All The Feels You’ll Understand If Your Degree Has No Exams

It's a tough life, but someone's gotta live it.

Exam time is easily the most stressful time of semester, and most of us spend it kicking ourselves for not learning lecture content sooner. However, it’s only a stressful time if you actually have exams to study for.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of subjects and even degrees that include little to no exams. Here’s a list of some of the feels you’ll experience when you have no exams at the end of the semester.

You Finish Weeks Before Your Friends

Having no final exams means you could be finished with uni up to three weeks earlier than your friends with final exams. People will be far too busy to hang out and whilst being alone is relaxing at first, it gets old pretty quickly.

While your friends are busy trying to catch up on all the lectures they missed throughout the year, you’ll sit at home itching to get out of the house. All you wanna do is go out and celebrate that you’ve survived another year, but it’s no fun doing it on your own (if you’re brave enough, that is).

The End Of Your Year Is Anti-Climactic

There’s no better feeling than walking out of your final exam for the year and immediately hitting up the uni bar with your friends to celebrate. Everyone’s stoked to be finished for the year, and parties hard into the night.

It’s hard to celebrate finishing your final assignment for the year when you’re alone in your room in the middle of the night. As soon as you click “submit”, there’s nothing much to do except crawl straight into bed or binge some Netflix.

You’ve Forgotten How Exams Work

In high school, you were told that uni exams would be much harder than your high school exams. Now that you’re in uni and have no final exams, all your exam techniques you spent years perfecting are wasting away.

The last exam you had to sit was high school, and you have no idea how you’d go if you were forced to take one again now. Can you write with pen? What’s a hurdle exam? Am I allowed to leave to go to the bathroom? Only those with exams know.

None Of Your Assignments Are Worth Less Than 20 Per Cent

Final exams typically count for most of your grade, so no exams means your assignments are weighted far more. It’s not common for subjects with no final exams to include assignments worth 50 per cent or even 60 per cent.

Your friends will complain to you that they didn’t do so well on an assignment, and then follow with, “That’s OK, it was only worth 10 per cent anyway.” This is a foreign concept when you have no exams to fall back on, because failing an assignment could mean failing the entire course.

You Don’t Get The Point Of SWOTVAC

SWOTVAC is notoriously known as the time of semester where students cram 13 weeks worth of content over five days. Everyone with exams will be a ball of stress, and everyone without exams will be completely oblivious to their suffering.

For those with no exams, SWOTVAC just feels like any other uni week. The only difference is that now we don’t feel bad for skipping classes because they’re not on anyway.

Emily Steinhardt is currently studying Journalism and Communications at University of Queensland. She’s a Disney enthusiast who enjoys going out for brunch, taking photos of dogs and a good G&T. 

(Lead image: Friends/NBC)