The 5 Stages Of Every Summer Euro Trip

It's a journey of ups and downs.

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Let’s admit that for most Aussies, our favourite winter activity is… not being in Australia. As soon as the temperature starts dropping below 20 degrees we’re either frolicking in Europe or wishing we were.

To celebrate this national tradition we’re spotlighting the five stages of the inevitable summer Euro trip you know you want. Consider this your inspiration for next winter.

Stage 1: Giving In

Whether you’re still haunted by the FOMO from your mates’ thoroughly Instagrammed 2017 European summer holidays, or are just eager to make the grand pilgrimage again, the cravings are too real. You know you either have to jump on board the 2018 Euro trip train or be left behind, shivering through winter, alone.

Real talk: winter is unpleasant and unavoidable. Oh, wait! Just kidding. You could 100% avoid winter by planning your grand escape to summer and sunshine. Stage one is giving in to those valid desires and locking in your mid-year Euro trip.

Either start to rally the troops or get revved for some solo travel – you are ready to commit. Everyone knows that the earlier you book the cheaper the flights so there’s no time like the present to get around some wicked deals. You’re officially on board the European summer bandwagon and hot damn it feels good.

Stage 2: Planning

Now it’s time to get your trip organised, so get out the to-do list and get to work. First off, you (and your potential travel buddies) need to establish a hit list of places you want to see on your Euro trip and make some choices.

Maybe you already know exactly where you want to go or you’re keen to research what different European destinations have to offer. Do you want to cover a lot of ground at a whirlwind pace or have longer stays and only a few stops? Do you want to join a tour? While the “plan as you go” method is highly romanticised it’s probably not the best idea to come unprepared in busy season. Do your research and book ahead.

Also make sure your passport isn’t expiring any time soon, get yourself some travel insurance (not optional I promise you), and make sure you’re budgeting to save enough for your big holiday blow out.

Stage 3: Hype Overload

With the boring stuff out of the way, you can move on to the more important stage: Hype!!! Europe!!! Beach!!! Culture!!! Freedom!!! It’s time to start tagging your mates in anything remotely summer-related. Start envisioning your strategically executed ‘grams and storing potential captions in your Notes App so that you are READY (don’t laugh – it’s a thing).

Get pumped for your Euro experience and look into what events and music festivals you could catch while over there. Inevitably you’ll already be thinking about what to pack and what summer ~*lewks*~ you’ll be working.

As you countdown the days to your departure, dreaming about your Euro trip can be all-consuming. It can either become a mega distraction or the perfect motivation to get you through work or exams. Having the promise of summer, travel and good times just around the corner really colours the months leading up to it with excitement and optimism. KEEN.

Stage 4: Europe, Baby!

It’s happening! And it’s amazing. Europe is freaking beautiful so take heaps of photos, but make sure you’re not getting too caught up in documenting everything for social media. Being overly obsessive about your social media presence can really diminish your holiday experience.

Still, pics are sentimental so make sure you don’t lose them altogether. If you’re using your phone camera then get around iCloud or another Cloud-based storage service to make sure to keep your memories safe from the pitfalls of pickpockets and clumsily drunken nights. Phones get lost but the Cloud is forever.

While you’re moving between different currencies it can become a confusing mess of mathematics but make sure to stay on top of your Euro trip budgeting, so that you don’t end up calling home begging for more dollars to keep you afloat.

It’s warm, it’s Europe, it’s great, and you never want to come home.

Stage 5: Mourning

You’re home. Look, it had to happen. You’re more than likely a little broke and feeling the chill back in Aus. At least you’ve got your sweet summer tan to flag to the general public that “I WENT TO EUROPE”, but even that is fading alarmingly fast.

Of course, do share your mourning with everyone by posting obligatory ‘throwback’ Instas featuring captions such as “Take me back” or, “Missing this!” Now all you can do is wait it out for Aussie summer to start already. Plus you can always soothe your post-Europe woes by planning your next trip…


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