5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Double Degree

The best of both worlds.

You’ve heard the stories, or maybe even experienced them yourself. Caffeine induced nights, the extra classes, and the students who spend so much of their time studying, they practically live at uni.

Welcome to the double degree life!

For me, the choice to study Communications combined with Creative Intelligence and Innovation was, by far, the best decision I’ve ever made. While it’s no easy feat, there are certainly many upsides that are often swept under the rug.

So to all of my multidisciplinary friends, here are five reasons why you should embrace everything your double degree has to offer.

#1 The People You Meet

Studying in two different fields means you’re bound to meet a wide range of people across uni. From the quirky and outgoing to the hard working and reserved, you’ll come across them all.

You’ll learn to accept that there are people who are completely different to you, and that’s okay. It makes for a well-rounded experience. Then you’ll also find a group of people who’ll make those dreaded 9am lectures just that much more bearable with their witty commentary and fire group chat #squadgoals.

Most importantly, your double degree pals will always have your back because they are truly the only ones who know exactly what you’re going through.

#2 You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Throwing it back to the days of Hannah Montana, you really do get “the best of both worlds” when studying a double degree. Not only will the transfer of knowledge from one major to another be incredibly useful, it may even land you a few HDs if you’re lucky.

Switching your brain from one mode of study to another on a weekly (sometimes even daily) basis can be daunting for most. However, you, my friend have got it down pat. So embrace it and shout “Porque no los dos” from the rooftops.

#3 You Have So Many Options

With all of these skills under your belt, you’re opening yourself up to more opportunities when it comes to future employment. Want to be a medical lawyer? Sure, why not? Looking to conduct business internationally? The world is your oyster!

Not only will it look good on paper, but it will show future employers your strong work ethic and commitment to the task at hand. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

There’ll be more options available to you once you finish your double degree, you’ll be glad you put in the time and effort when you had the chance.

#4 More Time To Enjoy #unilyf

Doing a double degree means you’re bound to be at uni for at least one or two years longer than the average student. That means putting off the 9-5 grind for at least another year, where you won’t even have to think about touching that mounting HECS debt. *cries in the background*

Just think of all of those student perks you’ll still be eligible for. I’m talking parties, discounts, free food on campus, the list is endless. All the more reason to enjoy uni while it lasts because soon, you’ll be joining your single degree friends in the workforce, where mid-week sleep-ins are but a thing of the past.

#5 It Keeps You On Your Toes

The work/life/uni balance can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re adding a whole other degree onto your already crazy schedule.

If it’s taught me anything, it’s how to manage my time like a boss. Lists, post-it notes and plans have become second nature to me and I can thank my double degree for that. If you work hard now and embrace the challenge, there’s no reason why you won’t reap the benefits later on.

So go forth and spread that double degree love, people!

Chelsea Hetherington is a Communications/Creative Intelligence and Innovation student at the University of Technology Sydney. She is a concert fanatic, sport enthusiast and tweets at @chelsea_hetho.