This Comedian’s Hilarious Defence Of Hated Chef Guy Fieri Is Surprisingly Convincing

"As far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams."

People on the internet do not like Guy Fieri. Actually, scratch that. They absolutely hate him. The celebrity chef and restaurateur attracts an almost incomprehensible amount of bile, with people attacking him over everything from his food to his frosted tips to the way that he talks.

But what if Guy Fieri is actually… good? That’s the premise of a brand new bit from comedian Shane Torres, who has a bone to pick with all the food snobs out there.

“This may be somewhat of a controversial opinion, but can someone please explain to me what Guy Fieri ever did to anyone?” asks Torres at the top of the routine from his debut standup album Shane Torres: Established 1981. “Because people shit on that dude all the time, and as far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams.”

Torres goes on to provide an impassioned defence of the bleach-blonde Mayor of Flavourtown, rattling off a long list of Fieri’s positive qualities.

“He pays more than minimum wage, he gives health benefits before he has to, he has a non-profit where he gives pretzel-making machines to inner-city schools so they can fund raise,” says Torres. “I know that one sounds like I made it up but I swear to Christ it’s true.”

“He’s worked with Special Olympics athletes and on top of all of that he has officiated a gay wedding. But because he has flames on his shirt, everybody shits all over him like he’s a member of Nickelback.”

“And by the way,” adds Torres, “what the fuck did Nickelback ever do?”

Fieri has himself addressed his haters in the past, telling Success Magazine that the constant jokes at his expense do get pretty demoralising.

“I’m like anybody else,” he said. “You can get hurt. You can get frustrated. You can get demoralised.”

“If I probably didn’t have tattoos, or if I probably didn’t bleach my hair, or if I probably didn’t wear blue jeans and a T-shirt to fancy things, if I didn’t do things that make me look like someone who’s whacked out of their mind, it’d probably be different. But then again, that’s how I wanna dress. And I like my tattoos. And I like my hair cut the way it is.”

You know what Guy? You do you.

You can listen to Torres’ entire Guy Fieri bit below.

h/t Vulture