7 People You’re Bound To Meet In Your Arts Degree

Why is there always at least one person who never wears shoes?

There are a few key things every arts student knows.

You’ll always get asked the same kind of predictable questions about your career, and you’ll always meet the following kinds of people.

#1 The One Who Dresses Better Than You

No doubt, one of your mates will have serious bank. They’ll wear a mix of underground designers (“yeah, this bracelet is made entirely out of recycled traffic cones”) and yet somehow also have a Louis Vuitton laptop case.

No matter if it’s a 9am statistics tute, or a Friday night the-week-is-over-let’s-drink-our-weight-in-Smirnoff-Ice get together, these people will look impeccable; draped in a jacket made out of a stylish tarpaulin coupled with Dior shades.

#2 The One Who Almost Immediately Transfers To Commerce

This is a brief friendship, beginning with them telling you about the maths bridging course they’re currently doing online so they can swap to commerce next semester.

It doesn’t matter what major you’re doing, there will always be someone swapping to commerce. You can easily identify them because they’re actually doing their work, hoping to get that GPA up so they can seamlessly integrate into their new life as a superior student.

And then, in about three years, you’ll run into them when you’re using a revolving door. They are wearing dress pants, and you are eating Doritos that you found in your pocket.

#3 The One With No Shoes

There will be a person on campus who just never wears shoes. It could be pouring, snowing, hailing, burning, quicksand and they just don’t wear shoes. Admirable, but seriously questionable. 

#4 The One Who Is A Communist

You are physically unable to complete a university degree without meeting a member of a communist group, and this is a fact. At graduation, the Dean will ask, “Is one of your acquaintances involved in a vocal Socialist on-campus group?” and if you say no, you have to go back to uni until you make one. Them’s the rules.

Your communist pals know how to party, and they’re up-to-date with the issues that face modern life. Although you do end up with a lot of little bits of paper in your handbag asking you to sign petitions.

#5 The One Who Loves Triple J

They’ll tell you that Triple J is at the forefront of modern radio and that the Hottest 100 is the best day of the year. You will nod politely and quickly delete all the Hamish and Andy videos that you keep on your phone.

#6 The One Who Hates Triple J 

You will enthusiastically laugh with them over the Hamish and Andy videos that you keep on your phone. 

#7 The One Who Hates/Loves Their Degree

I put both of these strong emotions in one category because the people are usually the same, just experiencing polar opposite feelings.

There will always be a friend complaining/raving about their degree, and how they feel it was the worst/best choice of their life.

And you will try to talk about the upcoming ball, or the weird glasses your lecturer wears, or even how you got hit in the head with a Frisbee the other week, but literally all they are ever interested in is discussing how their degree ruined/saved their life. And at some point, you just have to cut ties.

If you’re not equal parts miserable and happy about being a student, are you even a student?

 “I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself” is Simone’s personal motto. She once took a tour of the Round The Twist lighthouse and proud owner of twin dogs.

(Lead image: The OC/FOX)