Donald Trump Likes It When Ivanka Calls Him Daddy, And The Internet Is Forever Unclean

You know, his 35-year-old daughter who's also a Presidential Adviser.

Amidst a burgeoning nuclear crisis, impending hurricane disaster and widespread protests against his inhumane immigration law reform, Trump has taken a moment at a large rally to let us know he likes it when his 35-year-old daughter Ivanka calls him “daddy”.

The internet is, quite understandably, grossed out.

The oversharing happened at a rally in North Dakota that was ostensibly about tax reform, except that whenever Trump’s speaking, topics and priorities become mere suggestions fading quickly into the ether. Today he segued straight from tax to a “special guest”, which turned out to be his daughter because nepotism is in. He introduced her with the relatively safe “everybody loves Ivanka”, and then very quickly went off the rails.

“She’s so good, she wanted to make the trip. She said, ‘Dad, can I go with you’. Actually, she said “Daddy can I go with you?’ I like that,” he said, while everyone watching cringed and sank into the earth never to return.

Again, this is his 35-year-old daughter who is, ah, a presidential adviser. Being introduced to speak at an official rally. At a podium bearing the seal of the President of the United States.

Anyway, Ivanka recovered quickly from the public humiliation with a nice “Hi, North Dakota”, but it’s too late for the rest of us. Have a nice day trying to scrub this from your brain, I guess.