A Five-Step Guide To Juggling Multiple Jobs

Advice on being a prolific student with minimal drowning.

Chances are you’ll take on two or more jobs in your time as a student, and it often feels like you’re driving down a highway with no hands on the wheel. It’s easy to put almost everything on the backburner one day and find yourself swamped in deadlines and limited time the next.

It’s a struggle between time management and money management. You might be familiar with that dubious tug of war between taking it easy and seizing opportunities. Or the ongoing battle between trying to afford some beef with this week’s groceries and paying rent on time.

Here’s my advice to stay a prolific student with minimal drowning:

Assert Your Loyalties

You can start by figuring out which one of your jobs is more important to you. Rank them by how long you’ve been there, whether you like your boss, and how well staff get treated.

You want to pick the boss who’ll care, perhaps offering you an extra shift when your other jobs are quiet.

Make their life easier by giving your availability early and letting them know your schedule so they can work around it. And of course, be a stellar employee who is all smiles whenever you arrive on site.

Go For The Highest Bidder

On the other hand, what’s the best hourly rate? Always have time for this one.

You never know when you’ll next be short of cash, and while you have the chance to earn big hourly bucks, be sure to snap it up.

Plan ahead and note times that are light on assessments, where you can actually devote time to this work.

Besides, knowing you said “Nah,” to a $35/hr gig, makes every moment of the $18.29/hr gig a little harder. This requires forethought, and maybe submitting that essay 28 hours before it’s due.

Pave Your Career Path

Some things are worth the slog if they look good on your resume – perhaps it’s tutoring those bratty kids after school, getting paid in beer for your set at that jazz club, or even that unpaid internship at your dream firm.

My best advice for this: transfer your skills. Use what you picked up in that advanced syntax lecture to influence how you teach children grammar. Let your goals influence how you engage in these opportunities, and refine some skills that will become vital in the future.

Whether it’s developing a professional network or taking a gamble on something you are educated to do, seize it and let it teach you.

Take Some Time Off

Something’s got to give. There are only so many hours in a week and it would be nice to spend a chunk of them sleeping. You need to take care of yourself, too.

To maintain relationships with your employers, keep the communication lines honest and considerate.

If you haven’t had time to phone your mum in a month, do it. Find someone to cover a shift, and spend the night in having dinner with your roommates. .

Keep An Eye On The Bank Balance 

It defeats the purpose of raking in the dollars when you kiss goodbye to the 80 per cent of them with a tap of the card in a single weekend.

Get thrifty: pack lunches and prepare your dinners. A routine like this will not only make your labour worthwhile, but will give you control of your wellbeing, which is essential when things pile up.

Juggling is a feat that will test and try you. Get on top of things, give it your all, and you might end up impressing yourself.

(Lead image: 2 Broke Girls)