A Guide To Potentially Breaking All Your Bones From Sweden’s Top Snowboarder

Thanks for the run tips, Chris Sorman, but expect some medical bills.

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Our favourite cider Rekorderlig is throwing the Efterski Festival in the snow next week. To celebrate, we asked Rekorderlig ambassador and snowboarder Chris Sorman (who’ll be out here for the festival) for his best tips should you wish to hit the slopes in the near future.

Snow and music go together like bread ‘n’ butter; just think of this rad tune by Bing Crosby or this video of a puppet snowman playing banjo.

The organisers of Efterski Festival understand this holy communion, and so they’ve booked out Thredbo this September 10-14 to set up a few stages and fly in a bunch of musical guests including Kele from Bloc Party, Rufus, Hermitude, Alison Wonderland, World’s End Press, Bleeding Knees Club, Pluto Jonze and more. Alongside the musical action, there’ll be big air ski and snowboard events, a film festival, hot pool parties, and some crazy nonsense known as ‘pond skim‘ that seems pretty fun if you don’t mind lookin’ like a damn fool.

Joining the festivities as part of Rekorderlig’s own ‘The Collective’ is Sweden’s greatest professional snowboarder, Chris Sorman. Ahead of his visit, we asked Sorman to take us on a personal tour of his favourite runs from around the world… Don’t try these moves yourself, unless you’re purposely trying to break all your bones, in which case, go ahead, Chris Sorman told you to.


“Go, my child; hit that pow.”

1. Åre, Sweden

“This run has everything.  There’s one big gondola from the bottom to the top where it’s usually powdery open fields with no trees, small cliff drops and wind lips. Further down, you end up in the lower resort where you can cruise through one of the best parks in Sweden. Finish the run of in the halfpipe. It’s got everything in one, plus it’s home.”

Rating: 10 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Frontside cork 540 in the halfpipe.


2. Baldface Lodge, Canada

“I was there once with the Burton team, and there is only powder-riding. They take you up with the snow-grooming machine, basically wherever you want, and every lap will be a perfect powder run.”

Rating: 9 snowballs

Move that sums it up: A big spray at the bottom of the run.


3. Cooke City, Montana USA

“This one’s located in a little town right in Yellowstone National Park, right in the middle of nowhere! There are no lifts, so instead you rent a snowmobile in the village and drive out for 30 minutes until you find yourself in a paradise of powder jumps. There are bumps and steep parts everywhere, making it perfect for building jumps into powder landings. I have been there many times and am always stoked to go back!”

Rating: 9 snowballs

Move that sums it up: A smooth backside 720 in one of those back-country jumps.


4. Keystone, Colorado USA

“What can I say? It’s the most fun snowboard park ever. Jumps, rails, hips, pipes — they have it all in world-class shape.”

Rating: 9 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Frontside board slide on that bottom rail.


5. Tandådalen, Sweden

“This is where I spent most of my time riding as a kid. I went to school just next to the resort, and know every single hidden path in the trees at this place. For me, there are so many memories and happy moments in this area that are priceless. It’s a small but very fun resort.”

Rating: 8 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Frontside 360 in the big air arena.


6. Riksgränsen, Sweden

“You can get some really high-class runs in this resort, and the surroundings are just amazing. It looks like the Hobbit land in Lord Of The Rings. When I’m up there, I spend my time going into the wild on a snowmobile — you can find perfect powder runs and really good jump spots. The best part is, if you go there in April or even May, the snow is perfect and it never gets dark since it’s located so far north. You can literally take a run at two in the morning without a problem.”

Rating: 9 snowballs

Move that sums it up: A small jib out a nice little cliff.


7. St Anton, Austria

“Every winter, there’s just tonnes of snow at this resort. I’ve had some of my best ‘pow’ (powder) days in this area. Don’t bother trying to find any jumps or rail around here, just enjoy the powder to the max!”

Rating: 7 snowballs

Move that sums it up: A backflip into pow-landing.


8. Kläppen, Sweden

“This place is a small park with a T-bar lift. It takes you three minutes to get up on the lift, and one minute to get down again. They have at least seven different lines at all levels — easy, middle, hard — along with jumps, rails, pipe, and hips; everything you can imagine in a park. Plus, you can make 50 runs a day.”

Rating: 7 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Frontside 270 on a flat down.


9. Furano, Japan

“The snow in Japan is so different from everywhere else; it’s so much thinner and lighter over there. If you find a good spot to do a spray in this resort, it will fly snow like no other place on earth. I can’t recommend Japan enough.”

Rating: 8 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Big backside spray in this amazing pow.


10. Hemsedal, Norway

“I love the vibe in Norway. Everyone is so happy, and I have to say that Hemsedal has the best park in Scandinavia.”

Rating: 6 snowballs

Move that sums it up: Handplant in the halfpipe.