Evan Rachel Wood Slams Censorship: “Women Don’t Have To Be Fucked And Say Thank You”

The 26-year-old actress just took to Twitter to lay into a ruling by the MPAA, who have cut an oral sex scene out of her upcoming film 'Charlie Countryman'.

In the upcoming indie flick Charlie Countryman, Shia LaBeouf sits next to a man who dies on a plane, and then falls in love with his Romanian daughter, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

The 26-year-old actress has watched the latest cut of the film, and was unhappy about a ruling by the Motion Picture Association Of America that forced the director, Fredrik Bond, to ditch a scene in which Wood recieves oral sex in order to secure an R-Rating.

According to Wood, who took to Twitter this morning, the edit is symptomatic of a much bigger problem.

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Here’s the trailer for Charlie Countryman.



  1. Katie Cunningham says:

    A-fucking-men to that.

  2. douchebag says:

    Katie Cunny-ham

  3. Angel Rivera says:

    people got to grow up and realize that sex is natural. I think that the American people need to get their heads examined. sexual relations in this country have more regulations in the law books than gun ownership does.

  4. Brad Elroy says:

    Yea, you’re a useless fuck too. Sexist piece of shit.

  5. Tom Funk says:

    This country is so very strongly influenced by the sexual conservativism spawned from religious doctrine. It’s ludicrous. I’ve never quite understood the reasoning or the fear behind such anti-sex attitudes – or even simple nudity taboos for that matter. (FFS, we all have nipples – why is it considered so “wrong” to see a woman’s?)
    And the whole ‘slut-shaming’ thing? Personally I’d like to give a big “Atta Girl” to any who treat sex as a normal human activity. Enjoy your life, screw the twats who condemn your behavior. (Pun intended.)
    At least we’re not in a Muslim country, I suppose – where they’d likely stone you for such heresy.
    Meanwhile – ERW, I guess we’ll just have to look for the “Director’s Cut” on Blu-ray, huh?

  6. Charlie Budworth says:

    it’s an age old fear. Men (some) fear womens power, they have children they give birth and they have an inordinate amount of power over mens emotions. Instead of cherishing this and honouring this, they fear it and want to control it. All the Monotheistic religons grew out of this fear, hence the Male God and the creation of the ‘slut/whore’, Unfortunately we are still stuck in that paradigm, plain and simple. Any display of female sexual power it to be loathed and feared and the answer is to demonise women and to persecute them. This happens in ALL nations to great or lesser extents. Sometimes it is overt……stoning, forcible removal of the clitoris and vulva, some times it is subtle. The effect is the same.

  7. fartymacpoopypants says:

    After reading this story I think I will go down on my wife today.

  8. Alex says:

    I’m torn, on one hand she has a point. On the other it’s terrifying to me to think of Shia Lebeouf eating someone out.

  9. Dewps says:

    Sexism and Islamophobia stem from the same seed of hatred. It is an incapability to think outside of your own ideology, culture, status, etc.

    In fact, Tom, if you had not been indoctrinated by someone to be anti-sexist, you would likely be sexist.

  10. Dave Ryerson says:

    The movie “Secretary” entirely revolves around the sexual maturation of a woman that includes multiple masturbation scenes and highlights her lack of pleasure during sex with a self-absorbed man as being wrong- this movie retains R rating.

    Black Swan includes both a female masturbation scene and a lesbian scene and retains R rating.

    “Not Another Teen Movie” starts the movie off with a scene of a girl using a dildo on herself for the first time and achieving a huge orgasm, and retains R rating.

    The MPAA just seems inconsistent. Now I agree that it’s stupid to censor sex in lieu of violence, but that’s a completely different subject.

  11. Tom Funk says:

    Pretty much wrong on all counts. I’d say good try, but it really wasn’t. Your assertion seems to be that objective analysis and logical conclusion is impossible – rather, all behavior and beliefs are derived solely from indoctrination. I’m not Islamophobic – there’s no fear, just extreme distaste. There are plenty of other cultures outside of my own ideology that I have no problem with.
    Regardless, the purpose of my comment was not to get side-tracked into a discourse on religion or tolerance or whatever floats your boat. It was actually related to the original post – basically saying that things could be worse. If you can’t stay on point, and simply want to troll for an argument about religion (or anything else unrelated to the original point) – do it elsewhere.

  12. mattlove1 says:

    Dude, why so tense? he’s just celebrating her sexuality.

  13. Dewps says:

    A “discourse” on discrimination cannot be side-tracked by drawing attention to other forms of discrimination. Your generalization that Muslim countries “stone” women for adultery is islamophobia. This is not a discussion on religion — it is a discussion of culture. I am not asking you to step outside of your ideology — I am asking you to go a step further and step outside of your culture.

  14. Sarah Jefferson says:

    Calm down! It was a fucking joke. And a good one too. Nice pun, “douchebag.” ;)

  15. Kelly says:

    Looks like an amazing film! Excited to see!

  16. Kelly says:

    I think if it’s allowed on a Premiere television series (like those on HBO, Showtime, and even Netflix) it should be allowed in a rated R film! Viewers know what they are signing up for.

  17. fluffylucy says:

    Ms Wood is right and the MPAA is, as usual, is out of sync with the real world.

  18. KatrinaMarieStephens says:

    Notice all of your examples include girl on girl or solo girl, not a man pleasuring a woman without equal gratification. Also Not Another Teen Movie allows her to climax because it is done in satire

  19. Randomgirl7 says:

    Don’t feed the trolls!

  20. fay says:

    yep sad but very true

  21. Tory Gates says:

    George Carlin often paraphrased the statement, “I’d rather my son watch a film of two people making love, than of two people trying to kill one another.” I would say the same. The MPAA is a joke; I would say don’t go to the film, but buy an uncensored DVD instead. Or better yet, find an indie theatre that will show the film as it’s meant to be.

  22. missgaucho says:

    To support what you just said – how many movies involve sex scenes, implied or shown, where the woman pleasures the man? So many it’d be hard to list. There’s no comparison.

  23. eak4 says:

    touché :) on a serious note, I think “eating out” is a really lame phrase to begin with. “Giving head” seems a lot better. Works for all people.

  24. junebugger says:

    Great assessment. Thank you.

  25. REkzkaRZ says:

    Wait a sec, you said that was a “lame” phrase, thus indicating that you lack any credibility as a critic of word appropriateness.
    Here’s a few Great Phrases far beyond “giving head”:
    Rock the box, munch the rug, licky the sticky, nibble the tulips, slurp the bean, polish the clitoris, labia-tion, to dwink from the ewixir of wife, etc.
    CREATIVITY is what it’s about..!

  26. chaboi says:

    How about: tongue punch the star hole.

  27. nocomment says:

    “giving head ” reffers to the tip or “head” of a penis…

  28. The Cuckolder says:

    I’m going to go down on your wife today too.

  29. Brad Elroy says:

    Those jokes aren’t funny. They’re just enabling a system to continually perpetuate itself.

  30. Brad Elroy says:

    Aye, true that.

  31. Bryce says:

    Syntax is everything….journo probably should have added a comma – “Wood recieves oral sex in order to secure an R-Rating” is a pretty different story!

  32. rapidron says:

    It can also refer to giving one’s head to give pleasure to another. Lol, use your imagination! In fact, use mine! No wait,terrible idea.

  33. socrates2 says:

    If any scene/sequence is essential to the plot/character development, fight to the end for it to remain.
    If not, why bother?
    Be well.

  34. ? really she wants the world to see her getting oral sex?…im glad i dont need to watch movies that are basically porn….I wouldn’t watch a woman giving a guy a blowjob so why would i want to watch a guy giving a woman or man oral sex?. nudity & sex are cheap ways to sell a movie & i bet this one is awful but people want to see the fuss over an oral sex scene….

  35. Glenn Davey says:

    What if your partner gets off on being fucked and thats all they want all the time? And then says thankyou? May I continue with my life, please, Evan Rachel Woods?

  36. boots88 says:

    So next time someone makes a joke about their nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or religion you’re going to get defensive about that too, right?

  37. boots88 says:

    Or maybe… the producers thought that Shia Lebif having sex wasn’t sexy? Or that it just looked like shit? Or they just wanted to secure the rating they wanted?

    Everyone is so quick to play the feminism card.

  38. Cezar says:

    More of the I’m “entitled” garbage.
    Thank again. This is a movie, and you were over-paid to be in it.
    Take the money and shut up.

  39. Cezar says:

    Tell me about it. I heard he liked guys. Hmmm…

  40. Cezar says:

    Those are the rules. You don’t have to live in America.