Nick Kroll’s New Netflix Show About Puberty Looks Awkward, Gross And Relatable As Hell

This trailer looks wild.

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for comedian Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth, a cartoon show about the nightmarish hormonal hellscape that is puberty.

Created by Kroll and Family Guy writer Andrew Goldberg, the half-hour animated series deals with all the most awkward and embarrassing shit that comes with coming of age. While most teen shows dance around this stuff, Big Mouth dives right in. We’re talking periods, wet dreams, masturbation, sexual experimentation and really uncomfortable conversations with your parents.

They’ve also managed to incorporate a set of talking genitals and a giant hairy puberty fairy hormone monster.

As well as serving as an executive producer, Kroll voices one of the show’s main characters, as does his regular partner in crime John Mulaney. They’re joined by the likes of Jenny Slate, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele and Fred Armisen.

Check out the very NSFW trailer, below.

Big Mouth will premiere on Netflix on September 29.