julia Gillard. So, did Julia Gillard cut defence pay even though we were at war in Afghanistan? My statement was a matter of fact, the priority of government is defence and security, not ensuring your child gets to watch Peppa Pig,

    You can not have a GDP deficit, it either grows or it shrinks, as for spending, Abbott is spending at around 25% of GDP, and the ALP are saying it isn’t enough, yet when Howard was spending 21% or less of GDP the ALP said it was too much and called it profligate, so which is it?

    Renewable energy companies the world over are going belly-up faster than they can build bird killing CO2 intensive wind farms. because they can only exist with enormous subsidies. The greatest act of middle-class welfare in Australian history was using taxes and subsidies from the poor to pay middle-class and investor class property owners to install solar panels. And that program will now require billions be spent to reconfigure the network because the ALP never thing anything through.

    By the end of the Howard Government you could count the number of children in detention on one hand. Rudd killed 4,000+ people just so he could import voters and have them distributed to marginal ALP seats. He was a criminal and should be treated as such.

  20. Nathan McKenzie says:

    Ever heard of Paul Keating, maybe look him up.

  21. 21st Century Cynic says:

    True, the self-proclaimed “worlds greatest treasurer” sold the comm bank and the total price he got for it back then is now simply what dividends it would be paying the govt per year if it was still ours, let alone other taxes… Howard turned it into a free for all and got rid of most of everything else of value… Selling stuff is not the sensible way to balance budgets, but in the electoral cycle, it is the simple ‘quick-fix’ they can brag about at the next election… They are still doing it these days, Medibank last week… what else can the Libs sell before they are run out of town… the Barrier reef to India, Tasmania to the Chinese?

  22. BastardSheep says:

    1) That’s partially correct. It wasn’t because they were overtaxed, it was because they found/created a loophole in the taxation systems that the ALP attempted to close, but in court it was found closing it retrospectively couldn’t be done and hence in the LNP time in power the money was paid out. It’s just timing co-incidence, not causal by LNP, or at the very least not by the current LNP.
    2) Direct Action simply pays polluters to pollute. It doesn’t help at all in getting action started towards fixing the climate change issue. What did help was the Carbon Price (not a tax). The Carbon Price caused carbon pollution to do an about face and the levels to start going down. Now under Direct Action they’ve done an about face again and are going back up. DA in its short existance has already negated the changes and decreases the Carbon Price created.
    3) Cancelled. Increased and had any secularity revoked … Same diff, right? Right? No? Oh, well I guess you got this one completely wrong then.
    4) Offshore is cheaper than onshore? Funny, all numbers I’ve seen show it costs tens if not hundreds of thousands per person for offshore, it’d cost 10% if not 1% of that for onshore. Unless you’re thinking of some other alternative?

  23. JP says:

    We are told that Hockey increased the debt astronomically in his first six months spending at an accelerated rate more than any other OECD country. Our services are being slashed and we have to pay more for everything. There are cuts to everything. So, where did all this money go ???? We certainly are not seeing any of it.

  24. Ceci Pipe says:

    1) Actually the ATO was adamant they hadn’t overcharged NewsCorp, but political higher ups decided not to go ahead with the case. Which says more about the state of power in our country and less about whether or not a multinational was overcharged (they weren’t btw).

    2) You’re right that climate action is needed now, but no-one thinks “Direct Action” is any good. Even climate deniers who insist there’s nothing wrong think Direct Action is the stupidest idea in the history of stupidest ideas. Paying out billions of dollars to polluting companies if they pollute a tiny bit less?

    Why not using those billions to fund solar thermal power plants, wind farms, solar panel rebates, and telling companies to stop cutting corners or they’ll get fined. Or be nice and make it an ETS. The ETS is based on “free market” principles, as in it’s religious as all hell and pathetically useless, so naturally I’m much more of a “fine them till they die” sort of person. But an ETS would at least keep those billions to do something useful and incentivise businesses to run cleaner.

    3) It was struck down in court so the Liberal Party linked funding to chaplains. If the states don’t have chaplains then they don’t get funding for something else, and that’s technically kinda legal because our legal system is. Fucked. Up. But it’s legal and that’s what they’re doing. So not only are they pushing a state religion in direct contravention of the only legal protections we have, they’re extorting the states to do it. And you vote for them?

    It also doesn’t technically call for chaplains, it just says that counsellors have to be endorsed by a religious organisation. As in a church, mosque, etc. And religious organisations generally have things like “Been a member for X years” in their requirements to be endorsed. And yet legal. In the USA they’d have a noose out by now while screaming bloody revolution, in France they’d actually be burning parliament down with everyone inside (You know work choices? They tried that in France. Didn’t work out), in Australia we defend them and say it’s not the same thing.

    4) Offshore processing has been shown to be vastly more expensive than taking in people and processing them in the community. And by vastly more I mean hundreds of millions of dollars more. We could take in every asylum seeker so far, double it, and still be paying less money. Also we wouldn’t have international opinion start to turn against us as everyone realises we’re actually arseholes.

    5) You’re wrong and you should feel bad.

    Since I’m here though…

    6) If austerity is a thing, why did the mining tax get cut?

    7) If austerity is a thing, why are Liberal politicians using public money for private functions? Abbott for instance, multiple uses of government aircraft and remember that last second visit to a cancer centre so he could bill the country for a private dinner the previous night? And have you seen the Defense Minister’s bills?

    8) If austerity is a thing, why is the first thing that the Liberal Party did once getting into power was to attempt to sell off the CEFC? The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which had only been around for five months and yet had paid itself off and turned a profit. Australia has structural financial problems caused by moronic governments selling off money making assets and giving away natural resources. It’s why Norway has a trillion dollars floating around making them interest and why we’re in debt.

    9) I kinda feel bad for you so I’ll stop (unless you push it), but you should still feel bad.

  25. Ceci Pipe says:

    They’re both the same. The ALP, the LP, the NP, the DP; basically the ALNDP have the same economic management skills as… I was going to say a kindergartener but children aren’t that stupid. Well I guess it isn’t stupidity, it’s simply the creed of the religious right and cronyism at it’s worst.

    Either way, vote 1 Greens. They’re less stupid.

  26. Terry Wrist says:

    they will cut offshore processing soon, the boats have stopped which means there will be noone in the camps soon.

    Really though they need to scale back negative gearing for property.

  27. Jack Dowry says:

    Well said. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so blindly jumping on the SAVE THE ABC bandwagon, when they draw their opinions from hyped up news articles.

    Commercial networks and production companies all across the board have been making cuts to their budgets and staff regularly and vigilantly for close to 7 years now. If you were to speak to anyone involved in the industry about the cuts currently happening to ABC and SBS, the majority of them will tell you one thing: It’s about time.

    The unfortunate drawback of government funded stations is that they have no goals to reach and no targets to hit when it comes to their performances and programming, which breeds incompetence, which is what both the ABC and SBS are full of.

    So after decades of allowing themselves to go unchecked, SBS and ABC will now suffer a bloodbath which could have been avoided had they chosen to run their stations more diligently and professionally.

  28. Jack Dowry says:

    I remember the children overboard quite clearly.
    But do you remember the 1200 men, women and children who died at sea after Labor opened the borders? I wouldn’t expect you to, as cognitive dissonance has a particular way of blinding people to the facts. But let me remind you of those 1200: Some of them were even shattered and killed on the rocks of Christmas Island, which was broadcast all over the national news. We heard nothing from Left Wingers when this happened. Dead silence. I guess hypocrisy sometimes has nothing to say.

    Flash forward to Tony Abbott becoming leader though, and the case of Reza Berati, who threatened to rape the wives, mothers and daughters of the PNG guards on Manus, and was killed as a result, and Left Wingers held candlelight vigils in their THOUSANDS. It would be almost laughable if it wasn’t so disturbing.

    Never before in history has a movement been so hypocritical and full of crocodile tears than the vigils that were held over his death, because it had nothing to do with a life lost, and everything to do with a preferred political agenda, that being, the hypocritical puppy dog eyes held by the left wingers as they held their vacant candles, as if pleading: ‘See what happens when Liberal is in power? A person died.’ Whilst ignoring the overwhelmingly hideous and gruesome statistic of 1200 men, women and children losing their lives at sea whilst Labor was in charge.

    If they truly cared for those asylum seekers, we would have seen the same people having a vigil 1200 times during Labor’s stay in power. But we didn’t, did we? Why was that? Or does life only mean something when your preferred political party isn’t in power?

    The message was loud and clear from The Left:

    1200 men, women and children dead at sea courtesy of Labor opening the borders? No problem.

    Children overboard and and one crazed asylum seeker dead on Manus whilst Liberal is in power? NOW HANG ON A SECOND!

    Don’t get me wrong: Tony Abbott is a horrific prime minister, and there is cognitive dissonance on both sides of politics, and they are both as bad as each other.

    But from someone that sits plainly in the middle of politics because I find both major parties absurd, I have to say that it’s the Extreme Left Wingers who are by far the most difficult to digest for their overwhelming hypocrisy on so many contentious issues.

  29. HunterGT says:

    “the current pay offer is nearly the same” yes NEARLY meaning less, so they are in fact being paid less but they are still being sent into war for no reason & if you really believe it’s to fight cave dwelling terrorists that don’t like white people then you really need to get your head out of the mainstream media and take a look around!

    a GDP is the final market value of all goods & services made with in the borders of a country in a year & if a country spends more then it makes then you have a deficit, Labor had a (roughly) even spending to GDP ratio & Abbotts & Howards were blown to kingdom come to the tune of 60 billion a year! (and no sign of stopping either)

    as for the belly up renewable energy companies, that might have been the case 10 years ago but today it’s one of the fastest growing industry’s in the world, coal has had it’s day – yesterday! general rule of thumb is; if China invests in it then it’s gonna make money!

    btw it wasn’t just the poor that got taxed for the solar panels it was the whole of Australia & every house owner had access to the same subsidy to install solar panels – which by the way changed my life! i was paying stupid amounts to be a part of an overpriced privatized network, now I’m in a surplus! (free electricity from the sun how can that be a bad thing!) and the network is still 1900’s spec it desperately needs upgrading anyway we are becoming a more electricity hungry nation and our power grid is only just managing to cope at the moment, so the ALP do think things through they think LONG term what is good for Australia, all the Libs do is think “what can i sell to make a quick buck” if they can’t privatize anything for a quick cash grab they don’t have any economic policies and it shows! TA is not saving money he’s taking it away – there is a huge difference and you can’t see that then you really are blind.

  30. HunterGT says:

    no he simply gave them all a temporary protection visa and let them all in the country! if i was a refugee all i would here is “free visa” & “welcome to Australia”

  31. HunterGT says:

    Labor didn’t open the borders it simply had to comply with the laws that were put in place by the previous government, the temporary protection visas & off shore processing were a Howard government idea, Labor ended up sending them all to PNG

    btw the Temporary protection visas are back so expect to see more boats turn up very soon to get their visas and access to mainland Australia i mean why not he just let 30,000 people out from Christmas island & when that news gets back to the people smugglers HELLO, here we go again another 1200 lost at sea & more children overboard.

    and you want to talk about left & right hypocrisy? ok how about “no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS”.

    both side lie & have there own agenda but the Libs just take the lies & the hypocrisy to a whole new level of bullshit

  32. Aaqib1985 says:

    FALSE – offshore processing is cheaper because it acts as a disincentive to people coming in. As people leave the system, the cost falls.

  33. Aaqib1985 says:

    FALSE – That was exactly the point of my comment. We need direct, immediate action ASAP and the ALP and Greens are blocking it.

    If you don’t think climate action is worthy of some government spending, then you are a climate denying fool.

    Let’s take action with minimal spending to SAVE THE PLANET, without the economy destroying tax on everything.

  34. Aaqib1985 says:

    TLDR – you’re an idiot. 97% of climate scientists agree action must be taken, not that the action should be an economy destroying carbon tax.

    Go to school and learn logic, pls stop the fallacious reasoning, pal.

  35. Aaqib1985 says:

    1) Gillard government decision
    2) Obama has a direct action policy. Get your head out of the sand of climate denial because you are risking our future.
    4) False. See above.
    5) Irrelevant.
    6) Because spending connected with the tax exceeded the revenue it collected? Do you understand maths? It destroyed mining investment but collected no revenue. It was a disaster.
    7) Slanderous. You’re attacking Abbott now for visiting a cancer centre?
    8) Because the government shouldn’t hold the risk of owning the CEFC. If it is profitable, it is better to sell that future income stream for the certainty of cash. The government should not speculate on the market.
    9) You feel bad for me because I had to waste my time reading through that dribble? I can only assume that’s your reasoning. So in that case, SHUT UP IN PUBLIC with the fallacious reasoning and lies :)

  36. Aaqib1985 says:

    1) Good to see you’re supporting the truth
    2) DA does not pay polluters to pollute, Are you DUMB? Guess what? Emissions were falling before the carbon tax, which is a tax btw. Obama supports Direct Action.

    Get your head out of the sand NOW because our planet is DYING. stop playing politics with our climate.

    4) False. Offshore is cheaper in the long term because there is a disincentive for people to come illegally. Hence why it is falling in the budget.

    Next time check your facts or you might look silly :(

  37. Aaqib1985 says:

    False actually.

    They increased 3000% after the borders were opened by Rudd, despite an increase in world displaced persons of only 30% in that time.

    If they are escaping terror, why not live in a safe country on the way like Indo?

    You’re a fool. Families are forced to stay in CONCENTRATION CAMPS in Syria with nowhere to go while extremists with friends in the Iranian regime PAY THERE WAY into this country because FOOLS LIKE YOU let them.

    YOU are responsible for every person who is living in poverty in a “refugee camp” in Rwanda or Syria, because you won’t CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE and UNDERSTAND the issue.


  38. Aaqib1985 says:

    THIS IS FALSE. Wayne Swan was responsible for the spending increase, not Hockey.

  39. JP says:

    The facts are there to see for yourself – it is not FALSE – you are wrong

  40. BastardSheep says:

    Waiting over a month for a conversation to go stale so you can be the last comment and “win” the conversation. Nice try, not falling for it. Run along now.

  41. Ceci Pipe says:

    I’m sorry, did you say the GREENS are blocking it? Seriously? The Greens? The party who started out entirely environmentally focused? The party every rampaging so-far-right-they-fell-off-the-god-damn-edge Liberal member calls “tree hugging hippies trying to kill our economy and steal our jobs”?

    That Greens?

    Because you are not deluded if you think the Greens are blocking climate action, you are bonafide retarded in a medically relevant way.

  42. Ceci Pipe says:

    1) Sure, and it was put through while the Liberal Party were in charge. You could say that the Liberal Party never changes anything put through by Labor… But I’ve got a chunk of money earmarked for public transport which is now being limited to roads, and 40 years ago I’ve got a Liberal government ripping up public healthcare, and I’ve got a lot more examples in between. The Liberal Party rips up policies, they see it as their job.

    2) Obama also thinks “obamacare” is a bad idea, but he backed it anyway since it’s the only thing he could push through congress. Think the education debate, most VC’s don’t like the idea of deregulation and vastly increased costs to students but they support it over the idea of not being funded at all.

    3) I’m available for counting lessons, and I get paid in chocolate and tea.

    4) Above you say lies and slander, but that isn’t an argument. It also doesn’t address any economic argument made on this page.

    5) Yet true.

    6) Actually it did bring in revenue, even through the concessions made. Hell Abbott himself stood up and announced that bills would be cheaper, that mines would be better off, that everyone would save money.

    How in all hells are they going to save money when they’re not paying anything in the first place?

    7) I’m attacking Abbott for using a last second ten minute stopover at a Cancer Centre as an excuse to fund a party night. I’m also available for reading comprehension lessons.

    8) Seriously? It’s better to sell a greater amount of income for a much lower and one time payment? What? … You’re trolling aren’t you. I mean a major political party in Australia does believe that, but they don’t say it like that. They say something like “The Government is there to get things going, not to own them. It’s better off in private hands”.

    9) I feel bad that you’re so utterly stupid that I can write this much and still have another thousand reasons why you’re wrong. I highly doubt you actually read any of it though.