Watch Briggs Turn The Tables On Tom Gleeson With The First Ever ‘Black Chat’

"You own land in the country. Can I have it back?"

Briggs has given Tom Gleeson a taste of his own medicine on the season finale of The Weekly.

The actor, rapper and activist has appeared on the show before to pick apart Australia Day and take the piss out of Bill Shorten. But in his latest appearance he flipped the script on Gleeson’s ‘Hard Chat’ segment. It’s called ‘Black Chat’ and it is glorious.

Clearly not used to being in the hot seat (he hasn’t squirmed this much since he interviewed Sophie Monk), Gleeson got off to a bit of a rough start after he blurted out that his home town of Gunnedah was also home to the Kamilaroi people and that it means “place of white rock” in the local language. “I just wanted to let you know that I knew that,” he said, leading to this extremely awkward exchange:

Briggs: “Is that the first time you’ve mention that on air?”

Gleeson: “Yeah.”

Briggs: “I thought so.”

In Gleeson’s defence, some of Briggs’ questions are seriously brutal. “You own land in the country,” he asks the comedian at one stage. “Can I have it back?”

Please please please make this a regular segment next season.