Seven Best Quotes From Ja’mie King’s Sunday Style Profile

"Every now and then I post a tit photo on my Facebook and leave it up for 24 hours to create a buzz."

The countdown continues for Ja’mie King: Private School Girl, which premieres on ABC1 on Wednesday October 23, 9pm. Chris Lilley’s hyped new show picks up on J’amie King’s life where Summer Heights High left off; after a traumatic gap year spent in a public school, she’s been returned to her spiritual home — Hilford Girls Grammar School — to complete year 12.

The full trailer dropped at the end of last week. It looks superb.

What we know so far is that Ja’mie has a new crush (a younger man), a new chant (“Tits. Out. For-the-boys/Tits-out-for-the-boys“), and — as highlighted in a page of the audition script that was leaked on Instagram — a new word: “quiche”.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Telegraph‘s style lift-out, Sunday Style, ran a full-page profile on Ja’mie King. The interview isn’t available online unless you get the iPad app, but here are some of the best bits.

On Being In Year 12:

“I’ve made a lot of changes around the school: the coffee machine for prefects only, no phones during school hours (except prefects) and no Asians allowed on the oval at lunch.”

On Social Media:

“Every now and then I post a tit photo on my Facebook and leave it up for 24 hours to create a buzz.”

On Sponsoring Sudanese Children: 

“I’ve totes got over that. I’m more into raising money for homeless people these days. There’s SO many really hot young homeless guys in Sydney.”

On Twerking: 

“Everyone’s going on about twerking, but I actually invented it about two years ago. Seriously, ask anyone at my school. I did it in an assembly presentation during NAIDOC Week and it spread from there.”

On Modelling: 

“I’ve been modelling since I was two, so I”ve always got a LOT of male attention. I hooked up with another kid when I was four when I did this Osh Kosh B’Gosh catalogue shoot. We just macked on between shots.”

On Fashion: 

“When I get into clubs (’cause I’ve got a fake ID and I look older), I usually rock a bandage dress. Like a really tight, expensive designer one. One that you have to pull down all the time so that it draws attention to your arse.”

On Apps: 

“There’s this app called Asian Persuasian that turns you into an Asian person. I look like a REALLY hot Asian when you do me.”