14 Most Wonderful Bits Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue Cover Story

"I wake up earlier in the morning when I have new sponges. That counter doesn’t even see it coming."

Oh man, Jennifer Lawrence. Remember when she tripped over Dior at the SAG Awards?

Remember when she geeked out about meeting Jeff Bridges and Jack Nicholson?

Remember when she photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Ball, and talked about nothing but how hungry she was at the Oscars?

Ahead of her appearance in Hunger Games: Catching Fire and American Hustle, Vogue have put her on the cover of their September issue, with one of the best actor profile’s we’ve read in a while.

It was written up after a “seven-hour bender” with Jonathan Van Meter, who sums up perfectly in a single sentence why we just really, really love her: “She is young and beautiful and unpredictable and has been anointed the most exciting, completely realized movie star to come along in decades.”

We’ve pulled together our favourite bits of the profile, but you should really read it in full here.

Her opening line:

“Should we just get drunk?”

She is frightened by tweens:

“I don’t have nightmares about clowns or burglars or murderers. I have nightmares about thirteen-year-olds. They terrify me.”

She disses the writer’s taping device:

“This thing is archaic. Are you going to write this whole thing out longhand, with, like, a pen?”

And then disses his phone:

“Don’t forget your nineties car phone!”

This photo:

jlaw dogs

She loves new sponges:

“I wake up earlier in the morning when I have new sponges. That counter doesn’t even see it coming.”

Really, really loves them:

“[My ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult] would never wring them out. We were in the kitchen once and I picked up the sponge, and it was soapy and wet and I was like, ‘See? These are the kinds of things that make me think we are never going to work.'”

What Jodie Foster says about directing her in The Beaver:

“It’s hard for her to be superficial, to be girly and silly and unaware. And so my direction was often stupid things, like ‘Move your hands a lot’ or ‘Giggle,’ just trying to loosen her up so she wasn’t as aware of her own significance.”

What David Russell says about directing her in Silver Linings Playbook:

“I remember Bradley Cooper and I saying, ‘Is this kid even paying attention?’ Because she’s goofing around or eating my potato chips or making fart jokes. And then all of a sudden, she comes in, and bam! She’s like a lot of great athletes. You see that they stay loose, and that’s how they can be so in-the-moment while under enormous amounts of pressure. If there’s two minutes left in the game, they can come in and do something extraordinary because their jaw is not getting clenched. Jen stays loose. And then she hits a three-point shot from some ridiculous distance and we all just look at each other and go, ‘Wow.’”

This photo:


She sucked at school:

“I grew up in Kentucky, I have brothers, we had to do sports, I was a horrible student, and I kept getting grounded every time my report card came out. Acting was never an option. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, well, you got a C in math; you’re grounded. But you can be an actor!’”

And she didn’t fit in:

“I was a weirdo. I wasn’t picked on or anything. And I wasn’t smarter than the other kids; that’s not why I didn’t fit in. I’ve always just had this weird anxiety. I hated recess. I didn’t like field trips. Parties really stressed me out. And I had a very different sense of humor.”

Because she did stuff like this:

“My family went on a cruise, and I got a terrible haircut. FYI: Never get your hair cut on a cruise. And I had, like, this blonde curly ‘fro, and I walked into the gym the first day back in seventh grade and everyone was staring at me, and for some reason I thought, I know what I need to do! And I just started sprinting from one end of the gym to the other, and I thought it was hilarious. But nobody else at that age really did. It was genuinely weird.”

But she’s still great at being a best friend:

Suddenly, her assistant and best friend of four years, Justine, walks in. She’s just come back from having lunch with an ex-boyfriend, and they parse the meaning of every exchange. Then Lawrence gives her friend the once-over and says, “P.S. Perfect outfit. And your butt looks great in that skirt.”

She was photographed by Mario Testino; read the full story here.