The Adorable Vic Country Women’s Association Has Declared Its Support For Marriage Equality

You listening, Malcolm Turnbull?

Members of the Victorian branch of the Country Women’s Association have taken time out of their busy schedules of baking delicious scones and perfectly fluffy sponges, to throw their support behind marriage equality in Australia.

At a state conference on the weekend, which was attended by 600 members, the CWA put forward a motion that concluded: “As an association of women committed to social justice, we should be advocates for all women whose entitlements and rights are diminished by continuing inequalities under present laws”. Can you hear that? Oh, it must just be the sound of EVERYONE’S HEARTS BREAKING, BECAUSE THIS IS TOO NICE AND EXCELLENT.

This vote is momentous in that it challenges the idea that older people and those who live in rural Australia are less likely to support marriage equality than younger people who live in the city. Victorian president, Machelle Crichton, told Fairfax that just because many members of the CWA are ah, of an advanced age, doesn’t mean that they’re conservative.

“It has always been socially ahead of its time,” she said. “You just have to be in it to know what’s going on.”

I love these women so much.


They all have such nice cardigans.


This lady was so excited that she appeared to be glowing!


The gang wears matching scarves for marriage equality.

The rest of the internet also found the ladies of the CWA to be incredibly adorable and just.

We now live in a country where an almost 100-year-old organisation, which is best known for holding cake competitions, is more politically engaged and relevant than the actual people running Australia. If only the CWA were running in this election.

Images via the Country Women’s Association of Victoria Facebook